tagNovels and NovellasSummer Vacation Ch. 35

Summer Vacation Ch. 35

byD.C. Roi©

"I...I can't believe how wonderful making love with you is," Tina whispered breathlessly as she lay in Tommy's arms. "I-I've never, ever felt like that."

"Me, either," the young man admitted. It was true. As many times as he'd made love, and as good as it had been all of those times, none of his previous experiences came close to the wonder he had just experienced making love with Tina. Having her in his arms was a dream he never thought would come true. For once, reality exceeded fantasy by a wide margin.

He bent and kissed her. When their lips met, passion once more stirred inside him. Tina's body moved under him, signaling that she, too, was responding in like fashion. When the kiss ended, he got to his feet and reached out his hand to her. She took it, he pulled her to her feet, then led her to her bedroom. This time it wasn't going to be a wild session on the sofa. He wanted her in a bed where they could really make love.

Tina, flushed a little and still breathing hard, didn't resist or say anything, just looked at him with those lovely wide brown eyes and walked beside him into her bedroom.

Once they were in the bedroom, Tommy grabbed the hem of her nightshirt and pulled it up. Tina raised her arms so he could pull it over her head, then stood naked before him. He gazed at her ardently. She was more beautiful than he dreamed she'd be! He couldn't stop staring at her.

"I...when you look at me like that, I feel funny," Tina said softly, then she stepped back to the bed and laid down on it. She held out her hands. "Come here."

Tommy shed what was left of his clothes and joined her on the bed. His hands began exploring her warm, smooth flesh, while his lips again sought hers. When their mouths connected, she groaned softly and pressed her nakedness against his. When the kiss ended, Tommy's lips and tongue joined his hands in exploring Tina's exciting form.

While his hands and lips moved over her, Tina groaned, twisting and turning on the bed, her hands alternately touching him and tearing at the covers. "Oh, God! Tommy! Tommy! Love me! Love me!" she cried.

Tommy was exultant. He was finally making love to the one woman he really wanted! Tina was his, was begging him to make love to her! His penis swelled and grew hard once again. His body quaked with delicious sensations, which grew more and more powerful as he continued his explorations. He tried to be as gentle as he'd ever been, touching her with feather-light touches, stroking every inch of her exposed skin. Her belly was softly rounded, but not in the least flabby. Tiny stretch-marks showed, but that only made her more desirable to the aroused young man. His hand slid down her firm, rounded legs, then back up again, to the center of her, to her wet, hot, sucking opening. He traced the outline of her vagina with his fingers, her hips rose off the bed, and she groaned.

"Gahh!" Tina moaned. Her back arched and strained when Tommy began sliding his fingers in and out of her. When he began caressing her clit she screamed with delight. "Yes! Tommy! Tommy! I need you! Please! Take me! Please take me!" she groaned.

Tommy rolled on top of her again and this time his erection slid into her as if drawn by an invisible magnet. Her legs locked behind his and her pelvis ground up against his. Ripples of delight went up his backbone as the walls of her vagina massaged his swollen member. He began moving, fighting to keep his movements slow and deliberate, knowing he wouldn't be able to hold back, not yet, not as excited as being in her made him! His juices were boiling inside him, ready to explode, then... "Tina! Oh, God! Tina! I love you! I love you!" he cried, erupting into her powerfully.

"T-T-Tommy! Yes! Oh, yes! Yes!" the woman writhing under him cried, her body going wild as his hot cream splashed into her. "Take me! Now! Now! Tommy! I love you, too! Oh! Ohh! Ohhh!"

When, at last, their intense need was fulfilled, neither of them had the energy to speak, so all they did for a long time was snuggle in each other's arms.

"What are we going to do?" Tina asked at last, looking deeply into Tommy's eyes. "I'm...I'm in love with you. I know that now. Maybe I knew it all along, but..."

"But you thought I was too young, right?" Tommy said. He kissed her softly.

She smiled and nodded. "I'm not sure if that's it," she said softly. "I've...I've been drawn to you for a long time, but I thought...I..."

"My Mom's six years older than my father," Tommy said. "He started asking her out when he was eighteen, same age I am now."

Tina stroked his face softly. "How long did it take him to convince her to go out with him?" she asked.

"They dated a couple of times, but it took eight years before she finally realized she wanted to be with him," Tommy said. "It wasn't until he came back from college that she finally gave in and they wound up getting married. Now Mom says she was stupid to wait that long."

Tina gave him a warm smile and continued tickling his face. "You don't act eighteen," she said. "You seem... older."

Tommy shrugged. "I'm not so sure about that," he admitted. "When you...when you were going out with Greg, there were a lot of nights I acted like a pissed-off thirteen year-old. You can't imagine the things I thought about doing to him because I hated him so much."

"I never saw it," Tina said. She kissed him softly on the lips. "But I guess I was pretty blind. I mean, I had these strong feelings for you and I didn't know that, either. I wish you'd said something sooner, maybe..."

"Maybe," Tommy said. "I didn't really know what you'd do if I told you how I really felt about you. I mean, I liked being your friend and all, but..." He couldn't stand not touching her. He caressed one of her breasts softly.

Tina shuddered. "When you touch me, it makes me feel all funny inside," she said softly. "Nobody's ever made me feel like that before. Not ever."

"It's...I've...ah...making love with you, it's...it's really wild," Tommy said. "You're so beautiful and all..."

Tina blushed. "Hearing you say that makes me feel funny," she said. "I'm not used to the way you talk to me."

Tommy kissed her. "You better get used to it," he told her. "Because you're going to be hearing a lot of that kind of talk from now on."

"But what about your family?" Tina asked. "And school. You have another year of high school and..."

Tommy silenced her with a long, fervid kiss. "We have plenty of time to decide how things are going to be," he whispered when the kiss ended. His lips began moving down her wonderfully shaped neck, onto her chest. "Maybe the rest of our lives." Up the slope of a swollen breast his lips moved, toward a swelling nipple.

Tina sighed with delight and her hands tangled in his hair, pressing his face down against her flesh. "God!" she groaned. "You make me feel so good!"

With his intense need somewhat mollified, Tommy had control, the kind of control he needed to make love to her the way he wanted to, the way he'd dreamed of--thoroughly, slowly, savoring the taste and feel of her. He sucked the distended nub of flesh between his lips and lashed it with his tongue while she squirmed and squealed with delight. He continued that delightful activity for a while, then kissed down into the valley between her breasts and up the slope of the other one, to that nipple. More delightful suckling, more groans of joy from his beautiful partner.

"Tommy! Oh, God! You're incredible!" Tina groaned. "Why did I wait so long? Oh!" Her body writhed on the bed.

Tommy abandoned her breasts, wishing he had more than one mouth so he could taste all of her at once, and began kissing his way down her belly. Her hands grabbed at him, moved over his body while his did the same to her.

Tina's hands moved over him. "I want to do you!" she murmured. "This time I want to do you! Please!" She wriggled out from under his caresses and pushed him onto his back.

Tommy had no intention of resisting, so he laid back and let her have her way with him.

Immediately, her hands and lips began working on him, driving him wild. She let her fingers trail down his chest, sending shudder after shudder of delight through him. Her lips tortured his nipples the way he'd done hers, and he moaned aloud with ecstasy. No love-making he'd ever experienced felt this wonderful! Every place she touched him felt like electricity was shooting into him! Her touch turned him body into one big over-stimulated nerve ending!

"My goodness!" he heard her murmur, "Look at this!"

"Uhh!" he groaned. His hips rose off the bed when her small hands encircled his erection and began pumping it, the action made easier by the slick residue of their earlier joinings. Kim was good, but even she hadn't made him feel this wild! "Tina! Oh, God!" he gushed. "Jesus!"

"You like that, do you?" Tina murmured. Her hands kept moving as she asked the question. "If you like that, you're gonna love this, then!"

"Ahh!" Tommy groaned when intense delight swept through him. His back arched even harder when he felt her mouth encircle the tip of his swollen penis. He couldn't believe it! He couldn't stand it! It felt so good! Up and down on the swollen shaft her mouth moved, engulfing him, then releasing him, while her hands continued their stroking and teasing as well. Tidal waves of passion washeed over him, each one more delightful than the next. Her hands cupped and squeezed his balls, then she was kissing them, sucking each globe into her mouth and rolling it, while her hands continued making him harder than he'd believed possible. If she kept that up much longer, he was going to come! He couldn't hold back much longer!

"Oh, God! Tina! Tina!" he cried, "Feels too good! I-I can't stand it! Oh, God! Oh, God! Oh, God!" His hips were pumping rhythmically, keeping time with the movements of her hands and mouth. He squeezed his eyes closed and pulled at the covers.

Then her mouth left his erection and, before he realized what she was doing, it was engulfed in still more warmth and wetness, this time in a tighter, even more pleasurable grip. He felt her knees pressing against his sides, and her bottom began rubbing his thighs.

Tommy opened his eyes to see his woman - and he knew now she was his woman - above him, her breasts jiggling delightfully, as she rode him. Her face was flushed, a mask of passion, and her red-gold hair flailed wildly as she thrashed atop him.

Tommy grabbed her hips and hung on, driving up off the bed into her. She leaned forward and grabbed his shoulders for support, the movement brought her nipples close to his face. He took advantage of that and began sucking first one, then the other.

"Tommy! My God! My God!" Tina wailed. "I'm doing it again! Again! Take me! Oh, Tommy! Take me! Now! Now! Now!"

"Yeah! Oh, yeah!" Tommy cried when his orgasm exploded, thrills suffusing his body, from the roots of his hair to the tips of his toes.

Eventually their frenzied motions calmed, then stopped. Tina collapsed on him and Tommy held her. If he had his way, they would be doing this as long as both of them lived!

"Do...do you want to...to take a break and...and maybe get something to eat?" Tommy asked Tina when he'd calmed down enough to talk.

She kissed him, smiled, and said, "That would be nice."

"We can take Bobby along, and go four-wheeling together, after we eat," Tommy said.

"All right," Tina said.

"And...and maybe I...maybe I can stay over tonight?" the young man ventured.

"Won't your aunt be upset if you do?" Tina asked.

Tommy kissed her then smiled. "I don't think so," he said.

"I'd love it if you stayed over," Tina replied.

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