tagInterracial LoveSummer's Surrender Ch. 03

Summer's Surrender Ch. 03


Matthew Huntington met little Summer Maxwell in his seventh year while vacationing in the south of France with his family. Matt's family lived in a beautiful villa on the hill while Summer's rented a luxury apartment on the beachfront. They had come upon each other one sunny Saturday morning when they discovered that their respective yachts were docked next to each other on the marina. Mrs Huntington had taken an instant liking to the Maxwells when she realised that they were American and wealthy and had immediately invited them over for dinner the following evening. Matt was tiring of his little French friends and was glad to have someone to speak English to; he was thus very disappointed to find that the little girl with the puffy hair wanted nothing to do with him. Summer was very shy and reserved and found Matt to be too loud, too obnoxious, too arrogant and too bossy- all traits she still didn't appreciate in him!

At seven Summer already knew what she liked (dolls, planes and chocolate cake) and what she didn't like (bugs, dirt and Matt). She was a pretty serious little girl who enjoyed reading her books and listening to the grown ups talk. She found that adults were infinitely more interesting than kids and she couldn't wait to become an adult herself. Matt was just another silly child to her and she found his desire to always want to play annoying and child-like. Summer had always been an old soul and she still found Matt's child like enthusiasm to be very disconcerting.

Back in the States the two families kept contact and a genuine friendship was formed between the adults. Mrs Huntington and Mrs Maxwell would often visit each other on the opposite coasts and plan vacations for the families to take together. Summer spent the next four years dreading the summer vacation because she knew it meant at least three weeks of Matt's obnoxiousness and as the years went on she found herself liking him less and less. For his part, Matt could never understand why it bothered him so much that she didn't like him and found himself compelled to do things to get her attention through pranks and teasing. Summer grew tired of this pretty early and was thrilled when she learned of an art camp in upstate New York that ran at exactly the same time as the yearly Maxwell/Huntington French getaway.

Summer wished she had known back then that she would become an unwitting pawn in Matt's twisted game. Maybe if she had been a little friendlier to him while they were growing up... Summer was a busy girl; she worked hard at school at all her AP classes, interned for MaxAD and modelled on the side for her extra money. Summer, unlike most Upper East Side princesses, had a very strong work ethic and sense of family loyalty as a result of being raised the way she was. Summer ended her modelling in her final year of study at Columbia. She had decided long ago that she would not be a career model and went on to do her Master's degree at Stanford before settling into the role of advertising executive in the family business in New York. Summer worked hard and smart and was soon made junior VP.

Summer had watched her father turn what was a relatively small family business inherited from his father into one of the leading advertising agencies in the city and eventually the country. MaxAD targeted a very niche clientele and their ad campaigns were always on the cutting edge and extremely creative. Summer loved being part of something that she knew had been in her family for so long and was fully devoted to ensuring that her children would also have an opportunity to grow and work there.

This was why she had done everything she knew how to do when she discovered that the company was losing money. The current economic climate and some bad managerial decisions had put the agency in a perilous position. Summer was worried that people would lose their jobs and that the company would have to shut its doors. She worried about it would affect her father when he found out that the people he entrusted his company to upon his retirement got it so wrong. Summer went through all the records and tried to get further financing from the banks and was disappointed but not surprised when that did not pan out. Summer then decided to put in some of her own money and ended paying the salaries of some of their top talent out her pocket for three months. She felt emotionally depleted and was afraid that it would be a while before things began to turn around.

It was while she was in this general funk that she ran into Matt in a restaurant one night on her way to dinner. He looked handsome and a little arrogant as usual but he was happy to see her. Matt walked over to her table and sat himself down across from her. They just stared at each other for a while before Matt spoke.

"Dinner alone Summer? How very like you."

"Matthew, never a pleasure to see you. How are your parents?" She asked in as light a voice as she could manage given her mood.

" Always so cruel Sum- they're well." He replied in a cool voice.

" You know me," she responded, "now go away!"

Matt laughed a little at her blunt dismissal and looked at Summer again. She was beautiful with her hair straightened and pulled of her face and the elegant white wrap dress she wore but there was something in her eyes that told him things were not going well for her. He lowered his voice and said softly, "Is everything alright Summer?"

Summer was caught off-guard by his question and looked back up at him with startled eyes before catching herself and coolly replying that everything was in fact fine.

"You look incredibly sad Summer; you know can always talk to me right?"

"How do you expect me to know that Matt? We are not friends." She responded.

"That's only because you've never wanted my friendship Sum, but I'm here for you."

Summer was surprised by the way he said that so gently and by what looked like genuine concern in his eyes. She smiled at him softly and Matt once again realised that she would always be the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, despite her bad attitude.

"Come by my office tomorrow night if you really want to help, please go now so I can finish my dinner." Summer said and smiled at him again. Matt smiled back at her and got up to leave.

They met up the next night in her office and Summer told him was what going on with the finances and asked him outright if he could help her find new financiers. It was at this point that Matt came up with the plan; he saw it as a way for each one to finally get what they wanted. He knew that Summer would resist at first but he was certain that he would be able to talk her into it.

"I'll help you Summer," he said out loud as they faced each other from opposite sides of her large mahogany desk.

Summer smiled at him at he suddenly realised that this could be the first genuine smile she had ever directed at him. He felt a little pang of guilt at what he was about to say next but brushed it aside.

" The market is difficult right now, to say the least, and if you weren't able to secure finance from the banks or even the government then that means that they all think MAXad isn't worth saving. You're obviously over indebted and aren't bringing in enough new clients to increase your income to a level where you become profitable again. These expenses are completely out of control!" He said in a somewhat bored voice as he paged through the summarised financial report she had prepared for him.

Summer grit her teeth with annoyance and replied, "I know Matt, that's why I'm talking to you."

"We invest in companies like yours all the time Summer. You're on the brink but with the right guidance and some adjustments to your business model we can get you back on track in a couple of years." He said with a small, confident smile.

"That's good, what's the procedure?" Summer asked.

"I can't show you favouritism Sum; you'll have to go through the regular selection process." He told her cautiously.

"I wouldn't expect anything more, you know that Matt." She bit out coldly.

"Great, I'll send you an e-mail tomorrow with all the relevant requirements from your end and we'll speak in the evening," he said as he gathered his briefcase and got up to leave. He didn't bother to say goodbye and neither did Summer.

Summer drove back to her apartment that night feeling a little relieved; it looked like things were going to be ok after all. Matt was a jackass but he was also an astute businessman and something of a finance wunderkind, she knew that if he said these problems had a solution then it must be true. She walked to small bar between her kitchen and dining room and poured herself a short glass of eighteen year old whisky and sipped it slowly as she walked across to her bedroom to get some much needed sleep.

Summer was working late the following day when Matt walked inside her office with an easy smile and a load of papers in his arms.

"Hey Matt!" she called out, genuinely happy to see him.

"Good evening Summer," he replied coolly as he walked to her desk and placed the papers on her desk before walking to her window.

Summer thought he was acting a little strangely and got up to join him at the window. Suddenly she felt a funny sensation in the pit of her stomach. Something was amiss. She looked at the line of Matt's profile as he stared out into the cityscape and noted the way his jaw was clenched and that his hands were in his pockets.This was not good. Summer turned to look at the cityscape before saying out loud: "Just say no."

"That isn't exactly what I came here to say- it's just trickier than I first thought."

"How do you mean?" Summer asked softly.

"MAXad is in really dire straits, have you been paying employees with your own resources?"

"Yeah, how else were we going to keep them? When the company's doing well again I'll get it all back."

"The company needs a cash flow injection right now or it won't make it, I worry that the application process will take too long, given the position you find yourself in."

"Ok," Summer replied in squeaky voice, "what now?" Matt turned his head to face her for the first time and noted the frown that marred her beautiful forehead and the way she stared at him all wide eyed with fear.

He smiled in what he hoped was a reassuring manner and said, "I'll give you the money."

There was a long moment of silence where Summer stared at him warily before speaking. This seemed too good to be true.

"Just like that?"

"Just like that."

"In your own personal capacity?"



"I want to help, Summer, it's a difficult time in most companies' balance sheets"

Summer continued to stare at him, that sensation in her stomach intensified, this was a trick. "What do you want in return Matt? MAXad is not for sale and I won't let you take it from me." She said firmly as she turned back towards her desk.

Matt chuckled and responded, "I don't want your company, Summer."

"The repayment terms have to be as in the market at any given time, you won't extort higher interest payments from us."

Matt shook his head and laughed again, "I wouldn't dream of it, think of it more as an investment and not a loan, I'm in this for the long haul."

That surprised Summer and she moved away from her window to stand next to her desk, she needed something to steady her. Matt was being incredibly generous and she should be relieved but for some reason she couldn't shake that queasy feeling in her belly. She just knew something was up and wasn't going to wait around for him to drop the bombshell. Summer kept her eyes fixed on him as he walked around her office casually touching a vase here and picking up a book there.

"What do you want Matt?" she finally asked.

Matt put down the photograph he had been examining on her shelf and walked towards her. He stopped just in front of her and Summer had to look up to meet his eyes. He leaned in and let his eyes travel the contours of her face, her lips, and her exposed neck. He picked up on how she caught her breath while she stared back up at him. Her scent invaded his nostrils, something sweet and a little spicy-just like her. He watched as she parted her lips slightly and darted her tongue out to nervously lick her lips. He wanted her, he always wanted her.

"What do you want Matt?" She repeated in a shaky voice.

"You." He stated simply.

"What?!" she replied incredulously as she tried to move away from him.

Matt anticipated her movements and grabbed her wrists firmly while pushing her arms behind her back. He liked that it forced her chest out and he pushed himself lightly into her so that their bodies were touching. Summer was surprised at the sensations that coursed through her when his body touched hers and steadied her breath.

"Let me go, Matt," she said firmly while meeting his eyes with what she hoped was her determined, no nonsense look.

Matt chuckled softly while pressing himself into her a little harder. He noticed that she was breathing quite heavily now and let his gaze drop to her panting chest. He knew he wanted to rip off her shirt and suck on her nipples until she moaned and begged him to fuck her but he also realised that now was not the time. Matt loosened his grip on her wrists and was pleased to see that she didn't move away quickly.

"Haven't you ever wondered what it would be like between me and you?" he whispered softly in her ear as he travelled a hand up her thigh over her skirt.

"Do you expect me to sleep with you in exchange of this money? Is that it Matt?" Summer asked in a shaky voice.

Matt continued to stroke her thigh and Summer was surprised to realise that she was getting hot and wet and even more so that she was wondering where his hand would go next.

"I'm not a whore," she stated firmly as Matt brushed over her cloth covered sex.

"I know that Summer, I would never ask you to sleep with me in return for financial assistance." He whispered softly in her ear before lightly licking it. "I want all of you Summer, marry me and all your problems disappear but if you say no...there's nothing I can do for you." He said before completely releasing her.

Summer stared at him incredulously, shocked at what he had just said. Before she could voice her disbelief at his arrogance and general evil, Matt started heading towards the door.

"What the hell Matt? Where are you going?" she called out to his retreating back.

Matt stopped at the door and without turning to address her he replied, "This is the only way Summer. You get tonight to think about it and I'll be back tomorrow evening for my answer."

Summer felt rage well up inside her and picked a glass from her desk that she hurled at his retreating form. She grunted her disappointment when she just missed him. Matt turned around when he heard the glass shatter behind him and blew her a kiss before walking away.

They were married the next night.

Summer walked into her office building feeling conflicted. She was relieved that she wouldn't have to worry about the company's finances so much and that they wouldn't loose any of their talent to competing agencies. She knew that Matt would be sending in the auditors today and that the financial deluge MaxAD found itself in would soon be rectified. She also felt angry, angry that she had to compromise herself to insure the welfare of the company, angry at the finance guys and the board for not noticing the problem sooner and turning it around and angry for putting herself in a position where it was so easy for Matt to take advantage of her.

Summer couldn't deny that she had enjoyed having sex with Matt on their wedding night and that very morning. No man had ever satisfied her like that. The thing that bothered her was how it had all come about. Summer had nothing against casual sex but this was just on another level. Here she was, married to a man she didn't love and who didn't love her just for money. When it came right down to it, she couldn't help feeling that this arrangement cheapened her and she hated Matt for that.

Summer decided to clear her mind as she rode the elevator up to her floor, no use getting worked up now. She knew she had to be strong today; it was the only way to get through this crucial day. Matt had said that he would meet her at her office in an hour where they would announce the investment.

Summer gave her straightened hair one final look before exiting the elevator on the 23rd floor.

"Miss Maxwell, good morning!" someone called out. Summer couldn't remember the woman's name but smiled and greeted her back as she headed towards her office.

"Hey Summer, I have your coffee and Mr Jones is waiting in your office," her personal assistant Alice said in a soft voice.

Summer smiled at the older woman and picked up her mail and the coffee before heading in to her office to confront the CEO of her father's company.

"Good morning Mr Jones," she called out breezily to him as she entered her office and put down her bag, mail and coffee, "how can I help you today?"

"Something's going on Summer, and I don't like it." Jones bit out gruffly.

"What are you talking about?" Summer replied calmly.

"I don't know what you've done but the whole office is abuzz, something about a private bailout, I hope you haven't sold off the company to the highest bidder, we can still get through this-"

"Of course not Mr Jones," she responded calmly before adding, "although since it's your leadership that led us here in the first place I would think that you would be trying to find a solution instead of listening to gossip."

"Listen here-" Mr Jones started.

"No, you listen, just do your job, everything is being taken care of. Now if you'll excuse me, I have lot's to go through today."

Summer motioned towards the door and watched as a somewhat shocked Mr Jones left her office. After everything that had happened Summer found that her patience for that man was running very thin. He had continued to pay himself an exorbitant salary and refused to make any of the necessary cuts in the budget when things started to go wrong, he had also failed to come up with any kind of solution and he certainly hadn't paid anyone out of his pocket to keep them there. As far as Summer was concerned, he would be first to go under the new dispensation. Summer sat down at her desk and began to read her mail; all she had to do was waiting.

Matt couldn't help but smile. He was a successful business man living in a city he loved and finally he had everything he could ever want. Summer Maxwell had always been his ultimate prize and he had to thank the fates for delivering her into his hands like this. He knew that she wasn't exactly thrilled at their arrangement but he had resolved to do everything in his power to have her come around. He was satisfied that he had managed to prove to her in one night that they were sexual dynamite, very satisfied. He had always imagined she would be great in bed but damn! Summer Maxwell had definitely been worth the wait!

Matt always rode the subway to work. He believed in staying in touch with reality and how the average New Yorker lived. Matt had lost count of how many brilliant ideas he had come up with while riding the steel tube from his apartment on the Upper East Side to his offices in Mid Town. He stood up as the train approached the stop closest to Summer's office building, Today was definitely a good day.

Summer felt nervous and clasped her hands behind her back as Matt stood up in front of the staff to make the big announcement. She looked around at the one hundred and ninety faces that made up MaxAD and she felt some relief that she had been able to save all their jobs. These people had mortgages to pay off and families to feed... MaxAD was her legacy and one day she would run it. This was the only way she knew to ensure that future she reassured herself.

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