tagGay MaleSummer Sausages Ch. 03

Summer Sausages Ch. 03


When Gary got home from work that Friday, Bill and Lee were sitting on the sofa watching TV. He leafed through the mail he'd picked up, discarding the junk.

Lee saw him look at one letter and his face changed, then look at another and his face looked even more confused.

"Shouldn't you guys be getting ready for your big weekend?" Lee asked.

His father opened the first envelope and read the letter, then said, "I'll be right back, I need to talk to Robert." He went out the back door and disappeared.

"What was that about?" Bill asked.

"I don't know, let's go find out." Lee replied.

They got to Bill's deck door and saw both fathers sitting on the sofa as Robert read the letter.

"You guys are still going to your concert aren't you?" Lee asked.

"Yep. Nothing's changed." Robert replied. "But your dad has something to tell you first."

Gary looked at Robert, discomfort evident on his face and he said, "No big deal, it can wait till Monday."

"No, it can't wait. Do you want us to leave?" Robert asked him.

"I'd rather you didn't." Gary replied. Robert moved over and draped his arm around Gary's shoulders.

"Lee, you know that your mom hasn't been around much lately..." he began.

"Or ever, that I can remember." Lee said.

"Well, that's what I need to tell you. We've gotten a divorce. We filed a couple of months ago and I just got the papers today saying it was final. I had hoped that your mom would show up so that we could tell you together but she's says she's too busy."

"You mean she just dumped us?" Lee asked, incredulous. "She didn't even bother to call me on my birthday and now you tell me she divorced you without even telling me?"

"You know she has a demanding job..." Gary started to say.

"And a new boy toy that she's been shacking up with for who knows how long." Lee finished.

"You know about him, huh?"

"I'm not dumb, dad. Wait a minute, does that mean she got community property?"

"Um, yeah. She got a lot. But, don't worry; we're still comfortable, just not as comfortable as we were. I had to buy her out on the house and everything else, plus she got half of my retirement account. I made sure that your college fund is safe and we can live here till you decide to sell."

"I'm sorry; dad, but you married a real cunt." Lee said.

"I know I'm supposed to tell you not to talk like that about your mother and all of that good father happy horseshit but in this case, you're right. She is a cunt."

Robert stroked Gary's shoulder and held him closer.

"So, what's the other mail that made you act funny?" Lee asked.

"More cuntiness, I'm afraid." Robert said.

He tossed a thick brochure across to where Lee and Bill sat facing them. It was an advertisement for an art exhibition-not very good art, by any stretch.

"What is it?" Bill asked.

"That's the boy toy." Gary replied. "Look at the top of the front."

Lee read the sentences and said, "Wait, MOM is sponsoring this?"

"I guess that's why she needed the money." Gary replied.

"But this is really bad." Bill said. "It looks like stuff Keith Haring was doing in the 80's only without the talent."

"Yeah, a few years ago she wanted me to buy some of his stuff and I told her I thought it was crap. She didn't take it well."

"So she shook us down to support her boyfriend." Lee said. "Look, don't let this spoil the weekend for you guys. You've been looking forward to this forever, get ready and hit the road. I'm okay and I can deal with it."

"Your mom was the best and the worst thing that ever happened to me." Gary said. "The worst because she's a conniving bitch but the best because I got you out of the deal." he said to Lee.

Everyone was quiet for a moment and then Bill said, "Aw, that's so nice. Pardon me while I go throw up."

"And I have to tell you that you're really adopted." Robert said.

Bill sat forward, his eyes wide and then noticed that Robert and Gary were both grinning. Soon they and Lee were all laughing.

"Fuck all of you." Bill said. "Don't you old codgers need to get on the road? I know the concert isn't until tomorrow but you senile old coots may get lost between here and Palm Springs and miss seeing your geriatric idols fall down and break a hip."

"We do need to get going." Robert said, turning to Gary. "I reserved a room with a hot tub whirlpool."

Gary said, "I guess I won't be getting much sleep tonight."

"I have something better planned." Robert replied, nuzzling his neck.

"Enough with the gay True Romance shit." Bill said. "Get you asses in gear and hit the road."

* * * * * *

Robert and Gary had departed about an hour before. Bill and Lee were lounging on the sofas in their Speedos and Bill was looking at the gallery brochure that had come in the mail.

"Did you look at this thing?" he asked Lee.

"Not really, why?" Lee answered, sitting down next to him.

"It gives his studio address and says he's open from 9 to 5 on weekdays."


"So, we could go scope him out." Bill said. "Has he ever met you?"

"Of course not. Is there a photo of him?"

Bill handed the brochure to Lee, turned to the last page and Lee examined the photo.

"He's not that cute, he must have a really big dick." Lee said.

"We could find out. We do have our summer project to work on."

"You mean turn my mother's boyfriend out? That would be really cruel." Lee said. He thought for a minute and then said, "They deserve it."

"Damn right." Bill said. "Let's see where this place is."

He fiddled with the screen on his phone, and then fiddled a little more.

"Look," he said, turning the screen to Lee, "we can take a bus, walk about a block, take the train and walk a couple more blocks when we get off and we're right there. I bet it wouldn't even take an hour."

"We could go Monday or Tuesday while everybody is at work." Lee said. "Do you think we can get him?"

"He's an artist." Bill replied. "All of those guys are at least bi."

Lee got up and went to the kitchen and looked in the refrigerator, got out the makings for a sandwich and set them on the counter.

"Hey," he called, "whose phone is this on the counter?"

Bill came in and looked and said, "That's my dad's. He probably doesn't even know he walked out without it."

He punched up Gary's number on his phone and Gary answered on the first ring.

"Hey, what's up? You guys haven't been arrested already, have you?"

"Very funny, Gary. Put me on speaker so my dad can hear."

Gary did as asked and said, "Okay, go ahead."

"Dad," Bill said, "where is your phone?" He switched on his speaker so that Lee could listen in as his dad searched his pockets.

"Shit! Did I walk off without it?"

"It's no big deal. I already stuck it in the charger and if we need you two we can call Gary's line. The hotel is bound to have a landline, too."

Suddenly they heard Gary yell, "Stop it! Your dad has been groping me since we got in the car."

"I just can't control my hands when I'm sitting next to the sexiest man in the world." Robert said.

"Is this when I'm supposed to give you the lecture about horseplay while driving?" Bill asked.

"Stop it!" Gary yelled. "He's grabbing my dick again."

"He's had a hard on since we got in the car, don't listen to him."

"I don't want you guys going out and getting drunk and stupid tonight." Bill said.

"Don't worry; I'm not letting this hot fucker out of the room once I get him there." Robert said.

"Just remember if you get arrested, we're not coming to bail you out."

"Bye, pervs!" Lee called and Bill disconnected.

"They're worse than teenagers." Bill said.

* * * * * *

An hour later, Bill and Lee were watching an old sitcom when the doorbell rang.

The boys looked at each other and Bill said, "I'm not expecting anyone." He got up and went to answer the door.

When he opened the door, there was an older man standing on the front step.

"Hi, you must be Bill. You probably don't remember me, I'm Tom Skyler, and I work with your dad."

Bill was looking him over. Tom Skyler looked to be in his mid fifties. He had a classically handsome face and short brush cut hair. The white shirt he was wearing barely contained the massive shoulders it covered and the sleeves strained and clung to his bulging biceps. His torso tapered down into a v shape and his trim waist held up a pair of thin gray flannel pants, the legs tight around his muscular thighs and nicely filled at the crotch.

"If a bull were to become human, this is probably what one would look like." Bill thought to himself and then said, "I remember you, we met once when I was little. You own the company."

"You're certainly not little anymore." Tom Skyler said.

Then, remembering why he was there he said, "Look, I've been trying to call your father for the past two hours and I keep getting voice mail. Is he here?"

"He walked off and forgot his phone." Bill said. "He's probably in Palm Springs by now; he went to see some concert by a group that was popular when he was young. He was so excited he wasn't thinking straight. I can probably reach him if it's important."

"No, no, it isn't that important, just a question about work. It'll keep. I was just worried something happened because I know he always answers."

"I'm sorry you made a trip all the way here." Bill said. "At least come in and have a drink."

"I don't want to intrude."

"It's not an intrusion. My friend Lee and I were just lying around watching television."

Bill turned and led the way into the large living room where Lee was lying face down on the sofa, his plump ass mounding up in his Speedo.

"Were you guys swimming?" Tom asked, eying Lee's supine body.

"We were earlier." Bill said. He grabbed Tom's hand and placed it against his ass. "Feel, it's so hot that my suit is already dry."

Tom blushed and drew his hand away from the plush ass.

"How about a gin and tonic?" Bill asked. "They always taste good when it's hot. Lee, sit up so Mr. Skyler can sit down."

Bill went into the kitchen and prepared the drink, then carried it back to the living room. Mr. Skyler was sitting in the center of the sofa. Lee was sitting at one end, facing him, with one leg bent under him and the other raised, his knee level with his face and his bulging crotch on display. While Bill had been in the kitchen, he'd also adjusted his trunks so that the top half of his ass crack was exposed. He handed Mr. Skyler his drink, then turned and went back into the kitchen to get a soda for himself and for Lee. When he returned, Lee looked at him and subtly nodded his head.

Bill sat down on the other end of the sofa and asked, "So what was it you needed to ask my dad?"

"It just had to do with some metric specifications on a project. I'm not real good with metrics."

"Neither am I," Lee said, "I prefer things you can measure in inches."

He held his hands about 5 inches apart, then moved one so it was about 7 inches from the other, moved it again so that it was about nine inches away and then again so that it was 12 inches away. Mr. Skyler watched, looking uncomfortable.

"Do you mind if I ask how old you are, Mr. Skyler?" Bill said.

"I'm 56, why?"

"It's just that you're in such fantastic shape." Bill replied. He put his hand on Mr. Skyler's shoulder and felt the hard muscles.

"Your dad got me going to the gym he uses." Mr. Skyler said.

"I bet the young guys all get jealous and stare when they see your body in the locker room." Bill said.

"Not as much as they stare at your dad, he..." Mr. Skyler began, and then stopped.

"Oh, you mean because he's got such a big dick? Its okay, I know my dad is hung."

"Have you ever seen him hard?" Lee asked.

"No!" Mr. Skyler replied. "Why, have you?"

"No, but Bill peeked at him once when he was beating off and he didn't know it. Bill said he had to use both hands to stroke it." He placed on fist on top of the other and made a pumping motion.

"That is really big." Mr. Skyler said and took a large gulp of his drink.

"You're sweating, Mr. Skyler. Why don't you unbutton your shirt and cool off while I fix you another drink." Bill said, rising and going to the kitchen.

"I'll help you, Mr. Skyler." he heard Lee say.

When Bill returned with the drink, Mr. Skyler's shirt was unbuttoned and pulled wide exposing his hirsute chest. The heavy pelt was so thick that no flesh showed through the forest of curly hair.

"Have you ever seen a guy with such a hairy chest?" Lee asked. "You should feel how thick it is." He ran his hand over Mr. Skyler's chest, stroking his nipple.

Bill sat down and stroked the other side of his chest, toying with his erect nipple with one finger.

"You've got really great pecs." Bill said. "Is your back this muscular, too?"

He slid his hand behind Mr. Skyler's back where he rested against the sofa.

"I can't really feel it." Bill said. "Take your shirt off so that we can see your back. I don't want your shirt to get all creased."

Mr. Skyler, looking somewhat wary, nevertheless stood and turned his back to them. They could see him loosening his belt and unbuttoning his waist band, then drawing the shirt tails out of his pants. Bill and Lee got up and stood on either side behind him.

"Wow, you're really built." Bill said, running his hands over the ridges of thick muscle on his back.

Lee ran his hands over his back, too, and then he ran them down to his waist on either side. He knelt behind Mr. Skyler and said, "Let's see all of your back." as he grasped his waist band and pulled his slacks and underwear down to the floor.

Tom Skyler's hands immediately flew to the front of him, shielding his cock and balls from view. Lee, crouching behind him, was suddenly otherwise engrossed.

"Holy fuck, look at the ass on this guy." he said, his hands cupping the full buttocks.

Mr. Skyler's butt was a work of art, lush rounded globes of flesh separated by a deep crack. At the base of each globe was a deep crease where his legs met his ass, framing the masterpiece. Soft dark hairs peeked out from his tight crack.

"You boys shouldn't be doing this." Mr. Skyler said.

"We're all adults. You have a beautiful body, it should be admired. Do you want us to stop?" Bill asked, his hand massaging the full ass cheek nearest to him.

"No." Mr. Skyler muttered in a low voice.

"That's all I needed to hear." Bill replied.

He crouched down beside Lee and the two of them fondled the delicious ass in front of their faces, squeezing and kneading the muscular cheeks, weighing each buttock in their hands and even prying the deep valley between them open to glimpse the tiny puckered hole hidden inside.

Bill stood up and looked at Mr. Skyler who was blushing a deep shade of crimson.

"Are you embarrassed because we're so turned on by your body or because you're standing here naked?" Bill asked.

He reached down and skinned off his swimsuit and his hard cock bounced out and swayed in front of him.

"Its no big deal, we always run around naked when no one else is here." Bill said.

Mr. Skyler was looking at Bill's bare body and his erect cock and he said, "What if your dad finds out about this?"

"Are you going to tell him?" Bill asked.

"No way!" Mr. Skyler replied.

"Then he'll never know." Bill said. "Now, let's see what you're hiding down here."

Bill pulled Mr. Skyler's hands away from his crotch. His half hard cock sprang free and swung from side to side out of a nest of dark curls that grew over his crotch and meaty ball sack. The rapidly expanding dick soon reached its full length, a healthy seven and a half inches. But it was the girth that was surprising. The cock was so thick that a full grown man's hand wouldn't be able to close all of the way around it. Instead of standing upright, the sheer weight of it and gravity caused it to stand straight out from his body.

"Jesus, check it out. Lee. This guy is packing a monster."

Lee, who had been busy rubbing his face against Mr. Skyler's superb ass, cheek to cheek and rubbing his face up and down in the tight crack, craned around to see the unveiled beauty.

"Damn, that's what you call a pillow biter." he said. "Have you ever fucked a guy's ass with that?"

"I've never done anything with another guy." he replied, even more embarassed.

"Then this is a lucky day for all of us." Bill said.

He knelt in front of Mr. Skyler as Lee was kneeling in back and he closed his hand around the thick shaft of his cock, measuring the thickness.

"Look at this, Lee, my fingers don't even touch." he said.

Lee craned around again and then he wrapped his hand around the fleshy pole, too.

"When a guy gets fucked with this he's going to feel it for a week." he said.

He moved back to caressing the gorgeous ass that had him spellbound.

"There's something I always wonder when I see a cock like this." Bill said, looking up into Mr. Skyler's eyes, his hand holding the thick meat.

"What do you wonder?" he asked.

"How it tastes." Bill replied.

He brought his face close to the fleshy pole, stuck out his tongue and licked the crimson head and gaping piss hole.

Lee said, "I'm wondering the same thing on this side."

He buried his face in Mr. Skyler's crack, his tongue squirming and licking the moist valley. Mr. Skyler thrust his hips forward at the sensation and buried several thick inches of his cock deep in Bill's waiting mouth. Both boys went to work, Bill sucking and licking the massive cock, his head bobbing up and down the pole while Lee pushed deeper between the meaty ass cheeks, his tongue exploring until it found the hot pucker of flesh it sought. Mr. Skyler leant his torso forward and spread his legs so that both boys had prime access, lust overcoming embarrassment.

They had been laboring at their tasks for only a few minutes when Mr. Skyler suddenly gasped and straightened up. Bill looked up at him and then turned to where he was staring at the pool deck door. Mr. Bevin stood in the doorway looking amazed, dressed only in a pair of jersey shorts.

"Oh, hi, Mr. Bevin." Bill said. "Come on in."

"I didn't mean to interrupt." Mr. Bevin said. "I just came over to let you boys know that my fire duty is over for 2 more weeks."

Bill looked up at Mr. Skyler and said, "Mr. Bevin is our neighbor on the other side. He fucked us both in the ass a couple of weeks ago. He's got an unbelievable cock and he fucks like a porn star."

"Can you stay a little while?" he asked, turning back to Mr. Bevin. "I know Lee and I both would love some more of your beautiful cock and you can even us up to a foursome."

Lee, meanwhile, had steered Mr. Skyler over to the sofa and sat him down, then removed his shoes and socks and the pants and underwear around his ankles. He grabbed Mr. Skyler's cock and held it so that it was upright in his lap. He fondled his big nut sack, rolling his balls around and said, "Look at this bad boy, Mr. Bevin. This fucker is as big around as a beer can, I bet."

Mr. Bevin looked at the thick cock clutched in Lee's grasp. It was so wide that it was ovular with a thick raised channel running up the underside. Lee engulfed the fat head in his mouth and Mr. Skyler threw his head back at the feeling.

Mr. Bevin said, "What the hell, my wife is already in bed asleep. She wouldn't miss me till morning."

He loosened the drawstring at his waist and let his shorts drop to the floor. Underneath, he was nude.

The other three men in the room watched, entranced, and as his thick vein covered cock expanded and grew until all nine inches of man meat stood erect over his massive cum filled balls.

"I've spent the last two weeks beating off while imagining sticking my cock in you two." he said.

"Then get over here and get started. I call 1st dibs on your dick." Bill said.

Bill moved over to crouch beside Lee and Mr. Bevin sat down beside Mr. Skyler on the sofa. The two men each stared at the other's exceptional cock and finally Mr. Skyler said, "I can see why the boys couldn't wait to work on that dick again."

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