Summertime Is The Best Ch. 01


"Yes Joshy...she explained that you had some difficulty getting comfortable...and she helped relieved you...with a handjob."

" that what you're gonna do?" I stammered.

"What...a that what you want?"

"Uh huh," I said as I nodded my head.

"Well I don't know Josh...don't you want to try something different...a blowjob maybe?"

My eyes lit up when she asked... "Uhh....yeaa!"

"Okay then....a blowjob....but first you need to do something for me...this is a two way street you know."

"Anything Stacy!" I exclaimed with excitement.

"I knew you'd be willing," she giggled as she took a seat on the side of the tub.

Stacy then placed her hands on her waist...slowly tracing the rim of her panties. Before I knew it...she slowly raised her body and slipped them me clear view of her wonderfully shaven pussy. When she removed her underwear fully she sat back down.

"Now...get to work," she said...tossing her panties in the corner and spreading her legs. I slowly made my way over to Stacy. She took hold of my wrist pulling me down to the floor. I was now kneeling in front of her...staring deeply into her wide open cunt.

"Just don't look at it Josh...get down to business...I don't have all night," she instructed.

Without further tempting...I leaned forward, lowering my head in between Stacy's legs. I stared at her pussy...the pink lips glistening with anticipation. I slowly moved my face right up and protruded my tongue. Finally making contact...I slowly traced the length of her cunt...gliding my tongue up and down along her lips. Her taste in my mouth was amazing...I could not help from getting an extremely rock hard erection. I got into a rhythm now....slipping my tongue into and out of Stacy's dampening pussy. I focused my eyes upwards to see Stacy's head leaned back in ecstasy, her right arm slowly massaging her breasts. I altered the movement of my tongue now...switching to focus on her clit. I darted my tongue on and all around trying to bring Stacy to a climax...knowing what was in store for me after.

"Mhmm...mmm...yeahhh," Stacy moaned...letting me know I was doing something right.

Soon Stacy's cries grew louder and her pussy became even wetter. Her moans were too much for me. I lowered one hand to my throbbing cock and slowly began stroking myself. Before long...I felt Stacy's foot...pressing against my arm, pinning it to the floor, preventing me from accessing my aching penis. Looking up at her I continued lapping up her pussy while she restrained my hand with her foot. After a couple more minutes of licking Stacy's snatch I felt her hand on my head...slowly running through my hair. She then pushed my head back...away from her pussy.

"Well Josh....that was very very nice," she said...removing her foot...finally freeing my hand.

"Umm....thanks Stacy," I replied.

"Now...I guess it's my turn," she running her feet along my leg.

"Why don't you sit up here."

Stacy got up off the edge of the tub...pulling me to my feet. I sat down where she had been sitting...feeling the warmth of the tub.

I looked down at Stacy who had taken my previous position, kneeling down between my legs. She smiled back at me...probably sensing how nervous I was.

Stacy leaned in placing her hands at the base of my shaft. She stuck out her tongue and began to encircle the tip of my cock. The feel of her warm wet tongue on my shaft sent a shiver through my body. Stacy paid no attention...continuing to lick my cock. She began to teasingly slip a half inch or so of my cock into her mouth...only to pull it out immediately. She was driving me crazy. Stacy looked up at me...a sultry smile on her face...definitely aware of what she was doing to me. Seeing the tense look on my face she finally gave in. Stacy dipped her head...engulfing my entire cock in her mouth. I could feel the tip of my cock slightly graze the back of her throat as she bobbed up and down. I leaned my head back...savoring the moment...the slick feel of Stacy taking my erection in her mouth...licking it's length each time she bobbed her head up and down. As Stacy's oral assault continued she began to moan which only heightened the excitement for me. I laid my hands on Stacy's head as my climax neared. She in turn began to quicken her pace...slipping my cock in and out of her mouth faster and faster. I looked down at her...she was looking back at me.

"Ohh God...I'm going to cumm," I announced.

Upon hearing this Stacy popped my cock out of her mouth and almost instantaneously placed her hand around my shaft and began pumping me.

" ready to cum big boy....mmm..." she moaned as she continued pumping my slick cock. Before I knew body tensed up and sent my seed spurting into the air. Most of it landed on my leg. Stacy leaned over behind her and grabbed a Kleenex out of the box that was on the tank of the toilet. She wiped her lips before wiping off my legs and tossing the tissue in the toilet. She then stood up while holding my hand with her.

"Come on Josh...we should get to bed."

.....more to come

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