tagFirst TimeSummertime, First Time

Summertime, First Time


It was hot, sticky, humid - just a typical summer day in Tennessee. Katie Martin was miserable - she had promised her mother she'd have the tomatoes peeled and canned, and of course she had to promise to do it during the hottest day of the summer that far. The fair-haired, blue-eyed nineteen-year-old had already processed several quarts and had what seemed like miles more to go. "What a way to spend my summer home from college," she murmured to herself. Her mother was helping with the fields, as they were running behind - they had to re-plant because of a wetter-than-usual spring; the fields were in low former wetlands and had got the brunt of the damage - so Katie was all on her own in the doubly hot and humid kitchen. She pulled the canner off the burner and waited for it to cool down and depressurize; stretching herself like a cat, she could feel the shirt clinging to her damp skin. It made her already hot and irritated skin feel worse, as she started to itch all over, but especially that one area you can't quite reach with your hands .... She groaned and wondered if her torment would ever end.

Katie looked out the window to the sparkles that occasionally shot through the trees from the sun hitting the water in the pond in the far back yard. It was large enough to swim in, and a lot deeper than it looked. It was the result of a failed excavation for an additional house, she forgot why, and it had never been filled in. Between the underground water table and rainwater, it stayed filled and cool, even at the height of summer heat. It had never looked more tempting than right then, and after a brief struggle with her conscience, Katie made up her mind - she would go skinny-dipping, just for a few minutes. After all, her dad, mom, and older brothers were out in the field and would be for several hours yet. Just a quick dip, she told herself, and then back to work!

She ran out the door, letting the screen slam shut behind her, and dashed out across the yard and through the few trees that surrounded the pool of water. Katie quickly stripped and, after laying her clothes out to let them dry from her sweat, jumped into the water. She screamed - the water was VERY cold! She could feel her nipples hardening and goosebumps popping out all over her skin. It was going to be a very short session! She swam nearer the edge, where the water was hopefully warmer.

It was, so Katie swam around there, enjoying the feel of the water caressing her bare skin. It was so arousing that she even reached down and touched herself between her legs ... even though she was still a virgin, she had learned a lot about sex even as a child from watching the animals mate and had often been aroused by watching her prize mare, Candy, being bred by one of the stallions their next-door neighbor raised. She had often wondered what it felt like, to be pounded like that, to feel a man's cock thrusting up into her wet pussy ... she moaned as her imagination took over and her fingers started plunging into her cunt and teasing her clit. She moved into a float position and began masturbating in earnest. Normally she had to be worried about being quiet, but with everyone out at the field, she let herself go and her moans and whimpers filled the air and filtered through the trees.

Daniel Jorgensen pulled into the drive way of the Martin homestead. At nineteen, Daniel was now expected to put in a full day's work wherever needed, so he was helping them out with their replanting, and it was harder than it needed to be, thanks to Mother Nature. When they finished with those fields, though, the Martins would then go to his father's and his farm and help them out. It was just the way things were done - but it was making for a hard bit of work. Daniel sighed. Farming was always hard work, with few rewards sometimes, it seemed like. "Best get in there and get the food Mrs. Martin fixed for our lunch," he chided himself - Mrs. Martin was back at the field fixing the food that didn't need refrigeration, so he had volunteered to get the food that did. It got him away from the field and the hot, burning sun - and maybe gave him a chance to see Katie, whom he had a bit of a crush on and had ever since they had been in high school together.

He got out of the truck and started to walk up to the house, when he heard the moans and cries coming from the woods. "What the -?" he started to say, and broke into a run for the woods. What on earth was going on?

He got to the edge of the woods and broke into the clearing. The sight that met his eyes caused him to immediately become hard and aroused. There was Katie, floating on the water, naked, touching herself and being quite loud in her sighs and groans. Daniel could not believe his luck. The food forgotten, he stripped himself naked and eased into the water. He swam as silently as he could until he got close to her, then said out loud, "So, what do we have here?"

Katie jerked and went down into the water, struggling to right herself. Daniel swum the rest of the way and grabbed her, pulling her up out of the water - and right next to him. He shivered slightly, but not from the cold - he was so aroused by Katie's nearness and the chance to finally get this close to the girl of his dreams. That they were both naked was bonus.

"W-what are you doing here, Daniel?" Katie stammered out in surprise. Her hip was bumping into his groin, and she could feel him getting hard against her - the water had deflated him somewhat when he first got in, but holding Katie had got his cock rising again. Feeling his arousal triggered her heat, as she remembered what she had been thinking of just before Daniel showed up. She also thought Daniel was sexy, she always had, and it seemed like he was liking what he saw also. Would she finally find out what it was like to be with a man?

Daniel watched his hand go up to cup Katie's luscious breast, the nipples so hard they stuck out like little pegs from her heavy, large but firm breasts. "I heard you cry out - I was afraid someone was hurt ...," his voice trailed off as his fingers pulled and twisted lightly her nipples. He was rewarded by hearing Katie groan and slide her arm around his neck, exposing more of her breasts to his delighted gaze. He gently eased them toward the shore as his mouth descended on her nearest breast and he suckled at her breast, loving how she moaned and wriggled against him.

Katie was in heaven. Daniel's lips on her nipple, his hand caressing the other breast, were causing her to get so horny and hot, she was surprised the water wasn't boiling around them. Then she noticed there was ground under her feet and, stumbling slightly, she allowed herself to be half-dragged, half-supported by Daniel to a soft patch of sand and grass at the edge of the pool. Daniel eased her to a sitting position and she watched as he went to pick up his shirt and bring it back to them.

"For us to lay on," he explained to Katie as he spread the shirt out on the ground. He was rewarded by a smile and a blush on Katie's face. God, how he wanted her! He helped Katie up, enjoying the jiggle of her gorgeous tits and ass, then escorted her to his shirt.

Katie lay back on the shirt, letting her head settle back and her legs fall naturally open. She was so ready for this, she imagined Daniel could see it written all over her. The way he was looking at her, she could readily imagine him reading the words of her passion written everywhere on her skin, words that would tell him what to do with her - as she had no idea what to do herself. After all, it was probably quite different than animals rutting in the pasture!

Daniel moved in between her legs, latching his mouth on one of her breasts and letting his hand roam over the rest of her body. She felt silky smooth and he started breathing heavier. He noticed Katie was doing the same. This encouraged him, and soon Daniel's hand was sliding down her taut stomach to her pubic mound. His fingers tickled the hair on her mound area, so soft, like down. Katie arched her back and he took that to mean she was ready for him. He let his fingers slide down even more, flicking across her clit and making her scream with excitement.

Daniel then moved his hand down until his palm was cupping her mound and his fingers were within reach of the entrance to her love tunnel. He slid his fingers along her slit, feeling the wetness and the heat emanating from her pussy. It excited him even more, and he plunged a finger into her vaginal entry - only to be stopped short by a barrier and Katie's scream of pain. Oh my god, he thought to himself, she's a virgin! At once he felt apprehension and a increase in the level of his excitement. He wasn't sure what you did with a hymen, but he was excited that he was her first. "Sorry, Katie," he gasped out, his excitement making him a bit short of breath. "I didn't know ..."

Katie put her fingertips on Daniel's mouth. "It's ok," she said softly, a tear rolling out the corner of her eye and down her cheekbone. "I didn't want to tell you, in case it was a turn-off."

He looked at the object of his desire, the star of every dirty, hot dream he'd had since he could remember, in disbelief. "A turn-off? No! More like a turn-on!" Then as he saw Katie's face soften, Daniel went on, "I'll try to be gentle, ok? But I think that when your barrier rips, it's going to hurt no matter what."

Katie smiled at him, the boy she'd wanted and dreamed of for as long as she could remember, and said gently, "I trust you, Daniel."

Thus emboldened, Daniel positioned himself between Katie's legs again, took his hard prick in his hand and slid it up and down her slit. She moaned and thrust her hips up, trying to maneuver her hips so that his cock would thrust into her by now quite wet and aroused cunt. Daniel was so excited at this point, he had a hard time remembering to go gently, but he did, positioning his cock at her entrance and then warning Katie, "I'm going in," he thrust hard in one swift push.

Katie tried to hold back a scream as the pain lanced through her body. Oh it hurt! She whimpered and cried, and Daniel stopped, holding himself still and not thrusting in deeper. He waited while Katie tried to catch her breath and stop crying. "You ok?" he asked softly, worried - had he hurt her too much?

"I - I'm ok," she whispered. "Please - go on!"

Daniel began again, taking short, slow thrusts that slowly widened her tunnel out and let him get in deeper into the heavenly place he'd thought he'd get to only in his dreams. Katie at first felt only the pain, but as the ache eventually faded, it was replaced with the desire to feel Daniel even deeper into her. Her hips began to thrust at him, and this sent Daniel over the edge. He abandoned his self-control and thrust back as hard as she was thrusting up to him. Soon, he was buried in her velvety, wet depths and moaned aloud as the tightness and the heat reached his prick. Oh this was better than any dream he'd ever had! His slow thrusts began to pick up speed, and soon he was pumping his hard length into her willing and soft pussy.

Katie moaned as she felt Daniel move in and out of her, faster and faster. She never dreamed sex could be this good! She pushed and pushed against his maleness, wanting it to go in deeper and deeper, to fill her up with its delightful difference. Then she felt a strange sensation growing in her groin; overpowering, it frightened her and excited her at the same time. She whimpered out loud to Daniel, "Something's wrong - this feeling -!"

Daniel groaned back at her, "It's - ok - it's your - orgasm - ," and then he felt the familiar sensation flooding up his cock from his tightening balls, and he knew he was going to come in Katie. He heard Katie cry out, "Oh GOD! OH GOD! DANIEEEEEEEEEEEEEL!" and felt her muscles tighten almost unbearably around him. With one last thrust, Daniel buried himself to the hilt in her and cried out, "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" as his cum blasted into her virginal passage. If anyone had asked him if there was a heaven at that point, he could have told them he was there right now. Oh this was incredible!

Daniel's cock kept pumping as he slumped on his arm, laying halfway across Katie, trying to get his breath back. Katie was also breathing hard; as he looked at her, she was smiling at him, her face glowing. "Oh, Daniel," she breathed out. "Oh that was so good."

As his prick slowly deflated, Daniel slid out of her, realizing that time had passed and he hadn't got the food to the field yet. He stood up and started pulling on his clothing. A sob halted him and he looked at Katie. The fear and sadness in her eyes reminded him - she'd been a virgin, she had no idea what was to happen, and she didn't know how he felt. He crossed back to her, cupping her face with his hand and forcing her to look at him.

"Katie," Daniel said gently, brushing a kiss along her cheekbone, "don't worry. I'm going to take the lunch to your folks and then when we get back from the field this afternoon, you and I are gonna talk about our future."

Katie saw the love and determination in his eyes and was comforted. She began to get dressed as well, and when they both got dressed, they walked back to the house. Katie helped Daniel load the truck, then watched him drive off and wandered into the house. Looking at the jars and tomatoes still waiting, she thought, what a horrible way to end such a wonderful event! She sighed, smiled, and began to pack a new batch of jars with added energy, knowing she'd see Daniel again that evening ... and the good times were just beginning.

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