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Super Talent


This one is a spinoff of Funny Money. A set of super heroines decide to investigate the hottest strip club on the planet for white slavery find out that they really want to change careers. If you want to use anything please ask first.



"Uh, I'm not sure about why you are here."

Jack eyed the woman in front of him with mixed emotions. He was certainly a bit intimidated and even a bit frightened by her, but as the owner of the hottest strip club on the planet he also couldn't help but make some professional mental notes on how smoking hot she was and how much she would likely bring as a dancer in his club.

Of course, just being Lady Wonder would likely triple any figure he could think of. He blinked as she cleared her throat. "Uh, sorry, lost my train of thought, what was that?"

Lady Wonder scowled at him. "You pervert. Probably thinking how much I would make as one of your strippers. I am here because of the disappearance of several women who are connected to your club. I know all about the police investigations and the IRS, but I KNOW you are hiding something. I will see justice done for those women!"

Jack inwardly sighed at the other women standing behind her. The League of Superior Women had come out in full force for this one. Aside from the smoking hot brunette Lady Wonder (standing 6 ft 4 inches with a perfect 36 FF cup chest, hourglass figure and muscle tone that you could bounce a bar of gold off of), the other four members were all hotties who put even his most gorgeous Golden Girl to shame.

Madam Mystic was the mysterious sorceress. She was about 5 foot 10 inches with dark brown hair, another 36 inch DD cup rack, great figure, and always rocking a very form fitting set of black leggings with thigh boots, a small skirt, a black full sleeved shirt with black gloves and a black leather cape with a hood and black Lone Ranger type mask. She carried a mystical staff and was capable of a lot of weird magic.

Iron Maiden was bigger in every way from Lady Wonder. She was a power lifter turned super hero with some drugs that went haywire. She was nearly 7 foot tall, and ripped as all hell. She had dirty blonde hair and could bench press trucks. She wore a dull iron colored sports bra and shorts with normal workout shoes and had her hair tied back.

Sneak was the quiet one. She was Asian based on her eyes but she always wore a full body skin tight spandex suit with a full mask excepting only her eyes. She was about 5 foot 7 inches and her body was very feminine with a prefect set of 36C tits and hourglass shape. She was, as her name suggested, the spy and scout, capable of sneaking in anywhere. In fact Jack was sure she had been in his place a week before but couldn't prove it. Not that it mattered; everything in Jack's place was fully legal.

Techgirl was the last of the League. She was a genius, and also Miss Rhode Island from 2 years back. She had flaming red hair, and a temper that sometimes matched it. But she built gadgets, gimzos, and kept up the League's equipment and vehicles. She used various custom weapons to fight and she was not someone to take lightly.

And they were all standing in the foyer of The Dream, Jack's club. THE club. If you wanted to be a stripper, Jack was THE man to see, and his club was THE club to dance at. Some of his girls made a million dollars a night, and all his girls made more dancing at his club in a week than most Americans made in a whole year.

Of course, no one knew the real secret behind Jack's success at this business was some magic money given to him by a stranger for doing a good deed several years ago. Jack's careful use of his magic dollars had allowed him to recruit the most awesome talent on the planet and had allowed him to make every connection he needed to make his dream come true. He didn't even need to use his magic dollars anymore because pretty much every strip club in Nevada and the West Coast had become feeders for his operation.

Jack sighed and said "Look, I'm not hiding anything. I have been investigated by the local police, state police, FBI, and the IRS and they have all said I am clean and that is because I AM clean. I don't run any white slavery or force anyone here to do anything they don't want to do. I can fully understand you don't like my business, and I respect your opinion on that. But I'm clean and this is harassment."

"No, this is a start. How many customers will come when their faces are on the internet? How many will come knowing that one of us is just across the street watching and making note? Hmmmm? How will your customers take to being so, public?" Techgirl said with a sneer.

Jack sighed again. She had a point. He couldn't have them kicked off the sidewalk as it was public. He looked each one of them in the face and got more annoyed at each self-righteous, condescending, "I'm a hero and you're garbage" look he saw.

And he decided to dollar each one.

"You are correct I can't do anything about that. But I can sue you for false accusations. And here is how it's going to work. Right now, in spite of you NOT having a warrant, I will let your team into my club and you can inspect the ENTIRE place. Nothing, literally nothing, will be off limits to you. Any door you want opened, we'll open it. Any room you want to enter into, you can. Any one you want to talk too, you can. Only restrictions are this: One, you cannot commit any violence, period. Some of my clients are doing things that you may not like but since you are here as guests you can take no action. You see one of my girls and a client having nasty sex, you piss off and leave them be. No lectures, no preening, no fucking up the mood. You do that, breach of agreement and you're out on your ass. Two, I do have a couple of places where I normally restrict access. For those places you will be escorted by myself or by one of my security. If you have to wait for one, you wait. You bust a door down and it's trespassing and breaking and entering and I'll make sure it's on the news. Deal?"

Lady Wonder stared at him. Jack could tell he had thrown her off slightly with his offer of full disclosure. After a moment, she nodded and said "Agreed. We have five team members; you have a five story building. One on each floor then."

"Okay, but you forgot the basement. Tell you what, we can do that all together now or after you have finished the other floors." Jack said.

"After is fine. You will lead me to your top floor and your private quarters and office." Lady Wonder said with a sinister smile of someone who was certain they would be proven right shortly.

"Okay, follow me." Jack replied and led them into his club.


Jack could tell Lady Wonder was getting mad. She was frowning a whole lot more than when she had come up into the main lobby of the Hotel section of his club. She had obviously been expecting to find something but after checking everything, down to the broom closets, she was completely empty handed. Even his Gold Girl Rooms had nothing in them, not even a single joint. Jack had watched with a neutral expression as Lady Wonder had scanned the room using one of Techgirl's gadgets and was very much enjoying her annoyance.

"My office and private suite. Have a look around, but don't break anything."

Lady Wonder shot him a nasty look as she searched. Jack was impressed by her attention to detail and her thoroughness. She found his hidden walk in safe and Jack quickly stepped in to open it before she ripped the door off with an "AH HA!"

She started to look through his papers and she got obviously annoyed as Jack did nothing to stop her. She was starting to close the door when she noticed a small envelope taped to the door. She opened the top and noticed the dollar bills.

"Hmmmm, this is odd. One dollar bills. No one tips dollars in this place. Even a Coke costs $10." Lady Wonder looked at Jack who while very cool was apparently watching her a bit more closely. "Ah, this is something important. Time to rattle the cage."

Lady Wonder let her thumb run over the dollars. "Dollar Bills? Really? I thought your club was so much beyond this that the minimum tip was a $20 bill."

"Those are sentimental. The first dollars I ever got from my first Dancers. They are special. Well, to me anyway." Jack replied.

"Hmph, well enough of this, I'm, oh sorry about that." Lady Wonder said as she turned around a bit too fast and bumped into Jack. Being a super powered woman it didn't take much to knock Jack back several feet and make him stumble into a chair.

While Jack tried to keep his balance, Lady Wonder quickly grabbed a dollar and slipped it into her bright red knee boot.

Lady Wonder had never stripped before. She knew nothing about it other than what she thought of it; perverted, demeaning to women, and male exploitation. She didn't know about Jack's special dollars which would make any woman who touched one suddenly decide that the only thing she wanted to be was a stripper, or that if you took a dollar in a way like a stripper would you would completely transform into one of the hottest strippers on the planet.

Jack had been able to do that to several of his Golden Girls and they were his top talent. He had slipped dollars into their waistlines, bathing suit straps and once into a stocking top and presto instant adult star. Lady Wonder didn't know about that, but Jack did know that slipping a dollar into a boot top was a way his girls took money.

Jack was able to keep his balance and he saw Lady Wonder move her right hand so fast he wasn't sure he saw it, but he certainly saw the reaction.

Lady Wonder froze for just a second and then seemed to shimmer in front of Jack. Jack smiled at what he saw and said "Well now, someone just couldn't wait for a dollar could they?"

Lady Wonder giggled and said in a voice that dripped hot wet sex "No way Jacky boy. Mmmmmmmm, I've wanted to strip for you for as long as I can remember. Mind if I strut my stuff for you?"

Jack moved over to his private chair and motioned to the private stage and pole.

Lady Wonder strutted out onto the stage. Her black hair was longer, hanging down in a long ponytail to her ass. She now sported a fetish style of her costume. Where it had been red, white, and blue, it was now black, grey and silver. Her knee high boots were now black latex thigh boots with silver spurs. Her bottoms were now a silver set of g-string bikini bottoms, her full top was now a silver and black halter top that barely held her tits in check, and she had one thick make up with bright red lipstick that really stood out compared to the rest of her costume. Her ears now sported silver hoops, and she had black opera gloves and a black mask over her eyes. Even her tiara was changed from gold to Silver with a black colored 69 centered in it.

Jack hit his music remote and a great 80's glam rock tune started to pump out of the speakers. Lady Wonder didn't miss a beat and began to spin around the pole like she had been doing it all her life. Her super balance, strength and endurance let her give a stage dance that was simply the most amazing thing Jack had ever seen. She held herself out with one arm while she wrapped her legs around his neck carefully. She herself self out and motor boated Jack with her fantastic tits with her two feet holding her 3 feet off the stage after she had ripped off her top. She would do perfect splits and balance on her hands as she slowly lifted herself up until she was doing a handstand and then do the splits with her lovely pussy right in his face. Jack was a panting mess when she was done with the first song.

"Fuck! That was...Shit I don't have words to say what that was! Okay Lady Wonder, you're hired! Gold Girl level, you move into a private room tonight and start dancing at midnight. Standard contract, I get 90% of your take on every job, you get room, board, clothes, a car you can use, free drinks and food, and workout area. You get your hair, nails, and makeup done at the in house salon. Questions?" Jack said as he pulled out his readymade contract.

"Just one boss. Why so long until I start? I've been waiting to strut on your stage forever, why do I have to wait?" Lady Wonder said with a little pout as she signed on the dotted line.

"Simple. First, I am going to hire the whole league, but it will take me some time to get it done. Then I'm coming up here with all five of you and have a mind blowing orgy right here. No dancing until I get some of that super tail." Jack said as he counted out some more special dollars and slipped them into his pocket.

"Oh, well then, let me give you a preview." Lady Wonder said with a slutty coo as she wrapped her arms around her new boss's neck. She gave him a kiss that melted his brains and made his cock rock hard. While he was trying to remember what was happening Lady Wonder slid down and had his cock in her mouth in a few seconds. Jack's ability to think was sucked out in a few seconds, and he simply slumped into his chair as his newest stripper worked him.

Lady Wonder's tongue was amazing. She made it dance like no one Jack had ever had and he swore she made in entwine around his cock. She deep-throated him without gagging once and he blasted a huge load down her throat in a few minutes. She didn't miss a drop and simply stood up with a giggle as Jack slowly regained his senses.

"Damn. I have no words as to how rocking good that was. You missed your calling as a hooker, but I think you will shine as a stripper."

Lady Wonder giggled and gave him a kiss. "Oh thank you boss, you say the nicest things to a dumb little super stripper like me."


Madam Mystic was annoyed and a bit puzzled. She had a very faint hint of magic somewhere in the building and it had pulsed once. But she detected no danger from it and she couldn't trace it. She had a feeling that something was off, but her sharply tuned senses could not detect anything that was a dangerous threat.

And that made her nervous.

She had to calm herself down several times when she had opened a door to find a show in progress and got invited to watch or even join in. Since this was the 4th floor, only Gold Girls danced here and Madam Mystic knew that the people who were being entertained were shelling out thousands of dollars for just one dance. The women were all knockouts she had to admit, and they were under no drug influence, other than some obvious alcohol intake.

Madam Mystic looked up the hall way as a door opened and a very well dressed man walked out with a huge smile on his face and a bit of a stagger. He stumbled past her with a glassy eyed smile and winked at her. She nearly turned him into a toad just for a second to teach him some manners when a voice from the doorway said "He's not worth it."

Madam Mystic turned around and saw a beautiful redheaded woman standing in the doorway. Her hair was fire engine red and it matched her lipstick perfectly. She seemed fully sober, but had a very pleased smile on her face.

"Madam Mystic, I'm a big fan of yours. They call me Blaze." The woman said as she strutted towards her.

"Blaze? I've heard of you. I understand you used to be a police officer."

"Yes. I was until I met Jack. Deep down I had always wanted to be a stripper, and when I met him I finally found my courage to give it a shoot and now here I am. That guy there? He's a multi-millionaire hedge-fund manager from NYC who flies out for a lap dance from me once a month. He's really a loser I have to admit, I'm tempted to tell his wife but that would be against club policy and hey, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas right?" the redhead said as she stopped in front of Madam Mystic.

Madam Mystic used her magic to scan her. There was a hint of old magic on her. A spell of some type had been cast on her a while back, at least several years ago. But it was no longer affecting her. But that was something and Madam Mystic realized that this was somehow similar to the magic she had sensed earlier.

"Well, I'm off to freshen up. I'm free for the next hour so..."

"Do you mind if I accompany you? I'd like to talk to a Gold Girl who isn't, ahem, engaged if you will." Madam Mystic said.

Blaze grinned and said "I can understand that. Sure come on."

Blaze led her down the hall to a door and she scanned herself in using a fingerprint ID and a number code. The door opened and a large guard stood on the other side.

"She's with me. Remember what the boss said." Blaze said and the Guard simply nodded and moved to the side.

They walked down to another door and Blaze used another number code and fingerprint to get inside.

The room reminded Madam Mystic of a large hotel suite. There was a large living room with a desk and dining area, a large room with a king sized bed and a walk in closet that took up one whole wall complete with full length mirrors. It was clean and not exactly what Madam Mystic expected.

"I know you were expecting a cheap bed and wash stand, and a trunk of dirty skanky slut wear. But this is a perk of being a Gold Girl. 5 Star room, meals delivered, cleaning service and great security." Blaze said as she said down at a large vanity.

Madam Mystic looked at the vanity. The jewelry collection was large and obviously very real. Most women would die to just have one piece of Blaze's collection. Blaze opened a door to the side of the vanity and opened a small safe. She placed a large wad of cash in it.

"We keep our cash in our personal safes until noon when we do the daily count. Jack trusts us not to skim and so far no one ever has." Blaze said as she locked it.

Madam Mystic frowned. She had some understanding of strippers and this level of honesty and trust was NOT part of the equation normally. Something else was bugging her though. She looked at the clothing, the jewels, the money, the makeup and perfume. Something was not fitting and after another look she mentally snapped her fingers.

Tucked up in the corner of the mirror was a single dollar bill. A one dollar bill which was very odd considering that the lowest bill she had seen Blaze handle was a $50. That and it was just tucked in the side of the mirror, not in a frame or neatly in place like everything else.

Blaze followed her look and said "Oh, you noticed my good luck charm. That's the first dollar I ever made stripping. Got it from Jack when I tried out. He said to be sure I keep it always and it would be the last single I would ever make stripping. So I've had it ever since."

"Ah-hah. THAT is interesting." Thought Madam Mystic. She nodded and said "Do you mind if I take a closer look at it?"

Blaze nodded yes and said "Of course, just be careful with it. It means a lot to me."

Madam Mystic nodded and picked the dollar with her thumb and index finger and pulled it out of the mirror.

Blaze grinned evilly as the Super Hero froze for just a second. Madam Mystic blinked and then smiled.

Blaze looked up at the now former Super Hero and said "So, you want to be a stripper?"

Madam Mystic nodded. "Oh yes! I've always wanted to, but finally I get the chance to ask without any prying eyes! Do you think you can arrange a try out for me" She sat down on a chair with an eager smile.

Blaze grinned at her. "Of course. Jack was actually hoping you might be interested. He said you looked a natural, so I'm glad to hear it. But let's see what we have to work with. Get undressed and then put on that bikini and g string over there."

Madam Mystic stood and snapped her fingers. There was a poof and her costume was lying on the floor in a heap and she was now dressed in the black bikini.

Blaze clapped. "Oh that is a nice touch. Okay, put on those heels and then show me what you got."

Madam Mystic snapped her fingers again and another poof and on were the heels. Blaze touched a button on her vanity and pulsing music began to play from some hidden speakers. Madam Mystic needed no prompting and launched right into a dance. The woman spun around using the chair to work off of and Blaze nodded as she danced and teased. She was naked by the end of the song excepting her shoes and stockings and mask. Blaze clapped and smiled at her.

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