tagNovels and NovellasSummer Vacation Ch. 13

Summer Vacation Ch. 13

byD.C. Roi©

"How are you today?" Tina asked when Tommy got to work the next afternoon. "Get enough sleep?"

Tommy nodded. "Yeah, my aunt let me sleep until eleven," he replied.

"I'm really sorry I kept you up so late," Tina said. "I hate imposing on you like that."

"Hey, come on," Tommy said, "I'm glad I could help you."

Tina smiled, shook her head, and said, "Why couldn't I have married someone like you instead of a jerk like Ron?"

Without thinking, Tommy replied, "I'm available." He felt his face get hot the minute he blurted it out. He'd thought it, but had no intention of saying it.

"You're quite a kidder, aren't you?" Tina laughed. "I appreciate the compliment, but believe me, you don't want to be saddled with an old lady and baby. That wouldn't be fair."

"I guess so," Tommy replied softly. He wasn't kidding when he said he was available, but Tina thought he was. It was just as he thought, there was no way he stood a chance with her. She saw him as the kid she worked with. Maybe he was just being silly. She was right, he was young, had another year of high school, and college after that. There would be other girls, lots of other girls. He looked at her as she walked away, putting on her apron. Maybe there would be other girls, but he doubted he'd ever feel the way about anyone else he did about Tina, whether it was dumb to feel that way or not.

The Inn was busy, so Tommy didn't get much chance to talk with Tina once customers started coming. Finally closing time arrived. The pretty red-head seemed to be rushing to get the setups for the next day done.

"In a hurry to get home tonight?" Tommy asked her as she rapidly placed salt and pepper shakers on the freshly-set tables.

"Greg's picking me up," she said, looking so cheerful it caused the young man pain.

"Oh," Tommy replied. He had been hoping for a chance to walk her home. No luck there.

Just then Greg walked into the dining room. "Ready to go, gorgeous?" he said to Tina.

"I've got a little more to finish up, then I can go," she replied.

"Ah, look, Tina, why don't you just take off," Tommy said, "there's not that much more to do. I-I can handle it."

Tina looked at him carefully. "You sure?" she asked.

Tommy nodded. "Go ahead," he told her. "I can handle this."

"Thanks, Tommy, you're a sweetheart," Tina said. She took off her apron, got her jacket, and left with Greg.

Tommy finished the setups, then he left, too. He was walking down the street, about half-way to his aunt's house when a car pulled up beside him and stopped. Kim smiled out the open passenger side window at him. "Want a ride, cousin?" she asked.

"Ah, sure, I guess so," Tommy replied. He wouldn't have expected something like this from his cousin. But then he'd been getting a lot from his cousin he hadn't expected.

Kim got out and let Tommy in the car, a big station wagon with a wide front seat. An attractive, slim blonde sat behind the steering wheel. The back seat was folded flat, so Tommy had to sit in front with Kim and the girl who was driving. Tommy recognized her as Donna Lawson, a friend of Kim's. She had attended the same high school he was presently attending, but had graduated a couple of years before he was scheduled to graduate.

Donna was a cheerleader and homecoming queen when she was in high school. Tommy, a freshman then, worshipped her from afar and never dreamed he'd get close to her. Certainly not as close as he was right then.

Donna had a slim, athletic body and long straight blonde hair that reached almost to her hips. She was wearing perfume and the scent filled Tommy's nose. He felt turmoil begin in his groin.

She turned and smiled at him. "Hi, Tom." Her voice was silky, soft and husky.

"Ah...hi, Donna," Tommy replied. He couldn't believe it! She'd always seemed so unattainable! Being in the same car with her, sitting next to her, was something he'd never imagined he'd do. Of course he never imagined he'd be making love with his aunt and Kim, either, so...

Kim slid in next to him, closed the door, and they started off. Donna turned left instead of right at the next corner and the young man realized they were heading away from his aunt's house, not toward it.

"I...aren't we going home?" Tommy asked nervously.

Kim patted his leg. "Not yet, cousin, not yet," she said. "I told Mom I was taking you to a party. She thought it was a good idea. She thinks you've been working too hard and need to get out with kids your own age." She leaned over and put her lips close to his ear. "And you have been, haven't you? Working hard, I mean," she whispered.

The special emphasis his cousin put on the word "hard" wasn't lost on Tommy. He wasn't sure whether it was Donna's slim leg was pressed against his on one side and Kim's on the other, or his cousin's sultry comment, that caused his cock to stiffen. Actually, it was probably a combination of all of the stimulating input he was being bombarded with in the close confines of the car's front seat.

"Donna works at the mall with me," Kim commented as they drove.

That explained Donna's outfit, Tommy thought. His cousin's friend had on a white sweater that buttoned down the front and a white mini-skirt. In the glow of the dome light when he got in the car, he good a good look at Donna's terrific legs.

The slim blonde kept driving. It looked as if they were headed out of town. Tommy had no idea where they were going and wasn't sure the idea of going to a party was one he liked. After all, he'd never been that comfortable with kids his age, and college kids wouldn't know he existed. Or care. How much fun would a party with people like that be? "Where is this party, anyhow?" he asked. "Is there going to be anybody I know there?"

"You know me, don't you?" Kim laid her hand on his leg and stroked it. Her gesture did little for the young man's composure.

"And you know me, too, don't you, Tom?" Donna asked. Tommy jumped when the pretty blonde's hand fell on his other leg.

His mind raced and his body caught fire. What was going on here? What were Kim and Donna up to? Donna's hand squeezed his leg, then slid upward. Tommy gasped when he felt the young woman's hand tracing the outline of his stiffening cock.

"My God! You weren't making it up, were you, Kim?" Donna murmured. Her voice sounded a little hoarse. "He's everything you said he was. And more!"

Tommy was so startled he was unable to speak. Kim must have told Donna about them! About him! He wondered how much his cousin had told her friend. Now Donna, lovely, unattainable Donna, had her hand on his cock! This was too unbelievable!

"Wait..." Kim said. "You can't tell when it's in his pants like that." Her hands went to the waist of Tommy's slacks and opened them. She got the zipper down, then reached inside, fished the young man's rigid cock out of its confinement, gave it a few strokes, then took Donna's hand and placed it on the swollen organ. "See what I mean?"

"Ahh!" Tommy groaned and squirmed. This was wild! He couldn't see straight, couldn't think straight! All he could do was react to what the two pretty young women were doing to him!

Donna glanced down at his lap, then she began pumping his cock as she drove. "My God!" she whispered, "It's awesome! Tom, you are really something!"

"Pull in up there," Kim said. Her hand slid under Tommy's shirt, gliding over his bare skin, fingers seeking and teasing his nipples, sending pinpricks of delight into his body from that area, too. Wild sensations rushed through the young man, stirring him, exciting him. His cock felt as hard as steel! He wasn't sure where they were and no longer cared. He felt the car turn, but what the girls' hands were doing to him made it impossible for him to think straight or see where they were.

Then the car stopped and there was a whirring sound as the electric seat glided back. Donna turned to the young man and her lips covered his while her hand continued sliding up and down over his erect penis. Her tongue lashed into his mouth and his met it. Meanwhile, Kim was unbuttoning her cousin's shirt. She pushed it open and her lips took the place of her hands teasing his nipples.

Tommy thought he'd been turned on before, but nothing was like what he was experiencing right then! Two gorgeous women were making love to him! He couldn't remain passive, so while his tongue dueled with Donna's, he laid a hand on her leg and slid it under her mini-skirt. Her lean, lovely legs parted and he discovered she wore neither panty hose nor anything else under the tiny skirt! His fingers found her vagina and she gasped into his mouth.

His other hand moved under the snug black skirt his cousin wore and his fingers began teasing her opening through the sheer silky panties she had on. He'd never been in a more erotic situation. The two women were doing things to him that were making him crazy, and he was returning the favor. The interior of the car began to heat up and the windows began fogging. The car was big, but in spite of that, things were crowded as the three young people on the front seat groped with each other's bodies.

"This isn't going to work!" Donna complained. "There's not enough room." Her hand was still clutching and squeezing Tommy's cock while his finger plunged in and out of her pussy and his thumb rubbed her clit. The passion-beset young man was affording his cousin the same attention.

"Let's go outside," the pretty blonde gasped. "There's a blanket in the back."

Tommy slid his finger out of Kim's clutching pussy and she leaned over the back of the seat, showing him a delightful amount of bare leg and hip. "Got it," she said, then she opened the door and slid out.

When Kim got out, Donna pushed Tommy back on the seat and crawled atop him, her lips again joining with his. Her legs pressed against his and the young ma could feel her pussy rubbing his cock. He really wanted her!

"Hey, come on, you guys!" Tommy heard Kim say, "Don't be greedy! I've got the blanket spread out. There's room for all of us on it!"

Tommy and Donna crawled and tumbled out of the car and joined Kim on the blanket. The two women fell on the young man once more. Lips covered his cock while hands roamed over his body, stripping what remained of his clothing from him.

Tommy was so aroused he wasn't sure who was touching what part of his body or with what. His hands had a surfeit of lovely female flesh to explore. Donna's breasts, he discovered to his delight, felt different from Kim's. Where Kim's were large and full, Donna's were small and hard, the nipples tiny, but very long when the girl was excited, and she sure was excited right then. Donna's legs were slim, long, and firm, while Kim's were fuller, more rounded. Both girls were beautiful, though, and the contrasts between their gorgeous bodies only served to excite him all the more.

"Ahh!" he groaned. Someone, he wasn't sure who because his eyes were closed when it happened, sank onto his cock. He opened his eyes and looked. He was fucking Donna! Or, more correctly, she was fucking him! As her hips pounded down against him, Tommy watched his cousin's hands move over her friend's body, stroking the blonde's flat belly, teasing her rigid nipples. Donna's eyes were closed and her long hair tossed wildly as her body bounded up and down on his deeply impaled cock.

"Oh! Oh! Oh!" the slender blonde cried, her body shaking, her pussy quivering around Tommy's cock. "Yes! Yes! Oh, God! Oh, God! Oh, God! This feels so good! Oh! Oh! I can't wait! I can't wait! I gotta come! I gotta! Gahh! Gahh! Gahh!"

Tommy watched Donna's body spasm frantically while Kim twirled her friend's clit. He couldn't believe what he was seeing! He also couldn't wait. Like an overwound spring, his body released and uncoiled. "Unngg!" he grunted, his hips thrusting upward, his cock spraying a shower of hot semen into the lithe blonde's sucking channel.

Donna kept going for what seemed like an eternity. Tommy wondered if she'd ever stop coming. Finally she kind of folded up, fell off him onto the blanket next to him, and lay still. Tommy looked over at her, unsure what had happened.

"Don't worry about it," Kim told him, kissing him. "She just fainted. It happens every time she has a good come." She tugged at Tommy's head. "Eat me cousin! I want to come, too!" She laid back on the blanket, her legs spread.

Even though he'd just had a powerful orgasm, Tommy was still turned on. He rolled over, dove between his cousin's outspread legs, and began licking and sucking her tasty pussy. He slid one finger, then two, into her dripping wet hole while he sucked her clit into his mouth.

Kim went wild, her body writhing and shaking. "Tommy! Oh, Jeez! Oh, Jeez!" she wailed. "Eat me! Gahh! Eat me! Oh, shit! Oh, shit! Oh, shit! Yeah! Oh, yeah! Yeah!" Her hands clamped around his head, forcing his mouth even tighter against her middle while her body shook and strained.

Finally Kim, too, lay spent, along with Tommy, whose head rested on her soft belly. Donna was still lying where she fell, oblivious to what had taken place next to her.

"That was incredible!" Kim gasped, still not completely in control of her breathing. "Tommy, you are something else!"

Tommy wasn't finished. Not by a long shot. Eating Kim had revitalized his cock. Once again it was hard as a rock! "Get on your knees!" he told his cousin, taking charge for the first time since the two girls had stopped to pick him up.

"What?" Kim murmured. She moved her leg and felt his hard cock. "My God, Tommy, I don't believe it! You're hard again!" Quickly she turned, got to her knees on the blanket, and presented her beautiful ass to him. Her body glowed in the bright moonlight, glimmering with a slight sheen of perspiration it had acquired from their strenuous sexual activities.

Tommy moved behind his cousin, gripped his cock in his hand, centered it on her sopping opening, then he slammed it deep into her lovely body.

"Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah!" Kim groaned while her cousin pounded into her from the rear. "God! I love this! Oh, yeah!"

Having come once, Tommy had staying power. He gripped his cousin's hips and kept driving into her slowly, steadily, loving the sound of his legs slapping against hers, enjoying the sweet sensations growing in his body as his cock probed into Kim, sliding smoothly in and out of her hot center.

"What are you guys doing?" Donna asked groggily, awakening from her passion-induced torpor. "My God! You're fucking!" She slid over so her face was under Kim and began sucking her friend's nipples.

Kim went wild, her back arching, her body shaking. Her hand slid over her companion's flat belly, between Donna's slim legs, and began plunging into the blonde's pussy. Donna's slim body arched and shook and Tommy could hear her moans, muffled by the breast flesh in her mouth. A more erotic sight he'd never seen.

"Aw shit! I gotta come! Now! Gahh! Gahh!" Kim shrieked, her body writhing. "Can't stop! Gahh! Gahh! Gahh!"

The frenzied movements of his cousin's body pushed Tommy over the edge. Fingers digging into her soft hip flesh, he gushed his seed into her pussy with a loud groan. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Donna writhing and straining, too, as she joined them in orgasm.

"That was the most intense fucking I ever did," Donna whispered after they finished and were snuggled together on the blanket. Tommy found that having a lovely naked woman on either side of him was not in the least unpleasant.

"Tom, you are the best I ever had!" Donna exclaimed. She kissed him on the cheek and snuggled closer to him.

"I told you, didn't I?" Kim said. "He sure knows how to use that cock of his, doesn't he?"

"I'll say!" Donna whispered. "God! When he was fucking me it felt like I was gonna come apart in a million pieces!"

When they all felt they had strength enough to stand up, the threesome got up, got dressed, got in the car, and headed for home.

"We're going to have to do this again, real soon," Donna said, her hand stroking Tommy's leg as she drove. "Don't you agree, Tom?"

"I sure do!" he responded.

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