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Superheroines Bk. 09


WARNING... This is an "Erotic" Science Fantasy story. If you are offended by commonly used sexual words and graphic descriptions of various sexual acts then stop reading this now.

There are countless Alternative Universes, ranging from ones that are almost indistinguishable from our own, to ones that are totally unrecognisable from our own. Somewhere/time in the middle of these possibilities; is a Universe where there are special people with special abilities. On this particular version of Earth, the background radiation has produced a range of humans with strange powers. As humans everywhere, some of these people used their powers for self-interest and the accumulation of personal power. Thankfully there were also those who chose to use their special powers to help others, and protect the vast mass of normal humans against the selfish and greedy ones. These people, men and women, are known as Superheroes. They justify their existence by fighting the Supervillians.

The rules are simple If the Super heroines win, the bad guys go to jail. If the bad guys win, the Super heroine gets raped.

Featuring Jane alias Supersonic, and Demoness.

The sun was shining brightly and the air was warm and scented with lavender from the many bushes dotted about the grounds of the Sanatorium. The undulating hum of bees industriously working away soothed the shattered nerves of the convalescing patients. It had once been a large private retreat for a Senator, and nestled in an estate that was measured in tens of acres. It was very private and secluded, and ideal for the recovery of Super humans hurt in the line of duty, or by any other means.

Jane was recovering nicely at this private sanatorium in the country. It was sponsored by the Government; for the benefit of the Super humans that needed it. It had been a month since she had been captured by terrorists and gang raped, in order to force her breasts to lactate. She had eventually been rescued, by the Super heroine Blaze.

The actual details of the rescue were still fuzzy in her mind, as she and the three other girls had been drugged and abused until they were in a constant daze. At the moment Jane was stretched out in the warm sun in her bikini on a sun bed, sipping a soft drink and feeling the buzz again. She was a budding Super human, her power was Super speed. She had been trapped via a Website, when she had tried to get some advice concerning her powers.

Her Super speed had left her during the aftermath of her drugging. It was only now that she felt the return of the buzz, that told her she was fully recovered and ready to roll again. Her glass was empty, and she felt it was time to stretch her legs so to speak. The woman who was working behind the bar jumped, as she heard what seemed to be a sonic boom. She blinked her eyes in disbelief as a bottle of coke seemingly disappeared from the chiller in front of her.

'Oh Fuck, I had forgotten about this,' swore Jane as she stood over her sun bed holding the bottle of coke. She was naked. Her bikini had been ripped off her body by the friction of the air, when she had run to the bar and grabbed the bottle.

She had no idea how fast she actually moved, but it was certainly faster than a speeding bullet. She knew it was supersonic because of the boom that accompanied her dashes. Such was her speed that the air resistance ripped off her clothes every time she used her power. It was because of this and other drawbacks of her power, that she had looked for advice.

Jane now knew that she should have gone to the Headquarters of the Super humans for advice. She had been unsure of how they would have treated her. Before her power had manifested, she like many normal humans had been a bit suspicious of Super humans. She now admitted to herself that she had been wrong, and determined to use her power to help the Super human's cause.

In the meantime she had to try and think of a way to stop becoming naked every time she zipped. Jane thought of what she did as zipping, for want of a better word. She wrapped a beach towel around her naked body, and walked at normal speed back to her room to get dressed. She had asked to speak to Blaze when it was convenient for her, and a meeting had been arranged for this afternoon.

Jane spent a while over her appearance, as she wanted to give a better impression now than she did when first they met. When Blaze had rescued her and the rest of the girls, Jane had been naked and drugged out of her mind. Her body had been raped and bruised, and her breasts had been milked. Every orifice in her body had been filled with semen, and she had been filthy and stinking.

Now after a month of rest and care she was back to her glamorous self. Jane was a beautiful tall dark haired young woman, with the large firm breasts of the superhuman female. Since her rape these breasts were full of milk, and seemed a lot heavier than they had been before her capture.

She had just made herself presentable, when she heard the throaty roar of Blaze's sports car approaching the sanatorium. The scarlet sports car swept up the long drive of the rest home, and pulled into a parking slot. Jane watched in admiration, as Blaze leapt out of the powerful machine and strode towards her.

Her entire demeanour screamed of confidence and power, Blaze was as tall as Jane but red headed. Her costume was a skintight affair in scarlet that was frankly indecent, as it showed of her perfect athletes body as if she was naked. Blaze was so powerful, that she could walk through the city naked without any fear of attack by men.

Blaze's power could kill easily, and everyone knew this and treated her with the utmost respect. She wore a red mask to protect her identity, from behind which her brilliant red eyes surveyed the world. If Jane had any lesbian tendencies, she would have fallen in love with her at first sight. As it was she respected this woman immensely and owed her life to her.

'Hi Jane, you're looking good, how can I help you,' Blaze said in her pleasant voice without preamble. Jane realised that Blaze was a busy woman, and quickly explained her problem and asked if she could help her solve it. 'You want to be a Super Heroine but not a naked one, is that it in a nutshell?' asked Blaze smiling at the newbie.

'Shiva, when in doubt seek her out,' suggested Blaze, and decided to take Jane to SHHQ then and there. 'Hop in girl, no time to waste,' she ordered as she walked back to her car. Jane held on tight, as they roared out of the Sanatorium and towards the city. 'How fast can you go?' asked Blaze as they sped along the road.

'I have no idea, I've never had the facilities to measure myself, but I think I go supersonic at least,' she answered. 'I would race you to SHHQ but I don't know the way there, and I would only arrive naked if I tried,' she continued. 'Don't worry girl, Shiva will know what to do, or if not she will know someone who doe's know,' assured Blaze with a grin.

'What is Shiva like? They say she is the most powerful Super heroine in the world,' asked Jane nervously. 'Oh she is that, I know that I wouldn't want to go up against her. I honestly can't think of any other Super human who would stand a chance against her,' replied Blaze. They reached the Headquarters building, and shaking with trepidation Jane followed Blaze into Shiva's office on the top floor.

Both Jane and Blaze were over six feet tall, and when Blaze moved to one side Jane's gaze passed right over the head of the small golden woman standing in front of her. 'I'm down here,' said a kind voice and Jane blushed as she looked down into startling blue eyes set into the face of a small Asian woman partly hidden by a golden mask.

'Oh my God, I am so sorry Shiva but.....' 'You expected someone taller? Don't worry dear girl, I'm used to this and it doesn't bother me a bit,' reassured Shiva inviting them to sit down. Blaze reiterated Jane's problem and Shiva thought for a while.

'Strip down to your bra and panties and show us,' she said. Jane shrugged and undressed as told until she was in her underwear. She looked like a Playgirl with her large heavy breasts, long legs and curvaceous hips. 'There is a flower bed in the foyer of this building, please fetch me flower,' asked Shiva. 'As fast as you can please.' Despite themselves both Blaze and Shiva jumped as a loud crack reverberated from the walls of the office.

Jane stood there naked holding out a rose to Shiva. It was as if she hadn't moved but had suddenly become naked. 'Fuck me, I don't believe this,' gasped Blaze 'I think the word you're looking for is Gosh,' scolded Shiva to Blaze. Shiva was a well brought up Asian girl, and hated people swearing in front of her. 'Sorry Shiva' said Blaze meekly. 'I held the rose in my hand to protect it from the wind,' explained Jane.

'Hmmm, this looks like a job for Mrs. Wainwright, she makes a lot of the costumes for our new members and she has recently had to make costumes for Amazon and Tank,' said Shiva. 'As you may know Tank is so strong and tough, that he can withstand an explosion that would kill a normal man. However the first time that happened his shorts were blown to shreds, and he tells us that grown women fainted at the sight.'

Despite her puritan upbringing, even Shiva had to smile at the mental picture of Tank naked. 'Mrs Wainwright made him a pair of shorts from Kevlar, and so far they have survived intact. Needless to say that Amazon decided that she too had to have a costume made from Kevlar to match his.'

While she had been talking Jane got dressed again, albeit minus her underwear. 'I believe that Kevlar is the only material that has a chance of surviving the speed that you move Jane. I will ask Mrs. Wainwright to measure you, and create a costume that pleases you,' decided Shiva.

'By the way you will need an Alias if you wish to join the ranks of the Super heroines, do you have any ideas? asked Blaze. 'First of all, thank you Blaze and you Shiva for helping me. I can't thank Blaze enough for rescuing me from those men, and I will always be in her debt,' said Jane sincerely. Blaze looked at Shiva guiltily.

Only Shiva, Blaze and Catharine, knew that it was Shiva who had rescued the girls from the terrorists, not Blaze. However she had used Catharine, the most secret of the Super humans, to achieve this feat. In order to protect this secret, Shiva had decided to give the credit of the rescue to her trusted lieutenant Blaze.

'As for my Alias I was going to call myself The Flash, or Blur, but both those names were already taken. I thought of calling myself Supersonic, as I seem to be,' said Jane blushing. 'Supersonic seems to be a good name as far as I am concerned' said Shiva, and asked Blaze if she would escort Supersonic down to see Mrs. Wainwright for a fitting.

When the two women had left her office, Shiva sat back in her chair and sighed. Yet another one of Shiva's sister's to worry about, as if she didn't have enough worries at the moment. Her parents were from Calcutta, and had been living in America for over 30 years.

Her real name was Shilpa Patel, and she had been educated as an American girl all her life, but she had the upbringing and morals of an Indian girl. Her long shiny hair was jet black, and her flawless skin a pleasing golden coffee colour. She had enormous eyes that captured the attention of all that met her. They were bright blue, an extremely rare colour for an Indian girl.

Shilpa was a bit of a loner in college as she just couldn't bring herself to chatter about sex and boys like all her friends. She had been brought up to believe that sex, and other personal things shouldn't be mentioned in public. Her large breasts had always embarrassed her, but she couldn't do anything about them except try and hide them under her usual loose clothing.

However when she appeared as Shiva she wore a skin-tight body stocking that made her appear from a distance to be naked. It was golden and matched her face perfectly; she had deliberately chosen this costume so as to separate her two lives as fully as possible.

When she had come into her power she had suffered a slight personality split. Shilpa was the perfect little Indian girl, whilst Shiva was the avatar of the Goddess herself, "The Destroyer of Worlds

Shilpa was 20 years old and the leader of the Super Humans of the City. Her parents wanted had her to become a lawyer but she had told them that she now had a good career working for the Government. She was still a virgin, a rare thing indeed for a beautiful young woman in a college environment. Like all Super heroines she had come into her power at puberty.

Her mental powers had started of weak and intermittent. She found she could bring small objects to her hands and close doors from a distance. Shilpa thought that doing such things was somehow naughty, and had hidden her ability from her parents. This reinforced the naughtiness, as she knew that she shouldn't keep things from them.

To this day her parents had no idea that their small well-behaved daughter was the world famous Telekinetic, Shiva. All they knew was that their beautiful daughter was 20 years old and unmarried. This was a big worry to her mother, and she had been doing some matchmaking.

The last two times Shilpa had visited her parents, there had been a good looking Indian boy invited to dinner. The first time this had happened Shilpa had thought it was cute, and although polite to the boy, had made it clear that there was no chemistry between them. The second time it happened she began to get annoyed, this distressed her immensely. She loved her mother dearly, and knew that she was simply trying her best to make her daughter happy.

Shilpa had never been with a man, never kissed one and at this moment in time had no desire to do either. The only sexual encounter she had ever had was with the Super human Angel. She still blushed when she remembered sucking and licking Angel's pussy and having her do the same to Shilpa. This incident had occurred due to the powerful sexual pheromones involuntarily produced by Angel, and Shilpa had been powerless to resist them.

Thankfully Mort had intervened, and since then Verity had enabled Angel to control her pheromone production, and there was no chance of a repeat performance. Be that as it may, Shilpa didn't need this added worry in her life and she was thinking of a way to wriggle out of visiting her parents for a while.

On the other side of the city it was dull and overcast. It was as if the sun was reluctant to shine down and illuminate the dirty streets and alleyways. Demoness was waiting in a side booth in a Bar in gangland, the roughest part of the city. She was there because of an advertisement in the newspaper that had cryptically asked for a meeting with her. She had nothing better to do that evening, so had decided to turn up and see what happened.

To an onlooker the sight of a small young black girl sitting alone in a biker's bar wearing a skintight red leather cat suit would be a recipe for trouble. The clientele were the roughest denizens of the streets, and would think nothing of dragging a unprotected young girl into an ally and raping her. However the bartender knew of this particular girl, and when any of his regulars seemed to be deciding to go over to her table, he quickly caught their eye and shook his head in warning.

The two young bucks that were too drunk to heed his warning had indeed gone over to her, and stroked her pretty face whilst making obscene suggestions to her. The bartender watched unconcerned as he saw them both walk into the men's toilet, and a few minutes later emerge with a blank look and their heads soaking wet.

Demoness was a fantastically powerful Coercer; you only had to touch her, or her touch you, for her to be able to order you to do anything. She could, and often had, ordered men to die. Upon this order their hearts would cease beating, and they would drop dead in front of her.

Luckily for these young drunks she was in a playful mood, and had simply ordered them to go into the men's toilets, stick their heads in the loo and flush it. Then she had ordered them to forget they had ever spoken to her, and to keep away from her for the rest of the night.

She was sipping her drink and thinking of getting another one. Her name was Mandy and she never had to pay for anything, she simply told the bartender that she had already paid and he believed it. She looked up when a tall Arabian man approached her table. He prudently stood still when he realised she had seen him, and waited for her to beckon him forward.

Demoness noticed that the man was wearing a full-length leather coat and leather gloves. This was obviously an attempt to protect himself against her coercion. 'I see you know something about me,' she said coolly ' it appears that you have cleverly nullified my power. You are obviously a very clever man' she continued.

'Call me Mr. Johnson, I pride myself on being prepared for most occasions,' he replied shortly. He was an Arab terrorist and had no time for the weaker sex. He wouldn't have lowered himself to be here talking to a woman unless he had been ordered to do so by his cell leader. This silly little girl's vaunted power; could be avoided by a simple pair of gloves; he despised her misplaced arrogance.

'Crusher, if you please,' said Demoness clearly. Johnson suddenly felt himself held firmly from behind, as a hulking great brute of a biker had come up behind him and wrapped his muscular tattooed arms around him pinning him to his chair. Demoness leaned forward and brushed her fingers across Johnson's cheek.

'Sit still Mr. Johnson do not move or speak,' she ordered. Mandy had previously positioned various members of the biker gang around the bar after putting them under her spell. Crusher just happened to be the closest, and had served his purpose. There was no need for him now, so she sent him back to his interrupted drink.

Inside his mind Mr. Johnson was screaming in frustrated rage, his body was no longer under his control. Demoness sat back comfortably, and told Mr. Johnson to tell her everything he knew concerning her and his plans for her. She listened intently as he told her everything.

He was a Warrior of Islam, and had intended to offer her lots of money to work for them. They would then capture her and use her milk to give his group the power of Coercion. They were then going to coerce someone close to the President, to act as a suicide bomber and kill him.

Mandy then asked him what they would do with her when this had been done. He explained that she would be too dangerous to be allowed to live, and it was arranged that she be killed. She then asked him if he was alone. He wasn't alone; outside the bar on the roof of the opposite building was a sniper, with orders to kill her as she exited unless he was given a code word from Mr. Johnson.

'Very clever, if I didn't fall in with you I would be killed to shut me up,' commented Mandy. 'Any other things I should know about?' she pressed. She was surprised when he told he that he was wearing a suicide vest and only had to trip a switch on his belt to kill her and everyone in the bar.

Cold-blooded killer that she was, Demoness was taken aback by the sincerity in the man's voice. He would kill himself and her without hesitation; she had to grudgingly admire such misplaced dedication to his cause. She herself had no morals that she knew about, and would sell out anyone if it served her purposes.

Her first impulse was to kill him, after of course making him give the sniper the correct code. However Demoness had a secret that she would kill to protect. The secret was simply that she was in love. The person she loved however was a straight arrow, and Demoness needed a present to give her that would encourage her to look kindly on Mandy.

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