tagNovels and NovellasSummer Vacation Ch. 08

Summer Vacation Ch. 08

byD.C. Roi©

Tommy was uncomfortable at breakfast the next morning. Aunt Karen, though, was bright and cheery, acting as if nothing had happened. The young man couldn't understand how she did it.

Kim kept giving Tommy looks he couldn't interpret. It bothered him a little, but she'd been looking at him like that ever since she got home from college, so he wasn't too worried although he would have liked to know what his cousin was thinking.

"I've got to go shopping and run some errands," Aunt Karen said as she sat down at the table. "What are you two going to do today?"

"I thought I'd work on my tan," Kim said. "Today's my day off."

"I'd think you'd give a little consideration to skin cancer," Aunt Karen scolded her daughter. "You know they say too much sun isn't good for you."

"Aw, Mom," Kim pouted, "that's a bunch of bull. How can looking good be bad for you?"

"I just think you ought to be careful," her mother said as she poured some milk on her cereal. "What are you doing today, Tommy?"

"Ah...I-I thought, maybe, I'd mow the grass," he said. "It's growing pretty fast."

"Your Uncle Dave will like that," Aunt Karen said, "he hates mowing the lawn." Once more, Tommy was startled by her coolness. How could she be so calm and matter-of-fact after what they'd done?

After the dishes were cleaned up, Aunt Karen left to do her errands. Tommy went out to the garage, got out the mower, and started mowing. He'd been at it a little while when Kim came out. Tommy saw her and almost ran the mower into a bush. His cousin's swimsuit wasn't much more than black triangles of cloth connected by thin straps. It barely covered her ample breasts and a tiny triangle of black covered her pussy. Thin colored bands ran over her wonderfully formed hips to an equally small triangle of black cloth over her rear. Kim's body was extremely well-formed and the suit left little to the imagination.

Kim arranged herself on a chaise lounge and seemed to go to sleep. Tommy altered the pattern of his mowing so he could keep his cousin in view. It wasn't that warm a day, and riding the mower wasn't hard, but he was sweating. Her body was incredible! It was even better than Aunt Karen's!

Even though he'd seen his lovely cousin nude a few nights earlier, Tommy found himself becoming aroused by her partially-clad state. He throttled back the mower a little, to make mowing last longer. But, eventually, he finished. He wasn't sure what to do next, and was pondering that as he put the mower in the garage. He turned around and jumped when he saw his cousin standing in the garage doorway, that disquieting smile on her face.

"You look hot," she said.

"Ah...yeah, I am, kinda," Tommy replied. Why did she keep looking at him like that? It made him feel funny, as if she could see right inside him and knew what he was thinking.

Kim smiled. "Want a soda?" she asked.

Tommy nodded and said, "Yeah, I could use one." "Actually..." he thought, "...a cold shower might be better."

"Come on," Kim said. She turned and headed for the house. "Let's go get one."

Tommy followed his cousin, watching the firm, well-formed globes of her bottom undulate as she walked ahead of him. That view did nothing to lessen the sexual tension building inside him. He wondered if his cousin had any idea of the powerful effect she had on him.

When they got to the kitchen, Kim got two sodas out of the refrigerator and handed one to Tommy. Their hands touched and the young man felt a jolt.

"Not her, too!" he thought. "God, I'd like to find out what she's like in bed, but I don't have a chance. No way! She's four years older than I am and sure as hell isn't interested in having sex with me!" On the other hand, his aunt was lots older than Kim, and he seemed to satisfy her needs just fine.

Kim leaned against the kitchen counter and a warm smile appeared on her lips. "You're going to be a senior next year, aren't you?" she asked.

"Yeah," Tommy replied. He gulped down some of his soda.

Kim smiled and held the cold soda can against her chest, between her breasts. "That feels good," she purred. "It's really hot out in the sun."

Tommy gulped more soda and croaked, "Ah, yeah." Was Kim coming on to him? He was too inexperienced to tell. He thought about making a move, but wasn't sure what to do. He was afraid she'd laugh at him if he did.

"You like my new swimsuit?" Kim asked. She straightened up and turned so Tommy could see all of it.

He gulped and said, "Ah...um...yeah, it's really nice." How come his voice sounded funny?

"Mom had a conniption when she saw it," Kim said. "She's such a prude."

"If you only knew," Tommy thought as his eyes caressed his cousin's stunning body.

"I wish she and Daddy got along better," Kim continued, "she didn't used to be so stuffy and into all that religious crap when she was getting laid regularly."

"Ah..." Tommy murmured. He felt his face reddening. "Um...I wouldn't know anything about that."

"It's true," Kim said. She leaned against the counter again. The movement thrust her breasts out and Tommy could see the outline of her nipples through the suit.

"Her breasts are even better than her mom's!" the young man mused as he ogled his gorgeous, sexy cousin.

"It's a known fact that people who get laid regularly are more mellow," Kim said, giving Tommy that smile again. "Believe me, cousin, regular orgasms are good for you."

"Um, OK, yeah...I-I guess so," Tommy replied. He couldn't believe the conversation they were having. They were standing in the kitchen, discussing orgasms. And Kim seemed so calm about it.

"Are you still a virgin, Tommy?" Kim asked. His cousin's question caught the young man off-guard.

"Me...?" he shook his head and struggled to find the right words, "Ah...no, I'm...I'm not."

Smiling warmly, Kim moved close to him, then touched his face with a soft hand. "You know, now that you've grown up, you're kinda cute," she murmured. "I wonder if you really have gotten laid, or if you're still a virgin."

Tommy was frozen where he stood. She was coming on to him! What was it with this family?

Kim's face started to move closer and closer to Tommy's, as if she were going to kiss him. Then the phone rang. "Shit," Kim said, and flounced off to answer it.

"Yeah," Tommy heard her say. "I got home Saturday." She paused. "No, I'm not doing anything right now, I work down at the mall, but today's my day off." Another pause. "Sure, I'd love to go to the beach with you." She giggled. "Raymond, stop that! OK, I'll see you in about fifteen minutes."

She put the phone down and gave Tommy a smile. "That was Raymond Adams. He wants me to go to the beach with him. I've got to change. See you later, cousin." A wink, and she disappeared down the hallway, leaving Tommy standing there, hardly able to breathe and sporting a considerable hard-on.

The young man sagged into a chair. "Jesus! She was coming on to me!" he thought. "If that asshole Adams hadn't called, I'd be in bed with her right now. Damn!"

Raymond Adams was a classmate of Kim's, a football star who had been a big man on campus in high school. His folks had a lot of money and he'd gone to an expensive prep school then to college on a football scholarship. Tommy figured whatever chance he might have had with Kim was gone, now that Raymond was in the picture. He sat there, feeling sorry for his lost opportunity. A horn blew.

"See you later, cousin," Kim said as she ran through the kitchen, opened the door, and went out.

Tommy heard a car leave. Since there wasn't anyone there to see the bulge in his pants, he got up and headed for his room. He flopped down on the bed and picked up the book he'd been trying to read and actually managed to do some reading. He read for a while, then showered and dressed for work. He skipped lunch because he knew Mrs. Dreisbach would have all kinds of wonderful things for him to sample at the Inn, and she acted so hurt when he didn't try them. Usually he left work so stuffed with food he felt as if he'd burst.

He was just heading out the door for work when his aunt arrived home.

"Tommy, could you give me a hand with the groceries?" she asked. "If it won't make you late for work."

"No problem, Aunt Karen," Tommy said. He carried in the bags stuffed with food and set them on the kitchen table. When the last bag was in, he turned. "Guess I better get going," he said.

"Just a minute, Tommy," his aunt said. She walked across the kitchen, took him in her arms, and gave him a kiss that curled his toes. "There..." she said as she stepped back, "...that's for being such a good boy. I hope your uncle takes another business trip real soon."

"Me, too," Tommy gasped. "Ah...well, I really gotta be going." He turned, fumbled with the doorknob, finally managed to get the door open, and headed for work.

Tina wasn't there when Tommy got to the Inn. He was surprised. Usually she was there before he got in. Then Rita Trimble, an older woman who sometimes worked as a waitress, walked in.

"Hi, Tommy," she said. "I guess you're bussing for me tonight. Mr. Dreisbach called and asked me to work. He said Tina called and said she wasn't feeling well."

"Oh?" Tommy felt scared. Had Tina's husband hurt her the night before? He almost told Mr. Dreisbach he wasn't feeling well and needed the night off, but realized that wouldn't be fair, so he didn't. Just the same, he was distracted all night. Once he even dropped a tray full of dishes.

"What's the matter, Tommy?" Mrs. Dreisbach asked him while he was on his hands and knees, cleaning up the mess he'd made. "You aren't usually clumsy. Aren't you feeling well?"

"I'm OK," Tommy replied, "I-I was just thinking about something else. I'm sorry about the dishes."

"No problem," Mrs. Dreisbach said. "Here, try some of this strudel. That will make you feel better. Pick you right up, it will."

The evening dragged. The Inn wasn't busy, and everything seemed to be going in slow motion. Finally it was closing time. Tommy rushed though the setups, doing most of them before Rita could help him.

Rita chuckled while she watched him work. "Must be you have a hot date tonight," she observed, "you sure are in a hurry to get out of here."

Tommy nodded and kept on working. "Something like that," he said, finishing up. "See you later."

He left the inn and ran down the street to where Tina lived. Her apartment lights were on, and he didn't see her ex-husband's car anywhere. He thought about going in, but wasn't sure if he should bother her. Maybe she really was sick. Or maybe her little boy was. Maybe he was just being silly. He paced up and down in front of the building for a while, then screwed up his courage and went up the steps. He found the bell button with Tina's name under it and pushed the button.

"Who is it?" Tina's voice said over the intercom.

"It's, ah, Tommy, Tommy Jackson," he said into the speaker.

"What do you want, Tommy?" Tina asked. "I'm...I'm not feeling well."

"I know. I just wanted to check and see if there was anything I could do for you," he replied. "Can I come up?"

"I-I don't think that's a good idea, Tommy," she replied. "I-I really need to get some rest, you know. I'll...I'll see you at work tomorrow."

That they were carrying on their conversation this way seemed weird to Tommy. Of course, she might not want him to come up for a lot of reasons. It isn't a good idea to let strange men in your apartment if you're a single woman and all.

"You sure you're OK?" Tommy asked. He couldn't be sure, but he thought her voice sounded funny.

"I'm fine, Tommy, really," Tina replied. "It was sweet of you to stop. I'll see you tomorrow, OK?"

"OK," he said. The intercom clicked off. Tommy turned and started back down the stairs. Something wasn't right and he knew it. But Tina didn't want him sticking his nose in her life, and it was none of his business, so he headed back to his aunt's house. The closer he got to his summer home, the more disappointed he became. It was too bad Uncle Dave couldn't have stayed away a little longer - like all summer.

Uncle Dave was in the living room on his recliner, watching TV, when Tommy entered. Aunt Karen was sitting in the chair she always sat in. Both of them smiled at him.

"How ya doin', kid?" his uncle said.

"I'm OK, Uncle Dave," Tommy replied, suddenly feeling very uncomfortable. He really didn't want to spend any more time with his uncle than he had to. "Ah...I'm pretty beat, I think I'm gonna go to bed."

"Good idea," his uncle said. "Matter of fact, Karen, why don't we pat the pillow ourselves? Been a long time since I got to snuggle up to that bodacious bod of yours." He gave Tommy a broad wink.

Tommy had never been overly fond of his Uncle Dave and liked him even less right then. "Ah...I'm going to bed," he said and headed down the hallway. He noticed that Kim's door was closed and no light showed under it. "She must be in bed, exhausted from her day at the beach with Raymond," the young man thought, dispirited.

He went into his room, slipped out of his clothes, and climbed in bed. After several nights of frantic sexual activity, it looked like this one was going to be dull. Well, the rest couldn't hurt. A little while later, he heard muffled sounds coming from his aunt and uncle's bedroom, which was right next to the one he occupied. "I wonder," he thought, getting out of bed and heading for the closet. The way the house was built, the closets were between the bedrooms, probably for sound-proofing purposes. If he went in the closet, there would only be a thin wall between him and his aunt and uncle.

Knowing he shouldn't, the young man went into the closet, pushed aside the clothes hanging there, and pressed his ear to the wall.

"Dave, you shouldn't talk like that in front of Tommy," he heard his aunt say. The wall hardly interfered with his ability to hear at all. "It embarrasses me."

"Aw, don't be such a friggin prude," his uncle replied. "Kid's old enough to know what's going on. Christ, how the fuck did we get a daughter if we didn't do it once and a while?"

"David!" His aunt's tone of reproof was loud and clear.

"Come on, babe, plop that bod of yours here, next to mine," his uncle said.

Tommy was repulsed by his uncle's crude comments and attitude. He ought to be making love to Aunt Karen, not ordering her around like some, some...

"God, you got the best knockers I ever seen!" Uncle Dave muttered. "I love them big nipples 'a yours."

Tommy visualized his aunt's beautiful breasts, the way the nipples got hard and long. However, hearing his uncle's crude talk removed any possibility of sexual arousal. He continued listening.

"Goddamn, babe, look at this," he heard his uncle say. "Bet you want it, doncha?"

Tommy couldn't hear if his aunt's soft reply.

"Yeah, well..." his uncle went on, his voice reflecting his turned-on state, "...it's been a long time since it got in that nice, tight puss of yours, and I ain't gonna wait no longer."

Tommy heard the bed make noises and could imagine what was happening beyond the wall. He was angry and jealous, and that surprised him. After all, Uncle Dave had a right to be in bed with Aunt Karen. "He sounds like such a jerk!" the young man thought. "He didn't make any effort to really love to her, he just jumped on her like...like some kind of animal."

"Oh! Oh, yeah, baby! Yeah!" his uncle roared. "Goddamn, I like that tight snatch of yours! Here it comes, baby, here it comes!"

Tommy squeezed his eyes shut and tried to blot the image of what he knew was happening in the next room from his mind. He couldn't, try as he would. He suddenly sensed that someone was with him in the closet and he opened his eyes and looked over his shoulder.

Kim stood in the closet doorway, smiling. "Found out how thin the walls are, did you?" she whispered and came into the closet with him. "They getting it on yet? Dad usually can't wait to jump Mom's bones when he gets home. I think it's his way of convincing her he isn't cheating on her when he's on the road."

Tommy found he couldn't talk as his cousin slipped into the closet and stood next to him. He smelled the enticing scent of the perfume she had on and was painfully aware that she probably had nothing on under the blue and white striped satin nightshirt. He only had on pajama bottoms and his cousin's sudden appearance did what listening to his aunt and uncle hadn't. His cock began swelling and straining, tenting the front of the pajamas.

"Dave, please!" Karen moaned. "I-I didn't come! Don't let me hanging! Please!"

"Sounds like Daddy hasn't changed," Kim whispered. "He's always been a lousy fuck." She giggled softly. "Actually, he's a lousy fuck in more ways than one, I guess."

Tommy was stunned. He couldn't imagine talking about his parents that way.

"Goddammit!" Uncle Dave snorted, "What the hell do you expect from me? I just fucked the shit out of you. If you ain't woman enough to get off on what I done, there's somethin' wrong with you, not me!"

"Daddy is such an ass," Kim whispered.

His cousin's mouth was very close to the young man's ear, her body was touching his, and her soft breast was pressed against his arm. "I wondered if you'd figure this out," she went on. "I used to have this room, but I moved to the one down the hall because it's bigger. Mom said she was gonna make it into a sewing room, but she never did. When I had this room, I used to listen to them fucking all the time."

She paused and took a deep breath. Tommy felt her shudder a little. "Does it turn you on listening to them?" she murmured. "It used to get me hot when I listened."

"Ah...sort of," Tommy gasped. Actually, it was her nearness that had him hard as a rock! He was glad it was dark in the closet so she couldn't see the way his pajama pants stuck out in front of him.

"Come on, Tommy," Kim said and took his arm. "They're done. Once Daddy gets his rocks off, he goes right to sleep."

Tommy didn't want to leave the closet, even though he was pretty damned uncomfortable in there, what with his hard-on and all. He wasn't sure what his cousin's reaction would be when she saw it, and didn't want to take the chance of a fuss. But she was being pretty insistent. Maybe it was dark enough in his room so she couldn't see. He let her lead him out of the closet.

Tommy wasn't prepared for what happened when they got out into the room. Kim turned, pressed against him, and pulled his face to hers. Their lips met, his cousin's tongue probed into his mouth and her hips thrust against him. There was no way she couldn't know he was turned on now! He cast caution to the winds, cupped his cousin's fine bottom in his hands, and returned the kiss avidly.

"Listening to them did turn you on!" Kim whispered breathlessly when the kiss ended. "I hoped so!" She took Tommy's hand and pulled the quaking young man to the bed. They fell on the mattress and again were in each other's arms, lips joined.

Tommy's hand began sliding up and down his cousin's back, stroking her well-formed body through the silky fabric of her nightshirt as her body writhed against his. He knew now he didn't have to worry what Kim would do if she found out about his hard-on. She obviously knew he had one and wanted him to use it on her! He began working on the buttons up the front of her nightshirt and got the garment open. His hands moved boldly onto her bared skin, exploring, caressing.

With a soft groan, Kim pressed against him. "Yes! Oh, Jesus, Tommy!" she purred. "I need it so bad!" Her hand slid over his chest, teasing his nipples, stroking passion into his body. Her other hand slid down and grasped his cock. "Yes! Oh, shit! You're hard already...and you're so big! I need this!" She gave his cock a gentle, insistent tug.

Tommy was very turned on and knew that his cousin was, too. He rolled on top of her and as he did she guided his cock so it slid into her hot, tight, wet opening.

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