tagNovels and NovellasSummer Vacation Ch. 10

Summer Vacation Ch. 10

byD.C. Roi©

Just as he got to the bathroom, Kim emerged, wearing the same nightshirt she had on the night she came to his room. She glanced down the hall, then she put her arms around him and gave him a kiss that curled his toes. "Good morning, cousin," she said after the kiss ended, grinning at this flushed face and heaving chest.

"Ah...good morning, Kim," Tommy croaked. As a result of Kim's kiss he had a raging hard-on and his hormones were in turmoil.

"You got in late last night, didn't you?" his cousin asked.

Tommy nodded and said, "We, ah, we had some late customers." Actually, he'd taken a long walk after leaving Tina, just to keep the sensations her kiss had given him fresh. He really hadn't wanted to make love with Kim, not after Tina kissed him.

His cousin leaned closer to him and tickled the part of his chest exposed by the open neck of his robe with her long fingernails. Her touch caused his body more stimulation he didn't need, especially since he wouldn't be able to do anything about it any time soon. "I tried waiting up for you, but I guess I fell asleep," she murmured. She stretched and Tommy's eyes bugged out. God, she was gorgeous! "Well, tonight's another night, isn't it?" she said.

"Ah, yeah, I guess it is," he muttered.

"I hope so," Kim whispered. Another quick kiss and she was off down the hall. Tommy watched her go, turned, and walked into the doorjamb. He was going to have to watch himself. His cousin was acting as if she didn't care whether her folks found out what they were doing! After showering - he found out a cold shower actually does help when you're turned on - the young man went back to his room and dressed, then headed to the kitchen for breakfast. Uncle Dave wasn't around. "Where's Uncle Dave?" he asked his aunt, who was scrambling eggs at the stove.

"He left for work early," his aunt replied. "He said something about having to go to East Haddam, or something." She sighed. "And, of course, he said he wouldn't be home for dinner...again."

Tommy wasn't sure why his aunt put up with Uncle Dave. The man was a jerk, he treated her like shit, and he was never home. He wondered if his uncle was screwing around on her. He probably was, the boy decided, although he couldn't understand why any woman would want to be with Dave.

"What are you doing today?" his aunt asked hopefully, smiling.

"Ah...I...I have to go over to North Hampden this morning, Aunt Karen," Tommy replied. He needed to get to the dojo and do some work with Master Kwan. "I have some stuff I need to do. It's , ah, it's kind of important."

"Oh," Aunt Karen replied, sounding disappointed. "I-I thought maybe we'd have some time alone."

"I'm sorry, Aunt Karen," the young man said, and he was, "but what I have to do is important."

"Hi, Mom," Kim said brightly as she entered the kitchen. Once again, Tommy's eyes bugged. His cousin's outfit this morning was a black knit tank top with white buttons up the side and a matching black mini-skirt. Both garments hugged her fine figure. A thin strip of her tan, flat belly showed between the top and skirt. The young woman sat down at the table.

Karen brought the eggs over and they ate. After breakfast Tommy helped his aunt clear the table and clean up the dishes, then got in his folks' car and headed for the karate dojo.

"It has been a while since you have been here," Master Kwan observed when Tommy walked into the dojo.

"I am sorry, sensei," Tommy said, "I haven't been able to get away. I have continued to work on what you have taught me just the same."

"Change into your gi and we shall see if that is so," Master Kwan replied. His expression was emotionless, although Tommy knew that behind that bland look were powerful emotions. Master Kwan seldom, if ever, showed what he was feeling.

"I believe you have been studying and practicing," the master said after they finished a strenuous workout. "You did well today. What is going on in your life? Something has given you new energy, energy I have not felt before. We shall have some tea."

Master Kwan was the only person in the world Tommy could trust implicitly. They sat down, and over tea the young man detailed what had happened since he'd gone to stay with his aunt.

"I make no judgments about what people do," Master Kwan said, "but I would be careful if I were you. The things you speak of could get you in trouble. I believe that in this country there are laws against such things."

"I know, sensei," Tommy said. He knew there were laws against incest. Even though he wasn't related to Karen and Kim by blood if anyone, especially Uncle Dave, found out what was going on, he'd be in big trouble.

"This other woman, this Tina," Master Kwan said, "you have strong feelings for her."

Tommy nodded and said, "I do, sensei, but she is much older than I am and doesn't know I exist, except as a kid she works with."

Master Kwan sipped his tea, nodded, and commented, "Perhaps. Perhaps." He was quiet for a while. "I think what you did last night, maybe that showed her you are resourceful."

"Ah, I guess so," Tommy admitted.

"If your employer had not appeared, what would you have done, my son?" the sensei asked.

"Kick him in the groin and follow up with a thrust kick to the head," Tommy replied.

The ageless Oriental nodded. "Sound moves for the situation you describe," he observed. "Remember, my son, you must be careful. A kick like that could cause serious harm."

"I am aware of that, sensei," the young man replied. Actually, he wouldn't have minded causing the boorish man serious harm.

The briefest hint of a smile appeared on the old man's face. "Ice water," he chuckled. "Ah. I do like that. You, my son, are exceptional."

Tommy flushed at his mentor's compliment. He was aware how rarely his master offered them. He'd received few in the years he'd been working with him. "Are you up to another workout, sensei?" he asked.

After their second session, more strenuous than the first, Master Kwan sank into a lotus position on the mat. "My son," he said, a little breathless, "if you continue to improve, I am going to have to find someone whose bones are not so tired as mine to work out with you."

"You are too kind, sensei. You do me great honor with your comments," Tommy said and bowed to the old man.

"What I say is true," Kwan replied and made a gesture with his hand. "These old bones are not as strong as they once were. And you are the quickest student I've ever had."

Tommy bowed again. "You honor me too much, sensei," he said.

After the workout he showered and changed into his work clothes. He knew he wouldn't have time to go back to Aunt Karen's house to change, so he brought his things with him.

Tina was already at work when Tommy got there and smiled brightly at him when he came in. "Hi, Tommy," she said.

"Hi, Tina, how are you today?" he asked.

She smiled brightly and said, "I feel terrific. Would you believe I have a date?"

"A...a date?" Tommy's spirits dove. "That's...ah...that's neat."

"Yeah, it's a guy I met at the supermarket," Tina continued, oblivious to the obvious distress that showed on Tommy's face. "He works there, as assistant manager. And he's really cute, too!"

"I...ah...I'm glad for you." Actually, Tommy was anything but glad for her. If Tina got a boyfriend, and things got serious, any chance he might have with her was gone.

The night went far more quickly than Tommy wanted it to. He hoped, foolishly, that the night would never end. If they never left the Inn, Tina couldn't go out on her date. Just before closing time, the phone rang.

"Tina, it's for you," Mr. Dreisbach said.

Tina took the phone and Tommy sidled over to where she was standing, hoping to eavesdrop. Maybe the guy was canceling the date.

"Darn!" Tina said. "I know, I understand. It's just that, well, I was really looking forward to getting out tonight and all..." She looked in Tommy's direction, and he could see her brighten. "Look, it's all right," she said into the phone. "I'll see you tomorrow. Bye." She put the phone down. "Tommy?"

"Yes?" the young man replied. He had no idea what she wanted.

"Ah...I...I hate to ask, but, well, I have a real problem," Tina said. "That was my babysitter. Her sister's sick and she needs to get over there to watch her nieces and nephew, so she can't watch Bobby tonight. I...I know I shouldn't impose on you, but, I...I was wondering, could...could you watch Bobby for me?"

"Ah, sure, why not?" Tommy said. He should refuse, that's what he should do, but he couldn't refuse her, even if it meant she'd be out with someone else. "I've gotta call my aunt and tell her I'll be late, but it's fine."

Tina kissed him on the cheek. "You're a sweetheart!"

"I'm a schmuck," Tommy thought, dispirited. He headed for the phone to call his aunt, who sounded as disappointed as he felt, although for entirely different reasons.

After work, Tommy drove Tina home. She opened the door and he followed her into her apartment. It was small, but very neat. There was a living room, furnished with unremarkable furniture, a small kitchen and dining area next to that, a bathroom off the kitchen, and two bedrooms off the living room. Everything was just so. Tina was obviously a good housekeeper.

A middle-aged woman was sitting on the sofa. She got up when Tommy and Tina came in.

"Mrs. Dixon, this is Tommy Jackson," Tina said. "He works with me down at the Inn. He's going to stay with Bobby while I'm out."

The older woman examined Tommy, nodded, then turned to Tina. "I really am sorry about this, Tina," she said. "I hated to put you on the spot at the last minute and all..."

"No problem, Mrs. Dixon," Tina said, "sometimes things come up you have to deal with."

The older woman looked Tommy over once more, as if ascertaining herself that he was, in fact, fit to watch the little boy, then left.

"I'm not sure she liked me," Tommy said, sitting down on the sofa.

"She's kind of funny that way," Tina said, "I used to think she didn't think much of me, either, but once you get to know her, she's a dear. Bobby's started calling her 'Grandma,' even." She looked at the clock hanging on the kitchen wall. "My gosh, look at the time! I better get changed!" She headed for the bedroom and the door closed behind her.

Tommy could hear her moving around in the room, then she reappeared, wearing a cable-knit white sweater and ribbed snug-fitting skirt that ended just above her knees. "How do you like my outfit?" she asked, turning so he could see it.

"It's...it's really nice," Tommy said. Actually, he was having a little trouble breathing. He thought she looked stunning.

"I hope Greg likes it," Tina said. "Come on, I'll show you what you need to know." She briefed him on the emergency phone numbers, where things were, and what to do in case of emergency.

Most of it Tommy already knew. He'd taken a babysitting course in seventh grade, although he'd done few babysitting jobs after that. Tina was just finishing her instructions when the doorbell rang.

"Oh, God!" the pretty red-head exclaimed. She looked panicked. "He's here! Do...do I look all right? Do you think he'll like the outfit? Oh, God! I...it's been so long since I've been out on a date..."

"You look wonderful," Tommy said. "If he doesn't think so, he's blind." He paused. "And stupid."

Tina kissed him on the cheek, leaving a tingling spot. "You are so sweet!" she said. She went over and buzzed her date in.

Tommy's hopes that her date would turn out to be some kind of malformed monster in a black leather jacket and tattoos were dashed when a handsome man walked into the room. He was taller than Tommy, obviously in good physical condition, and dressed impeccably. He looked as if he had money.

"Ready to go?" the man asked. His voice was rich and full of tenor. Tommy hated him.

"I sure am," Tina said, flushing a little. "Where are we going? I want to be sure my babysitter knows where he can reach me."

Greg told her and she looked up the phone number and wrote it down on a pad next to the phone. "I have a phone in my car, too," Greg said, looking a little smug.

"You...you do?" Tina looked startled. "I-I never went out with anyone who had a phone in their car before." He gave her the number and she wrote that down, too.

"See you later, Tommy," Tina said as she followed her date out the door. "I probably won't be too late."

"Arrogant asshole!" Tommy muttered after the door closed. "I have a phone in my car. Big fucking deal!" He picked up the remote control and switched on the TV. A late-night talk show came on, and Tommy laid back on the sofa to watch.

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