tagSci-Fi & FantasySuperheroines Bk. 06

Superheroines Bk. 06


WARNING... This is an "Erotic" Science Fantasy story.

If you are offended by commonly used sexual words and graphic descriptions of various sexual acts then stop reading this now.

There are countless Alternative Universes, ranging from ones that are almost indistinguishable from our own, to ones that are totally unrecognisable from our own.

Somewhere/time in the middle of these possibilities; is a Universe where there are special people with special abilities.

On this particular version of Earth, the background radiation has produced a range of humans with strange powers.

As humans everywhere, some of these people used their powers for self-interest and the accumulation of personal power.

Thankfully there were also those who chose to use their special powers to help others, and protect the vast mass of normal humans against the selfish and greedy ones.

These people, men and women, are known as Superheroes.

They justify their existence by fighting the Supervillians.

The rules are simple

If the Super heroines win, the bad guys go to jail.

If the bad guys win, the Super heroine gets raped.

Arvin – The Bodysnatcher and Mort - The Angel of Death

Arvin was a nasty little boy who grew up to be a nasty little man.

He would normally have joined the majority of forgettable human scum that infest the underworld of the City.

What made him different was that he came into his power at puberty, and was killed shortly afterwards.

He was a small weasel of a boy, and he dabbled in anything that would turn a profit.

He was working on the periphery of a street gang led by Stone, a big thug who loved to beat up people.

Stone had grabbed Arvin, and was throttling the little wimp.

That morning Arvin had woken up in his dumpster feeling very strange. He thought he was getting one of his innumerable colds again, and shrugged it off.

No fucker would care about him being ill, and he didn't care about them. He had a meeting with Stone today, and he had promised to pay him back a loan.

Arvin didn't have the money to do this, but was hoping that he could cut a deal with the leader of his gang.

On hearing this, Stone lost his temper and decided to set an example by killing this piece of shit in front of his gang.

Arvin knew he was going to die, and grabbed Stone's wrists trying vainly to relive the crushing pressure on his throat.

Suddenly his perspective changed, and it was him who was throttling Arvin.

His strong hands crushed the small mans throat, and Arvin smiled as he watched his body die.

The last look in his victims eyes was one of horror, as Stone wondered what the fuck was happening to him.

His last sight before he died was of himself, killing himself.

Arvin wondered what the fuck was going on here?

He seemed to be inhabiting the body of Stone, and hadn't a fucking clue how it had happened.

He looked down at his old dead body, and felt nothing but contempt for it.

It had been a shit body, small weak and ugly.

He was glad it was dead, and his first order to his gang was to get rid of it.

As two of his men dragged away his old body, Clarrisa rubbed her voluptuous body against his and whispered erotic suggestions into his ear.

Clarrisa was a big titted whore, who had worked her way up in the gang by fucking and sucking everyone she thought would be useful to her.

She alone knew that despite his powerful masculine body, Stone had a problem maintaining an erection.

Clarrisa had to use all of her sexual tricks to get a semi decent fuck out of him.

She was astounded when he grabbed her, and pulled her into his private room.

Arvin hated Clarrisa, she had treated him with utter distain and contempt. He knew she had fucked or sucked every member of the gang except him. Well now it would be his turn and she would regret the day she was born.

She thought for a while that Stone was on Valium, his cock was rigid with lust and he ripped her clothes off in a frenzy of desire.

There was no love or romance involved here, nor did she expect any.

He bent her over a table, and without any attempt at foreplay rammed his cock deep into her well used cunt from behind.

There was nothing wrong with Arvin's sex drive, when he scored a decent amount of money he spent it on whores like Clarrisa.

This time it was for free, and he was going to get his money's worth out of her cunt and ass.

The rest of the gang listened with awe as they could hear Clarrisa grunting at the impact of his balls against her plump ass.

It went on and on until they heard her scream in orgasm.

Clarissa had never been fucked like this; Stone was pounding into her like a sex machine.

His cock showed no sign of softening, and hardened whore that she was she eventually was pushed over the edge and orgasmed explosively.

Clarrisa was still cumming when she felt her ass cheeks being pulled apart, and she resigned herself to being ass fucked.

The gang heard her scream in pain as Arvin rammed Stone's big cock up her ass.

He grinned as he buggered this dirty whore, until at last he felt his orgasm coming.

He pulled out of her ass, and grabbing her hair pulled her to her knees in front him.

As she looked up in bewilderment he shot his load all over her tear stained face, until she was covered in his thick gooey cum.

He looked into her eyes as he emptied his balls onto her.

He was pleased to see a trace of fear, as she wondered what the fuck had happened to her.

Tucking his cock back into his pants, Alvin used Stones muscles to drag her to the door and throw her out of the room into the midst of the waiting gang.

The sight of her cumsoaked face, only increased their respect for their leader.

Arvin sat down and tried to work out what was happening to him.

Now his balls were empty his brain was thinking more clearly.

He was still Arvin, but he now inhabited Stone's powerful body, how?

In his wildest dreams he had prayed to Satan to grant him Super human status.

He had wanted a Power so badly.

He had really wanted to become invisible, like that lucky fucker in Chicago who called himself Ghost.

Arvin would have spied on all the film stars in their baths, and haunted the girls changing rooms in the nearby college.

He wasn't quite sure if this power was as good, but he wasn't complaining so far.

His main problem was that although he had the body of Stone, he didn't have his memories or knowledge.

How long could he fool the rest of the gang?

The smart answer was that he couldn't.

He closed the door of Stone's room, and searched through the man's pockets until he found a set of keys.

In the corner of the room was a safe, he opened it and gasped at the contents.

It was full of money, tens of thousands of dollars of drug money all in used notes.

There were also bags of heroin but he ignored that, he needed cash to make his escape from the gang.

Loading all the cash into a rucksack he strode out confidently.

He told Stone's second in command that he was going out for a while.

Arvin climbed into the latest car that the gang had stolen, and drove off into the city.

Arvin knew he had to completely disappear before the gang realised what had happened.

To do that, he had to try and duplicate his mind jump again.

He knew that no matter how much cash he now had, this body was too well known to the police for him to start a new life in it.

He needed a new body, some sort of suit.

A businessman would be ideal, preferably someone who had no family or very close friends.

He wanted a male body but wasn't sure how this power worked.

Arvin thought his spirit had jumped at the point of death, which meant that he would have to get someone to kill Stone's body so he could jump into theirs.

Did he have to be touching them at the point of death?

He didn't know for sure but he wasn't taking any chances.

Arvin was a very cunning man, and had thought of a way to achieve his goal.

The next morning he was knocking on the door of his latest employer.

Mr Grenville was a businessman cum criminal, who had occasion to use Stone's gang to achieve his aims.

He tried to keep a distance between himself and the tools that he used.

He was surprised when his butler informed him that the man Stone wanted to see him privately.

Grenville was tempted to tell his man to kick the thug out, but he thought it would be more prudent to see what the man wanted.

He was sitting at his walnut desk, when Stone was escorted into his office.

He watched in amazement as the man opened his rucksack, and tipped piles of money onto his expensive carpet.

'This is all for you Grenville, in return for a small private favour,' growled Stone.

Grenville motioned his two bodyguards to leave the room and sat back in his chair.

He was intrigued at this situation and was willing to hear Stone out.

'Have no fear Grenville, I am going to take out my gun and place it on your desk.

This is to show that I trust you,' said Stone.

He slowly drew his automatic from beneath his coat, and as promised placed it on Grenville's desk within easy reach of his well-manicured hands.

Grenville relaxed a bit at this gesture.

He didn't trust Stone, or any of the scum that he sometimes employed to do his dirty work.

However the money on the carpet, and the gun on the desk gave him a sense of security.

There was also the fact that his two bodyguards were just outside the door, and would rush in if he were in any danger.

Therefore he was totally amazed when Stone leaned over his desk and ignoring the loaded gun, grasped him around the throat and started to strangle him.

He couldn't yell out for his men due to the pressure on his throat.

Seeing Stone's gun out of the corner of his eye, he grabbed it.

Ramming its barrel into Stone's chest, Grenville pulled the trigger.

The heavy calibre gun blasted Stone, but he still held on to his throat. Grenville pulled the trigger over and over until the gun was empty.

Arvin hadn't realised how painful it was to be shot in the chest.

He gathered all his willpower and courage and held on to Grenvilles throat, until he felt himself suddenly jump from his borrowed body into the panicked businessman.

One second Grenville was shooting the thug Stone, and the next he was falling backwards onto the carpet, his last sight was of himself calling in his men.

At the first sound of the gun, Grenville's men had rushed in with guns drawn.

They seemed to be unnecessary, as their boss had already shot Stone and seemed shaken but OK.

Arvin stood up and brushed his hands over his expensive suit.

This was much better, as Grenville he could start to enjoy his new power.

'Dispose of this piece of shit and clean the blood from my carpet,' he ordered.

' Then put this cash into a box and place it on my desk, I will be back after I have showered and changed.'

The men looked at each other in surprise, Mr. Grenville had impressed them and they hurried to comply with his wishes.

Arvin was relieved and pleased that his plan had worked, it had hurt a bit but it was worth the temporary pain to be Mr. Grenville.

Stone had money but little power, and none of the respect that Arvin needed.

Grenville was a powerful and well-respected businessman.

Looking around his new home, Arvin knew he could get used to this lifestyle.

He found his bedroom by simply looking into every room on the top floor of the large rambling house.

He stripped off his bloodstained clothing, and walked naked into the en-suite bathroom.

Grenville had kept his body in good condition; it was fit and strong, testimony to many hours playing tennis and swimming.

Arvin was admiring it in a full-length mirror, when the bathroom door opened and a beautiful young girl ran in.

'Daddy Daddy what was all that noise? Oh my God you are covered in blood, what happened Daddy?' she asked running over to him in concern.

Arvin was stunned he didn't know Grenville had a daughter, as far as he knew the man had never married and kept himself to himself.

His daughter was a very beautiful, dark haired, small-breasted girl with dark pubic hair.

Arvin knew this because she was completely naked, and as she reached him she threw her arms around his waist and hugged him tightly.

'Oh Daddy I was so scared, tell me you are OK please Daddy.'

'Er yes dear I'm fine, it was just one of the bodyguard's guns going off by mistake.

There's nothing to worry about' he reassured her, hugging her in return and finding his hands holding her small firm naked ass.

The girl giggled as she felt his erection pressing against her naked belly.

'Oh Daddy, I can see that Mr.Willy is feeling well, but you must be feeling very stressed.

Do you want Julia to de-stress her daddy again?'

So her name was Julia, and she was looking up at him with her big eyes, as her hand was cupping his balls and gently massaging them.

'Er Julia darling, remind Daddy just how old you are,' asked Arvin as his cock grew even harder as she rubbed her small nipples against his chest.

She giggled again 'Oh Daddy your memory is getting worse.

You bought me that underwear from Paris on my eighteenth birthday only last month.

Don't you remember how cross mommy was at you?

It is beautiful, and you know I love to wear it for you when we play Mommies and Daddies.'

Arvin's cock took over from his brain, as he allowed the girl to drag him to the bed.

He lay on his back with his cock standing upright with lust.

Julia climbed on top of him with her little ass towards his face, and he gasped as he felt her hot mouth encompass his swollen knob.

Her naked little bottom was tantalisingly close to his face, and with a groan of need he grabbed her by the hips and buried his face between her ass cheeks.

Her ass was perfect, small and firm.

She was a far cry from Clarissa, with her well-fucked fat ass.

He could see Julia's small pink anus, and kissed it before moving his mouth lower to suck and lick her pussy.

'Oh Daddy you are being naughty again, you know I love you doing that,' she gasped.

'Er what if Mommy catches us doing this?' he asked fishing for information.

'Silly Daddy, Mommy is in Italy all this month, that's why we can play together' Julia replied, turning around so she was facing him.

She grasped his throbbing cock, and with a frown of concentration guided it between her legs until it entered her tight vagina.

With a small moan she lowered herself onto him, until her pubes were pressed against his balls.

Arvin had only ever fucked paid whores, they may have once been tight but that was years before his cock entered their well used cunts and asses.

This little girl's pussy was very tight indeed, and he wondered what the fuck was going on here.

Grenville was obviously into a bit of Incest with his daughter, and her mommy didn't know about it.

'Er how many times doe's this make that we have played Mommies and Daddies?' he asked as she slid up and down his shaft.

Julia giggled and counted on her fingers as she continued to fuck him.

'This makes five times, honestly daddy your memory is getting so bad lately.'

Arvin had lost interest in her answer as his orgasm overwhelmed him.

His back arched in a convulsion of lust, as he pumped his load up into her womb.

Julia held on tight, as he bucked underneath her gasping for breath.

She was a clever girl and intended that she would be her daddy's favourite, not her mommy.

Julia had hatched her plan to usurp her mother, at the all female

College, that her bitch of a mommy had condemned her to for most of her life.

Now she was free, and she didn't intend her mommy to send her away again.

Using her little girl act, and by getting her daddy very drunk one night she had seduced him.

Julia definitely took after her father, when it came to morality and criminal expertise.

While his daughter was fucking Arvin senseless, Mort was walking in the cold driving rain.

The wind drove it against her leather-clad body, and she was glad of the heavy hooded cloak that kept her warm and dry.

She only went out at night, and preferably when it was raining hard.

This wasn't because she liked the rain; on the contrary she hated it.

But it was only on nights like these; that she could almost guarantee that she wouldn't meet anybody else stupid enough to be out in it.

Unfortunately she forgot that some people had to be out in the rain.

They had no home to go to, except for the odd cardboard box or garbage bin.

They would tell anyone who cared to listen, that they didn't have enough money for a room.

Of course that was usually because they had spent their dole money on drink and drugs.

Two such dregs of humanity were sheltering under a tarpaulin, when they spied a figure walking down their ally towards them.

'Fuck me Charlie, that looks like the girl from the 7/11.

You know the one with the big tits,' said Bob, 'perhaps she has some spare change do you think?'

Caroline was bushed she had been working a double shift and just wanted to get back to her room as quickly as possible.

She needed to take these fucking shoes off, and crash out until it was time to go back to that fucking shitty shop for another double shift.

She normally would keep to the lighted streets, but she was tired and wanted to get home as soon as possible.

She also thought that no one would be about on such a fucking horrible night.

Suddenly two piles of cardboard seemed to come alive, and she was faced with two bums blocking her way.

Her tired eyes recognised them as Bob and Charlie, the gunslingers.

The locals called them that not because they carried guns, but because they were always shooting up all the time.

At the store she had to be polite to these idiots, and put up with their leering at her breasts.

They were always making lewd remarks and suggestions, and she was not in the mood for them tonight on her own time.

'Get out of the fucking way Charlie, I'm tired and can't be arsed with you tonight,' she said glaring at them.

Charlie was hurt and then angry, he was sure she fancied him and he knew that this was her payday.

She had cash, and he needed a blast to get him through the night.

She kept her money in that purse.

Caroline yelped in surprise, as she felt her purse ripped from her arm.

The sudden jerk tripped her up, and she fell sprawling on the wet ground.

Her skirt rode up and exposed her panties to Bob; his drugged soaked brain took this as an invitation to grab her ass.

Caroline screamed in shock and rage, and kicked out hitting Bob in the face.

'Aarrggh you fucking bitch' he shouted, and booted her in her side.

Caroline felt sick and doubled over in pain.

'Step away from the woman,' ordered a cold voice from the end of the alley.

Bob looked up from drooling over Caroline's knickers, and saw a dark hooded figure silhouetted against the street lamp's weak light.

It looked so much like the popular image of Death; that he found himself looking for the scythe.

However apart from that one verbal order, the figure just stood there.

Bob's drug soaked brain had to keep things simple.

The dark figure had no visible weapons, so it was powerless to stop him doing what the fuck he wanted with this big titted whore.

'Fuck off before you get hurt' he shouted, and turned back to his task of pulling off the stunned woman's knickers.

'Hold her down Charlie while I go first,' he growled to his partner.

'Watch out Bob, it's coming closer,' warned Charlie as he saw the cloaked figure glide towards the struggling group.

Bob couldn't think about fucking Caroline, and worry about this nosy bastard at the same time.

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