tagErotic HorrorSummoning the Succubus

Summoning the Succubus


The room was dark and shrouded in long shadows cast by the candles sparsely dotted around the small space. The apartment was hardly the height of luxury, but this particular room seemed well kept and comfortable if bordering on 'cozy' as the landlord had so eagerly described it. The bolt upon the door had been firmly wedged into place to prevent intrusion, a thick black cloth cascading down over what were presumably blinds to ensure that the room was utterly safe from prying eyes. A smattering of books laid at the foot of the bed, open to various pages with scrawled handwriting, notes written beside archaic text and small peculiar drawings. A finger traced the page thoughtfully over the seemingly more recent English notes, taking care to make sure it was read correctly.

It was a Grimoire, one he had started in his late teens. At the time it was nothing more than a notepad but as his interest grew so did his works. Soon it seemed only fitting to call it by the name magical tomes had been called in the past. He was barely into his twenties, yet he felt so much more mature than that. There was not much on show through the thick black material which cascaded from his shoulders, a black robe which tied at the waist by a leather belt. A deep hood shrouded his face, the candlelight gleaming and reflected in his glasses. Mid-length hair shaggily framed his face with their dark brown strands, steel-blue eyes tracing the page through his lenses. He had no real physical flaws worth mentioning and he knew this, but there was still much to be desired of his body. He was not muscular and his weight was far from what he had hoped, yet it had never been a talking point amongst his peers. He was average in his mind, although truthfully perhaps his close friends were right in saying that he was not bad-looking. Yet the girls, how they lacked in his eyes. If he tried he could surely attract someone, but why would he want to? Excessive drinkers, cheaters or just plain disinteresting were all he knew in his social circle. He wanted, no, needed, something more. With a flick of his wrist to send the sleeve covering his hand back up his wrist. His attention returned to the small construct in front of him.

Five candles lay upon a slightly dusty sheet, a deep red marking out the shape of the pentagram, so easily recognisable in its diabolic glory. A candle sat at each point, burning away with only the occasional flicker of a tiny draft. He slowly brought himself to one knee, the material somewhat rough on his bare skin underneath. He began muttering, the words clearly not English, his tone low and the syllables sounding aggressive and pointed from his lips. His eyes closed to concentrate as he continued. His eyes clenched tighter as his focus deepened, unaware that the candles now shook in a nonexistent gust. The pages did not turn on his books; the material did not as much as flutter. Slowly, the air began to become hazy with a red mist, centred in the focus of his dark symbol. It was then he smirked slightly as it became palpable on his senses. It was like a perfume, only more earthly. It was hot against his nerves yet deep, and he dared not stop his working.

The red mist formed a slender pillar within his circle, only a few feet across but now so thick it was opaque with the crimson cloud. A slender, pale foot slowly reached through the cloud, followed by a tantalising thigh. Soon the silhouette of an entire body was present emerging from the smoke like watching her emerge from a pool stood upright. What was most assuredly a 'she' was utterly curvaceous and barely hidden beneath a skin-tight black dress, hugging every contour down to the tone in her stomach and curve of her hips with a neckline which plunged until a mere inch above the parting of her thighs. The slits at each side ran not only the length of her long legs, but right up the side of her hips to her bust line. The feminine physique had hair which almost shone in the darkness, red so deep and vivid as it brushed down her back and framed the string shoulders of her dress, but from the neck down she was unashamedly bare of hair. It could only be described as a feeling of completion which led him to open his eyes, head slowly tilting up. His eyes widened at the sight of the beauty in front of him and his breathe seemed to slam into the back of his throat as any words retreated back and refused to leave his parted lips. He could only swallow before a sultry and hot voice teased quietly from the deep red lips of the pale mistress.

"I must be your first." The temptress before him commented, raising an eyebrow almost mockingly of the man knelt before her. It was as if he was hypnotised, the desire was there to gaze upon her face but his eyes were fixed upon her bust, the wide and deep valley of her chest that drew his eyes like a moth to a flame. The smoothness of her skin was assuredly unnatural, not a single blemish upon her pale hefty curves, nipples pointed blatantly through the silk-like strips holding them (if that was even the right word as they spilled liberally from either side).

"Yes, yes. I have called for your... services." He said, suddenly forcing himself to speak, only managing to gain a semblance of confidence after he repeated himself, rising to stand in front of her. His eyes finally managed to tear from her breasts only to become lost in the pitch black of her pupils, small and menacing surrounded by burning amber orbs.

"Such confidence. And no wards, no circle of salt or amulet. Not a single piece of protection..." She mused. It was almost mocking, yet the intrigue overflowed in her voice. He had dared to speak, so directly as well. It was not asking, there was no reverence there she might have come to expect from summoners and demon-worshippers. In truth, he had none for her. He had not used any of the famous trappings for her kind for a reason. He had taken no half measures, he had called out to the darkest reaches and knew that none of those things would so much as slow the fiend down should she have the motivation. It was dangerous, and it excited him.

"I could have torn you apart in seconds..." She whispered, low and almost tickling his ear with light caresses of her lips, her flesh so hot to the touch. Her ample chest brushed his at one side as she looked him up and down beyond his sight.

"But you didn't. How exactly would I be with you if I had locked you away?" He replied, a small smirk upon his lips. Half utter pleasure at merely her voice and tiny hint of contact and half revelling to have the audacity to speak such teasing words. Every manual ever written would urge it never to be done.

"Very good." He said with a small laugh to herself. It almost burnt in her eyes, she liked this one. Such nerve, hints of cunning. She could not figure him merely at a glance, which was a challenge. An intriguing change. Her fingertips slowly traced his waist; the small metallic ring of the metal parting was followed by the heavy rush of the fabric from his shoulders. He wore nothing beneath the robes which now lay upon the ground around his feet, her fingertips scraping up his stomach and over his chest as she pushed him gently. He shuddered with desire, wishing at his very core her hand would have lowered, not climbed. His cock was at full attention and completely on show. It had grown painfully quickly since the moment his eyes had become entranced upon her breasts. His head gleamed with precum which coated his tip, trailing luridly down his shaft. His manhood quivered for attention, but it was not what he received. Her push only seemed gentle. The action was graceful at least, but he hit the bed with such force he could have been tackled. He looked down his body quickly, straining to see the devilish vixen past his upright shaft. He was shocked. He had never been ashamed of his size but he looked big. He had never felt so aroused. It was like his cock had swollen with it. But he did not give it more than a moment's thought as his eyes focused that one step further. It had been but the blink of an eye since she pushed him, and her seductive dress was nowhere to be seen. It was gone, leaving every curve of her athletic frame on show. Her slender fingertips failed utterly at containing her breasts as her thighs straddled him, hairless pussy lips teasingly stroking his cock as her hips rolled. He moaned out, it felt so good. She was literally dripping, it coated him and the scent of her sex was strong enough to flood the room, it was as if she had lowered herself over his face.

A finger slid over his slit as her lips smothered the rest of his shaft against his stomach and he practically cried out, cock tensing with the urge to burst. Past girlfriends would never have complained about his endurance yet he had no say in this tryst. Without so much as a word she repeated the motion and the next thing he knew was his cum splattering over his chest in thick globes as he almost spasmed under her. He swore and moaned, knowing instantly it was not ever meant to be such an intense sensation. His mind was cloudy, to decide if it had been pleasurable or torture was simply too much effort. A look of fright crossed his face as he realised he had not softened in the slightest. His shaft was still tense with desire, hard as her lips continued to stroke along him.

"You can't resist me." She said in a voice which almost seemed to echo inside his mind, his eyes closing as her hot lips pressed to his in a passionate and forceful kiss. Behind closed eyes all he could see was her naked form, writhing in pleasure atop of him. It was like a daydream, a fantasy playing that was too vivid to be his own in the dark, instinctive recognition against his eyelids. His eyes shot open feeling the head of his manhood in a fresh wave of heat and moisture, pressure sliding his head between her lips. In moments, his head was within her clamping walls as she slid down upon him. She had such control she did so teasingly slow, letting every inch feel that first embrace bit by bit. It made him want to call out, and oh did he try, muffled into her lips as her tongue fought into his mouth. His hips bucked off the mattress, quickly beginning to fuck her with the ferocity of an animal uncaged. Her round ass shook with the pounding of her hot, flushed lips and she moaned sensually as could be imagined. Her face contorted in pleasure, her amber eyes begged him not to stop. The nipples of her jumping breasts rubbed against his chest as her cleavage filled his view. The headboard banged sharply against the wall as her moans rose.

"Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!" She desperately moaned, her back arching and bending like a cat and back to ride his cock as fast as he could slam it into her. Some sense of sanity remained as his cock once again surged with a fresh wave, attempting to pull his hips down as fast as possible. But she would not allow that. His head almost escaped her grasp before she plummeted down on him, her inner muscles squeezing to milk his cock for every drop. This burst came just as fully as the first, hands grasping her hips as he cried out almost in pain for his tensing shaft constricted within her, his body writhing uncontrollably with his orgasm. His eyes closed only to be bombarded by the images of her laid beneath him, hands upon his rear pulling him deeper between her open thighs and causing her breasts to shudder with the force, the look in her orbs one of utter pleasure, lips open in an inaudible moan.

"That's it, give it all to me!" She moaned with a shuddering voice as she almost cackled, her juices sliding down over him as he could see her thighs and abdomen shake in orgasm as she sat up, the tensing seeming to work up his cock, taking his hot seed with it. Her body glistened with his sweat.

"Fuck me." She commanded firmly, holding herself slightly higher above his hips. Suddenly his body began to move, He could not think, it was a compulsion, an instinctual reaction. He had no control, he had to. To say he did not want to was a lie, he craved it like an addiction, he needed her. Physically though, his body screamed for respite. His cock was sensitive yet utterly solid still. It was almost enough to cause his eyes to well as he grunted and growled, his eyes fixated upon her peaks as they shook, occasionally flicking down to watch his throbbing and raw erection thump against her pussy and cause her thighs to shudder while she arched back and supported herself with her hands wrapped around his ankles.

"Your cum, your essence, your being; give it all to me." She ushered, like a heartfelt lover. Her hips gyrated and rode hard, grinding deeply against him allowing just enough room to let him keep pounding. The next wave surged through him, tension filling his entire body as his hips leapt, burying his base inside her lips and spraying seed deep within her tight grasp. The sensation overwhelmed the senses, instantly his head began to swim, darkness creeping into his vision as breathes heavily forced themselves from his throat and the world vanished. The last thing to witness through blurry eyes and muffled hearing was cries of ecstasy, near maniacal laughter as her entire lower body contorted in violent orgasm, knees closing against his chest, cock being crushed and coated in a tide of burning fluid over his sensitive flesh.



He sat bolt upright, looking around sharply, heart beating like it was trying to escape from his chest. The candles were all out, though burnt as if they had run the entire night, traces of sunlight through the blinds and black material, small specks of sunlight dancing upon the floor. He slowly peeled his cheeks from the covers, stuck with sweat and a mild staining of what he could only imagine was once a flood of feminine juices. He looked down at his cock, visibly spent and hued a sensitive red he had only come close to as a very young teen going too far with masturbation. His balls were visibly shrunken as if they had been literally emptied. Despite this shock, the smile would not fade from his face, grinning from ear to ear. He had almost expected the worst. To wake up was a blessing. To use his organ any time in the next week was almost unthinkable, but the sensation, the night was unforgettable.

He would have to attempt something similar once he had recovered.

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