tagNovels and NovellasSummer Vacation Ch. 02

Summer Vacation Ch. 02

byD.C. Roi©

Tommy awoke with a start and discovered he wasn't alone in his bed. He was confused at first. He couldn't imagine who was in bed with him. All he knew was that there was another body in bed next to him. He turned his head and looked. It was Tina! He couldn't believe it!

The attractive red-head smiled at him. "Hi," she said.

"Ah...hi," Tommy replied. He could feel himself shaking. What was she doing here? What would his mother do if she caught them?

"Would you like to make love to me, Tommy?" Tina asked, her voice husky. She pulled back the covers and the young man gulped. She was naked! God! She was even more beautiful than he'd imagined she'd be!

Tommy couldn't talk. He gulped and nodded.

"Well, then..." Tina murmured. She reached for him.

Tommy gasped when her hand slid over his belly to his cock, which stiffened painfully the closer her hand came to it. He groaned when the woman's soft hand encircled his rigid penis. He couldn't believe it! Tina, the lovely woman he'd been working with for two weeks, was in his bed, reaching for his cock! She'd asked him to make love to her! He was so turned on! Her hand was moving up and down on his cock now and it felt wonderful! God, she was going to make him come if she kept that up! He gazed into her lovely eyes, saw the soft smile on her face.

"You're quite a man, Tommy," Tina whispered. Her hand continued to move on him, making him shake and groan with delight. "I wish I'd known sooner how much of a man you are."

"I...ah...I'm gonna come!" Tommy groaned. His insides coiled as he neared the point of explosion.

"Go ahead!" Tina replied. Her hand moved faster. "I'd like that."

"Gah! Gahh!" Tommy wailed. His hips jerked and his cock began spewing powerful spurts of hot cream. He couldn't remember ever feeling this wonderful! When he started to come, he squeezed his eyes closed. When he was finished, he opened them.

* * * * * * * * * *

He was alone! His hand, not Tina's, was holding his cock and the sheets and his hand were covered with the remnants of his ejaculation. He couldn't believe it! It was a dream! But it seemed so real. Disappointed, he wiped his hand on the sheets, then got out of bed.

"Tommy!" He jumped when his mother yelled. "Are you up yet?"

"Yeah, Mom, I'm up," he replied. "I was up even more a few minutes ago," he thought with more than a little irony.

"Strip your bed," his mother yelled. "I want all of the laundry done before we leave."

"OK, Mom," Tommy called back. His folks were leaving for Alaska that afternoon and he was headed for his religious Aunt Karen's house for the summer. He'd spent most of the previous afternoon, after school, packing.

He stripped the damp, sticky sheets off the bed. Once that was done, he took a shower and got dressed. He'd taken his last exams Wednesday and didn't have to go back to school until next Thursday, to clean out his locker and pick up his report card. He went downstairs carrying the bundle of sheets, hoping his mother wouldn't notice the sticky mess he'd made.

His mother was in the kitchen, working at the counter. "Put those sheets right in the washing machine," she told him, "I've got just about everything else done."

Relieved that his mother wouldn't be handling the messy sheets, Tommy did as he was told, then he sat down to eat breakfast.

His mother brought some orange juice over to the table. "Our plane leaves at three," she said. "I thought we'd take your stuff over to Karen's this morning, then you can drive us to the airport. Your father and I have decided to let you use the car while we're gone. We'll leave the credit card for gas, too." She frowned. "Don't you be driving all over the place and running up huge gas bills."

"Aw, Mom," Tommy said as he poured milk on his cereal. "I won't. Heck, most of the places I go, I walk, anyhow."

After he finished breakfast, they put his things in the car and headed for Aunt Karen's.

Aunt Karen seemed pleased to have Tommy staying with her. "We'll have a good time, won't we, Tommy?" she said.

"Ah, I guess so," the young man replied.

When his aunt bent down to pick up one of the suitcases, Tommy got a look down the front of his aunt's blouse. Congestion built in his groin when he glimpsed his aunt's bra-encased breasts. "Oh, wow! That's not bad!" he thought. He was surprised. He'd never thought about her as a woman. They picked up the suitcases and started for the house. He watched his aunt walking ahead of him, and realized she wasn't bad-looking. In addition to a well-developed chest, she had a pretty good body and a really nice bottom. Her legs looked good, too.

"You and Dave are real life-savers," Tommy's mother said after they had his things stashed in the bedroom he'd be using. "I don't know what we'd have done about Tommy if you hadn't said he could stay here."

"We're glad we can help out," Karen replied. "It will be nice having Tommy around. Especially with Dave on the road so much. Things come up around here that need a man's touch and I just go into a tizzy. I'm no good at all at handling household emergencies."

"You'll like having Tommy around, then," his mother said, "he's really handy around the house."

Aunt Karen walked them to the door. "Will you be here for supper?" she asked her nephew.

Tommy shook his head. "Ah...probably not," he told her. "I have work tonight. I should be home around ten or ten-thirty."

"No problem," Karen said. "If you're going to be later than that, give me a call, please. I hate to sit up worrying."

"Boy, it's going to be just like it is at home!" Tommy thought, a little discouraged, as he and his mother drove back to their house.

He helped his mother pack suitcases and things in the car, then headed to pick up his father. Then the three of them drove to the airport.

Tommy waited until the plane was in the air before he headed for the Inn. He was early, but he was hoping for a chance to talk with Tina, although he was a little embarrassed to talk to her after the wet dream he'd had about her earlier.

The night went quickly and even though they were busy, Tommy got quite a few chances to visit with Tina. He learned her ex-husband was an alcoholic who had been abusive to her and their son. That angered the young man. He couldn't see how anyone could be mean to someone as nice as Tina.

"Want a ride home?" he asked when they left after work.

Tina looked surprised. "You have a car?" she asked. "You usually walk."

Tommy felt himself blushing. "Ah...my folks went to Alaska for the summer," he explained. "I...I'm staying with my aunt. My folks said I could use the car while they're gone."

"Wow, a whole summer in Alaska!" Tina exclaimed. Tommy held the door for her and she slid into the car. "That sounds wonderful. I've always wanted to see Alaska. If I keep working as a waitress I won't ever get there, though."

"I'd love to take you to Alaska," Tommy thought as he got in on the driver's side, started the car, and pulled out of the parking lot. He breathed deeply, inhaling the delicious scent of Tina's perfume. God, she was so pretty!

"Didn't you want to go along?" she asked.

"Ah...well, I, you know, wanted to be home for the summer. I mean I have this job and all..." Tommy replied. He found it hard to concentrate on driving with her in the car.

"You may regret you passed up the chance to go sometime," she said. "I'd have jumped at it. What does your father do?"

"Ah, he's a wildlife biologist. He's a professor at the university," Tommy said, turning the corner onto the street where Tina lived. He'd walked by there several times since he found out where the place was. "He's studying Kodiak bears this summer. They're going to be about a million miles from the nearest town, in a cabin with no electricity or running water."

"Sounds exciting," Tina said.

They arrived at her house far too soon. Tommy braked to a stop at the curb, and before he could get out and hold the door for her, Tina was out. She leaned back in the car. "Thanks for the ride," she said. "See you tomorrow."

"You're welcome," Tommy said. He sat there and watched her walk up the sidewalk to the house. Boy, her bottom was even nicer than Aunt Karen's! He sighed. She only saw him as a friend, a kid she worked with. There was no way in hell she'd ever see him as anything else. A little down in the dumps, the young man put the car in gear and drove toward his aunt's house. He still hoped he'd meet someone he could lose his virginity with this summer.

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