Summers with Grandma


"I'm sorry, Richie," Grandma said, giving my now flaccid organ a few long pulls before setting it back down into my cum drenched pubes. "That was my fault. I can't believe I did that."

"It was great, Grandma," I told her. "I loved it, and I love you."

"It's just as well what happened, happened," Grandma said. "The things I was thinking - thinking of doing..."

"I want to see you, Grandma," I heard myself saying. "Take off your nightie."

"I can't, Richie," she protested.

"Please," I said, almost begging. "I've dreamed about seeing you naked all my life. Please."

Grandma slowly got up from the bed and started to reach for the light to turn it off, but I shook my head.

"Please. I want to really be able to see you."

"You're going to be disappointed, honey," Grandma said, biting her lip and looking around the room before reaching down for the hem of her nightgown and lifting it up.


Chapter Five: Seeing Grandma.

While it happened in real time, it felt like it was all in slow motion. I had rolled onto my side and propped myself up onto my elbow as Grandma seemed to be looking for a way out of the room. She had wiped my cum off of her arm and hand and after fidgeting for a minute, finally lifted the nightie up and over her head.

I had pictured what Grandma would look like naked many times, but when the nightie came off I realized that even my imagination did not prepare me for what I saw.

First exposed were her thighs, pale and strong looking, and then her bush was revealed. A wild and untamed jungle of hair surrounded her pussy, and while the bush was massive in scope, the hair wasn't dense enough to hide the lips of her pussy which were large and inviting looking.

Grandma's tummy was soft and fleshy, but very little was visible because of the size of her breasts. Her tits were huge; large, bell-shaped jugs with crimson-hued aureolas the size of drink coasters and thick pegs for nipples. How she managed to hide the size of those massive breasts inside her modest clothing was a mystery to me, and a bigger question was why?

"You're so beautiful," I whispered.

"Richie," Grandma said, shaking her head a little at me while she crossed her arms over her chest.

"Don't, Grandma," I said about her attempt to hide her breasts. "Let me see them. They're amazing. You should never wear a bra."

"Nobody wants to see an old cow's udders."

"I do," I said. "And they are amazing. If you don't believe what I'm saying, just look."

I nodded down to my crotch where my cock had become erect again, and Grandma did a double take when she saw the effect looking at her had on me. She seemed to relax at that, smiling and dropping her hands back to her sides.

I reached for her, motioning for her to join me on the bed, and when she knelt on the bed next to me and leaned over me, I reached up and grabbed her dangling tits.

They were so large that I needed two hands to handle one of them, and as I kneaded the doughy globe I brought my lips to her nipple and sucked on the thick stub, feeling it swell even larger in my mouth.

Grandma groaned, reaching over to grab to headboard to brace herself while I squeezed her tit and sucked on her nipple like a hungry baby. I was in heaven, I thought to myself. With her arm stretched over my head, I was afforded an intimate view of her armpit.

Unable to resist, I found myself pulling my mouth off of her breasts and craning upward until my face was buried under Grandma's arm. When she realized what I was doing she leaned down and made it easier for me to do what I long dreamed of.

Her armpit hair was every bit as soft as I had dreamed it would be, and while my tongue swirled around the sweet and salty hairs Grandma let out a sigh that indicated she was liking what I was doing, a suspicion that was confirmed when I felt her hand clamp around my cock.

"I want you, honey," I heard Grandma say. "It's so wrong, but I can't help myself."


Chapter Six: The end of a virgin.

Suddenly, Grandma got up from the bed and left the room, and while the sight of her plump butt wiggling as she left was delightful I didn't understand what was wrong. I got up and had started to follow her when she came back into the room, holding a tube of some kind.

"You're going to have to be patient with me, okay Richie?" she asked as she eased us back to the bed. "It's been a very long time for me, and I've become a little dry over the years I'm afraid."

"Although not so much tonight," she added when she reached down and touched herself. "Have you ever gone down on any of your girlfriends?"

"No," I said. "I don't know how, but I want to."

"Wanting to is all you need," Grandma said, guiding my head down between her legs.

I had touched Kathy Baker's pussy, but that was it. Now I was staring at the swirling jungle of hair between Grandma's spread thighs and had no idea what to do. Luckily, Grandma's hands took my head down, and when I started licking she guided me where I needed to go.

"Oh Richie," Grandma moaned while I licked between her labia, immersering my face in her pussy. The smell was pungent but sent a chill down my spine as I kept licking and sucking blindly.

After a minute I found myself being put on all fours above her, with Grandma's face under my crotch. I looked over at the mirror on the dresser, and the sight of my skinny liitle body in the "69" over my amazon-like grandmother made my cock surge.

I bowed my head and resumed licking her pussy while down below, I felt Grandma's hands grab my cock with both hands, milking it while sucking on my balls. It didn't take long for me to realize that I wasn't going to be able to take much of this so I manuevered myself away from that incredible treatment and knelt beside Grandma.

"Here honey," Grandma said as she handed me the tube of lubricant. "Work some of this inside of me."

I squeezed some of the cool gel onto my finger and dipped it inside of her pussy while Grandma nodded her approval and moved her hips into my hand.

"Two fingers honey. Three maybe," Grandma encouraged me as she took some of the lubricant and rubbed it all over my cock.

"That's it," Grandma said approvingly as I spun a second and third finger inside of her. "Be gentle at first, honey. Never had a man as big as you before."

I scrambled on top of her and knelt between her opened thighs, cock in hand, and poked around for a few seconds though the silky hair before Grandma's hand grabbed me.

"That's it," Grandma grunted as she put the head of my cock between those slippery pussy lips of hers. "Push."

It felt like I was trying to jam the head of my cock into a keyhole and was losing the battle. it was then that I felt Grandma's hands on my ass, pulling me towards her while my cock felt like it was being crushed in a vise.

Suddenly, Grandma cried out and I lurched forward, my cock sliding into the warmest and most incredible place imaginable. Grandma was smiling and I felt tears running down my cheeks and I moved myself in and out of her.

It felt so good, and after a minute or so of this I panicked. Grandma's face had turned red, and she seemed to be in some sort of pain. I stopped, not doing what I had done, but Grandma's eyes bulged out and she thrust her hips up into me.

"Harder!" she cried out, and I had just started thrusting into her again when her back arched up and she scratched and clawed at me while her eyes rolled back in her head.

Her pussy savagely clamped around my cock, and as it did I felt myself cum deep inside of Grandma, holding onto her tight as she writhed around under me until we both went limp.


Chapter Seven: Speechless.

I rolled off of Grandma and onto my back, staring at the ceiling for a few minutes while listening to the sound of our breathing. So that was what an woman's orgasm was, I thought to myself as I replayed Grandma's reaction in my mind. Really neat, and to think I was responsible for that made me ecstatic.

I looked down at my dead dick, which hung over on my right hip, deflated but still tingling from the experience. Grandma's hand suddenly appeared and took my limp cock in her hand and wiggled it around.

"You were incredible, honey," Grandma said when I looked over at her and saw her smiling face. "It was very wrong for me to do that to you though."

"No it wasn't Grandma," I said. "It was what I had always dreamed of doing. I want to do it again."

"Better give your third leg a chance to recover first," Grandma said, giving my dick a playful tug before rolling off the bed and onto her feet, wincing a little as my cum gurgled out from her pouting pussy lips, before she began gingerly moving toward the bathroom.

"Feels like you're still in me," Grandma said as her body shivered a little while she waddled toward the door.

"Hurry back," I suggested, and after she left I began pulling on my cock to try and revitalize it before she returned.

I wanted to have my cock inside that vise-like pussy again so badly, but having cum twice in the last hour seemed to have taken the starch out of me, at least for the moment, and I was still yanking on it when Grandma returned.

"Maybe I can help," she suggested, and while the sight of her did inspire me a little, it was what she did that brought me back to life.

Climbing onto the bed, Grandma went between my legs and took my cock in the hand. After a couple of long stretching motions, her head bowed down and I felt the head of my dick go into her mouth.

"Oh!" I moaned as I looked down and saw Grandma's silver hair bouncing on my hips while her mouth went up and down my cock, which started getting longer and thicker right away.

Soon my cock was nearly erect, and while her hand held my shaft at the base, her mouth worked over the rest of it. Peeking up at me a couple of times to see my reaction, she winked a me while licking the crown, tickling the opening with the tip of her tongue before swooping down again.

"Stay there," Grandma said as she moved up and straddled my crotch with hers, rubbing my fully engorged tool between her pussy lips before guiding me inside of her.

"Oh my!" Grandma exclaimed as she impaled herself with my cock and began to slowly rock on me. "Feels even bigger this way."

I reached up and grabbed her swaying breasts, kneading the doughy jugs roughly while she ground herself onto me. Her hands joined mine, and together we manhandled her tits until she came again, crying out as her body spasmed.

This orgasm seemed to take everything out of her, and while she kept moving on me, she seemed a little uncomfortable.

"Want me to finish you off with my mouth?" Grandma suggested, and while that was tempting I didn't want to stop now.

"Getting kind of sore down there, baby," she said. "Not used to this anymore."

"Oh okay," I said. "Wait a second. Lift your arms up for me."

"Like this, honey?" Grandma asked, putting her hands behind her head and smiling when she knew why I was asking.

I smiled back, staring at those furry armpits as I gently moved my dick around inside of her.

"How about this?" she suggested, and moved her head to the side and licked her own armpit, pasting a spray of hair against the inside of her arm.

"Geez!" I cried out as I came, my eyes getting blurry as I filled her pussy once again with my seed.

"Now I know your weakness," Grandma said with an impish grin. "I'll have to remember that."

"You mean we'll do this again?" I asked hopefully.

"When I recover," Grandma said. "When I can put my legs together again, or when my jaw stops aching. You've worn me out. Maybe next week."

"Besides," Grandma said as she eased down beside me and looked up at the ceiling. "Can't go to hell more than once, or so I figure."

Grandma didn't need a week. She even surprised me when I woke up late the next morning and staggered into the kitchen, where Grandma was wide awake, had a pot of coffee going and was sipping a cup as she watched me make my entrance.

"About time, sleepy head," Grandma said with a smile.

I returned the smile, and was stunned when I saw that underneath the red, sleeveless blouse she was wearing, there was nothing there except her. Those magnificent breasts stretching the cotton with their majestic fullness and her nipples clearly visible for my enjoyment.

"For your eyes only, honey," Grandma said, running her hand through her hair and giving me the entire treat.

"It's going to be a long week of waiting until you recover," I said sadly as I went over and gave her a kiss.

"Can't have you walking around like this for a week," Grandma said, her hand reaching down and squeezing my erection through my underwear.

"Last night made me remember how much I missed men," she said, slipping her hand under the elastic of my underwear so she could pull on my limp cock, which was not going to stay rubbery for long.

"And you, Richie, are a real stallion. Must be in the bloodline I reckon. You might be too much for me to handle alone though," Grandma said as she lifted her butt up onto the kitchen counter while I moved toward her with my boner in hand. "Maybe I should invite my friend over to give me a hand."


Thanks for reading.

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