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Supermodel Super Enemas 3


Now I look over at Patti and Isabelle.

"Isabelle," I tell her, "bend over, bitch, feet wide apart, hands on your knees. And Patti? Get behind her and fuck her, get that big, black dick of yours inside her wet, slippery French cunt."

Patti couldn't be any happier as she gets behind Isabelle, grabs hold of her hips, and works her ten thick inches of brown leather cock inside the French slut's pussy, from the rear.

I watch, then turn again, looking down at Sonia's belly, taking my two hands and pressing down hard on the obscene swelling as Anna keeps driving her cock into Sonia's ass. If Sonia weren't pinned down by having me sit on her face and Anna nailing her ass with her cock, I think the bitch would've hit the ceiling from the shocking added pressure. I push harder as I hear and feel that enema bubbling and gurgling like molten lava inside a volcano. Because that's exactly what these bitches are like now, like four plugged volcanoes, ready to erupt.

Finally I lift myself off of Sonia's face as Anna keeps slamming it up her ass, Anna now taking a cue from me and pressing down hard with both her hands on Sonia's tummy as she fucks her, the Brazilian squirming madly as she's pinned and pressed. I walk the few steps over to Patti and Isabelle; they watch me approach, Isabelle grunting and hissing obscenities in French as Patti keeps screwing her, their fat bellies jiggling.

I step behind Patti and have myself a good look at her perfect brown, muscled yet feminine ass thrusting hard as she drives her cock into the French bitch, the leather strap of the dildo harness pressing between her swollen labia. I reach down to pull the strap aside, exposing her inflamed cunt.

"I'm going to fuck you, bitch!" I hiss nastily into her ear as I take the rigid cock in hand, press the tip against the dripping, soggy cunt and drive it inside, all thick twelve inches of it. Patti whips her head around, looking at me over her shoulder.

"Oh yeah, fuck me! Fuck me like the cock lovin' bitch I am."

I fuck her all right, hard and deep, wrapping an arm around her swollen brown tummy and squeezing hard as she gasps and groans so loudly it could wake up a corpse. And what that makes Patti want to do is reach around with both hands and push back hard on Isabelle's belly as she fucks her, making the French cutie squeal like a poodle.

But now I have something special in mind for Patti as, still fucking her, I reach down for the base of the plug. I pull my dick out of her cunt as I tear the plug out of her ass, then immediately plug that ass up again, this time with my cock.

"Oh my fucking god!!!!" she howls as she feels my massive penis enter her enema-filled ass. I look down to see her swollen sphincter, that dilated shithole of hers clench my cock as I slowly drive it in deep. It's like a swamp inside there, my cock embraced by her rectal walls as the hot enema gushes around my shaft. I marvel at the exquisite sensation, fucking an ass bloated with more than a gallon of warm water. I drive it in hard and deep, to the balls, a foot of cock joining four liters of water to swell the brown tummy to monstrous proportions, a tummy I now tease and torture by reaching around and squeezing hard.

"You fucker! You fucking bastard!" Patti howls, looking back at me, her big, bold eyes ablaze, her face a grimace of torment and ecstasy. This is a bitch who loves it freaky, and it doesn't get any freakier than this.

Finally I pull out from her ass and stick the plug back inside. I wave my wet cock at the bitches, that cock dripping enema water. Then walk in front of Isabelle, grab her hair and pull so she looks up at me.

"Suck it, you whore, suck it and taste that black bitch's hot funky ass," I hiss at her as she wraps her mouth around my cock, sucking it ravenously, the cock now having been 'dipped' in Patti's enema-filled ass. And as she sucks it, I reach down to pinch her nipples, slap her tits, revved up like a madman, ready to explode. And explode is exactly what I do as I pull my cock out of her mouth, jerk it hard one or two times, and splatter the two bitches with more cum than they ever imagined could shoot from one cock.

"Look, look! He's cumming again!" Anna says, as Sonia turns her head to see, the four bitches now devoting one hand each to strum their clits, getting off like a string of firecrackers as they keep fucking and strumming, announcing their gleeful pleasure in a series of animal-like grunts and groans, sighs and moans.

They're breathless, the four of them, coming down off their highs, their blistering self-induced orgasms, as I hold on to my cock, still dripping a little cum from the tip. Isabelle smiles at me, coy and kittenish, lapping up some cum that landed on her lips.

"Aren't you going to rinse us off?" she says in her coquettish voice.

And appropriately enough, I do have to piss, as I often do after I cum. So taking cock in hand I wave and aim, letting out a strong stream of piss over the two cum-splattered bitches, rinsing off the semen, letting my piss splash against their fat, taut tummies as they ooh and ahh, rubbing it all over themselves, mixing cum with piss.

Meanwhile, lusty Anna is still slamming her big leather cock up Sonia's ass but looking up at me now with longing eyes.

"You said I could fuck you up the arse, didn't you?" the bitchy British beauty coos seductively. Then she scans the room looking at the others a little cockily. "He told me before I could fuck his arse"

"That's true, Anna," I say, "all of you girls can fuck me up the ass, in fact I insist that all of you do, every one of you. I've been watching you fuck, and I'm very impressed. But now I want to have some personal experience with those cocks of yours; I want to see what kind of fuckers you are for myself. Are you bitches going to fuck me hard and rough and deep? Are you going to ream out my ass with those big, beautiful cocks I had custom-made for each of you?"

"Well, if you want us to fuck you, first you're going to have to suck our dicks," Anna says, pulling hers out of Sonia's ass, quickly plugging up her anus again as Sonia groans, plugged again, still forced to retain her obscenely massive enema.

"Yeah, suck our dicks, suck this," Anna says, approaching me, cock in hand, "I just pulled it out Sonia's ass. So it's going to be nice and hot and taste just like her."

I happily drop to my knees as Anna comes close and wrap my lips around the wet, warm leather cock, sucking it as the other three crowd around me. They surround me, and I suck one after another, looking up at the grotesquely fat bellies right above their cocks as I suck them, sucking those cocks in near darkness as the big swellings above block the light. All four cocks have been buried in each other's cunts and assholes and so now, sucking them, I can taste the essence of these four supermodels' overheated fuckholes. Feverish with lust now, they push their thick leather cunt and ass-scented cocks between my lips, fucking my mouth as I had fucked theirs, bloated belly rubbing and pushing against taut, bloated belly as they crowd close, feeding me their cunt and ass-glazed cocks.

"I want to be the first one to fuck his ass," Isabelle announces brazenly. Of the four, she's been perhaps the most demure, so I'm surprised, and pleased, to hear her say this.

"Sure, you can warm him up for the rest of us," Patti cackles, pulling her cock away from my mouth, having the others pull back. "Okay, stand up and bend over, feet wide apart and hands on your fuckin' knees.... bitch!"

I assume the position as Anna reaches down to wickedly tug at my nipple clips, reminding me that theirs were not the only nipples to be clipped.

"Just look at you," Anna says, raising my head to gaze up at her, "such a slut, ready to take our big dicks up your ass. Giving us these huge enemas and then plugging us and making us hold them in, fucking us whenever and wherever you want with that huge foot long dick of yours, tormenting our titties and whipping our asses. Now you're going to get yours!"

The bitches all cackle gleefully, joining the chorus.

"Don't promise anything you can't deliver," I challenge them teasingly.

"Don't be fresh!" Patti snaps at me sharply, picking up the leather paddle and bringing it down on my cheeks, smacking my ass repeatedly as I wince and Anna wickedly twists the nipple clips. Patti is strong and obviously eager to tenderize my ass, but eventually hands over the paddle to the others, each also keen to paddle my bottom, cackling wickedly.

"You love it, don't you, bitch boy?"

"Mmmmmmh, that ass looks so hot now, all raw and red."

"Take it, take it! Take it the way you made us take it!"

"Mmmmmh, can't wait to fuck this ass after we get it nice and red!"

"Here," Patti says, handing a big tub of anal lubricant to Sonia, "grease his asshole while I hold him wide open."

And Sonia does just that, slapping a big dab of slick lube between my sore, reddened cheeks and spreading it around, then working it into my ass with a couple of stiff fingers as the other girls watch.

"Okay, Isabelle, this bitch is all ready for you," Sonia says, as I look to my side, at a mirror. I see Isabelle stepping up behind me, her big leather cock rising hard and straight, thanks to that aluminum shaft at its core. She takes it in hand and I can feel the leather tip pressing against my greased hole.

By now I'm as keen to have my own ass fucked as I was to fuck the bitches. But even expecting, wanting it, I gasp in surprise as Isabelle drives the wrist-thick cock into my ass, that cock, so stiff, covered in soft leather, feeling just like the real thing. And, as the girls well know, though I may a complete womanizer, I'm such a total sex freak that I've taken the real thing up my ass more than once. It's been hard to resist a few of those gorgeous queer male models and their horny young dicks.

"Oh yeah, Isabelle, fuck 'im, up his ass! Look how his hole opens up for your big cock," Patti says, holding me wide open as Isabelle slowly works the full length of her cock inside, to the balls, holding on to my hips as I feel her big, taut belly press against by back as she forces it in deeper and deeper. My ass feels so fucked with that thick, massive nine inch cock inside me, all of it. And to imagine that Patti's will be even longer, and thicker!

"Yeah, fuck my ass, bitch, fuck it like you fuckin' mean it!" I hiss, looking back over my shoulder at Isabelle, her face contorted in a grimace of pure happiness, driving it in hard, her big tummy jiggling from the force of her thrusts. "Oui, oui! Take it!" she says, as she thrusts, bringing a hand down sharply on one of my cheeks, "take it the way you gave it to us, you horny slut."

"Yeah, you fuckin' cock whore, you fuckin' love taking it up your bitch ass!" Anna adds, kneeling down now and taking my cock in her mouth to suck as Isabelle keeps screwing my asshole. Sonia just stands there, watching it all, mesmerized, reaching her hand down under her fat, protruding belly and masturbating so intensely that her fingers are a blur.

"Okay, I wanna fuck him now, but I have something special in mind," Patti says, tugging at Isabelle, as Isabelle pulls her big cock out of my now well-fucked ass, "something really nasty! And girls? I think soon it's finally time for all of us to expel these enemas, don't you?"

But then, knowing full well who's ultimately in charge here, Patti looks at me, almost pleadingly. "Can we? Can we expel?"

"Maybe, depends on how well all you bitches fuck my ass." I say with a smile, "so what, exactly, do you have in mind, Patti?" I ask.

"Lay down there, on your back, like a good little boy," she says, pointing to the runway floor, smug smile on her face, the smile of a scheming bitch. I lay flat on my back, ready for anything, my butt a little sore from the paddling, my hole pleasantly raw from Isabelle's hard ass fuck.

"Look at that fucking cock!" Anna hisses, her eyes still blazing from all the coke she did. And I must say my cock does look impressive, a thick foot of it sticking straight up, hard and straight as a big length of metal tubing, the girls all gazing at it now like it was some sort of holy phallic idol.

"Isabelle?" Patti says to the bloated French cutie, her voice firm, almost stern, "get on top of him, mount that cock, ride it. You just got to fuck his ass and I'm sure that made your cunt extra wet. So now let him see how good that wet cunt of yours feels." Isabelle hobbles overs and starts to mount, this normally graceful and lithe beauty now awkwardly extending a leg to straddle me, then slowly lowering herself, grimacing as new cramps race through the tormented belly, now compressed again as she bends. I take my cock in hand as Sonia helps by reaching down and pulling aside the leather strap of the harness from Isabelle's soggy crotch, exposing her cunt, as red and raw now as a wound. I press the tip of my cock, that tip now the size of a billiard ball, against her gash as she lowers herself slowly, taking my cock inside.

"Oh yeah, look at that, so fuckin' big," Anna says, coming close for a view. I smile to myself, knowing the English brat is in love with my viagra-enlarged cock. Isabelle's cunt again feels sublimely tight as she impales herself on inch after thick inch of my mammoth penis, the look on her face again priceless, the perfect mix of agony and pleasure that comes from a huge cock forcing its way into a cunt compressed by an enema-bloated bottom with seemingly no room at all for anything else. Her big, round clipped and weighed tits and that massive, filled belly stare me in the face as she keeps impaling herself, determined to be brave, determined to take the full length of my cock inside and fuck me. The belly jiggles and gurgles as she moves.

"Okay," Patti says, looking right at me, "bring your legs all the way up, flex them, jackknife them. And Isabelle? Grab hold of his ankles and press his feet up against his shoulders." Isabelle, slowly rocking up and down on my pole, does just this as I know this completely exposes my asshole. And it doesn't take much to guess what comes next as I look over as Patti lewdly spreading more lube over her thick brown ten inch cock, wicked smile on her face.

"Guess which cock lovin' slut I'm gonna fuck with this?" she purrs wickedly, licking her lips and stroking her slick cock like a stud in heat, a stud with a huge cock and a brown belly the size of a bitch about to give birth. Cock in hand, she waddles behind Isabelle and the next thing I feel is the big tip of a cock pressed against my exposed asshole, Patti's this time.

"Oh yeah! Up... your... fucking... arse!" she hisses, looking over Isabelle's shoulder at me as she drives that big cock into the heated depths of my cock-craving ass, reaming out my rectum as she forces it in with one slick, steady, deep thrust. My cock buried up Isabelle's cunt, Patti's big leather dick working its way deeper and deeper into my ass, I am feeling very, very good, and very, very fucked! As Patti works it up my ass, her big belly presses against Isabelle who, still holding onto my ankles, herself presses forward, her belly squeezing against my chest as she groans from the sudden contact, her belly a massive, filled bubble under excruciating pressure.

"Aw yeah, fuck his fuckin' ass, you horny black bitch!" Anna yells at Patti.

"Are you feeling really full, Isabelle, do you need to 'go'?" Patti asks winking at me as I nod, giving Patti the go ahead, Isabelle cooing, 'oui! oui! oui!" And then, suddenly, still fucking my ass nice and smoothly, Patti reaches down and tears the plug out of Isabelle's asshole. The French cunt's eyes go disbelievingly wide for a moment; has she actually been unplugged? She has.

"Go ahead, bitch, go ahead and expel, let it all out, you fat, bloated whore!" I tell her as I thrust deep into her cunt. Her smile is radiant as the promise of relief suddenly dawns on her. The multi-liter enema has been fermenting and marinating in her rectum for hours under immense pressure, as it has in the other three, and now that pressure is about to be released and relieved.

"Ahhhhhhhhh!" Isabelle moans as a roar fills the air, the enema suddenly escaping from her long-inflated bowels, the warm, soapy water cascading out of her anus, splashing wildy against my legs, all over Patti as she keeps fucking me, Anna and Sonia looking on in absolute amazement.

"Oh my god!" Anna yelps, her eyes wide and unblinking as she takes in the deluge roaring out of Isabelle's ass, an enema expulsion of astounding force, like a water cannon. "That's the filthiest fuckin' thing I've ever seen! Do it, bitch, shit out all that fuckin' water!"

The shit may've been flushed out of her hours ago, but this bitch is shitting, she is shitting out her four liter enema, inside her now for almost as many hours, the sound so vivid, Isabelle suddenly embarrassed and blushing a deep red as she continues to expel violently, volcanically.

"Bitch, you are making me very wet, and not just inside my cunt this time!" Patti cackles, wrapping her two arms around Isabelle's still very swollen but receding belly, squeezing it hard, forcing a loud, long jet of water to be expelled from her rectum as from a pressure-filled balloon suddenly squeezed. The deep humiliation of loudly expelling like this in front of everyone, the charming blush on her pretty French face, the wild outpouring of water all over me and Patti, Patti's massive cock pounding my ass more and more furiously as my own slams up into Isabelle's body, all make my head dizzy with insane lust. It takes many, many long minutes until Isabelle expels it, the three of us a wet mess, showered by the cascade rushing out of her anal spout. But finally it is over and the pretty French model's tummy is almost back to normal. And so now Patti pulls out of my ass and Isabelle, weak from all this effort, slowly lifts herself off of me.

"There's just one more thing I have to do," she says, standing over me, "this!" and with that she reaches down to hold her pussy open and pisses all over me, smiling gleefully as she showers me with urine.

"Mon dieu, pissing and shitting never, ever felt so good!" she says with a delighted little laugh. And then she steps aside. My asshole fucked by two of the four bitches now, drenched with pee and enema, I stand on wobbly legs. But my cock is as ragingly erect as ever. And all I want to do is fuck some more.

"Anna? Bend the fuck over," I tell the English trollop as she happily bends, showing off more pink that I've ever seen between a bitch's legs. Being as thin as she is, the big enema pushing outward from within really forces open her vulva, now more than ever making it look like a female baboon's in heat. I step up, wrap my arms around her big belly, causing her to gasp one more agonized gasp as I take aim and slam my cock right up her cunt. Then I look over at Sonia. "Get behind me and fuck me, bitch!" I demand as the bloated Brazilian slowly waddles over, takes aim at my already well-fucked asshole, and drives her cock, as big and thick and Patti's, right up my ass, her taut belly, hot and heavy, pressing against my back. Meanwhile I look down at the black base of the plug sticking out of the English model's shithole and reach to quickly rip it out of her. "Okay Anna, do it!"

Unlike Isabelle, who blushed, this brazen kitten turns around to look at me with a catty leer as, suddenly, looking down, I see the enema rush out of her asshole, see it and feel the pressure of all that trapped water escaping and splattering all over me. And at the same time, I feel Sonia take hold of my hips with her supple hands and blissfuly drive her dick all the way up my ass, the third supermodel cock now.

"Damn! That feels so fuckin' good, your big dick inside my cunt, fuckin' enema finally shittin' outta my sore little shi'hole, I fuckin' love it, Do you like looking at it, all nasty and shit, splashin' out of my cute little arse?" Anna purrs sexily, making sure to let out a monster jet, expelling her enema in one big and very loud burst after another as the other three gather by my side, Anna timing her expulsions for maximum display potential, like a lewd whore eager to put on a filthy spectacle. I look down as my cock enters her body while the enema escapes it, helping out and yet tormenting her again by reaching around and pressing on her belly like a sponge, she groaning as sharp pangs of distress still stir within her with each squeeze and every expulsion, each a blessed release of pressure but each strangely painful. I work the full twelve inches of my cock inside her, to the balls, as she keeps loudly expelling, her enema like the sound of shitting mixed with the sound of farting, an obscene duet, though neither shit nor gas is escaping, only water. It splashes against my stomach with such force as I fuck her that her enema, expelled, is being sprayed everywhere and over everyone, like a fire hydrant out of control. And if all this weren't enough, Sonia, holding on tight to my hips, provocatively pressing that fat belly against my back, is driving her ten thick inches of cock up my ass with savage glee, really hammering my ass, trying to show off, saying to Isabelle and Patti that however hard they fucked my ass, she could fuck it even harder and even more roughly.

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