Super Mario Trip



The traffic was bad in Brooklyn again. The red van stood still amongst the other cars, vans and trucks. Super Mario Bros. Plumbing was printed on the side, along with a picture of two jumping cartoon men.

There was a catchy little tune playing on the radio. Mario sat behind the wheel with a bored look on his face. He was a fat Italian man in his thirties, with a large, dark moustache. He wore a red baseball cap and a pair of blue overalls over a red shirt.

Sitting beside him, in the passenger seat, was his brother Luigi. He was dressed much the same way, but with a green cap and green shirt. He was a little taller and thinner than his brother. He also had a large moustache on his face, which also wore a bored expression.

"This-a sucks!" said Luigi with a thick Italian accent.

"I think it's pretty catchy. Da da da da da da ...da." said Mario, imitating the tune.

"Not the music brother. I mean being a plumber sucks!"

"It's not so bad. There's plenty of worse things we could be doing'."

"Worse than being arm deep in other peoples' excrement?"

"Yeah, we could be neck deep."

"It's boring. How many movies do you see about plumbers?"

"I saw one the other day."


"Yeah, it was a good one. A porno."

"Oh yeah. A hot, busty housewife answers the door to two handsome Italian gentlemen. 'Were here to check your pipes!' Next thing, she's sucking down both their cocks and they're double teaming her. How come that never happens to us?"

"Maybe at the next job."

"Yeah right. I don't think I can handle another boring, mundane day of plumbing."

Mario turned to him, "So what are you gunna do?"



Luigi got out a small plastic bag and held it up. Inside were a couple of small, flat mushrooms. They were white with green spots on them. "Where did you get them?" asked Mario.

"I bought them off Toad."

"That little Shit-head? Last time we bought some shit off him, we got in big trouble."

"Yeah well I'm bored out of my mind. I could use a little trouble. These are called One-up. They're supposed to send you on a wild adventure."

"Let's pop them after work then."

"No, I want to take them now."

"That might not be good for business. 'Super Mario Bros. Plumbing, we'll show up shit-faced, guaranteed'."

"Come on brother. Today can either be boring as bat shit, or lots of fun." He held the bag up to him. "I know you want to. You're just as bored as me."

"Yeah, okay then. But I hold you responsible for anything that happens."


They showed up at the Apartment building where their first job of the day was. Both men entered the building carrying their tool boxes. Mario was wearing his tool belt.

"We gotta see management. They got a flooded basement." said Mario.

"Damn it! Soggy shoes for the rest of the day. Are those Shrooms kicking in yet?"

"No, what are they supposed to do anyway?"

"I told you, they're supposed to send you on a wild adventure."

"That's the line Toad used eh? He probably sold you some duds. We'll go and have some words with him if he did." Mario rang the doorbell.

Luigi crossed his fingers. "Please be a horny housewife! Please be a horny housewife!" A fat, slobbish, middle aged man opened the door. "God-dammit!"

"You the plumbers?"

"What the hell do you think?" said Luigi.

"I thought someone might have ordered a couple of clowns and you got the wrong address."

"Very funny Dickhead. You got a flooded basement?"

"Yeah, come this way."

Soon the two brothers were down in the large basement area, where there was ankle deep water. "Have a look around for the leak." said Mario.

"Yeah, yeah. Those shrooms aren't doing' anything. This day is gunna suck!"

The two men walked along, splashing through the water. The basement was fairly large and had old furniture and crap in it. Luigi could see a large gap in the far wall, about one meter wide and a meter and a half high. He walked up and peered into it, but it was very dark. Water seemed to be flowing out from it.

"Hey Mario. I think I found the source. You got your flashlight?"

"Yeah, hold on." Mario came over, getting his flashlight from his tool belt. He shone the light in. They saw sharp teeth and scary glowing eyes.

"Yeeeaaagh!" Both men cried out in surprise, and jumped back, as the animal came out from the darkness. It ran after Luigi, and he sprinted away, splashing through the water. Mario could make out a hard blue shell, covered in sharp spikes.

Luigi jumped up onto an old desk. The animal growled and gnashed its sharp jaws. "FUCK!!" cried out Luigi. "What the fuck is that?"

Mario cautiously moved around to get a better look. It looked like some sort of turtle, with a large blue, spiky shell, and a large jaw full of sharp teeth. It was vicious, it looked like it wanted to tear Luigi to pieces.

Mario grabbed a wrench from his tool belt and threw it at the animal. The tool just bounced off its' hard shell, and it continued trying to lash out a Luigi. Mario grabbed more tools and threw them.

The little monster turned and started coming after Mario, splashing through the water. It could move fast for a turtle. Mario turned and fled. Mario reached the stairs and shot up them. The turtle had trouble getting up them and rolled back.

Luigi came up to it with a sledgehammer and slammed it down on top of the turtle. The hard shell crunched under the impact. Luigi raised the sledge-hammer and yelled out as he slammed it down again. He did it again and again, until the turtle was smashed up and its' head dropped. red blood spread out in the water around it.

Mario came down the stairs again. Both he and Luigi were panting as they looked down at the dead animal. "Have you ever seen anything like that before?" asked Luigi.

"Oh, every day!" said Mario sarcastically.

"It's like some sort of ill-tempered, mutated sea turtle. Do you think there's more of them? Maybe we should get out of here."

Mario walked over and grabbed his flashlight out of the water. He tapped it a few times and the light came on again. He walked over the dark gap in the wall. "What are you doing Mario?" said Luigi.

"Checking it out."

Mario went though the dark gap. On the other side appeared to be another small room. In the centre was a large, round, green pipe. It only came up about a foot off the ground, just above the water level. Mario stood there, shining the light on it. Luigi came in behind him.

The pipe was around two meters wide. Mario looked down into it, but could only see darkness. Water was flowing out of it, but strangely, it wasn't filled with water. Mario noticed that a stream of water seemed to be flowing up, out of the pipe.

"That water appears to be disobeying the laws of physics bro." said Luigi.

"I hate when it does that." said Mario. "I think this shit is a bit beyond my plumbing experience."

Suddenly there was a growl behind them. The smashed up turtle was dragging itself toward them, leaving a trail of blood. It was bearing its' sharp teeth.

"Yeeaaagh!!" cried out Luigi in fright. He jumped forward, slamming into Mario and the two of them tumbled over the edge of the pipe and fell down into the darkness, yelling loudly.

They tumbled around, falling through the darkness for what seemed like ages. The flashlight was falling with them, spinning around, making the light dance around them. The two brothers were yelling continuously. Then they stopped and got their breath back, and then they started yelling again.

They pressed up against the hard wall of the pipe as it slowly curved around, and soon found themselves sliding, instead of falling. The pipe curved around some more, and they soon found themselves sliding upwards. Then they were falling upwards.

The pipe made a strange noise as they popped up from it and into the light again. They seemed to be standing on a dark platform in the middle of the large green pipe. Both brothers looked around confused.

The countryside around them looked strange. There was bright green grass and smooth bushes around. They saw weird hills jutting up from the ground in the distance, they seemed to have vertical sides and perfectly symmetrical rounded tops. The elliptical clouds in the sky seemed perfectly symmetrical too. They could see floating objects, pipes and holes all around them. There was some boppy music playing, but they had no idea where it was coming from.

"This doesn't look like Brooklyn." observed Luigi.

"No, not how I remember it." said Mario.

The two brothers got down off the pipe and continued looking around, bewildered. "Shit! I lost my tool belt." said Mario looking down. "Where are we? and how the hell do we get back?"

They saw a little man coming toward them. He stood about four feet tall and seemed to have a bulging, red and white mushroom head. He was wearing a blue vest over his bare chest and a white daiper. His face seemed familiar. "Hooray! I knew you'd come, I knew you'd come." said the little mushroom man excitedly.

"We didn't." said Mario. "Where the fuck are we?"

"World 1-1."

"World 1-1? Could you be more general?"

"This is the Mushroom Kingdom. You've come to save the Princess haven't you?"

"Mushroom Kingdom? Princess? How far are we from Brooklyn?"


"You know, New York."

"Brook-lin, New-York?" said the mushroom man confused. "...You've come to save the Princess haven't you?"

"Uh, no. We come to fix the pipes."

"The pipes? No the pipes are fine. Well, ...Some of them have man eating plants that pop up and spit out fireballs at you."

"I think that's a bit beyond my plumbing experience."

"Forget the pipes, the Princess has been kidnapped by Bowser. You must save her, you must!"

"Allright, where is she?" The little man pointed off into the distance. Mario could just make out a stone castle sitting in a field.

"He's keeping her in the castle."

"Okay, come on then Luigi, let's go save this Princess." said Mario.

"No, not together!" said the mushroom man. He pointed to Mario, "You're Player One." Then he pointed to Luigi, "You're Player Two. You gotta take turns."

"Why?" asked Luigi.

"Because that's how it is."

"Why can't we go together?" asked Mario.

"You just can't." The two brothers shook their heads and just walked off together.

"Strange little guy." said Luigi as they walked along. "Did he seem familiar to you bro?"

"Yeah, he kinda looked like Toad. ...Weird." Mario stopped and looked up at some gold coins that seemed to be just sitting in a line in the air. "Speaking of weird..." He jumped up and snatched one out of the air.

He examined it in his hand. "One US dollar. Minted nineteen seventy nine. Why are they just floating there?"

"Dunno. This Mushroom Kingdom doesn't seem to make much sense." said Luigi. Mario jumped and grabbed several other coins that were floating in the air and shoved them into his pockets.

There was a rustling in the bushes behind them. Suddenly a strange creature came out and came right at them, chomping its' large jaw full of sharp teeth. It looked like a little brown mushroom with a face and little legs underneath it which it waddled along on.

"Aaaagh! Mario, help me! Kill it! Kill it!" cried out Luigi as the creature chased him around.

"What do I kill it with?" said Mario, looking around.

"I don't know, think of something!"

Mario ran up to them and jumped. He came down hard on top of the creature and it splattered onto the ground and red blood spread out everywhere. A white number floated up from its' dead body and then disappeared. "What was that?" said Mario.

"Two hundred." said Luigi.

"Two hundred what?"

"Beats me. Thanks for the save bro."

"Let's-a go!" said Mario.

They walked further along and soon found themselves staring at another strange sight. There was a line of blocks floating around three meters off the ground. They appeared to be made of bricks. among them were a couple of golden boxes with large question marks on the side.

"It seems coins aren't the only things that defy gravity around here." said Mario.

"Question mark?" said Luigi.

"That's pretty much how I'm feeling right now." said Mario.

"What's the question? Is it; 'Why are there blocks floating here?'"

"Maybe it's; 'What's inside?'"

"Yeah, let's find out." said Luigi. He jumped up and grabbed onto a block and then struggled to pull himself up. Once he got on top he jumped up and down. "They seem pretty stable."

He bent down and examined the question mark box. "They feel pretty solid, and they don't seem to open."

"Try hitting it." said Mario from underneath him.

"Okay." Luigi stood over it and stomped it with his boot. The block changed, it turned brown and the question mark disappeared. A coin fell out from under it.

"It was just a coin." said Mario picking it up. He put it in his pocket with the other coins. "Thanks brother."

"Hmmm, I'll check the other one." said Luigi. He walked along to the other question mark block and stomped it. This time a mushroom fell out under it. It started sliding along the ground away from Mario. Mario ran up and grabbed it.

"It's a mushroom." he called to Luigi.

"Not another vicious monster mushroom I hope."

"Nah, it's a little white and red one."

Luigi dropped down from the floating blocks and came up to Mario. Mario handed it to him and he examined it. "Do you think we should eat it?" he asked Mario.

"Eat the strange fungus from a floating block in strange world? How could that possibly be a bad idea?"

The sarcasm was lost on Luigi. "Do you want to go halves?"

"No, you can have it." Luigi chomped it down. Suddenly he started growing. Mario stared in amazement as he quickly grew to twice his height.

"Wow! The mushroom somehow made everything smaller. Even you bro."

"No, it made you big, idiot!"

Luigi looked down at himself, "Oh yeah! I am big! You were right Mario, it was a good idea." He kicked at the floating blocks, smashing them to pieces. "Nothing can stop me now. I'm going to go and save the Princess. Race you to the castle."

Luigi ran off. Mario ran after him, but soon lost sight of his huge brother. Mario continued making his way toward the castle. He ran and jumped over gaps, grabbed more coins, jumped on turtles, went through pipes, jumped on more goombas, swam through water, ran through underground areas and eventually made it outside the castle.

He didn't know if Luigi made it there yet. There was no sign of his brother. He walked across the drawbridge and entered through the doorway. It seemed poorly defended for a castle.

As he entered, he felt the heat. 'Who fills a castle with lava?' he thought as he looked around. He saw flames whirling about. Suddenly something came down at him. He quickly dove out of the way as the huge block slammed down with a THWOMP. He barely avoided being squashed. The huge block had an angry face on it. It slowly rose up again.

Mario cautiously made his way further into the castle. He jumped on a skeleton turtle and it fell to pieces. After a little while it came together again and Mario decided just to run past it.

There was a large pool of lava. The only way across was the large blocks that were bobbing around in it. Mario jumped from block to block, making his way through. He started sweating profusely.

Eventually he made it to a back room. Standing on a rope bridge over the lava was a large, mean looking dragon-turtle-man. It was eight feet tall and covered in spikes. It looked at Mario with its predatory eyes and roared. 'That must be Bowser.' thought Mario.

The Dragon turtle shot a large fireball from its' mouth, and Mario dove out of the way. It jumped up high in the air and spewed out another fireball toward Mario. Mario dodged it and saw an axe on the other side of the bridge. 'I can use that to kill it.'

The monster jumped up high again and Mario sprinted underneath it. He picked up the axe from its slot in the stone floor. Suddenly the rope bridge he had just crossed dropped down into the lava. The dragon turtle came down into the lava as well. It screamed and thrashed about as the lava was burning it to death. "Hmmm, that works too." Mario said to himself. The monster sank down into the lava and disappeared.

Mario made his way into the back room of the castle. It was a bare room, with stone floors and walls. There was a large stained glass window on the opposite side. He saw another mushroom man. No, it wasn't a man, this was a little mushroom woman. 'Is this the Princess?' Mario wondered as he approached her.

She was kind of like the other little mushroom man. She had a petite, girlish figure with pert breasts. She had a pretty face under her large mushroom head, with large blue eyes and round braids coming out each side. She wore a little purple dress and white stockings. "Thank you Mario, but the Princess is in another castle."

"Oh? Who are you then? And how do you know my name?"

"I'm Toadette."

"Are you sure you're not the Princess? Wasn't that Bowser I just killed?"

"No that was just one of his minions. I'm very grateful for the rescue." She stepped closer to Mario. She moved her hand to his groin and started rubbing his dick. "Very grateful!"

"Oh!" said Mario, surprised. Her small hand rubbed firmly, and his cock started to swell and stiffen under his overalls. He smiled down at her.

"Can I see your mushroom?" she said. Mario quickly unclipped his overalls and pulled them down. Toadette pulled his boxers down and got hold of his half erect member. Mario moaned as she rubbed it with her delicate hands. Soon it stood fully erect, six inches long and quite thick, with a bulging purple head.

At Toadettes' height, she didn't even need to bend or squat down. She took the cock into her mouth and sealed her lips around the shaft. She began sucking gently and rubbing her tongue around the head. Mario moaned with pleasure. One of her hands moved around and rubbed his balls, while the other one stroked his thick shaft. She really knew what she was doing.

Suddenly there was a loud crash. Luigi smashed through the window. He was riding in a strange cloud-tooth looking thing. He tried to turn quickly and was thrown out of it. He yelled out as he tumbled onto the floor. Toadette stopped sucking Mario, and they both looked at him in shock.

Luigi picked himself up off the floor. He was normal size again. "Oh, hey there Mario. I hit a block and big vine came out of it, and it went up into the sky, and I had to see where it went, so I climbed it..." His eyes went wide when he noticed Mario had his erect cock sticking in a girls' face. "Oh, ...I see you found the Princess."

"No, this isn't the Princess, apparently. But I don't-a really care!"

"Don't say that!" said Toadette. "You must rescue the Princess, you must."

"Don't worry your pretty little head." said Luigi. "We'll rescue the Princess."

Toadette smiled at him. "You're both so brave. Please, come and joins us." She took Marios' cock into her mouth and started sucking again. Luigi was over there very quickly.

He unclipped his overalls and pulled out his cock. "Player two has entered the game."

His eight inch cock was longer than Marios', but thinner. Toadettes' hand wrapped around it and started stroking it. She pulled away from Marios' cock and took Luigi in her mouth. Luigi moaned with pleasure. She bobbed her head back and forth as she sucked him off.

Toadette went back and forth on the two brothers. She had a cock in each hand, stroking them. Then she started sucking Marios' cock harder and deeper. Mario moaned as she swallowed it down into her throat. The tight passage pressing around his cock felt great.

She pulled back again, so that just his cock head was in her mouth and then she went down again, taking the whole thing so that her lips were pressed against the hairy base of his cock. She continued deep-throating him for a little while, until Mario started to breathe heavily and groan.

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