tagMatureSupermarket Sparks

Supermarket Sparks

byNemasis Enforcer©

Bret stood patiently watching as the woman serving him scanned his DVD then made an annoyed exclamation. It was just a cheap straight-to-DVD Action movie starring Danny Trejo. He had decided to buy it on a whim since he had a bit of spare money in his pocket, but it seemed he was going nowhere fast right now.

"Not now!" Karen was having a bad day, she was doing three jobs all at the same time and still had over an hour to go before someone came to take her place at the DVD counter of the supermarket. Nevertheless, right now she was not worried about that, she was more worried by the customer who she was serving.

"I'm sorry about this but the till has scanned the DVD twice and I'm not sure how to delete it," she said in a very apologetic tone, almost waiting for him to rant and rave at her.

"That's no problem, I'm not in a rush" he smiled as he spoke, trying to put her at ease from her obvious hesitancy.

"That's good, I'll just ring my supervisor and they will sort it out" Karen said reaching for the phone and asking for Debbie while looking back at Bret who once again smiled at her.

It was a pleasant surprise that this tall young man was being so understanding and nice, when she first saw him she had instantly judged that he would be like all of the others who she served. He was young looking, tall and quite broad. Usually with that sort, she found if there was even a hint of a delay they get impatient and tended to take it out on her. This young man just kept smiling at her however and standing quietly as he waited, tapping his £10 note on the counter as he waited to pay.

"I'm really sorry about this" she said again after hanging up the phone, she had been informed Debbie would be a few moments only, but Karen felt she had to apologize again for the wait.

"Don't worry about it, not your fault" came the replay in an upbeat tone accompanied by another smile which made Karen feel even more at ease, his smile was nice too she thought, not just his personality.

"Should just be a moment or two," she said looking around for her supervisor but only seeing customers "My daughter better be up and ready for collage or there will be trouble" she said just trying to make a bit of conversation as they both waited.

"Collage you don't look old enough" Bret said with actual surprise that this woman had a daughter of collage age. He had assumed she was in her mid thirties going by her looks.

"Oh I am trust me" Karen laughed and slightly blushed, she had never been good at taking compliments and while she knew she didn't quite look her 43 years, she didn't think she'd be hearing something like that from a guy who she thought must be in his late teens.

"Well you don't look it," he said again smiling and looking around.

Karen smiled to herself, she really liked this person, he was polite and sweet and the more she saw his smile the more she liked him.

"She should be here by now, I bet she has forgotten about me," Karen said referring to Debbie who she had called for several minutes ago now.

"Probably found something else to do" Bret said with a grin

"Again I'm sorry about this" Karen said, now feeling bad that she had made this nice guy wait for what seemed like an hour, but inside she also felt happy she was able to spend more time with him. "I'll ring again, it's been five minutes right?"

"Yep it has," he said as he watched Karen rang again. He took in her looks and admired her as her straight blonde hair framed her face. She was very pretty for a more mature woman, quite short and no supermodel but not fat either, just a nice curvy woman, in his eyes a perfect shape.

"Is Debbie on her way? I've got a lovely customer here who been waiting for ages" she said glancing over at Bret who smiled when he saw her gaze at him.

"Is she coming?" Bret asked as Karen walked back over

"Yes, she's on her way finally"

Bret nodded and smiled again, making Karen smile back at him like his smile was infectious.

"Ah here she is" Karen said as her supervisor finally arrived to sort out the problem, which Karen was busy telling her.

Bret watched as the supervisor tapped on the till buttons, then looked at Karen who gave him a little thumbs up and a wink which made him chuckle and her laugh.

"There you go all done," the supervisor said as she stepped back

"Thanks, I hate this till" Karen said, "I can't wait to get finished and home"

"Yeah well tough" the supervisor said jokingly "Anyway what you complaining about you got a lovely customer here"

"He is lovely!" Karen said quickly, in the ten minutes or so they had been talking she had really enjoyed his company and was not exaggerating with her response, which was fast and heartfelt. Bret smiled happy to take the compliment from such a nice woman.

"Ok finally! Here you go enjoy your film," Karen said as she sealed the DVD in a bag with his recite and handed it over.

"I better bloody do after all this" Bret joked making Karen laugh loudly

"Oh god I hope so" she said through her giggles "You have to let me know!"

"I will probably be back here Friday," Bret said with a chuckle. That was his usual shopping day, today was just a quick trip.

Karen couldn't tell why she did it, looking back it seemed stupid, but she was just so caught up in the moment and she really liked this guy which all conspired to make her act on instinct rather then logic.

"Here, you have to call me when you have watched it and let me know!" Karen took out a pen and piece of paper form the till and wrote down her phone number before handing it to Bret who accepted it without hesitation.

"Just ask for Karen," she said with a smile, wiping away a tear from the laughter

"Will do and I'm Bret" and with that he went, Karen watching him leave before carrying on with her work but all the time thinking about the phone ringing.

"Hello, is Karen there?" Bret nervously waited for the voice on the other end of the phone to answer; it had been two days since he had watched the movie and three since he had first talked to Karen at the till in the supermarket. He was not sure, if he should call, or if she would even want to hear from him. After all, he did not know if she was married or single, lived alone or with someone else, or anything about her other then her name and that she had a daughter who was at collage.

"This is Karen," the voice said flatly "Who is this?"

"Oh, err, it's Bret," he said nervously, but trying hard to conceal it in his voice.

"Bret?" It seemed she did not remember him, which made Bret feel a little stupid for calling. "Oh wait, Bret from the other day?"

"That's right, you said to call after I watched the movie, hope I didn't make a mistake in doing so" His heart began to beat a little faster as he answered.

"No, no, of course you didn't silly, I told you to call didn't I!, I just never thought you would" she said her voice lifting which made Bret feel a little at ease "So, please tell me you liked it!"

"It was ok," Bret, said smiling to himself, he was not lying either, that is what he though about it.

"All that and it was just ok?" Karen laughed on the other end of the phone "Oh well..." her voice trailed off and there was a moment of silence on the phone as both did not know what to say next.

"Err, I hope I didn't disturb you" Bret said breaking the silence not knowing what else to say, he had never been good with talking on the phone and even worse with women.

"Oh no, I was just with my daughter helping her revise, nothing special" Karen lied, her hand free hand actually rubbing her hard clit. She had been right in the middle of masturbating thinking of Bret when he had called, she would normally have ignored the call but something in the back of her head that said answer it and she was glad she had. Just hearing his voice brought on new feelings of arousal.

"Well I'll let you get on with it then, just wanted to let you know after the ordeal was all" Bret said hoping he was not sounding too stupid

"I'm glad you did, it was great hearing from you and maybe I'll see you tomorrow, its Friday after all," she said almost hopefully which took Bret back a little for a second. He would have been taken back much more if he had known that Karen now had two fingers sliding between her pussy lips as her mind imagined it was his hard cock.

"Yeah, err, see you around tomorrow hopefully," he said before hanging up and sighing to himself as his heartbeat settled.

It was Friday dinnertime and Bret jumped a little as he felt a hand on his back. He turned his head to see who it was, expecting it to be another customer just asking to get past as he stood looking once again at DVD's in the supermarket, but he was greeted with a smiling face. It was Karen looking up at him.

"Hi again" she said with her hand still on his back "Don't tell me you're having another go?"

"No not this time, just looking. I don't think I could stand to lose another year of my life" he joked back making Karen laugh

"You've got plenty of years to lose" she joked back, as she drank in his youthful looks with her eyes and remembered just how cute his smile was.

"I've already gone through twenty six of them," he said back that made Karen arch her eyebrows in surprise; he did not look twenty-six that is for sure.

"No way"

"Its true, I get it all the time that I don't look my age so I'm not surprised you didn't think so" he said with a rueful smile, he was forever getting asked for ID when he bought anything that required you to be 18 to buy.

Karen smiled "Well you got more years then me to lose then, I'm over the hill compared to you" she said flicking her hair away from her face as she looked up at Bret's face, right now she hated being only 5 feet 6 inches when he was a good 6 feet tall at the least.

"Oh come on you can't be that old," Bret said reassuringly

"Forty-Four in a few months" she said back, looking away a little, feeling self-conscious.

"Well you look great for it" Bret said smiling, he was always quick with a compliment for every woman he met which is why he had no trouble making female friends but had, had very few actual lovers in his life.

Karen blushed before smiling. She felt so at ease around Bret and his sweet charm just made her feel even more attracted to him. She had not felt this way in a long, long time and had not flirted as she was trying to now for even longer.

"Anyway I wouldn't be able to delay you today, I'm just finished for my dinner break so I can't break the till this time" she said trying to move herself on from just staring at Bret "Have you eaten today?" she asked, fishing for a reason to ask him to join her.

"Not a lot" he said which made her smile internally.

"Well if you would like, you can join me, sort of a sorry for the other day," she said hopeful that he would say yes.

"Sure, but there really is no need at all" Karen just heard the first part and she was all over the place inside her own head, a mix of excitement and terror seemed the best way to describe it.

"I'll just grab my purse and we'll be off then, just wait here," she said before hurrying off to the employee's area to grab her jacket and purse and escorting her young friend out of the front door to her car.

Both made idle chitchat as Karen drove them to a local café, talking about the weather and how nice it was as well as their lives. Karen telling him how she had been divorced for the last 10 years and how she lived with her 18-year-old daughter and Bret revealing how he had been made unemployed recently, and was on the search for a job

"I'll have to put a good word in for you at the supermarket," Karen said as they parked up.

"That would be perfect, could see you every day then" Bret instantly regretted saying those words, god he must have sounded so stupid and desperate he thought. Karen did not say anything, which just made Bret feel worse.

"Sorry I didn't mean that how it sounded" he said hoping Karen didn't feel uncomfortable "I just meant, well, you know, it would be nice to see you and chat is all" he just felt like he was digging a bigger hole.

"Oh so you don't want to see me every day then?" Karen said with a bite of her lip. She was feeling very hot right now sat in her car with a young man who she was more attracted to by the second as he fumbled his words and seemed so nervous.

Bret blushed and did not know what to say, he felt uncomfortable and nervous, he always had trouble with women flirting that had really held him back in his love life and now was no exception.

"I didn't mean that, I mean, yes I'd love to but..." Bret's sentence was cut short as Karen leaned over and cupped his face in her hands and planted her lips on his, softly pressing them against his as she tenderly kissed him.

Bret just sat frozen as Karen broke the kiss and smiled looking into his eyes, her hands still caressing his face. Neither spoke, just looked at each other before they both closed their eyes as they pressed their lips together again and kissed more passionately this time, lust driving both as they kissed harder and pressed against each other.

Karen ran a hand down Bret's back as she felt her panties begin to get clammy from the arousal she now felt as she kissed the sweet young man in her car.

A moan escaped from Karen's throat as she flicked her tongue over the soft lips of Bret, he reciprocated and their tongues intertwined in a deep lustful kiss. Bret pressed himself closer to Karen, he could feel her breasts pressed against his chest through their clothes, his cock hardened as his arousal grew with the extra stimulation.

"My daughter will be at collage by now" Karen broke the kiss to speak, her voice was shallow and lustful as she breathed heavy and squeezed her thighs together, the tingle in her crotch driving her wild with desire to feel this young man enter her.

Bret smiled and Karen hurriedly began to drive to her house, all the way, she would sneak glances at Bret and bite her lip, her mind filling with more and more thoughts of what was to come. Bret too was lost in a haze of lust, Karen had something about her that just pushed all the right buttons with him and his body was more then ready to show it.

"Hello?" Karen called out as she opened the door; she wanted to be sure that they would be alone. There was no answer.

Karen reached out, took Bret by the hand, and pulled him into the house through the front door. Shutting it quickly behind him she almost pounced on him like a wild animal. Wrapping her arms around him and pressing her body up against his she stretched up and planted her lips firmly against his, giving him a very deep kiss pushing him back against the door and rubbing her body against his, the feel of it driving her wild.

"Come on" she hissed breaking away from the kiss and pulling Bret by the hand towards the stairs. Bret followed her up, her ass right in front of him, jiggling sexily with ever step and driving him crazy, his eyes fixed on each round orb.

Both Karen and Bret rushed into the main bedroom. Again, their bodies entwined as they kissed, each with their hands exploring the body of the other. Bret reached down and gripped Karen's ass cheeks squeezing them making her groan and giggle before she pressed back against them.

Karen broke the kiss and quickly pulled Bret's t-shirt over his head revealing his naked skin to her, she leaned down and kissed it, her lips leaving little trails as she kissed her way down his body, dropping to her knees, her face now eye level with his bulging crotch.

Bret closed his eyes as he felt hands caress the bulge, his cock throbbing in the confines of his jeans and underwear. He opened his eyes as he heard the zipper begin to be pulled down and watched as Karen pulled his jeans down his legs now just his underwear between his throbbing cock and her wanting lips.

Karen looked up into the young man's eyes as she slid her fingers into the waistband of his underwear and slid them down, her gaze dropping down as the throbbing head of his cock came into view just inches from her face. She gasped with lust as it jumped with a hard throb then she slithered her tongue out from between her lips and flicked it making his cock jump again, her eyes looking up into Bret's eyes filled with desire.

A loud groan came filled the air as Karen caressed Bret's cock before moving her lips to the head, kissing it and running her wet, warm tongue all over as her lips enclosed around the hard cock head. Slowly at first she began to bob her head taking a little more of the shaft into her mouth each time, her tongue sliding all the way along the underside.

Bret felt his knees began to weaken as he looked down at the sexy woman who was sucking his cock like an expert, each time she took it deep into her mouth he felt, each time he felt her soft lips slide down the shaft he had to steady his legs to stop him falling down.

Karen had one hand holding Bret's cock as she sucked it harder and faster, the other caressing his shaking leg, it made her want him inside her even more that he was so sensitive. She became more aware of her clothes the more she played with his young cock; her panties were confining and soaked. She had not been this aroused in years and it would not surprise her if the wet mark had even seeped through her trousers not just her panties! She had to get them off she thought.

"Lay down on the bed" Karen said as she removed her lips from the hard cock she had been sucking on and got to her feet. Bret did not argue he just sat back, and then laid flat, his cock standing like a flag pole as he lifted his head to see the sexy older woman begin to peel off her clothes.

He gasped and his cock jumped with need as he saw her firm, large breasts come into view, bouncing as she stretched down to remove her pants next then hanging so seductively as she slid her tight cotton panties down her shapely legs. His eyes never leaving her form he groaned as she stood up straight, completely naked and breathing heavily.

"You like?" she asked as she did a twirl and moved towards the bed and the young naked man laid on it, Bret couldn't answer he was too enthralled by her naked flesh, every curve making his cock ache more with desire for her.

Karen slipped a leg onto the bed and then the other, now on all fours leaning over Bret, her eyes fixed on his as her breasts swayed just over the tip of his cock. Smiling she leaned her body down a little and felt the wet head of his cock touch her sensitive right nipple making Bret grunt his approval. Swaying her shoulders Karen rubbed her breasts across his cock, giggling as she watched his face screw up with pleasure, his breath growing shallow and fast until she could not take it any more.

Bret closed his eyes and grabbed hold of the covers on the bed as he felt Karen's weight shift forwards and one hand take a hold of his cock holding it up straight and in place as her hips were positioned. Karen looked down and lowered her hips until she felt the tip of his cock nestle just between her very wet pussy lips.

A loud groan came from both as she sank down and took the first few inches of the hard cock inside her body, it felt so good just as she imagined, no better! The feel of his heartbeat as his cock pulsed and filled her making Karen almost orgasm right then. Another inch filled her as she sank down a little more and settled, just holding him inside her enjoying the feeling of having a real cock again after so long. Bret grit his teeth as he felt the warm, wet walls of Karen's pussy grip his cock and just hold him.

A little wiggle of her hips made Bret groan again as he felt Karen take a little more of his cock, it was like she was just teasing him, taking him little by little until he was almost fully inside her. He opened his eyes and looked up into Karen's; he had never seen or felt such pleasure or lust before.

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