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Supernatural Ch. 06


Chapter 6


When it comes to the supernatural I have always maintained a healthy scepticism - not going so far as to flatly refuse to accept that some very strange things can and have happened but not automatically believing everything that is in print either. I suppose I accepted that - as I think Shakespeare said, 'There are more things in heaven and earth...' - recognising that we just do not have scientific answers for everything, yet. As to religion, I would have to describe myself as being a non-practising Christian - in fact, apart from the odd wedding or funeral I hadn't been to church since my Sunday school days. That was until Maggie came on the scene.

It's amazing what a man in love will do to impress his woman!

Maggie's people originally came from Wales and had been strict Baptists, although some of the fervour had lessened with the passage of time, Maggie was, by my standards, devout. So, when I decided that she was the one for me it meant making quite a few changes to my life-style, changes which I was sure would all be worthwhile if they meant I could spend the rest of my life with her.

Apart from anything else I had previously had a healthy sex-life with a series of enthusiastic girl-friends - that was not on. Kissing and hugging were O.K. but even intimate fondling was out of the question with Maggie. What made it all the more difficult to take was that she was such an incredibly sexy woman - 'simply made for love-making' - as someone, somewhere once said. A 'pocket Venus' - quite short but with everything in perfect proportion and her various curves simply cried out to be held, squeezed, licked and sucked. Her hazy-blue eyes held that classic 'come to bed' look and when we talked about sex she openly admitted that just the thought of being able to make love with me made her both hot and wet - but that we'd just have to be strong - and wait. And no matter which of the many different approaches I tried with her, her upbringing got in the way and even after our engagement we remained chaste - and I, constantly frustrated!

Then, a few months before the date we had decided on for the wedding, the company I worked for offered me the chance to go to the parent company in the UK for a course that would, if I was successful lead to a pretty big promotion. It was a marvellous opportunity and we agreed that I had to take it.

There was a flurry of activity after we decided and my employer agreed, that Maggie and I would in fact marry before I left and more still when her parents then offered to pay her fare as our wedding present. So, after another talk with my boss it was agreed that I would take some leave and that we would have our honeymoon in Britain, before the start of my course in Birmingham.

To cap it all, Maggie's aunt and uncle, who still lived on the border of Wales, came up with an offer of accommodation for us for the week before the course and for Maggie to stay on with them whilst I was in Birmingham, it was all too good to be true.

We just said 'Yes please - and thank you!' to everything...

Those few weeks before the wedding flashed by in a blur of activity. My job, travel arrangements, wedding plans, problems, compromises, it was never ending and, at times I began to wonder if it was all worth it - many times I was tempted to say to Maggie - 'Let's delay it, take our time.' - then either I'd see her face shining with happiness or think about finally, actually making love with her - and I'd find renewed energy from somewhere.

The wedding day itself is even more hazy but at last, after all the fuss, hassle, ceremony and speeches - we were married, alone together in the hotel room, with twelve hours ahead of us before we had to leave for the airport for the flight to Britain - and with nothing to do but make love!

We did just that...

We unpacked the few things we would need for that night and were standing, sipping a glass of champagne that someone had arranged for us and I saw in Maggie's eyes a look that I had never seen before - a look that told me exactly how she was feeling - very, very sexy. She didn't finish her champagne, instead she disappeared into the bath-room and then was gone for what seemed like an age.

I emptied my glass, stripped, put on the bottom half of my pyjamas, took them off again, put on a clean pair of underpants, took them off, wrapped a towel around myself, felt like an idiot and took it off too - just as the bath-room door opened! She just stood there for a while and we both simply stared at each other.

I had by that time known and loved Maggie for over a year and had seen her in everything from a track-suit to a swim suit, in low cut dresses, short skirts, everything except naked. She still wasn't that but her effect on me couldn't have been more dramatic if she had been.

She wore a long, sheer night-gown and its colour, a pale shade of apricot, gave her skin an additional glow. It was gathered tightly under her breasts, accentuating their upswept curve and cut low to expose their fullness. With the light from the bath-room behind her, I could clearly see the exciting silhouette of her curves and, when she stepped forward into the bed-room light, both the dark tipped circles that capped her thrusting breasts, and, when my eyes drifted lower, even the shadowy triangle below.

I simply stared - felt my mouth get dry, my hands damp and heard the increasing pace of my heart-beat as the sight of her roused the passions that I had held in check for so long. Then, as I felt my cock beginning to stiffen, I saw that Maggie had noticed the movement and her eyes looked down to stare long and hard at it.

'You're beautiful darling!' I managed to stammer.

'And you're impressive!' She replied, a little shyly, then came towards me and into my waiting arms.

We didn't get much sleep that night. I found out that Maggie was actually as enthusiastic for sex as any man could want a woman to be and that now that we were married, free of most of her earlier inhibitions. We couldn't try everything in one night of course - but we certainly covered a lot of ground!

We left for Britain the following day and during an uneventful flight managed to catch up on some of the sleep we had missed out on the previous night. Our first week was spent in doing the tourist trips in an around London - days of sightseeing and nights of love-making, it was a simply wonderful time for us both.

For me the only blot on an otherwise perfect picture of love and sexual harmony was Maggie's attitude to oral sex. No matter how I approached it I couldn't get her to either accept my cock in her mouth or my lips on her pussy. On the several occasions I attempted to do either she quickly changed her position, and I wasn't prepared to risk spoiling an otherwise perfect honeymoon by getting into a serious discussion about it. It was something that could wait for when we had more time, so we could quietly talk about it. But I admit that there were many times when I simply longed to feel her full lips around my cock-head and to see her body's reaction to the sensation of my tongue on her clitoris.

During our stay in London we had spoken by phone with her aunt and uncle, Beth and Charlie and they were obviously looking forward to seeing us and I felt sure that the week with them, away from the sights and temptations of London would help me too, give me time to get into the right frame of mind for my course.

So, at the end of that week we took the train and they were at the station to meet us and drive us to their home, in what turned out to be a genuine, country village. They were a nice couple and made us both immediately feel very much at home with them. Shortly after we had arrived and while we were sitting in their lounge-room, drinking tea of course, Charlie leaned over and handed me a key, obviously a hotel room key.

'This is our wedding present to you.' He said, grinning as he saw the puzzled expression on my face. 'We've made a reservation for you at the hotel - well its an old pub actually - but very comfortable and we feel sure you'll like it.'

'Why Charlie?' I asked, confused. 'I thought we were staying here, with you.'

His grin broadened. 'Two reasons - one, we thought that coming from down-under you'd enjoy it. It's very old, parts of it dating back to the fifteenth century actually and it has lots of old-world atmosphere - it's even supposed to be haunted! But, apart from that - being on your honeymoon and all that, well - we just thought you might like, you know, some time on your own.'

Maggie and I looked at each other, we were both blushing violently.

'It's very, very - er, kind of you both. But really, Maggie and I would, that is, we'd...'

'Say no more Peter.' he interrupted. 'Maggie will be here while you are in Birmingham, we'll have plenty of time together then to catch up on the family. Anyway. 'He went on, his grin getting wider still. 'We don't expect the two of you to stay locked-up together for the entire time before you go off on your course. We'll all have dinner there this evening, show you around a bit, then tomorrow we can get out and give you a chance to see some of the countryside around here.'

Turning to Maggie he said with a more serious tone. 'You'll be coming to chapel with us on Sunday of course Maggie. What about Peter?'

'Oh yes, I'll come too.' I said. 'If that's all right. I'd like to see the local church. If the pub - I mean hotel, is fifteenth century, how old is the church, er, chapel?'

'About the same actually. There was one there before that of course, that one went back to the Norman times and there was one earlier still, before that. That's what happened here, new religions took over the old - and their church sites too - well, places of worship I suppose I should call them. Who knows how long people have been gathering at some of these sites to perform their duties to their God or gods.

You'll probably find the preaching strong.' He continued. 'Our man's a bit of a fire and brimstone merchant, but a good man under all that. Anyway, we'll be glad to see you there Peter, all of us.'

The pub had originally been a coach house and still had the old courtyard and covered gateway, oak beams and panelling all over the place, with dusty corners filled with brass and copperware - just what I always imagined an English pub to be.

The bed-room was magnificent, taking up the entire space above the old gateway, with lead-light windows almost the full length of one wall. But there was a draw-back that Maggie and I both spotted as soon as we walked in the door - two, single beds rather than one, big double one. I knew her look of disappointment was reflected on my own face but Charlie had obviously just asked for the best room, without actually seeing it or asking specifically about the sleeping arrangements.

We naturally said nothing, our romping might be a bit restricted but we would still be more free than if we had been at their house.

Then, as though it had been planned, Maggie began her periods on the Saturday evening, earlier and much heavier than usual she said - but assured me that it was merely her body reacting to the new and hectic sexual activity. She was in fact in a lot of discomfort so we refrained from making-love that night, though she admitted that she felt especially hot for me and I saw her watching me with an unusual intensity as I got myself ready for my lonely bed.

Charlie had been right when he said that the preacher was a bit strong and though it may have been my imagination I felt many of his remarks were in fact directed at Maggie and I. His eyes seemed to burn with a fierce light as his finger swung across the congregation, pointing and stabbing at individuals as he warned of the dangers of various temptations and sins - and especially of the retribution that would follow for those weak enough to give in to the devil and his workers.

When he got to 'the pleasures of the flesh' his intensity grew even hotter and I felt his glare and his finger stopping, pointing in our direction more times than could be purely coincidental. I remember to this day the sound of his piercing voice, his body shaking with passion as he bellowed - 'Beware the succubus and incubus, for they too are His demons and will surely drag you through the gates of Hell. Even as your body writhes at their delights - your soul will writhe in the agonies of the pit, for all eternity...'

Afterwards, Beth and Charlie were eager to introduce us to everyone, their 'cousins from down-under' were the celebrities of the week and I felt as though we had met the entire village by the time I had shaken the last hand. I couldn't help noticing the hungry look in the eyes of several of the men as they openly stared at Maggie - and there were one or two girls that I felt sure would be more than open to an invitation from me. So much for resisting the 'temptations of the flesh', I thought.

That night Maggie was still not feeling up to making love and though it seemed ridiculous after only such a short period of deprival I found myself in fact feeling very horny and frustrated.

Watching her as she sat at the dressing table getting ready for bed - the tight curves of her buttocks and the sensual line of her thigh, the ripe swell of her breasts as she brushed her hair - combined to produce a throbbing erection that I felt sure needed only the faintest brush from her fingers to set it off. I found myself watching her face, her lips - imagining the sensation of them slipping wetly over my cock-head. I was tempted to lock myself in the bath-room and relieve the growing pressure myself.

Perhaps I should have!

My dreams were both erotic and scary - full of naked, writhing bodies, some of the faces I recognised from that morning's congregation, performing every act of sex I had ever heard of. With the preacher, naked too and sporting a gigantically erect penis, futilely screaming his words of warning at all of us.

I woke with a start, his voice still ringing in my head - I must have been thrashing around in my sleep because I had thrown off all the bedclothes and, as I slept naked, felt a definite chill in the room. Before I could cover myself I heard, or rather, felt a strange hum all around me and, though at first I thought it was just my eyes adjusting to the darkness, the room gradually becoming lighter.

Slowly the humming intensified and then the air itself appeared to become lit with a strange, dim glow that grew slowly ever more noticeable. Then, as though blown by a draft, the glow began to drift across the room, moving closer to where I lay, getting steadily brighter. At the same time it began swirling slowly around and around in the space between my bed and the window.

I found that I was beginning to feel positively cold - but continued to stare as the humming grew stronger and the light brighter, the charged air now spinning faster and faster.

Then I saw that it was encircling a figure, a figure that became less indistinct as time passed. It was as though I was straining to see someone through layers of rapidly billowing, lace curtains.

Suddenly the vortex that swirled around the figure was gone, the humming too - but the light remained, bathing the body as though from a complex of spotlights. The room, that had grown steadily colder and colder was now pleasantly warm again and my entire body tingled - not just the skin but even the flesh, muscles, my very bones felt strangely 'alive'. The blood that flowed through me seemed different, renewed, recharged - and I was acutely aware of my sex, my deep-rooted maleness and, at the same time, of a need that had begun to well powerfully up from somewhere very deep inside.

As the air cleared, in the light that bathed the figure my wide staring eyes saw - a woman. But a woman the like of which I had never seen before!

Tall, almost as tall as myself, facing me - her legs apart, hands on her hips - proudly naked - a slight smile on her blood-red lips. Her skin, milk-coffee coloured was sheened, as though oiled. Her thick, jet-black hair fell in waves and curls to below her shoulders, the longest tendrils just brushing the rigidly swollen nipples that tipped her breasts.

Her breasts! High-set, so large that I felt sure I would need both hands to hold each one of them, yet jutting straight out and up from her body, the light reflecting from their sweeping curves. Her tiny waist and lightly muscled stomach led my eyes down to where a dark, thick triangle nestled between her splayed thighs - and then on down the long, long length of her legs. Though I couldn't yet see them I knew that her buttocks would be tight globes of flesh, that already my fingers itched to grip, even as I stared at the rest of her glorious, sex-charged body.

She waited for what seemed like several long minutes - obviously enjoying my eyes feasting on her, reading the primitive urges that filled my brain - then she lifted one hand towards me and as she did, my cock, that had been steadily filling, suddenly stiffened and rose from between my thighs, quickly becoming steel-hard, pulsating and aching for her body.

Her smile widened fractionally as she took a step towards me and when she looked directly into my eyes for the first time I saw that they were a cloudy-green, bright - yet at the same time filled with a hunger, a hunger that I didn't understand.

She came slowly closer and my cock throbbed and jerked as she approached, its head now bulging monstrously. Her eyes left mine and stared down unblinkingly at it, her smile became more purposeful as she came alongside the bed, knelt and, as her hands closed around the length of me, she lowered her lips then, slowly, engulfed me!

Though my balls were already tightly swollen with unspent semen and only a little earlier I had been sure that the lightest touch would trigger an immediate orgasm, she somehow held back the rapidly growing flood. Her fingers and sharp nails stroked, squeezed, scraped my upwardly straining shaft and aching balls while her mouth and lips alternated between deep, swooping dives, her throat opening to accept the entire length of me, and tight-lipped bobs that merely allowed the super-sensitive head to feel her hot, wet suction.

Then one hand curled around my balls and, as she began to rhythmically squeeze them they finally released the accumulated semen, at first as an explosive burst, then growing to a torrent that gushed, white-hot through me to erupt in a seemingly endless series of wracking convulsions, deep into her draining throat.

Every muscle in my body was locked rigidly, my hips arched high up off the bed, my face contorted with the unbearable pleasure. As the searing intensity of the spasm continued on and on I threw my head from side to side in blissful agony - and, for the first time since waking, saw Maggie...

Between her high bent legs, was man! His head hard up between her thighs, his tongue obviously deep inside her as his mouth sucked feverishly on her pussy. She too was in the grip of an orgasm, her body too was arched quiveringly, her face screaming soundlessly as he took her to previously unknown heights of ecstasy.

The man was a twin of the woman that was even then sucking the last drops from somewhere deep inside me - muscled, skin glistening, his strong hands gripping her buttocks, lifting her to his devouring mouth as he drained her.

I was torn between the torment of seeing him like that with my Maggie and the indescribable, uncontrollable pleasure that still gripped my own body Then Maggie's wide-staring eyes caught mine - and I read there exactly the same message.

But - when the exhausting orgasm finally subsided I discovered that it was not over. There were a few, short minutes when, as I lay, gasping for breath, I tried again and again to get up off the bed and get to Maggie - and saw her trying to do the same thing. But, though I found that I could move around on the bed, some force restrained me when I tried to actually leave it.

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