tagIncest/TabooRMC: Summers Past

RMC: Summers Past


"Is this my darling baby sister?"

It wasn't the way I'd normally answer the phone, but with the wonders of modern electronics, we often don't need to just say "hello" anymore. I'd seen the last name on the caller ID, and the chances that it was anyone but her were slim. If Bug had been in town, I might have thought otherwise but, knowing she was already back at the university, I knew it couldn't be.

"That's an interesting way to answer the phone," my youngest sister Gayle responded. "And what if it hadn't been me?"

"Well then, I'd just tell them I'd been thinking about my baby sister and was expecting her to call." I didn't say what I'd been expecting her to call about -- but we both knew this call was coming.

Although Gayle was six years younger than I was, she and I had always been close in a big brother-little sister kind of way. When we were growing up she was enough younger than me that I'd always fondly called her "baby sister." I was in elementary school when she was born and I'd literally helped change her diapers. Later on, when I was in high school, I was often left in charge as the babysitter when our parents went out for the evening. She was far enough behind me that we never actually went to school together but we had a connection that was beyond just being siblings. There were times when she'd been in trouble and I had known it before she called me. There were times when she called me, or I called her, where when the phone rang -- even before caller ID -- it had not been a surprise when I answered. It had made it so I could never lie to her, she just always knew. Call it ESP or whatever you want; we'd always had an unexplainable bond.

We both knew we had some talking to do. Although we'd reached an understanding about what was happening during our ski vacation -- there was no doubt that we would talk again. Now there was a slight pause from the meaningless banter of saying hello and confirming who was unseen on the other end of the telephone line before she started on what she'd called for.

"I, uh, just wanted to call and apologize."

"For what?"

"For slapping you. For jumping to conclusions. For assuming the worst. For transferring my problem to you."

"It's not a big deal Gayle."

"But it was. I accused you. Despite that all the evidence said otherwise, I wanted to assume that you, my hunky older brother who could have charmed the panties off of any of my girlfriends when we were younger, had finally done it. I didn't want to believe that my baby girl might not be a baby anymore."

I laughed. "I could WHAT? Did you say I could have charmed the panties off your girlfriends?"

She giggled. "Yeah, I did. And you could have. Back when you came back from the Marines -- didn't you wonder why all my girlfriends always wanted to hang out at our house? They all thought you were so good looking, such a hunk."

I tried to visualize her old girlfriends but truthfully after umpteen years, except to vaguely remember that she'd had some cute girlfriends, I couldn't remember them. I'd never had a relationship with any of them other than to know they were my much younger sister's friends.

"I was always a bit jealous - afraid you'd hook up with them and take them from me."

"Hmm." I paused, thinking back, but couldn't even put a face to memories. "Truthfully Gayle -- I can't even remember any of your girlfriends."

"You don't remember Shirley McMarten? Red head with the big boobs?"

As soon as she said the name the image popped into my head: cute red-head with lots of freckles and a penchant for low cut blouses -- and lots and lots of boob showing. I hadn't thought about her in years but as soon as I did it all came flooding back. "Oh my god," I laughed, "how could I have forgotten her?"

"I wondered. She always did have the hots for you. She always used to say all you'd have to use to charm her out of her panties was just a smile."

"Now that you're making up," I laughed.

"No, it's the truth." Even as she said it I knew it was the truth. Just as I couldn't lie to her -- she also couldn't lie to me. "I always wondered when you would make a play for one of my friends; we all thought you were hot." Thinking back I wondered why I hadn't made a pass at her friends myself, and then realized the answer. I had a few dates with girls I'd known that were still single when I got back from the Marines, and then I met Debs. If it hadn't been for her, I probably would have."

"I was always afraid you were going to hook up with one of my friends. Until you and Debs got together I was always leery whenever they were around; I had a permanent mad in the background always waiting for you, but it never happened. And then when I realized what had to be happening between you and Bug, it scared me. All those years she had such a special bond with you, more than anyone in the family. I assumed the worst - this was something that had been going on for year's right under our noses and we'd never seen it."

I was quiet for a moment, thinking, before answering. "So you thought maybe I was a child molester?" Now it was her turn to be silent.

"Nooo... I mean...yeah, I did -- but I knew that wasn't you. I had to be wrong, but yet...." She didn't continue for several seconds. "I'm sorry Jim."

"It's OK, Gayle. I understand."

"I talked with Bug, too. I apologized and told her I understood there were things about her life that were none of my business."

"As if that could ever happen," I laughed quietly. "I knew you'd know as soon as you joined us. I told her before you guys got there that you'd know -- I've never been able to lie with you around."

"It didn't hurt that I had almost two days of thinking about what she had in her bag.'

"Why?" I teased, "Is that because you had the same thing in yours?"

Gayle giggled in response. "Touche! I guess I asked for that."

"I've got to admit that one caught me a bit by surprise, you and Judy and Gary and Fred..." I was curious, but didn't really want to pry if she didn't volunteer. "Bug wasn't surprised."

"What did she say?"

"Just that the four of you have always come up with an excuse to share a room when you're on vacation. She said she has seen in your bag before and -- how did she say it? -- she was pretty sure whose bed you were sleeping in?"

"Oh my God. I guess we're not as good at keeping secrets from our kids as we think we are."

"Yeah -- we all delude ourselves. We thought we were keeping it from our kids too but our friend's daughter figured it out and I wouldn't be surprised if our boys had also."

"What?" Gayle's voice sounded confused. "Your friend's daughter figured what out?" I didn't answer immediately. It didn't bother me but I knew she'd figure it herself soon enough.

"Are you saying... you and Debs..."

"Yeah, we did. We, um... had some good friends... really good friends." I suppose I could have left it at that but, with Debs gone, with Bugs and my relationship having changed, my sister's and my relationship had also changed. I'd never lied to Gayle about my love life; it had just never been a conversation that had needed to take place. Now, I gave her the short version of Debs and my and a few close friend's history - primarily with Jenny and Bill. "So what about you guys? Gary and Fred and Judy -- how'd that all happen?" It was quiet for a moment before she answered.

"Would you believe it was an accident?"

"I'm not sure. I guess if you say so." I really wanted to ask, but didn't have to.

"It was the year after we got married, back when we were living in San Francisco. When we met Gary's girlfriend, Judy, she and I hit it off immediately - almost like we were sisters. I'd made a few friends, but most of my friends were still down south, so Judy and I started doing things together. Gary and Fred started talking about wanting to go on a fishing trip to the Sierras like they had in High School so we all decided "why not?" We all wanted to go. The boys thought they had a tent that was large enough but when it was four of us -- well it really wasn't big enough, but we managed, at least for the first two nights. Fred and I were newlyweds, so at that time we were still into sex morning, noon, and night and twice as often on weekends. Gary and Judy were still dating; she was officially living with a girlfriend, but she spent as much time at Gary's as she did at her home. But still -- they were normally pretty active sexually, too.

All four of us were in this tent barely big enough for two of us. Well, maybe three, but as it was -- if all four of us were lying on our backs we were shoulder to shoulder and it was really tight. When I snuggled up to Fred and Judy did to Gary then at least everybody wasn't touching, but it was too hot to snuggle like that all night. And with them being so close, we sure weren't doing anything, at least for those first nights.

After the first couple of days we were all horny but we weren't admitting it in front of each other. Fred started becoming all hands whenever Gary and Judy weren't right there and I saw them playing grab ass a couple of times during the day too. Late in the day Fred said that we needed to find a way to get alone or he was going to explode, and truthfully I was feeling the same way except that I also felt really grungy. We hadn't had a bath in three full days so I really needed to wash up before we got that far.

When I was alone with Judy I told her that we'd take a walk and leave her and Gary alone for a while if they'd do the same for us -- but I really needed a bath before then. She laughed and said that Gary had told her if they didn't get some time alone tonight that they were going to do it even if we were there. I laughed and told her that I didn't have a problem with that I just didn't know if Fred would be up for that or not."

"This was after you'd been with Aunt Phyllis and Uncle Will?" I interrupted.

"Yeah -- that was before Fred, like two years before that." She paused; I could tell she was thinking about what to say. "I'll admit it - I was a wild child during college. Quite the party girl, at least until I met Fred."

Hmm. I had a hard time visualizing Gayle as a party girl, but having been away in the Marines, and then hooking up with Debs immediately when I got back, I really wasn't around that much in her later teenage years. When she went to college, Debs and I had already married so I didn't see her really except for holidays.

"So how did this "accident" happen?"

"Well, once Judy and I realized we were both on the same wavelength as far as getting laid -- we decided to go see if we could take a bath while the boys were fishing. Judy and I took our towels and clothes and headed downstream from where they were fishing until we found a secluded little spot deep enough to practically swim in. We were far enough away from the campground; we just got naked and climbed into the stream. Judy was a bit bashful to begin with, but once we got into the water she was ok. The water was frightfully cold, at least in comparison to the heat of the day, but at least we got rid of the grunge factor. By the time we got done it was late afternoon. What we didn't realize until we got back to camp was that a large thunderstorm was rolling in. We hadn't much more than got back and it started sprinkling, and a few minutes later it really let go. Judy and I were in the tent when the guys came running up, absolutely drenched. We made them take their clothes off, at least down to their skivvies, but they were soaked through. Supposedly I was looking the other way, but Gary was facing away from me when he changed his boxers and I saw him butt naked from the backside. Fred was doing the same and I saw Judy looking too.

We ended up having to cook dinner in the tent to stay out of the rain. The heavy downpour turned into a steady rain so we were stuck inside the tent until after sundown. All our plans of going for a walk and leaving the other couple alone just went away. We'd all had a couple of beers with dinner, and after a while, we all had to take a pee. Judy and I ran down through the rain to the bathroom, getting absolutely soaked doing so, but Fred and Gary just stepped out and peed into the bushes and were back in seconds.

We needed to change to dry clothes, and getting into the evening, we just decided to put on our comfies. The boys didn't want to wait outside in the rain, so we made them turn around, but they did with a little persuasion. Of course the boys liked that, without our bras on, they became all hands pretty quickly. We finally agreed we just needed to turn the light out and go to bed and see what happened.

There was no doubt in anyone's mind that we were going to have sex -- we were all horny as could be. Fred had a hard on that wasn't going away and from the actions of Judy and Gary, Gary did too. No sooner did we have the light out and under the covers than Fred was trying to take my shirt off. At first I tried to slow him down, but suddenly we were hit by a flying shirt -- Gary had already gotten Judy's off and thrown it at us. I yelled at them, well, more like talked a bit loud, and said "Hey! Are you guys doing it or something?" I heard an "ohh" from Judy and then she said "Hell yes!" We all ended up laughing, and suddenly anything was fair game. Fred got my shirt off and threw it at Gary and Judy which made them laugh. I got my panties off and pulled him to me, and pretty soon we were all naked and going at it.

I found out later that although they were brothers, Fred and Gary had never played around before with the other brother around. Judy had - she told me she'd double dated a few times where they ended up parking and both couples had sex. With all of us just a foot or so apart, there was no hiding what was happening. It was pitch black, we couldn't see a thing, but we could hear them and they could hear us -- we all knew what was happening.

The rain quit before morning and Gary and Fred were up and out, just as it was beginning to get light, leaving Judy and me alone. We slept in until the sun hit the tent and it began to get too hot. I was on the sunny side, under the sheet, but eventually I guess I just threw the sheet off too. When I finally opened my eyes, Judy was lying on her side looking at me. I was sort of waking up, didn't even realize I was still naked and almost totally exposed. She said "Gary thinks you've got fantastic boobs, and I can see why." That opened it up; we talked about how much fun and hot it was to have been so close together and having sex. I asked her if she and Gary had played around, they hadn't, and she asked if we had. I told her that Fred hadn't, at least not with me, that we both had fantasies, but I'd done some pretty wild things before. When she asked for more specifics, I just told her. I told her I'd had a girlfriend even before I ever had boyfriends, how my girlfriend and I had been lovers, that we also liked boys, that we had swapped with our boyfriends, I told her I'd also had some threesomes, that I'd been part of a swingers group. She said she hadn't done anything like that, just that she and her boyfriend had sex in the front seat while her girlfriend and her date had sex in the backseat.

Anyway, we got up and dressed. We began to clean up the tent, trying to chase down our clothes from the night before and admitted to each other we didn't wear nightclothes to bed at home. When I asked her if they were going to have sex tonight also, she said "Of course," and I said why don't we just go to bed naked then?

She answered "I will if you will."

"That's ok by me."

"Ok, but we've got to get the lights off first or Gary will never take his eyes off you."

"As if you've got anything to worry about," I answered.

"I thought she was about your size?" I interrupted.

"She is now but she was just a medium B cup back then. She got bigger later, and after kids -- we've been wearing each other's clothes for years."

"Anyway -- the night before with us cooking and staying inside because of the rain, we'd pretty much destroyed the tent. Clothes were everywhere, some of them still wet. We unpacked everything and hung stuff up to dry, and rearranged the tent. Initially we'd set the tent up with the mattresses lengthwise, so we could each climb in without climbing over the other. The tent was actually a bit longer than it was wide, and we found if we turned them sideways, we actually had more room -- it's just that whoever was in the back would have to crawl over the other couple. We decided that was better -- at least we wouldn't be rolling over and bumping into each other all night, so we moved Fred's and my mattress to the back.

The day was much cooler than what it had been, and although it got cloudy we didn't have another rainstorm. When it got time for bed, Judy stood up and told them -- "Ok, boys -- we decided we're sleeping naked tonight -- so no lights in the tent. If you need something, go in and get it now." We all brushed our teeth and then we told the boys to wait a minute until we'd gotten into bed.

They barely gave us time to get undressed in the dark before they were opening the tent flap and coming in. We'd told them they had to take shoes off outside, I don't know how much they actually took off as I still hadn't gotten into bed and we'd turned the light off when Fred's hand found my leg and slipped up confirming that I was already naked. Our mattress was closest to the back wall although I hadn't yet crawled onto it, I was still mostly on the right side of Gary and Judy's mattress where theirs had been the night before. His other hand found my other leg, and without saying a thing suddenly he was kissing my feet, up my legs -- and I knew where he was going. I took his hand and pulled him with me and he just followed along until we'd turned 90 degrees and we were on the back mattress. He was on his knees, and grabbed my legs, lifting until I was on my neck and shoulders and my legs were over his shoulders, his tongue going to town on me.

Fred had never done anything like this before, it caught me by surprise, but it was fun and I wasn't complaining. It sounded like Judy was giving Gary a blow job, we were all making those little pleasure sounds we do -- but I don't think any of us had said or done anything up to then that would have indicated exactly who was who. Suddenly there was this grunt from Judy and she said "Oh my God, Gary, that's so good!"

I think it took a couple of second for what she'd said to penetrate to the guys minds -- but almost simultaneously they both quit what they were doing. Fred suddenly pulled away, and a second later - his hands found my boobs. I don't know whether they just hadn't noticed that we'd rearranged the bed or what, but suddenly they both realized they were with the wrong woman.

Fred, between my legs, suddenly became Gary when he said "Gayle?"

Judy admitted as "Gary" was climbing in, she'd reached for him and inadvertently found his cock, and just began sucking him off even before he'd gotten down onto his knees. When he flipped Judy up onto her side, one leg between his legs and the other behind his back, a favorite position of ours, he had just slipped into her. Judy said she'd never done that position before, but Fred really likes it as he has free access to our clits and we can often come together. He'd just thumbed her clit for the first time, which is what made her call out Gary's name and tell him it was so good.

"Judy? Oh my God, I'm so sorry, I thought you were Gayle!"

"I don't care, just don't stop what you're doing," Judy responded. She told me later he'd started pulling out, but she'd grabbed him and held him in place. Fred said later that he'd thought it funny when I hadn't tasted quite the same as Judy normally did but really didn't think anything of it until she'd spoken. He'd known for sure as soon as he touched my breasts that I wasn't her.

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