tagSci-Fi & FantasySupernatural Ch. 07

Supernatural Ch. 07


Chapter 7


I was an area sales manager for a well known pharmaceutical company at the time, a demanding job that meant I was away from home for three or four days just about every week, spending one or two of those visiting my own customers and the others accompanying our local representatives, all of which meant I spent a fair amount of time living out of a suit-case in a series of motels. As the months passed I settled into a routine, developed favourite places to stay and it was only when a change of plans required an alteration to my itinerary that I was forced to try somewhere new.

It was as result of one of those changes that I had one of the most incredible, absolutely unbelievable experiences of my life and to this day I have no really satisfactory explanation for what actually happened.

I had received a call from my boss telling me that a colleague of mine had been taken ill and asking me to divert to a town I normally didn't visit, to deliver some urgently needed supplies to the small hospital there. Because of the distance involved it would be evening by the time I got into town so it was more practical to stay the night and as I hadn't visited it before it would be a question of luck as to what sort of accommodation I could get.

In fact I nearly didn't get any, I found I had arrived in the middle of the annual agricultural show and that two of the three motels were already fully booked and although it turned out that the third had one room left, I got the distinct impression they were reluctant to let me have it for some reason. But the woman behind the desk relented and everything else seemed fine, the staff were friendly, the room nicely furnished and although it was late when I went into the dining-room and most people had already finished their meal, the waitress said the cook would be happy to take care of me and I had an extremely good meal.

As I strolled back to my room I was trying to decide how to spend the remainder of the evening, to finish a report I had to do, watch a bit of TV or read for a while. Although the book seemed to be becoming the firm favourite I was still undecided as I went into the room and, before turning on the lights, went over to the window to close the curtains.

That was when I saw her.

Even though it was dark outside I could see that the motel had what appeared to be a second wing, separated from the one I was in by a narrow strip of grass and, presumably to provide some degree of privacy, the rooms in each wing were slightly off-set from one another - but as she had the lights on in her room and she hadn't drawn the curtains, I was able to see into it. Actually I could only see about half of it but that happened to be the half that included both the bed, on which she'd put her suit-case and the closet in which she was putting her things.

She was gorgeous, quite tall, with short, dark hair and wearing a black, figure-hugging dress that accentuated the curves of her breasts and hips. Not wanting to be caught spying on her I stood beside the edge of the window, so if she did happen to look out of hers there would be little chance of her seeing me watching her. She was obviously in no hurry, in fact there was something almost dream-like about her movements and as I continued watching her moving around as she put her things away, I was surprised to find myself beginning to get physically aroused.

Once she'd finished unpacking she disappeared from sight for a minute or two and I couldn't believe my luck when she reappeared and I saw that she'd slipped out of the dress and was wearing just bra and panties. She was even more stunning than I'd previously imagined, and in fact the dress really hadn't flattered her figure, quite the reverse. In contrast to her black hair and underwear her skin was very pale, almost white and as I stared longingly at her I found I could imagine myself touching that skin, almost feel its silky smoothness beneath my finger-tips.

But I really only had time for a quick glimpse of her before she disappeared again and a few moments later another light went on, at a smaller window a little further along the building, which I guessed was the bath-room. I went through to mine, the window was equally small, set high in the wall and the pane was frosted glass. Knowing from experience how steamy motel bath-rooms can get, as I stepped up on to the toilet seat I hoped she'd done what I always do before taking a shower, opened her window - and when I peered cautiously out I saw that she had done just that.

Of course I couldn't actually see much of her, just her head and shoulders but with the image of her body still fresh in my mind I had little trouble imagining the sight of the water streaming down over those sensual curves - and I don't mind admitting that as I pictured that, I felt my cock stiffening.

She didn't stay in the shower for very long and when she stepped out of it she moved out of my line of sight. In the faint hope I'd get a chance of at least one more look before she remembered to close the curtains I went back to the other room and took up my previous position beside the window and I wasn't disappointed, a few minutes later she reappeared - but, unfortunately for me, with a towel tied around her.

She took what appeared to be a cosmetics bag out of the closet and then disappeared from sight again, presumably to get herself ready for bed. I remained where I was, hoping that I would have at least one last glimpse of her, perhaps in some diaphanous night-gown, perhaps fully naked, before she went to bed and turned out the lights.

But I was puzzled when a short time later the lights went off and though I felt sure I would have at least seen some sort of shadow of her as she recrossed the room to the bed, I saw nothing.

I was still staring out of the window, at the dark silhouette of the unlit building when I heard a faint tap on my door, so faint that at first I wasn't sure I'd actually heard it but when I heard it again, that time just a fraction louder, I went across the room to open it. The hall-way outside was also unlit and the only light was the small amount of star-light coming in from the window behind me - but, even in the darkness I knew it was her.

As I opened the door she came forward, pushing me gently backwards and quietly closing the door behind her, placing her fingers on my lips and whispering. 'Sshh darling. Don't say anything, they might hear us.'

I presumed she meant the people in the adjacent rooms and though my head was spinning with questions, when she came into my arms and I felt her body pressing against me, her lips almost feverishly searching for mine, they flew away.

As my hands automatically slid down her back, cupping the firm globes of her buttocks, pulling her harder against me it was clear that she was naked beneath the light robe she was wearing and that knowledge further fuelled the need that had grown while I had been watching her and as she responded to my kisses and caresses I felt her thigh pressing against the quickly hardening length of my cock.

Suddenly she broke from my embrace and having undone the belt that fastened her robe and shrugged it off her shoulders she immediately began to fumble with the fastening on my trousers. I eagerly helped her, then as she kneeled to take off my shoes and socks and began to tug off my trousers and underpants, I stripped off my shirt adding it to the jumbled pile of clothes on the floor beside us. She remained kneeling in front of me, looked up for a moment and smiled, then using one hand to steady my cock, leaned slightly forward and slipped her softly moist lips over the bulging head.

In spite of her earlier plea, I couldn't stop the low groan of sheer pleasure that escaped as she slid her lips slowly back and forth. But having seen the warning, almost frightened look in her eyes when she heard that, rather than risk her stopping what she was doing to me, I somehow managed to stifle the others that would have normally followed - even when after a few minutes of utter bliss she intensified what I was feeling by cupping my balls and then gently rolling and squeezing them. Her fingers were cool, almost cold and the contrast between them and the moist warmth of her bobbing and sucking mouth heightened the sensations coursing through my body.

Although what she was doing for me was simply wonderful, I wanted more, much more than a just a quick blow-job from her. I wanted to see her body properly, to feel that pale, silky skin beneath my fingers, to suck her breasts, taste her pussy and then, only then, to unload the surging contents of my already swollen and aching balls.

So although it took a lot of will-power to stop her, I reached down and eased her head back, again almost breaking the silence she'd demanded as her sucking lips strongly resisted my gentle push. But I managed it and then slipped my hands under her arms and lifted her to her feet, holding her at arms' length so I could see her properly.

Although there was only the dim light coming in from the window by that time my eyes had become well adjusted to the darkness and there was more than enough for me to see just how lovely she was. Her breasts were even larger than I had thought but though full, their shape was absolutely perfect and I couldn't help moistening my lips as I saw how they arced up and out from her body in gloriously sweeping curves, curves tipped with dark, already stiffening nipples.

As I dragged my eyes up from staring at them I saw that she was in turn staring down, down at my cock, which as a result of what she had done for me was rearing almost vertically, quivering and jerking as blood continued to surge up into it.

I walked her backwards across the room then pushed her gently down on to the edge of the bed, taking time for another good look at her before crouching low and, cupping the weight of one perfect globe, took it in my mouth. The feel of the silkiness of her skin against my face was unbelievably exciting and as my fingers fondled and caressed the firm flesh and my lips began to suck and gently nibble the spiking nipple I felt my body responding even more strongly, my cock straining higher, my balls aching from the pressure of the seething mass gathering inside them.

I could tell that my caresses were fuelling her needs too, as I shifted my attention from one breast to the other I could feel both nipples swelling even more, their tips becoming almost leathery - and as I continued sucking and fondling them her hands gripped the back of my head, holding me hard up against herself.

When I thought her breasts had received more than enough attention I pushed her backwards, so she was lying flat down on the bed with her legs dangling down over the side and looked down at her once again. She really was a feast for the eyes, her smooth, unblemished skin, the taut firmness of her body - and the thought of the damp heat that lay below the dark, crinkly curls of her bush, between her slightly parted thighs, fanned even higher the fire that was by then burning fiercely inside me.

Though I imagine she'd expected me to enter her straight away, I had other ideas and getting down on my knees I eased her legs apart then shifted myself forward between them, lifting them high and resting them on my shoulders. In that position her pussy was not only totally exposed for me but she was virtually unable to resist anything I wanted to do. I bent my head down between the warm softness of her inner thighs - and with the scent of her sex filling my nostrils, slowly began to kiss and lick my way upwards.

I took my time, seeing the first spasms rippling across her belly and it was only when she began to arch her hips up off the bed that I actually reached out with my stiffened tongue and let it slip up between the lips of her pussy. As it probed and began to dart in and out of her, I felt her hands reaching down, clasping my head tightly, trying to draw me up even harder against herself.

When her hips then began to buck with a more urgent rhythm I opened my mouth wide and keeping my tongue inside her, I sucked her entire pussy, tasting the acrid sweetness of her juices before I finally slid my tongue up over the hardened ridge of her tender clitoris, steadily increasing the speed of its flickering as I felt her orgasm rising from deep inside her until I felt her entire body convulsing and she dragged my head still harder up against her pulsating sex as a powerful orgasm ripped through her.

Although she tried desperately to hold me there, I had other plans and while the waves were still rolling through her I eased myself back a little, stood and moved forwards between them, noticing that my cock was then not only grotesquely swollen but also that its darkened head was glossy and sticky with the pre-cum that had been oozing out of it as my arousal had steadily increased. The force of her climax had made her clench her eyes tightly shut but as I moved and stood up she opened them and stared in disbelief when she saw the state my cock was in, disbelief no doubt tinged with excitement as she realised that what she was staring at would soon be forcing its way up inside her still spasming pussy.

Although my own need was becoming urgent I was determined to control it a little longer and holding my cock in one hand I wiped its head over and around her pussy lips and then up across the ridge of pink flesh I could see poking out of her slicked down pubic hairs, watching her squirming in response to the sensations that triggered inside her.

But the tickling of her crinkly hairs and the friction from her clinging pussy-lips on the drum-tight skin of my cock-head soon became too much and I realised that if I didn't want to end up simply spraying semen across her belly I really couldn't delay any longer.

So I helped her further up on to the bed, got up between her widely splayed legs and, as she bent her knees, moved closer and guided my cock between the puffy outer lips, nudging them apart and then, with a slight push, watched it slip inside. I shivered with delight at the sensations that shot back up through the shaft as I felt myself sliding into the velvety warmth of her pussy and she stifled a soft moan as she felt me begin to enter her, tensing in anticipation of what was yet to come - and as she gave herself up to the sensations her body was experiencing she closed her eyes again.

Starting with a series of small pushes, each followed by a pause that allowed her body to adjust to the size of my cock, I edged slowly into her, each forward movement generating exciting thrills for me, each pause giving me a chance to feel the lining of her pussy tightening around the shaft of my cock. And even though it was dripping with her juices it was so tight that my cock felt as though it was being squeezed down a narrow, oiled-silk tube, and the deeper I got the stronger became the thrills.

I started by using slow, firm strokes, withdrawing my cock all the way back until only the tip was inside her then generating excruciating thrills by driving forward, down into it again - and as the exciting sensations mounted, the pressure in my balls became almost unbearable and I realised that without being aware of it, I had in fact been gaining speed, my thrusting not only getting faster but also more powerful with each downward stroke.

Her body began to shudder under the force of my strokes, her muscles flexing as her body began its climb up to another orgasm and at the same time I felt my inner surge begin its unstoppable rush. Then suddenly, the rush became a torrent as my bottled-up semen seared up from deep, deep down, up through my pistoning shaft and I let out an involuntary gasp as it jetted out of me, blasting deep into the heart of her convulsing body.

She lifted her legs higher, spreading herself wider, clawing at me, thrusting herself up as hard as she could, forcing my cock even deeper inside herself - jamming her hand into her mouth to silence the screams of delight that threatened to break from her throat as my cock continued its frenzied strokes and still more of the thick semen pumped into her.

I fucked her until I was totally spent, she was limp and we were both, utterly exhausted.

We lay there, locked together for a long time, I could feel her heart pounding, almost as hard as my own was, her breathing was as ragged, panting as after-shocks of pleasure continued coursing through our bodies, grabbing deep gulps of air.

A little later she opened her eyes and slowly, almost lazily reached up for me, her arms twined around my neck and pulled my lips down to hers for more of her wonderful kisses before we drifted off into a light sleep, our bodies still locked together.

But, some time later still I woke, woke to find her down between my legs and again I felt her long, cool fingers cupping and fondling my balls. She took each of them in turn between her lips and gently sucked them, making them swell inside her cheeks as they began to respond to her exciting treatment and then turned her attention to my cock. While one hand continued to gently fondle my balls, the other took a firm grip of my reawakening cock, squeezing and stroking the shaft, wiping the head backwards and forwards across the soft curve of her cheek. After the draining climax I'd experienced such a short time before I was amazed to feel myself responding so quickly, my cock lengthening and thickening as her caresses re-aroused me.

As she felt it growing she looked up at me and I saw a mischievous glint in her eyes and a wicked grin flit across her face, she licked her slightly parted lips with just the tip of her tongue, then, still staring up at me, bent lower and slowly licked her way up from the base to the tip before slipping her mouth down over the reddening head and tightened her lips in the deep groove below it. She held me like that for a while and I felt her tongue swirling around the super sensitive head as her fingers tightened around the still growing mass of the shaft.

She took her time and was somehow able to hold back my natural inclination to thrust up into the warm wetness of her mouth, her eyes flicking up to watch my reaction to her reflected in the expression on my face. Again I somehow managed to restrain the moans of pleasure as her lips slipped up and down over the bulbous head and her slender fingers encircled the shaft, slowly pumping it in time with the rise and fall of her mouth.

I lay back, giving myself up to her, wallowing in the euphoria her actions were producing for me - until I suddenly became conscious of her pushing me further back on to the bed and, opening my eyes again I saw her climbing up over me, then lowering herself down on to my cock. I saw the purple, bulging head disappear between her wide-spread pussy-lips, then felt the incredible sensation of her drawing me high up into the depths of her sex.

She rose and fell, rose and fell - initially at the same, slow pace that her hand and mouth had used - but, as she felt my need grow even more urgent and her body also increased its demands, she began to quicken the pace. Faster and faster she rode me, her face grimacing with both stress and pleasure as her pussy was forced open wide by the growing mass of me, until suddenly, in spite of the draining mass I'd pumped into her only a short time before, I felt another boiling up inside me.

I heard her give a small, barely controlled gasp of painful delight as I thrust my cock powerfully up into her and I looked up to watch her reaction to her own climax - her head thrown back, her face contorted, her body arched backwards, every muscle taut, her breasts swollen and hard, their nipples dark red, protruding stiffly.

My cock burst high up inside her, jets of hot, thick semen fountaining up into the very depths of her and I felt successive jolts as it pumped more and more out of that seemingly undepletable reservoir inside me.

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