tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSummer's Blackmail Ch. 02

Summer's Blackmail Ch. 02


Summer Wayne is a 40-year old wife, mother and high school English teacher. Summer was recently been introduced to group sex by her husband and she has begun to feel desires and needs that she had never experienced before. Summer had even written an ad and placed it on a Wives Who Need Sex site, just to see what that world was all about. She had had some responses, but last night she had had a response from someone, writing as Master T, who had insulted her. She had written back to him and told him as much in an email in which she told him he was insulting, had forwarded an alluring picture that hid her face, but showed off her other features just to let the prick know what he would be missing.

It was Friday morning, the end of the school week and Summer was looking forward to a weekend alone as her husband was still in Asia and her two college age children were at school. Today, she was assigning her students in her four classes an essay project on a favorite writer of hers on a book that had been required reading for the first semester of the year. Summer's students were not going to be happy as they would be writing a minimum1,000 word essay, which was going to count 20% of their grades for the year. The essay would be due in one week and there would be no extensions or an agreement to accept a late submission. Summer always did this for each class, surprise them in the first semester and make it count 20%. The assignment would take her about 7 days to grade and she felt like it was time for her students to understand that English was important and sometimes it was hard work. But in the end, Summer found that giving her students a hard assignment early in the year helped with the expectations she had for the end of the year progress.

As Summer stepped into the shower, she was remembering her bath experience from the night before and her hands began to gently massage her breasts specifically concentrating on her nipples. Summer began to slowly twist and squeeze her half dollar sized nipples as she felt stirrings in her pussy. As she felt the hot water running over her body, a hand slowly made its way over her fluffy mound of pubic hair as it reached her now erect clit. Her middle finger found the most sensitive portion of the clit and began to circle the nub until she could feel herself edging closer to the orgasm that she now craved each morning to get her day off to a great start. As Summer's hands worked her nipples and clit, she started remembering the hands of the two men her husband James had arranged to meet them on their weekend get away and how they had stroked her legs under her skirt in the bar. She began pulling her nipples harder and rubbing her clit faster as she felt herself ready to explode. Summer screamed in ecstasy as her body quivered under the strain of the orgasm and to prevent herself from collapsing in the shower, Summer had to grab the towel rack until the last remnants of her orgasm subsided.

As Summer lightly padded her body dry, she caught the water shimmering from her pussy mound (she had a nice fluffy mound) and thought back to all the times her husband wanted her to shave it. Summer had resisted as she felt like it was too private and the hair was there for a purpose. She believed only sluts and low life's would shave their pussy mounds. She thought it looked very feminine and always politely refused James' request for her to shave her hair away. As Summer sat down to do her make up, her cell phone rang. It was Lisa her best friend calling to remind Summer that she was supposed to meet her for drinks later that evening around 6:00 PM at their favorite margarita bar. Damn, Summer thought to herself as she would not have time to come back home to change clothes today before going out with Lisa because she had an afternoon department meeting and could not miss it.

After finishing her make-up, Summer walked into her closet to select her clothes for the day. She first selected a pink bra and panty set. The bra was quite sheer, but it did provide some coverage for her nipples, but it was flimsy and if she got cold, her nipples tended to stick out a bit. Summer had found that stiff nipples helped get a drink or two bought for her and Lisa sometimes when they were out together. Next Summer selected a light beige blouse, a matching beige skirt that fell just above her knees that buttoned up the front, then wide lace topped nude thigh hi's and her two inch school heels. After dressing, Summer gave herself one more look see, straightened the buttons on her skirt, picked up her school bags and headed off to school in her convertible BMW.

Summer's day was fairly busy and the moans as well as the groans from her senior English students were prevalent all day. The biggest complaints came from the football and basketball players. The high school was located in a hotbed of athletes and her English course had been a stumbling block for several players in the past. One particular player had failed her class and he had lost his football scholarship to the state university and had been relegated to a smaller school for two years. He had promised to pay her back one day. One of her most troubling students was Todd Spillers. He had great potential, but did not apply his abilities to her course. Todd had always been sort of an enigma to Summer because she felt that he was not reachable for some reason. During her final teaching class period, Summer needed to run to the front office for some supplies and said, "Mr. Spillers, would you please be responsible for the class's deportment for the next 10 minutes?" To which Todd replied, "I will be happy to Ms. Wayne."

As the end of the period arrived, Summer was not back from the office. The class filed out of Ms. Wayne's class room, but Todd remained behind. He had noticed that Ms. Wayne had left her cell phone on her desk and he had a quick thought. When the last of the students had left the class room, Todd took his iphone out of his back pack, took his UBS flash drive and was able to down load all of Ms. Wayne's contacts from her phone's address book. He had just returned the phone to Summer's desk when she walked back into the room. Todd thought to himself that she was stunning and he could not wait to make her his. But, he had to be patient and make sure that he had enough to hold over her head to ensure her compliance with his demands as well as his desires.

At lunch time, Summer's day was basically over. For this semester, her class rotation was four classes in the morning, two hours of planning time and one 45 minute study hall session. As she was preparing to eat her sandwich for lunch, her phone buzzed indicating that she had received a text message. She did not recognize the number and there was no name in the "from" portion of the message. Summer clicked on the message and was stunned to read, "Slut, I cannot believe that you think that you can dump me so quickly without giving me the opportunity to determine whether or not you are worthy of me. But, I do appreciate the wonderful picture that you sent to me of you on the bathroom counter fucking yourself with that large, black vibrator. I bet your husband really enjoyed that show. Tell me slut, does your pussy quiver when you think of that picture?" The text was signed, Master T.

Summer, her hands shaking uncontrollably, could not believe what she was reading. How could anyone have this number? Her phone was never out of her pocket book at school, she almost never gave the number out and the only people who did have it were very good friends of hers. But the reference to the picture on the bathroom counter, made her pause for a moment. She had not sent that picture to anyone. Summer wondered if this was a joke that her husband was playing on her as he was the only person that knew of the picture taken from that weekend in the city. Summer sent a text back to the sender, "I do not know anyone with Master T as a name. And, I for sure have not sent anyone a picture of me like the one you have described. So, James, call me and stop playing with me from overseas". Summer signed it, Teach 101.

Todd smiled as he read his teacher's response. She had no way of knowing that he had been Master T and that he was in possession of the picture that clearly depicted her feeling the final effects of a mind blowing orgasm on that bathroom counter. Todd wrote back to her, "Ms. Wayne, I do indeed have a picture of you and I am attaching it to this message so that you will see the predicament in which you are in now." Signed, Master T.

Summer jumped when the phone buzzed again. It had to be after midnight in Asia and James should be asleep by now. Her face went completely pale and sweat started forming around her lips and on her fore head as she read the message and then clicked on the attachment. "Oh my god!" was all Summer could utter as she could plainly see her face, the black vibrator deep into her mound of pussy hair and her nipple being pulled and twisted by her free hand. She could see that the picture was right as she was cumming and she cursed James for ever taking that picture.

When she composed herself, Summer wrote back to the sender, "I do not know who you are and how you were able to get such a picture of me. I do not appreciate you sending it out over the wireless lines as it may fall into the hands of someone who knows me. How can I get that picture back from you?" Teach 101

Summer Wayne sat at her desk looking for an immediate reply to the most recent text to her unknown sender. But, she did not receive a message for almost thirty minutes. While she waited, Summer could not help but wonder who in the world had that picture, how did they get it and what was it going to cost her to get it back. Her palms were sweating, her heart was beating a hundred times a minute and her breasts were rising and falling to the rhythm of her excited breathing. Then her phone buzzed, "Slut, you indeed did send the picture to me last night. I found it very interesting that you would send such a picture to someone that you were telling to fuck off. Now, what do I do with you slut? I think you are going to have to work really hard to keep me from sending the picture to the webmaster at your school to be posted on-line for all of the children and parents to see. That would fix you slut! You should have thought wisely before sending out such a provocative picture not knowing who you were really writing to. Now slut, it is my good fortune to have it and to be able to make you pay me for its return." Master T

Summer quickly texted back to the sender, "You cannot expect me to pay you money for a picture. I am not a rich woman and neither is my husband. We are just an average couple struggling to meet our financial obligations. Also, you cannot possibly think that it is reasonable to send the picture to be posted on a school website. I would be ruined and would risk losing everything my husband and I have worked so hard to attain. Can we work out a reasonable compensation for the return of the picture?" Summer signed it Teach 101.

Todd could not believe how well this was working. In the matter of only thirty minutes or so, Ms. Wayne was already offering some sort of payment for the return of the picture. He thought to himself, that she must think that I am a moron or something. How could she believe that anyone would return the only copy of such an erotic picture? Well, lets see how badly she wants it back. Todd then wrote, "Slut, I am a considerate man and think that a fair compensation could be reached. But, it appears to me from the tone of your text messages as well as with the tone in your final message last night that you believe that you have the upper hand in these negotiations. It could not be further from the truth. So let's get this straight, from this point forward, your messages to me will start with Dear Master T and end with Your Slut Summer." Todd sent reply and waited for his slut's response.

Summer's face went pale again. She was now faced with someone who was not going to be easy to deal with, who did have the upper hand and was now telling her how to address him as well as changing her response to Your Slut Summer. She thought to herself and decided a more strongly worded text was appropriate, "Please stop with this unreasonable demand for payment to get a picture, my picture returned to me." Teach 101.

Now Todd thought to himself, I have her now. He sent back a quick and direct response, "Slut your non-compliance with my first demand will cost you dearly. Below you will find your husband's phone number. As I understand, he is traveling in Asia and a new text message to him detailing your profile on the Wives Who Need Sex website along with your picture, may get him to come home sooner to you." Master T

Oh my god Summer said out loud. She looked up to make sure that her classroom door was closed because she felt sure that if anyone walking by her room would have heard her outburst. Fortunately, her door was closed and the decorations on the door prevented anyone from seeing into her classroom. Summer realized that she indeed did not have the upper hand and that she would need to do anything she could to keep that picture from reaching her husband as well as the school's webmaster.

Summer texted back, "Master T, I am sorry for not responding properly to you. I am just not thinking clearly so please give me another chance to find a way to compensate you for the return of my picture." Summer ended the text as was required, Your Slut Summer and hit send.

Todd had her now and he knew that he had to work quickly before Summer's free time ended and study hall began. So, he wrote back to Summer, "Slut, I will give you one more chance, but if you screw up, you can just kiss your career and marriage goodbye. Because, I will not only forward the picture to your husband, but I will also send it to your two sons. Do you agree to do what I ask for the return of your picture?" Master T.

Todd did not have to wait long as Summer responded immediately, "Dear Master T, I am willing to do as you ask for the return of that picture." Your Slut Summer. To which Todd wrote back,"Slut, take off your blouse and skirt, sit on your desk and take a picture of you in this position so that I can be sure you will do what I demand of you for the return of that picture." Master T.

Summer was shocked to receive the new message from her tormentor. How could she take such a picture? She looked at her phone and read the parameters for use of the delay device in taking pictures. She quickly locked her door, unbuttoned her blouse & skirt, and removed them both, set the phone on her teaching stool and tried to hide her face as the picture was flashed. She looked at the picture and she was pleased that her face was not recognizable and she sent it along with another message, "Dear Master T, please find the picture as you requested. Does this prove that I will meet your demand for the return of the picture?" Your Slut Summer.

When Todd received the text, he was both turned on and pissed off. He wanted the picture to show the slut's face as well as her breasts and panties. He fired off another message, "Slut, you have disappointed me for the last time. I did not tell you to hide your face. For this transgression you are to remove you bra and retake the picture making sure your face is very visible." Master T.

Summer was stunned by the latest demand. She had hurriedly dressed and unlocked her classroom door. Now she was being forced to undress again, take off her bra this time and then take another picture. Summer felt like she had no other choice because whoever this was, he could send the damning picture to her husband and children. She realized she had no choice as she rose from her desk, re-locked the door, took off her blouse & skirt, reached behind and unhooked her bra. Her full breasts felt the cool classroom air and her nipples immediately began to harden and she felt a little moisture forming in the crotch of her pink panties. Summer was surprised at her bodies' reaction to the forced stripping and the taking of an alluring picture in her classroom.. Summer placed the camera phone back on the stool, got back up on her desk and counted down from five as the camera then flashed and she had made sure her face was clearly visible. She quickly redressed and sent the picture along with a short text message to Master T.

Todd almost yelled which would have given away his hiding place in the boy's locker room. He had taken several cheerleaders down to his own private fuck room. Summer's message included the picture along with her response, "Dear Master T, I hope the attached picture indicates to you that I am willing to meet whatever demand you have for me for the return of the picture. As I am a school teacher, I have very little time to meet any demand you have due to my classroom responsibilities this afternoon so I have gotten re-dressed. Can we arrange another time to complete negotiations on my payment to you?" Your Slut Summer.

Todd wrote back to Summer, "Slut your picture and your attitude do make me feel better. However, I am disappointed that you put your clothes back without my permission. I know where you work and I am very familiar with the faculty parking lot. So, for your most recent transgression, immediately after school, you are to go out to your car, take your panties off, place them on the seat beside you and wait for the first person to come up to your car. I will be there watching and you will talk to whomever comes up to you and you will not remove your panties from the car seat. Failure to complete this task will lead to your downfall." Master T.

Summer almost fainted at the new text message. This is going to far and it has to stop. She immediately sent a reply back to, "Dear Master T, please do not make me do that." Your Slut Summer. But, Summer did not get a response back and she became concerned that she may have caused her tormentor to send the picture and text messages to her husband. She could not focus the rest of the day as she struggled with the emotions boiling up inside her. Something about being made to take those pictures had caused her pussy to become slightly wet. She could not believe that this type of degradation was turning her on slightly. During her study hall period, she mindless wandered her room making changes to the bulletin board, writing the next day's assignment on the chalk board and was not paying attention to her skirt as it rode up her legs. The boys in her room could not take their eyes off of the back of Ms. Wayne's legs. It was very easy for them to see the tops of her hose and each shifted in his desk trying to hide the obvious signs of a youthful hard on. The department meeting ran on and on. She was not paying attention at all as she was focused on how to get to her car and take her panties off while seated in the faculty parking lot. The school principal, Mr. Harding was running the meeting and noticed the far away look on Ms. Wayne's face. He edged around the room and was pleasantly surprised to see her skirt having gaped open a bit so that he was able to see just a glimpse of lace at the top of what looked like thigh hi's. Man, this English teacher is very sexy....will have to keep my eyes on her Harding quietly said to himself.

After the department meeting had adjourned, Summer went back to her room to pack up her things. She sat down at her desk and re-read the last text message from her tormentor. As the final bell rang, Summer jumped out of her desk chair, reached up, rolled her panties down over her ass, removed them from around her ankles and placed them in her purse. She hurried out to her car, placed the pink panties on the seat beside her and pretended to be reading papers while all the time she looked around to see if she could spot her tormentor. Her phone buzzed again with a new message, "Slut, I told you to take your panties off in the car. Now you will pay!"

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