tagIncest/TabooSummer Swim Ch. 02

Summer Swim Ch. 02


After our lustful weekend of unbridled, amazing sex between my mother and me, the week returned to a more normal state; or as normal as it possibly could be. The swimming pool was still my escape from the heat. My mother worked, but seemed to dress down a little, her dresses weren't as tight as usual and she wore flats and less makeup. I had to wonder if she was trying to put out a message to everyone that she was "off the market", as it were. I did odd jobs, mostly yard work for some of the neighbors and old family friends. At night we were full of electricity, incredibly aware of each other's presence and sexual desires. There was a sense of adventure and excitement in everything we did. The knowledge of our sexual taboo hung around us like a thunderstorm; waiting the lightning's strike. Even watching a TV show seemed like an erotic event. We were like two lions in a cage, anxiously awaiting the next battle or the next chance to feed; and we were always hungry.

Friday came and she went out with her friend, Sally. She returned about 11:00 and we fucked in the kitchen before she was in the house for a minute. The weekend ended up like the previous one - pure sex and lots of it. We didn't talk about it much, it was just there and we took advantage of it.

The following Friday I had come up with a plan to satisfy one of my fantasies. I told Tammy when she came home from work that I'd like to fuck her friend Sally. She seemed a little taken back by it and said she didn't know if Sally would oblige or not. I told her that would be okay. I'd make my move and if things didn't work or if Sally was offended I'd back off, but I told her it would probably help if I went with them on their night out and had more time to spend with Sally. She agreed under the condition that she could watch me fuck her friend. I smiled broadly, as I thought to myself that my mom would end up doing more than just watching.

We all left the house around 8:00 and went up to the Sea Merchant. It was a slow night and Sally was unhappy with the pick of men there so I ended up dancing with her several times. Each time I did my best to keep her close to me so she could feel the hard on in my pants. The more Sally drank the closer we always danced. I knew that things were looking up when she said to me during a slow dance, "If you weren't Tammy's kid I'd be all over you like peanut butter on bread."

We drove back to the house and we invited Sally in for a nightcap. We didn't have to ask her twice. Once inside I made drinks and we all sat down on the couch together, mom, Sally and me on the other end. While we chatted, I put my hand on her thigh and occasionally brushed her breasts with the back of my hand. I could tell she was getting hot by the way she breathed and the fact that her nipples nearly stood out through her blouse.

Now Sally is not a perfect beauty by any means. She's a blonde in her mid 40's who's spent a little too much time in the sun. Perpetually tanned, her face showed wrinkles around her eyes and mouth, but she was far from ugly. She had been married twice and had three kids, two of which were grown and in college with the third one still in school, but living with Sally's ex. She had huge tits, probably 38D, and full hips, but she didn't look fat. She was about 5'3" in her stocking feet and had a penchant for wearing three-inch heels. She wore her makeup well and liked the flashy, bright colored lipsticks and dark eye shadow to accentuate her large, bedroom eyes.

My mom got up to go to the bathroom leaving Sally and I alone. I whispered to Sally, being sure to breathe on her neck and ear, that we should all go for a swim. She turned her face to mine and smiled. "Are you trying to seduce me?"

"No, I replied boldly, I just want to fuck you."

She gasped and pulled back a little and for a second I thought my bravado had been my undoing, but then she reached up and put her hand behind my head and pulled me to her. We kissed lightly at first then harder. I felt her tongue run over my lips and into my mouth as we proceeded to grind our mouths together. We heard the bathroom door and Sally pulled back and looked away.

My mom came in the room with her bikini on. "I feel like a swim."

"We were just discussing that." I said.

Sally blushed and looked up at Tammy. "Nice suit, Tam. Your tits are nearly hanging out of that little thing." She laughed then said, "I don't have a suit."

"Maybe my mom has one that will work for you?"

Tammy looked at me strangely then down to Sally as if she didn't know what to say. Sally laughed. "We're built a little different, your mom and I."

I stood up and took Sally by the hand. "Come on, let's check and see what we can find."

On the way into the bedroom Sally pulled me back by my hand stopping just outside the bedroom door and out of sight from my mother. "You're Tammy's son. I've got kids your age. I should just go. I'm sorry about the kiss."

I pulled her against me so she could feel my hard cock press against her stomach. "Relax, Sally. We're not doing anything wrong. Just relax."

I kissed her passionately then lead her into the bedroom where my mom was standing by her dresser. Sally stood next to Tammy as my mom looked through her dresser for something that would fit Sally. Tammy held up a halter-top. "This might work for you, Sally; it's a little big for me."

Sally looked at it and said she wasn't sure. So I chimed in, "Try it on."

She looked back at me with a smile and then pulled her top off. She was wearing a lacey, sheer white bra. As she reached behind her to undo the clasp, something happened that I wasn't expecting and I don't think Sally was either. My mom reached out and touched her right breast.

"That's a beautiful bra, Sally." Tammy said in a low tone.

"Victoria's Secret." Was all that she said.

My mom continued touching the bra directly over Sally's nipple as if she was just checking the texture. I came up behind Sally and pressed my hips to her ass. "That is a beautiful bra. It's damn near a shame to take it off."

Sally leaned back against me and closed her eyes. "Maybe I can swim in this."

My mom's hand fell away from Sally's bra and down to my hand. "I like that idea." She said as she moved my right hand up to Sally's breast. I squeezed the breast and pinched the nipple and Sally moaned loudly.

Suddenly, Sally looked up at Tammy with a surprised look. "Oh, I'm sorry Tammy." She pulled away from me and turned to face us both, her cheeks crimson. "Oh, God, I'm drunk. Maybe I should go Tammy."

Then things got better. Much to my surprise, my mother leaned in and kissed Sally on the mouth, not a deep, passionate kiss, but a light, gentle, caring kiss. I saw Sally's nipples stand at attention. I moved closer and pulled Sally's hips to mine.

Tammy said as she pulled back from the kiss, "The nights young, Sal. Please stay."

I reached down and slid my hand into the waistband of Sally's white shorts. She gasped as I quickly found my way to her clit. With that, my mom reached behind Sally and undid the clasp on her bra. Her huge tits sprung forward and I bent down to lick her nipples. I heard Sally moan louder as she was caught between my mother and me.

After a couple of minutes of licking and nibbling on her nipples while my mother watched, I guided Sally to the bed. I saw Sally looking over my shoulder at Tammy uncertain. Tammy leaned against the dresser and lit a cigarette, a subtle gesture of her approval.

On the bed I pulled off Sally's shorts and panties and I could see that she was soaking wet with excitement. Her hands were kneading her own breasts as I spread her legs and positioned my cock over her pussy. She started moaning as I rubbed her clit with my cock, "Oh, my God. Oh, my God."

I plunged my cock into her wet pussy and she screamed with delight. I pounded away on her for a few minutes before I noticed that my mom was standing by the edge of the bed her hand inside her biking briefs. She was staring at the two of us fucking like animals in heat. I pulled out of Sally's cunt and turned toward my mother.

I reached out and pulled her closer to me, my cock nearly stabbing her abdomen. I heard Sally say something about this was so wild, but I wasn't paying attention I had to complete my plan. I kissed Tammy full on the mouth and squeezed her tit hard. Again, Sally said something, but I wasn't paying attention. I broke the kiss and whispered to my mom what I wanted. She looked at me then down at Sally.

"Sally." Tammy said as she kneeled on the bed, "You like fucking my son?"

"Yes." Sally gasped.

"Then you won't mind if I join in?"

Sally's mind was reeling. It was obvious to see that she didn't know what to make of all this. My mom moved closer to Sally then bent and kissed her on the mouth again. This time, the kiss was much deeper. Just like when Sally kissed me before her hand came up and pulled my mom's face closer to her so they mashed together. I was in heaven. I got on the bed again and dangled my cock next to their faces.

Tammy pulled back from the kiss and quickly engulfed my cock. Sally started sucking on mom's tit and while I fingered Sally's pussy. There was a mirror over the dresser that was level with the bed. Looking over at it, I could see the whole situation as if I was watching a movie on TV.

I gently pushed Tammy's head off my cock and told her to go down on Sally. Tammy looked at me somewhat startled. "I've never done that...I don't..."

Sally moaned loud, "Oh that would be so exciting, Tammy."

Tammy looked at Sally for a moment a she changed positions on the bed, "Sally have you been keeping secrets from me?"

Sally smiled, "This is so exciting Tammy, don't stop now."

My mother started licking Sally's tits as her hand moved down between Sally's legs. I moved my cock up to Sally's face so she could suck me off while my mother went down on her.

In a couple of minutes, Tammy had moved down and was licking Sally's clit. I could tell when she hit it because Sally moaned so loud it sent a vibration from my cock to my ass. Watching Tammy and hearing the licking sounds coupled with the great blowjob Sally was giving me nearly caused me to blow my load, but I held on, because there was more to come.

I pulled back as Tammy got off the bed and positioned herself between Sally's legs. She ate her pussy like she hadn't eaten food for a week and Sally's pussy was a succulent chicken breast. All the time Sally kept moaning and saying, "God, if I only knew...if I only knew..." Later I'd ask her what that was all about and she told me, "If I knew that your mom would go down on me we never would have had to go out looking for men."

After watching my mom sucking on Sally's clit for a few minutes I pulled the women down to the floor and told Sally it was her turn now. Sally lay on the floor and my mom straddled her face. Sally lapped at the pussy before her as if she was born to it. I stood in front of Tammy and held my cock out for her. She sucked on it nicely, always keeping an eye on me.

I was ready to explode, but I had something else in mind first. Back on the bed, I straddled Sally's torso and pushed her tits together. I started fucking her tits while my mom bent over and kissed Sally passionately. Then they took turns sucking the head of my cock.

Sally started moaning so loud that I thought we'd have to gag her. I leaned forward and pushed my cock in her mouth. My mom bent down and licked the shaft all the way down to Sally's lips. I pulled my cock out and let them kiss. Tammy reached out and started stroking me and that was all I needed. I shot my load on the side of Tammy's face and all over Sally's chin and chest.

When I was done, I fell to my side and propped myself up on an elbow. "Clean it up, ladies." I said.

The two women looked at each other, smiled, kissed and then did just what I asked. With fingers, lips and tongues they cleaned my cum up completely and in doing so, worked themselves up into another frenzy. They ground their bodies together, pinched each other's nipples and fingered one another until Sally came in one loud, long, yell.

Sally pulled the bedspread over herself and sighed heavily telling us how exhausted she was. My mother looked up at me then crawled over Sally's body and started stroking my cock again. I looked down at her with a huge grin.

"You want more?"

"I want to cum." She said and engulfed my cock with her mouth.

I moved behind her after she had me fully hard again and spread her legs as I entered her doggy-style. Sally rolled over and watched as I rammed my cock into my mom's wet pussy over and over again. Tammy came in a little over a minute of straight, hard fucking. I didn't stop then. I made her cum two more times until we both collapsed on the bed next to Sally.

In the morning, Sally had a hangover and I could see that she was a little embarrassed about waking up next to the two of us. She slipped out of bed quietly thinking we were both asleep. Tammy was asleep, but I was wide-awake. Sally gathered her clothes and made her way out to the living room. I came up behind her as she was picking up her purse.

"You're not leaving, are you?"

Sally turned to me a little flushed and rubbed at her forehead. "Oh, I'm not feeling too well."

"I've got a cure for that." I said and reached out and touched her breast.

For a moment, she didn't know what to do then I took her by her hand and lead her over to the couch.

"I really should be going, you know." She resisted.

I set her down on the couch and told her to lie down. Sally only stared at me dumbly. I bent and kissed her full on the mouth and pushed my weight into her until I was lying prone atop of her. It didn't take long, I had her panties off again, and after a short period of fingering to get her ready I slid my cock in. As I started pounding away at her soaking pussy Sally said, "I guess it wasn't a dream, was it?"

We fucked on the couch for a good ten minutes. I didn't cum, but she did. She thanked me for that, she told me it had been six months since she had been laid and the last time was with a guy who came right after he entered her. When I pulled out of her, she groaned as if she was sad. I told her not to worry, there would be more. Then I told her I wanted her to go and wake up my mother.

Sally kind of snorted laughter, "You mean, wake her up....or get her going?"

"Let's go back to bed and she what she wants."

Back in the bedroom, Sally stalked around the bed as if she were trying to decide how to proceed. Finally, she looked back at me and said, "I'm not a lesbian so this is kind of weird."

"You didn't seem to mind last night."

"God, I was drunk." She sighed.

"You've done this before haven't you?"

"There used to be a girl, a long time ago, she was very sexy and very...experienced in lots of different things." Sally said with a smile.

"You liked it, didn't you?"

Sally nodded, "Women know what women like. But, I still like a good cock."

"Just curl up next to her and kiss her." I prodded.

Sally smiled again, removed her bra and slid in the bed next to Tammy. She put an arm over Tammy's shoulder and started massaging her breast. Tammy stirred lightly and rolled toward Sally. Sally kissed her lips and my mom replied in favor. Before I knew it, the two women were rolling around on the bed making out like teenagers. I slid in on the other side so we sandwiched Tammy.

We spent a good portion of the day fucking and sucking one another. Finally, Sally had to leave to check on her cats. She pulled Tammy aside and told her that this was an amazing thing, but she still didn't know what to make of it. My mother said it was okay and that she was glad her and Sally had learned so much about one another. Sally kissed my mother and told her there would be more. That seemed to make my mother happy. After Sally left, my mother and I were left alone again. We decided to have drinks by the pool as evening approached.

"When do you go back to school?" Tammy asked after out second drink.

"In a few weeks."

"I'm going to miss you when you're gone." She said with some sadness in her voice.

"I'll be back every few weeks."

"It won't be the same then." She sat up on the lounge chair and looked at me. "For the first time in two years I feel like a woman again. I feel sexy and vibrant. I feel young."

"Christ, Tammy you are sexy and vibrant!" I retorted. "It's not like this happened just because we were both sharing the same house. I've always thought you were beautiful and sexy."

"That thing with Sally last night," She said after a minute, "that was something new."

"Did you like it?"

She smiled, "More than I did before."

"What? You slept with a woman before?"

She laughed, "Several years ago I went to confront one of the women your father had been screwing. She was a Latino, with long, dark hair and black eyes. She was a sexual magnet. She told me that maybe why my husband was looking around was because I forgot how to please and be pleased. Somehow, someway, she seduced me and showed me what a great lover she was."

I didn't know what to say. Finally, I said, "So did that help?"

"No. I learned a few things from her, but I was still so angry at your dad that I was never comfortable being with him again. I tried, but I just couldn't do it."

"That's why he fooled around, I guess."

"No, he fooled around because he just had to. He's one of those guys that couldn't stay with just one person. Don't get me wrong, we still had sex and I made him happy, but I was never happy with it. That's what I meant when I said I was never comfortable with him again."

We sat in silence for a few minutes then she stood up from her chair and held out a hand to me. "I'm comfortable with you. God knows I shouldn't be, but I am."

I took her hand and stood up. We embraced and then kissed.

"Let's go to bed." She said and she led me away from the pool back to the house.

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