tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSummer's Blackmail Ch. 06

Summer's Blackmail Ch. 06


Summer Wayne, a high school English teacher, has submitted to the demands and desires of one of her students. Summer has complied with Master T's demand and submitted to having various areas of her body pierced to reflect his ownership. She is not aware of Master T's plans for the rest of Saturday afternoon, but she will soon find out...

As Summer exited the Paradise Parlor, the bright sunshine of the middle of the day some what startled her. She casually looked down at her watch and she could not believe that it was only 3:00 PM. Summer could not believe that the piercing and fuck session with Marcos. Her body felt used all over, her nipples were sore and the new piercings in her pussy lips were on either side of the thin material of her red thong.

As Todd opened the door for his newly pierced slut, he could not help but gaze wantonly at her. She had accepted the piercings with the proper submissiveness, even though Marcus did use his special lotions and that incredible egg device on Summer. The piercings were in the appropriate places; especially the nipple studs. He was amazed at how the studs were going to make Summer's nipples stand at attention all the time now. He watched as Summer slid into the passenger seat and because the bottom three buttons on the skirt were undone, he had a clear view of the red thong panties and how the lips of her cunt were clearly visible as were her new piercings.

As he closed her door, Todd said to Summer, "Slut, unbutton that sweater and lets get some sun on those breasts. I can see the outline of your bikini tops, but I prefer that there be only a thong tan line on your ass from now on."

All Summer could say was, "Yes Master T."

As Todd pulled the convertible out of the Paradise Salon parking lot, he looked over at Summer to admire Marcos' handiwork. Sure enough, Summer's nipples were standing at complete attention with the gold studs prominently displayed on her 36 C breasts. Todd asked Summer, "So, do the piercings in your nipples hurt?"

Before Summer replied, she wanted to make sure that she did not upset Master T. She thought for a moment and then said, "Master T, the piercings in my cunt lips and ear do not hurt. The piercings in my nipples do hurt some."

"Well, Slut that is to be expected. I will be careful with your nipples the rest of the day," Todd quickly replied.

As Todd steered Summer's convertible down the highway in silence, Summer was perfectly happy to sit and relax. She was hopeful that the rest of Saturday afternoon would not be too painful for her.

Summer was jolted from her personal thoughts by Todd pulling into a strip shopping center. She noticed that there were many clothing stores, lingerie stores and as he put the car in neutral, she noticed that there were several shoe stores.

Todd had pulled into a space in front of Dan's Exotic Shoes. As Todd turned the ignition off he turned and said to Summer, "Slut, this is a family friend's shoe store. You do not have proper slut shoes to wear and you will be buying several pairs here today."

All Summer could say was, "Yes Master T."

As she and Todd entered the store, she was fascinated by the many rows of shoes and the many different styles. Summer even saw shoes that she herself would buy to accentuate her professional wardrobe.

About then a young man walked up and said, "Hello Todd. It has been a long time. Is this the slut you were telling me about?"

Todd quickly replied, "Dan, this is Summer, my slut."

"Slut, please tell Dan hello as he is the son of the owner and a recent graduate of college," said Todd.

Without direction, Summer walked up to Dan, put her arms around his neck and kissed him as passionately as she had done to Marcus hoping that this would please Todd.

As Summer broke the kiss, she heard Dan remark, "Damn Todd, you sure know how to pick them. How in the world did you get this one?"

"It is a rather long story and we are sort of pressed for time as we have more shopping to do. So, could we go to your slut shoe department now," Todd asked?

"Sure Todd, right this way," Dan said as he headed down a long corridor of shoes.

As they reached the end of the row of shoes, Dan turned left and headed toward the back of the store to a dimly lit section. As they neared the section, Summer noticed that the all of the shoes in the section were patent leather and had heels that appeared to be either four or six inches in height.

Once they reached the section, Dan said to Todd, "So what type of shoe do you want to see Summer wear?"

Todd looked at Dan and then told him, "Look at her. She is a perfect slut only she does not have the right type of shoes. I want her to purchase a pair of black shoes and red shoes with six inch heels and they are to have straps around the ankle. Then she is to purchase one pair of black and one pair of white shoes with four inch heels with no straps similar to the red ones she has on now."

Dan looked at Todd and said, "Wow, that is a very big order! Hopefully, I have that many pairs in her size. Do you know what size?"

Todd said, "I do not know. Why don't you measure her so that you can get the exact size?"

Summer was directed to sit on the only chair in the area. Dan slid the shoe store stool in front of Summer and proceeded to take off both of her red four inch heels. As he was doing this, Dan could not help but notice the red panties that Summer had on under her blue jean skirt. Seeing was made easier because she had the bottom three buttons undone as Todd had required.

Dan placed the standard foot measuring instrument on the floor, picked up Summer's right foot and with little effort; he was able to spread her legs so that he could get a straight view of her panties. When Summer did not resist, Dan pulled Summer's foot towards the reclined end of the shoe stool, planted it firmly on the incline and then went about touching & feeling her foot. All the while, Dan's eyes never left Summer's panty covered pussy.

Dan heard a muffled cough from Todd and then placed Summer's right foot onto the sizing device. He made sure to place the heel firmly in the back of the device and then pressed down on her nylon covered toes.

Dan said to Todd, "Her right foot is a perfect size six & a half. But, to be sure the shoes fit properly; I will need to measure her left foot to make sure."

Without any argument from Todd or Summer, Dan went about measuring Summer's left foot in the same manner as he did for the right foot. He also took great joy in making her spread her legs so that he could once again see her red panty covered pussy.

After measuring her left foot, Dan announced, "Todd, she is a perfect six and a half for both feet. Give me a few minutes and I will bring back as many of the choices you have outlined as is possible."

While they waited, Todd noticed that Summer had attracted some attention from a couple of the male customers in the store. He decided to have a little fun with them at Summer's expense.

Todd said to Summer, "Slut, I want you to go to the men's section and start looking at shoes. Pretend that you are buying some for you husband."

Todd continued, "While doing that, make sure that the men in the section have a perfect view of your ass and the tops of your hose."

Summer looked pleadingly at Todd, but could only say, "Yes Master T".

Summer slipped her four inch red heels back on and walked through the store until she reached the men's shoe section Unfortunately for Summer, this section was near the front of the store and there were more than just a few men casually looking at shoes.

Summer steeled her nerves and began by looking at the more casual shoes located on the display counters near to the four or five chairs used by men to try on shoes. She noticed that there were a couple of men already sitting in chairs and she could feel their eyes on her. She moved around the display counter and bent over a little to afford the men seated behind her a fairly good view of her ass. She could feel the back of her skirt rising up and she knew that they could see the tops of her hose as well as the fasteners to her garter belt.

Summer moved around the display and then headed down a row of patent leather shoes. She was amazed that all of the shoes were generally of the same color and style, which is much different than a rack of women's shoes. Summer reached up to the top row of shoes and knew that her skirt was now raised above the hose. She was not sure that the men could see until she accidently dropped her selection and as she bent over at the waist to retrieve it, she was able to see several men looking at her without attempting to appear to be accidently looking at her.

As Summer continued to look at shoes, she was startled by one of the men suddenly standing next to her. He asked, "Are you looking for anyone special, or are you just here being a slut and out to tease men?"

Summer, trying to calm her nerves, replied, "No, I am looking for shoes for my husband."

To which the stranger replied, "Your husband lets you go out of the house dressed like a slut?"

Summer looked directly into the man's eyes and said, "I do not appreciate you speaking to me in this manner."

As Summer turned to walk away, she saw Todd standing several feet away just shaking his head. Summer knew that this meant that she could not walk away nor could she be rude to the man.

As Summer turned back to the man, she smiled and said apologetically, "I am sorry, I do not know what came over me. I do like to dress little sexy when I go out shopping, but I am not a tease."

"So, the man replied, What are you doing here?"

As the man said this to Summer, he moved closer to her and placed his hand on her shoulder. As he did this, Summer could feel him begin to squeeze her shoulder and she felt him forcing her to turn her back to him. As she turned, she came face to face with Todd who said, "This is my friend Bill. He knows that you are my slut and he wanted to meet you."

As Todd finished the introduction, she felt Bill's hand sliding down her shoulder, down her arm until it rested on her hip. Summer then felt Bill's hand as it worked its way under her sweater and he began to raise the hand up to the cup of her bra.

Summer was looking straight into Todd's eyes as she was being felt up by this complete stranger in the very public shoe store. Thankfully, there was no one on the row and she was shielded from view by Bill and Todd's bodies. As Bill's hand began to cup her right breast, she felt Todd's hands go under her skirt and go straight to her pierced pussy lips. Todd deftly slipped a finger inside the thin material of her thong and found her pussy lips already moistened by the brief stimulation from Bill.

Summer tried to resist the feelings coming over her as she tried to refuse to let the manipulations of Bill and Todd on her body, but for whatever reason, she was excited by being touched in this place with the possibility of being observed by anyone who walked by.

Thankfully, the voice of young Dan interrupted Summer's public mauling when he let Todd know that he had been able to find all of the shoes he had requested, but that he wanted to have Summer try each on to ensure that the shoes fit as sometimes different manufacturers' sizing were not the same.

Todd replied, "Dan, do you have a more private area to take Summer to try the shoes on?"

Dan excitedly said, "Yes Todd I do. It is in the back stock room and it is very private."

"Summer, I want you to go with Dan and try on all the shoes. While you are there, you do as Dan says and you are to make sure that you consummate the sale with a kiss," ordered Todd.

Without much hesitation, Summer turned from her public maulers and followed Dan to the shoe area, helped with the four boxes of shoes and followed Dan through the double swinging doors. As she entered the stock room, she was struck by the dinginess of the area, the low lighting, that great smell of new leather and the absolute solitude. Summer continued to follow Dan until he reached a back area of the stock room. The area had a 20 foot length of green carpet, mirrors at each end, one chair and a stool.

Dan looked at Summer who was standing next to him holding three of the shoe boxes and he thought to himself, "I wonder if I can have a little fun with Todd's slut."

Dan looked at Summer and said, "Place the boxes on the floor there by the stool."

As Summer did as he instructed, he could just see the tops of her hose and almost could see the sexy curvature of her ass.

Dan then said, "Summer, why don't you sit in the chair and take off both of your shoes. Then we will begin trying on each of your four pairs of new shoes."

As Summer sat down in the chair, she crossed her legs without giving Dan a gratuitous gaze of her panties. She could see the disappointed look on his face and she smiled to herself.

Once she had both shoes off, Dan said, "Summer, you know that Todd sent you back her with me to allow me to properly fit the shoes to make sure that they do not hurt your feet and to make sure that appropriately show off those beautiful legs of yours."

To which Summer replied, "Yes, Dan I think Master T made that quite clear."

Dan slid the stool right in front of Summer and took out the first pair of shoes, which were the four inch black heeled shoes. As Dan took the shoes in his hands, he thought about forcing Summer to spread her legs for him before he put them on her feet. He decided to take his time because he had three other pairs to have her try on and display for him. And Dan was sure that the hidden cameras camouflaged by each mirror would capture his fun time with this English teacher.

After he had expertly slid the shoes on each of Summer's feet, Dan said to Summer, "Ok, now I want you to walk down and back from each of these two mirrors. When you get to the mirrors, I will need for you to make sure that you pause in front of each mirror so that I can make sure that these shoes highlight your legs."

On nervous legs, Summer stood up and turned to her right and took about eight steps toward the mirror. As she approached the mirror Summer heard Dan call out, "Ok, now stop in front of the mirror and look at yourself."

As Summer stopped and looked at herself, she did not see anything more than a classic black four inch heel that would be worn with any business attire. Then she heard Dan tell her to turn around.

As Summer turned around to face Dan, she heard him cry out, "No, stop with your back to the mirror, bend over and place your hands on your knees."

Summer replied quickly, "I do not see how that will help you determine if the shoes are right for me."

Summer started walking toward the mirror at the other end of the carpet ramp way when she heard Dan yell out, "Slut, you stop where you are, back up to the mirror and do as you were told. If you cannot fulfill my request, then I will go and get Todd. Which will it be?"

Summer slowly turned around to face Dan and said, "Dan, I do not want you to call Master T. I just do not think that it is necessary for me to bend over so that you can check to see if my shoes fit right."

"Look slut, either do what I say or I am sure that your Master T will provide you with the appropriate punishment for not complying with my instructions," said Dan.

Defeated, Summer backed up to the first mirror and bent over, placed her hands on her knees and then closed her eyes, which she hoped would help her endure the coming humiliation of yet another "friend' of Todd's.

"That is better Summer. Now, I want you to pull your skirt up over that sexy ass of yours so that I can see the full length of you legs," said Dan.

Summer took her hands away from her knees, grabbed the hem of her skirt and, as instructed, pulled the skirt up over her ass. In this position, Dan was able to see the round curvature of Summer's ass, the slim piece of material that went between her ass checks and he noticed the almost straight line of her back seamed hose. He made Summer pause a little longer so that he would be sure his hidden camera got all of the details of the sexy English teacher's rear attributes.

When Dan was satisfied, he told Summer to walk to the other mirror holding her skirt in her hands. He told Summer to make sure to sway her hips in a very provocative manner.

As Summer approached the mirror at the opposite end of the green carpet runway, she heard Dan call out, "Take your skirt off there in front of that mirror. You only have to unbutton three more buttons. Do it quickly please."

Summer fumbled with the top two buttons and when they were undone, the skirt, with a little tug fell in a heap around her ankles. She stepped out of the skirt, bent over to pick it up while making sure that her ass was turned towards her newest tormentor.

As Summer bent over, Dan almost fell off of the stool. He had never seen such an erotic site as the one he was privy to at this very moment. "What a sexy ass she has," Dan thought to himself.

When Summer once again stood up straight, she looked directly into the mirror. She could see that her nipples through her sweater and that they were still standing at attention due in large part to the effects that the gold stud piercings in each. She also knew that this little humiliation exercise she was being put through at the hands of another of Todd's friends was having an effect on her. Right then she heard Dan call out to her to tell her to come back to the chair as she had three more pairs of shoes to try on.

On the last pair, the red pumps with the six inch heels, Summer was having a very difficult time walking. To her utter dismay, Dan had made her walk back and forth stopping in front of each mirror two times. Now she was standing before Dan as he continued to sit on the salesman's stool. He was eye level with the crotch of her red thong.

Dan then said, "Summer, I can see that you have received piercings from Marcos. I believe that they are very sexy and make your pussy lips stand out quite nicely."

With that Dan reached his hands out, pulled the tiny strip of material of her thong aside and he ran his fingers along Summer's pussy lips. As he took his finger away from her cunt, he held it up to his nose smelling the strong aroma of an aroused woman whose pussy had been recently fucked. He swore he felt summer's pussy lips attempt to close around his fingers. To test her, Dan slowly began to insert the middle finger of his right hand as his left hand pulled the material of Summer's red thong further to the side. His finger slid all the way into her pussy without any resistance from her.

Dan then said to Summer, "Slut, I love that you have shaved your pussy. A woman's pussy lips should always be completely visible. Also, with the two ring piercings, you will always want to show them off every time you buy new shoes."

As Dan slid his index finger into Summer's pussy, he could feel her inner walls begin to squeeze and hold on to his two fingers as he slowly worked them into and out of her now sopping wet pussy. Dan looked up to see Summer's head thrown back, her hands cupping her breasts and he noticed that she was pulling on her nipples using the new piercings as tools for pain.

Dan still looking up at Summer instructed her to turn around and place her hands on the back of the chair. Once she had done this, Dan stood behind Summer, pulled her thong down her legs, unzipped his trousers, pulled his already hard eight inch cock from his boxers and aimed it squarely at Summer's cunt. Without so much as a considerate insertion, Dan slammed his cock all the way into Summer's cunt forcing his ball sack to slap against her clit.

As Summer had been teasing him for some time, Dan knew that he would not last long so he wanted to get the most out of the fuck as he could. He grabbed the back of Summer's hair and pulled her head up. He slammed his cock deeper into her cunt and then he pulled the head almost completely out.

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