tagNovels and NovellasSummer Vacation Ch. 24

Summer Vacation Ch. 24

byD.C. Roi©

Tommy awoke alone in bed the next morning. Given the way his aunt had been all over him lately, that surprised him. He figured they'd wake up and make love. That might have been a way to make her forget he'd stood her up the night before. It looked like they wouldn't be making love after all. Oh, well.

He got out of bed, went to his room and got dressed. Then, wary of what his aunt's mood would be, he walked to the kitchen. Sooner or later, he had to face her. He might as well get it over with.

Karen was at the kitchen counter, her back to him. She wore a yellow man-tailored shirt and tan straight chino skirt. Both the blouse and skirt were somewhat loose, but did little to hide her incredible figure.

"Good morning, Aunt Karen," Tommy said.

"Good morning," his aunt replied. Her reply was sharp and cool and she didn't turn around.

"What's for breakfast?" the young man asked.

"Get yourself some cereal, I'm busy," his aunt snapped.

She was angry. Tommy wasn't sure how to handle this. He could let her stew and go about his business, but he didn't want that. He didn't like the strain between them.

"You could have called last night," she said.

"I'm sorry," he said. "I should have."

"I waited up as long as I could," his aunt said. He could hear the hurt in her voice.

"I'm sorry," Tommy said softly. He walked across the kitchen and laid his hand on her shoulder, but she pulled away from him. She didn't have much room to maneuver because the counter was in front of her and he was behind her.

Karen wanted to stay angry with her nephew. She'd been anticipating more passion when he got home from work the previous night, but he didn't come home and it didn't happen. When she discovered him next to her in bed that morning she got even angrier. Why hadn't he awakened her when he came home? They could have made love then.

But, as her nephew moved closer to her, even though she tried to stop it, her body was reacting, betraying her. His nearness, his hand on her shoulder, had her simmering! She didn't want to give in to him. Not now. Not after last night.

Her nephew's arms slid around her waist and pulled her against him. She was trembling inside and didn't resist, but she kept herself stiff to let him know she wasn't happy.

"If...if you think you...you can make up for what...what you did last...last night, you're mistaken, young man," she said. She shuddered and hoped he hadn't noticed.

Tommy pressed on. Already his cock was starting to stiffen. Part of it was because his aunt was a very appealing and attractive woman, but he also found the fact that she was angry something of a turn-on. He kissed her neck and licked her ear.

Karen felt thrills rushing through her and, trying to keep under control, leaned her head away. "Don't think you can get to me that easily," she said. "What...what you did last night wasn't very nice." She didn't move out of the circle of his arms. She couldn't. She wanted to feel him pressing against her, wanted his hands on her, doing things to her... She shook her head, trying to clear it.

Tommy cupped her breasts in his hands and pressed his stiffening cock against the softness of her ass. "You mean if I do this, it won't matter?" he asked. He kept kissing and nibbling her ear and neck under her soft black hair.

"T-T-Tommy...don't...um..." Karen stammered. She squirmed in his embrace, which put even more pressure on his cock. All that did was make the fleshy tube get harder. "I'm...I'm really...really...angry...with...you." Even though she uttered her protest, she did nothing to get out of his grasp. She didn't want to. Her anger was fading fast, and was being replaced by need, the overpowering need she felt every time he touched her!

When her nephew found and began to rub her nipples through her bra and blouse, Karen felt her body go soft. She could no longer deny that her body was filled with undeniable need.

Tommy felt his aunt sagging against him. Her hips began to move rhythmically against his cock and he knew he was accomplishing what he'd set out to. "Are you really still angry with me, Aunt Karen?" he whispered, caressing her ear with his tongue while he continued to gently massage her generous mammaries with his hands. "You don't want me to stop, do you?"

Karen put her hands on his, pressing them tighter against her breasts. "I...I should make you stop," she murmured. She couldn't resist him, no matter what he'd done to her last night. "What...what you did to me last night...it...it wasn't nice."

"You like this, don't you, Aunt Karen?" Tommy whispered. "You like it a lot."

"God! I can't resist you!" Karen groaned. "You make me crazy!"

Tommy stopped massaging her breasts long enough to undo the buttons on her blouse, then he slid his hands onto her bare belly. He heard her moaned with delight and felt a tremor go through her. He was turning her on!

Karen no longer knew anything save powerful need for the young man whose hands were moving over her body, setting her on fire! Every time he touched her it felt better than the time before!

Tommy cupped his aunt's breasts and began squeezing them gently, rubbing her nipples, which were protruding against the silky fabric of her bra. Her hands moved onto his again as she continued pressing against him, then he felt her do something between her breasts and the bra loosened.

"Touch my breasts!" Karen purred. "Please, my darling, touch my breasts!"

Tommy did just that, letting the rigid buds of her nipples press into his palms as he gently, rotated them against the swollen mounds.

Karen groaned and her legs began trembling. "I...I can't resist you," she murmured. "You touch me and I get all funny inside. I...I can't stay angry with you, not for a minute."

"I'm glad," Tommy whispered. He slid a hand down and undid the clasp at the waist of her skirt.

"We ought...to...to go...let's go...in the...the bed...room," Karen stammered, her body quaking visibly.

"Not yet," Tommy whispered and slid his hand under the loosened waistband of her skirt, into her panties, through the lush pubic forest between her legs. His fingers encountered wetness. She was as turned on as he was!

Karen's hips shot forward, pressing her pulsing middle against his hand. "Yes! Touch me! Oh, God, Tommy! Touch me!" she crooned, her hips gyrating as his fingers slid over her soaking pussy, exploring, titillating, exciting her. Her hand slid between them and gripped his cock through his pants. "Yes! Oh, yes!"

Tommy was having as much trouble standing as his aunt was. Their elevated level of passion robbed them of a lot of their strength. Holding her against him, he backed toward a kitchen chair. As they moved across the kitchen, his aunt's skirt slid down and she stepped out of it.

"We...we ought to go to the...the bedroom," Karen murmured. She shuddered and groaned when her nephew took her clit between his thumb and forefinger and began stroking it.

When they reached the kitchen table, Tommy undid his pants and pushed them down. He sat down on the chair, then he turned his aunt around and pulled her onto his lap. His rigid cock strained against the damp panel of her panties, seeking entry to her warm, tight opening.

"We shouldn't be doing this here, Tommy," Karen murmured. Her arms were around his neck and she was kissing him. "What...what if someone comes to the door?"

"Nobody's going to come," Tommy replied. He reached between them, pushing her panties aside, thrusting his cock into her. "Except you and me."

"Oh!" Karen groaned. Her hips began moving the minute his cock entered her. "God! You always make me feel so good!"

Their overheated bodies strained, making the chair rock and groan, as lust took over and powerful feelings surged through them. The young man clutched his aunt's bottom and she clung to his neck while his cock continued it's delicious invasion, lashing around inside her, driving her wild.

"Now! Now!" Karen shrieked after a few minutes of frantic movement, "Take me now! Tommy! Tommy! Now! Yes! Uhh! Uhh!" Her body went into violent spasms and her arms locked around him frantically.

"Yeah! Oh, yeah!" Tommy cried, exploding, hosing her insides with his torrid fluids.

Once their need was sated, they remained on the chair, their bodies still joined. The young man's cock softened and slid from the clutches of his aunt's channel and the remnants of their joining were dripping onto the floor under them.

"Do you have any idea how much I needed that?" Karen asked breathlessly.

"About as much as I did," Tommy replied, then kissed her gently.

Karen frowned at her nephew. "I'm still a little upset about last night," she said. "I suppose you were with that...the woman you work with."

"As a matter of fact," Tommy replied, "I wasn't. Tina's seeing someone."

"Oh?" Karen said. She looked pleased, then a look of dismay formed on her face. "Look at me," she said, "I'm acting...jealous. I have no right to be. My word! Look at us! You're my nephew!" She stood up and stepped back. "I-I have no right to be jealous of you. What...what we're...what we've been doing, it's...it's against the law...and against nature." She ran from the room.

Tommy hadn't expected his aunt to react this way. He followed her into her bedroom, picking up their clothing as he went. It wouldn't hurt to be little careful, just in case Kim came home early.

When he got to his aunt's bedroom, she was on the bed, sobbing. He walked over to the bed. "It's all right, Aunt Karen," he said, sitting down and rubbing her back.

"No...no...it...it isn't," she sobbed. "I'm sick. I-I...molested...you."

"You didn't make me do anything I didn't want to do," Tommy said. He didn't understand this. Why was this coming up now? "I love you, and you love me, and I don't see anything wrong with what we're doing."

"It's illegal!" his aunt groaned. "If...if anyone finds out..."

"You know I'm not going to tell anyone," Tommy said. "Nobody will ever find out."

Karen rolled on her back and looked at him. Her hand lifted and she began to stroke his face gently. "I know," she said. "Just now, when...when I realized I was jealous..." She took a deep breath. "I realized I-I was putting entirely too much on you."

Tommy looked puzzled. "I don't know what you mean," he said. "You aren't putting anything on me."

Karen shook her head. "Yes I am," she said, "I...I'm putting you in the place of a man in my life, and that isn't fair to you." She sniffled a little. "I-I have to face the fact that I've got to find someone my own age. It...it isn't right to expect you to...ah...take care of me."

"I don't mind," Tommy protested. "I love you. What we have together, it's fantastic!"

"I know it is," Karen said softly, "that's what makes this so hard. You're more man than I've ever known. But I can't keep doing this! We can't!"

Tommy was stunned. He did and didn't want his affair with his aunt to stop. She was a spectacular sexual partner. "Look," he said, "why don't we let things go the way they are for now."

"We...we can't," Karen said. "I-I don't want to stop, either, but..."

"Look, if either of us finds someone we want to settle down with," Tommy said, "then things will be different, but..."

Karen sighed. "I-I guess so," she said. "But it's so wrong."

Tommy laid atop her and kissed her. "How can anything that feels as good as what we have be wrong?" he asked her after the kiss ended.

Karen smiled at him and stroked his face softly with her hand. "You are something else!" she murmured. Stunned, she realized she was turned on again! Maybe what they were doing was wrong, but she couldn't help herself! He touched her and she was alive with need!

Tommy was about to reach for one of her breasts when the doorbell sounded.

"Now who is that?" Karen wondered, sounding a little miffed.

Tommy remembered. "That's Sergeant Murtagh," he said, climbing out of bed and slipping his clothes back on. "I forgot. He and I are going over to the dojo, remember?"

"I didn't realize you were going to do that," his aunt said. Disappointed, she got up and dressed, too.

"I was going to tell you, but I...ah...I got distracted," Tommy said. He headed for the door. "I thought I'd give running the dojo a try. Master Kwan seemed to think I was good enough to teach, and Sergeant Murtagh said he'd rather stay with someone who has the same philosophy sensei did."

Tommy opened the door and let the sergeant in. He was a big man, several inches taller than the young man's five-ten, and probably out-weighed the lad by thirty pounds. He was wearing a sweatshirt and jeans, and it was obvious there wasn't any fat on his body. His hair was cut short, and his face was very rugged. His big brown eyes sparkled, showing traces of a sense of humor.

"You ready to go, sensei?" he said.

"Sure," Tommy said. He felt his face redden at the officer's compliment, then he saw the sergeant's gaze go to something behind him. He looked over his shoulder and saw his aunt standing there.

"Ah...Sergeant Murtagh, this is my aunt, Karen." He looked at Karen. "Aunt Karen, this is, ah, Sergeant Murtagh."

"Bud," the policeman said. "Name's Bud. I only let miscreants call me Sergeant." It was obvious from the way his eyes lit up that he found Karen attractive.

Tommy looked at his aunt. She sported a silly grin and had a kind of shell-shocked look in her eyes. "Hey!" he thought, "Is it possible...?" Maybe the solution to their problem had arrived. On the other hand, maybe the sergeant was married. He'd have to check that out.

"I'm pleased to meet you, Bud," his aunt said, with a kind of dreamy tone in her voice. "Don't be too rough on Tommy."

Bud laughed. "I don't think I have to worry about that," he said. "The question is how hard he's going to be on me." He looked at Tommy. "You ready to go?"

"As ready as I'll ever be," Tommy said and followed the bigger man out the door.

"Are you married?" Tommy asked Bud as they drove toward the dojo.

"Divorced. Five years ago," the cop answered. "Wife said she couldn't handle being married to a cop. Didn't like the weird hours, especially didn't like the pay, even though she doesn't seem to mind taking a big chunk of it for alimony." He looked over at Tommy. "Your aunt's a damn good-looking woman."

"She's getting a divorce," Tommy said.

Bud gave him an odd look. "What are you, the family match-maker?" he asked.

"Ah...well..." Tommy replied. He felt his face get hot. "It's just...you know..."

They had a strenuous workout once they arrived at the dojo. Sergeant Murtagh was good, but not as good as Tommy. After they finished, they lay on the mat, their clothes soaked with sweat, breathing hard. During the workout, Tommy felt a bond forming between them. He liked the big police officer and was sure Bud felt the same way about him.

"You...you think your aunt might go out with me?" Bud panted.

"She might," Tommy said. "But only if you ask her."

The big man swatted at him. "I figured I'd have to do that," he said. "Unless you figured to set it up."

"You're old enough to do it yourself," Tommy said.

"Yeah, right," Bud said. He rolled on his belly and snapped off a few one-handed and two-handed pushups. "I haven't gone out much since my wife left me," he said as he did. "Christ, with what I gotta pay her in alimony, I got hardly enough money to make the rent, you know, never mind taking out women."

An idea was forming in Tommy's mind. "You know," he said, "I won't be able to handle all the students Master Kwan had. Especially when school starts. You want to work here at the dojo?"

Bud lowered himself to the mat and lay on his side looking at Tommy. "Work for you?" he asked. "You mean you own this place now? I thought, maybe, you were going to work for Kwan's family or something."

Tommy nodded. "Master Kwan didn't have any family," he said. "He left me everything he had."

Bud looked amazed and said, "You gotta be shittin'!" He laughed. "Well, sensei, if you figure having a burned out cop working for you is a good deal, I'm willing to give it a shot."

"Terrific!" Tommy said. "You handle the police department contracts and the older men. I'll handle the younger students and female students. We can work together on the advanced classes." He jumped to his feet. "Come on, let's get a shower. I have to get home and get to work."

Ten minutes later they were back in Murtagh's car, headed back to Karen's house.

"You really think your aunt will go out with me?" Bud asked. The big man sounded surprisingly hesitant.

"If I'm right about the look in her eyes, I'm sure of it," Tommy told him. "I think she liked your looks."

"No shit?" Bud said. He seemed surprised by Tommy's reply. He even blushed a little.

"Come on in," Tommy said when they got to his aunt's house.

"You sure about this?" Bud asked as they walked up the sidewalk.

"For a big guy, you sure act nervous," Tommy said.

"Hey, this isn't something I do a lot, you know?" Bud said.

Karen was watching TV when they came in. She smiled at Bud. "How was your workout?" she asked. She wasn't looking at Tommy. In fact, the young man wasn't sure she even knew he was in the room. He liked what was happening, even though it might well mean he'd never get to make love with his aunt again.

"Ah...it was fine, ma'am," Bud replied, turning a nice shade of pink.

"Can I offer you a beer?" Karen asked.

"I don't drink," Bud said. "Had a problem with booze a while back. Been in AA for eight years. I'll take a soda if you got one."

"I certainly do," Karen replied. Smiling, she got off the sofa and headed for the kitchen. Bud and Tommy watched her go. The young man looked at Bud and nodded in the direction of the kitchen. The big man shrugged, grinned sheepishly, then followed Karen.

Tommy, smiling, walked down the hallway to his room and began changing his clothes. When he finished, he went out and found his aunt and Bud sitting at the kitchen table, drinking sodas and talking.

"I'm off to work," Tommy said.

"Call if you'll be late tonight," his aunt said, never taking her eyes off Bud.

"I will, Aunt Karen," Tommy said, then he turned and headed out the door. It would be nice if his aunt and Bud did hit it off. And it wouldn't affect his sex life that much. After all, he still had Kim and Donna. He was going to have to try his hand with other girls one of these days. There had to be lots of girls who'd go out with him, he thought as he walked down the street.

After Tommy left, things seemed strained. Karen and Bud sat there, drinking their sodas.

"I-I've never known a police officer," Karen said, feeling her face get hot. Bud was rugged-looking and kind of handsome and she felt drawn to him. She had from the minute she first laid eyes on him.

"Yeah, well, not many people do," Bud replied. She really was attractive. "Sensei...ah...Tom, he says you're getting a divorce."

"Yes," Karen said, elated. "I-I had a bad marriage. Are you married?"

"Like most cops, I'm divorced," Bud replied. "I-I guess cops don't make good husbands."

"Maybe it's just because you didn't marry the right woman," Karen ventured.

Bud shrugged. "I don't know. I mean, bein' a cop means a lot of late nights and all," he said, "even in a small town like North Hampden."

"I don't know," Karen said, "Seems to me if a woman loved you, she'd stick by you, no matter what you do."

Bud smiled at her. "I sure wish my wife had felt the way you do," he said.

Karen felt warm inside. Bud seemed very nice. Maybe...

"Ah...I'm...I'm not very good about stuff like this," he stammered, "ah...do...do you think...ah...maybe you and I, you know, we could have, you know, dinner some time?"

Karen was thrilled by the man's hesitant invitation. "I'd love that, Bud," she replied, pleased at the broad smile her reply brought to his face. Things might be getting better, she realized. There were men her age who found her attractive.

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