I adore summer and the sun. I hate winter and I am covered up in a blanket all the time.

When summer hits I love to sit outside. I do not tan well at all, being that i am very fair and blond, but I still love the feeling of the sun on my skin. We have a hammock in our back yard and I absolutely love laying it in and feeling the sun on my body.

However, one thing that I have absolutely always wanted to do is nude sunbathe. unfortunately, we live in suburbia and next door to a family with 2 small children who have a bedroom window looking down into our back yard! so laying around outside naked has not been an option!

There is a place not too far from us that is like a nude campground. I have asked my husband many times if we can go, but he doesn't want too. He isn't comfortable just having it all hang out for everyone and he says (in his words) that he doesn't want me to "end up a beat off fantasy for some old wrinkly dude. It's funny when he says it in all seriousness, but the idea does not personally bother me.

Every time the weather gets warm and I can feel the heat of the sun my mind goes back to wandering and yearning to feel the sun on my breasts and pussy. Yes, those spots specifically. Every year I go on a search for a secluded cabin or something of the sort that I may help me be able to fulfill my needs, but always end up failing miserably.

So from that yearning this fantasy arises.

My husband's friends go on a float-trip every summer. We have never gone and I don't know if we ever will. But I like the idea. I know that I would feel very embarrassed and self-conscious when we first arrived, as I am the only mom in the group, but I imagine that after the first day I would loosen up a little more and by the third or fourth day I wouldn't really care anymore.

I imagine that the girls would all start bitching about tan lines at some point and through some investigating in the nearby woods we find a small clearing on a hill and decide to do a little nude sun bathing. Together we all go and spread out our beach towels side by side on the prickly grass, kicking away any pine cones or twigs that have gotten in the area, quickly stripping down.

Despite the display of naked female flesh, I am more excited to feel the sun on my body. I am lying on the end, my towel is black and pink and I can already feel it soaking up the sun. Sitting down we all start rubbing in sunblock, taking special care on our boobs and labia, knowing that delicate skin is going to be extremely sensitive to the sun's rays.

I lay back with my arms slightly parted from my sides and my legs slightly parted also. My head is toward the top of the hill and my feet are toward the bottom, enjoying the natural reclining slope of the hill. A soft breeze sighs, tickling my skin and hardening my nipples.

The sun feels so deliciously warm. I can feel small beads of sweat start to accumulate and slide down my sides and between my legs. I open my legs a little farther to enjoy the suns warmth even more.

I notice movement out of the corner of my eye and see one of the girls flip over. I am probably one of the smallest in the group. But I'm trying to keep my eyes to myself since none of the other ladies are bi. I don't want to make anyone uncomfortable. However, a quick glance shows me that the rest of the ladies also have their legs parted more than you would think to indulge in the sun.

I am not sure why, but knowing that there are a handful of naked ladies near me and also that they are enjoying the sun on their vulva as much as me is very arousing. Of course, I cannot possibly admit this to any of the other ladies!

So I continue sunning, the heat of the sun baking my lips, matched with the heat of my pussy from arousal, is making for one very slippery pussy and I am very glad that no one has walked by! But then... wait... that idea is actually not too bad!

The sun starts to set and we are all hungry and thirsty. We all gather up our stuff and start putting our swim suits back on.

Admittedly, I do peek to see who has the biggest breasts, the firmest, who takes meticulous care of their pussy hair and who just shaves themselves bald. I feel a sharp wave quake through my nether regions and quickly put my mind back at the task of gathering my towel, sunblock and other things to head back to camp.

Upon arriving back at the camp grounds I see my husband coming out of the river. He is looking very yummy. He tans much easier than I do and has water rolling down his body. He is not some hard-bod bodybuilder. I have never liked that. He is very tall, broadly built and his body is soft. I love it.

He comes over to me and gives me a short kiss. "Hey babe, how was your tanning?" he teases. He knows it's been years that I have been nagging to find a place to lay out nude.

I give him a kiss back, harder this time and with a small tongue peek and reply, "It was nice. I think I might be a little burned though. You know my skin. Can you rub some aloe on me?"

He agrees and we sit down on a log around the fire pit as his friends start the portable grill to start some hamburgers and hot dogs. People are milling around, some getting back in the water, and some wrestling through coolers. I am simply watching and enjoying as my husband rubs the aloe down my back and on my shoulders.

Before too long I start to realize that the aloe is pretty much rubbed in, but he has still not stopped. I look over my shoulder at him and notice that he is blushing! Is it just a trick of the heat?

Scooting back toward him I discover, no, he is definitely blushing, as a swim suit does absolutely nothing to hide a boner!

I press my butt back against him and then lean forward and pick up the aloe bottle. I start rubbing my legs and thighs, all the while wiggling my butt against the growing package in his swim shorts. He lets out a couple sighs and leans forward a few times. I can see him sneaking glances at everyone, trying to see if anyone else has noticed what is going on, but everyone is too involved in their own conversations.

I start to stand up and my husband grips my hips and quickly pulls me back down. He looks at me with big eyes, knowing that if I get up anyone standing nearby will be able to see the tent that he is currently pitching!

"I think I forgot my book? Will you come with me honey?" I say, swinging my legs around and gently pulling his knee so he will take my queue and spin on the log so that our backs are facing everyone.

He quickly follows suit and I hope that no one will realize that my book is under my towel that we have just left!

We stroll back down the path to where our little sunning spot was. Along the way I notice that his penis is beginning to wilt and is no longer bobbing along with his step. I'm sure it's a relief for him, but not so much for me!

I stop walking and turn around to him, both of us still in our swimwear, and begin to kiss him. Although I have not always been the fondest of kissing men, I know that he loves it and it's the best way to get his cock hard again!

Here we are, standing on a path in the woods, making out like a couple of teenagers in our swimsuits and savoring every second of it. I'm wearing a halter bikini, so my midriff is bare and easy for him to slide his hands over. His swim trucks are thin and stroking him through them is ridiculously simple and also surprisingly arousing.

Eventually he moves his hands up to my top and pushes the cups aside. He takes a quick look and then starts to kiss me again, rolling my nipples around in his fingers and then hugging me close to him so my tits and hard nipples poke into his chest and stomach. He grips my ass firmly, pulling me into his hard on.

I grind my hips against him, press my hands to his chest, and start to push him backward.

Luckily there is a tree nearby and as soon as his back is against it I drop to my knees and yank down his swim shorts. They come off in one, sweet, fluid movement and I stare up at him, giving his OTHER head a quick kiss.

I keep looking up at him. I am feeling particularly feisty. He flexes and bounces his dick tip against my lips. Smiling I slowly suck it into my mouth, savoring every single inch and the sound of his breath hissing against his teeth as his cockhead hits the back of my throat.

Slowly I pull his cock back out, then even more slowly lean my mouth forward to him again. I feel a hand at the back of head and he pushes down as he thrusts his hips forward and starts fucking at my mouth. I gobble him up as fast as I can, trying not to gag as he humps.

I feel his cock getting harder and move my hand up to grip his balls. I can feel them getting tight and know that the orgasm is mounting. Extending my pinky I continue to grip his balls and let my pinky tickle near his ass crack, deep throating all the way.

He wraps his hands into my hair, thrusting as hard as he can, his body tenses and he unleashes a huge, thick load of salty cum deep inside my mouth. I swallow it down eagerly, running my nails on the inside of his thighs.

I stand up from my crouched position and move my hands up his chest, playing with his light chest hair and then kissing his sweat beaded chest. He looks down at me, smiling an exhausted half grin, his blue eyes sparkling in the setting sun.

"Thanks babe," he says, reaching down to grab his swim trunks. "Let's go find your book."

"My book is back at the camp grounds." I say calmly.

He looks at me, confused, "But I thought we were coming out here to look for your book?"

"Nope," I say, giggling a little. "We came out here because I wanted YOU and I'm not done yet!"

"Good luck! I'm hot, dehydrated, and just came. You're going to have to give me a little bit."

"It's ok," I say, grabbing his hand and putting it between my legs, "There are other things you can do in the meantime."

He takes the hint and it's my turn to lean against the tree. He slides my swim suit bottom down to my ankles, leans his right hand over my head on the tree and puts his left to work rubbing away at my clit. My cootchi is already wet, so collecting some of my own juices for his fingers is fairly simple.

The day is so hot, I'm already sweating. The tree bark is rough against my back. Another breeze picks up, caressing my thighs that are already becoming damp with my juices. Generally I take a very long time to orgasm, but I must be feeling hornier than I thought I was, or maybe it's the fresh air, because I already feel myself nearing climax.

My husband starts to kiss my mouth again, sticking his tongue into it, working away even harder with his hand on my clit. My knees start to weaken, my legs start to quiver and burn, and my orgasm tears through me. I cannot help but let out a small scream and bite at my husband's lower lip.

He grabs my hand and puts it back to his crotch and just a couple soft strokes and he is raging hard again. I quickly turn around and put my hands up on the tree. I stick my ass out for him. He gets behind me, gripping his cock in one hand and pulling back one ass cheek with the other so he can see himself push inside of me.

Oh! There is nothing better than the feeling of being filled up after you are already sensitive and swollen from a clitoral orgasm. Mmmmmmmm. It's just so good. I start pumping my hips backward into and he slaps at my slightly sunburned ass cheek as he thrusts away.

I notice movement out of the corner of my eye. Something white. I turn to look, but I don't see anything. A deer maybe? I don't care. I stick my ass out farther and rise up on my tippy toes so my husband can trust away deeper.

Was that movement again? I turn to look, and again, look just in time to see something disappear behind a tree. Is it an animal? One of my hubby's friends coming out to take a leak? Maybe one of the girls actually did forget something?

I have no clue, but the idea of potentially being watched it doing it for me on a whole other level. I stop trying to keep my moans down and let them out, I encourage my hubby to fuck me harder and he eagerly obliges along with a fist full of hair.

The bark is gritty against my palms, sweat beads are rolling down my back and breasts and I can feel my husband's sweat dripping onto my lower back and ass. He is grunting and panting; I can feel the dirt and dead leaves between my feet and smell the river nearby. The whole world seems so alive and the sex is so wonderfully animalistic.

I feel my husband's dick start to twitch inside me, I clench my own pussy against his, and I can tell that both of our orgasms are nearly here.

Movement out of the corner of my eye again. Is someone out there watching? Right as I turn my head to look my handsome hubby unleashes his second load deep inside me, feeling him pulse and knowing that there may be someone watching sends me over the edge and I grit my nails at the tree, getting moss under my them and screaming out my orgasm.

Hubby and I stay still for a moment, catching our breath, savoring the breeze that comes up to help cool us down. Slowly we get dressed and he teases me when i almost fall trying to pull up my swim suit because of my weak knees.

We hold hands, sweaty palms and all, on the way back to camp, still acting like teenagers without a care in the world.

Upon returning one of the girls asks, "Did you find your book?"

"Nope." I reply, "It must be up here tangled up in my towels or something."

I notice a couple glances amongst his friends and a couple silent snickers. I don't ask why though, whether someone heard us or saw us, it's just all the better not knowing who and keeping it a fantasy.

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