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Supernatural Ch. 12


Chapter 12: EARTH FORCE

The young couple were holidaying with a group of friends but after several days of sun, surf and sand, had decided to spend this particular day alone, driving up to the hopefully cooler, hilly region a few miles inland from where they were staying.

Martin and Brenda had known each other for nearly two years and been living together for much of that time. Until recent weeks everything had been wonderful but then niggling problems had begun to arise and as they had been getting progressively worse they both secretly hoped that the holiday would provide them time to identify and resolve the cause, a chance to revitalise their relationship.

There had been many things that had first attracted them to each other, they had similar interests and attitudes, she loved his sensitivity and quirky, off-beat sense of humour, and Brenda's common sense and loyalty were exactly what Martin needed from a partner. But underlying and supporting all the other reasons why they had initially been so happy together was their mutually strong, physical attraction and excellent sex-life.

Although neither had been a virgin when they met, when they ended up in bed for the first time each at first thought the amazing things they felt were the result of not having had it for some time. But as those feelings continued, and in fact got even better over the following weeks, they both revelled in having found someone that could both arouse and then satisfy them so fantastically.

By comparison with most other men she had known Brenda found Martin's much more tender and caring love-making both exciting and deeply satisfying. And Martin had been thrilled to find a woman who not only obviously enjoyed sex, but was also both willing and eager to try something new, and as well as that, could be an enthusiastic initiator.

So when both Martin's interest and actual performance began to wane Brenda was understandably concerned about what might have caused the dramatic change in his behaviour. At first she had put it down to pressure of his work, and understanding that it was unreasonable of her to expect him to be able to perform like a super-stud when he came home tired, she tried to help him. Gave him time to relax before their evening meal, dressed more seductively, and tried a variety of things that she hoped would re-fire his flagging performance. But when, in spite of everything she tried, little or nothing happened, she not only didn't know what else to do, but at first became frustrated, then in turn started losing interest herself.

And what made things even worse for her was the nagging thought, which she hated to even consider really, that Martin might be seeing another woman. That seemed so totally out of character for the man she thought she knew, but there were times when it seemed the only explanation she could think of to account for Martin's behaviour.

For his part Martin was just as concerned. There certainly wasn't anyone else in his life. It was true that there was no shortage of attractive women where he worked, and like any other normal male he had momentary thoughts of what another woman's body and reactions to his love-making would be like. But he loved Brenda and that simple fact enabled him to resist the occasional temptations that came with a pair of flirting eyes or all too prominent breasts.

But he was only too aware of his decreasing level of desire, and although he'd tried, he had been unable to pin-point the cause. He knew there was something at work in his subconscious but just couldn't get a firm handle on what it was. He could tell from the efforts Brenda had made and from the look in her eyes when he failed to respond - sometimes hurt, sometimes bewilderment, sometimes anger, always tinged with her increasing frustration - that the pressure on their relationship was increasing and that if something didn't change there was a very real risk of it breaking-down.

So for a variety of reasons, as the frequency and intensity of their love-making grew steadily less and less each of them in their separate ways found it more and more difficult to think about anything else.

But that additional pressure to perform seemed to just make it all the more difficult for either of them to actually do so, and up to that point even the holiday had made very little difference. In spite of the fact that Brenda was looking even more gorgeous than usual, was dressing, and doing everything she knew to arouse him, although they had certainly made love several times, the intensity was still missing, and both of them were only too aware of that.

So although they had the day to themselves, each actually found that not having their friends there as a buffer made them feel even less comfortable, and not surprisingly, at first they drove without saying much to each other, the radio filling the otherwise awkward silence.

But even in that atmosphere whenever Martin glanced sideways he still found himself appreciating both the way Brenda's breasts filled the T-shirt, and the length of smoothly tanned thigh left exposed by her crisp new shorts. He was aware of his body's faint response to her, but was even more conscious of the fact that if they had been in similar circumstances just a few months earlier he wouldn't have been able to stop himself pulling the car off the road and making love to her there and then.

Brenda had similar thoughts, the sight of his hands on the wheel, strong but sensitive hands with long, well-shaped fingers, triggered thoughts of the things they were able to her. His caresses did things to her body that no other man had done, things she ached to experience again. And even as she let her mind drift back to recall some of the incredible times they'd had together, she felt her involuntary response, felt her nipples tingling, her pussy starting to get moist. As those feelings strengthened she silently prayed that between them they could find some way of recapturing the spark that had made their being together so special, so wonderfully satisfying.

Whether because each in their own way desperately wanted to overcome the barrier that seemed to have grown between them, or merely as a result of the changing country-side around them, their mood did begin to lighten. They began chatting more freely and as the road climbed up through the foot-hills and the scent of the surrounding woodland replaced the sultry humidity of the coast their mood seemed to improve even more. So when Brenda suddenly spotted a sign indicating a secondary tourist route turn-off, she had no hesitation in saying.

'Let's get off the main road Martin. I'd love to take a walk amongst the trees.'

'O.K. darling, sounds like a good idea.' Martin replied cheerfully. 'Keep your eyes open for any side tracks we could try.'

Once off the main road Brenda began to get the strange feeling she was actually re-visiting somewhere she had been before, although she knew she had never been within a hundred kilometres of the area. And that feeling grew stronger the deeper they went into the forest and she confidently told Martin which way to go, taking them off on to a series of obviously less travelled tracks which not only took them further away from civilisation, but also took them progressively higher.

Martin had followed her directions without comment, but not without an increasing sense of concern as the tracks got progressively bumpier and steeper, and as he needed all his concentration to keep the car and themselves from being shaken to pieces it was Brenda who first spotted the secluded glade off to one side.

'There darling! Over there on the right, behind those rocks. It's just the place.' She exclaimed excitedly.

Being grateful they were going no further Martin manoeuvred the car through the scrub beside the track and found a relatively level strip immediately behind the rocks which would, in the unlikely event, safely shield the car from the sight of anyone else who happened to be travelling that way. Then, after refreshing themselves with a quick snack and a cool drink they set off for their walk, keeping to single file and Brenda leading the way up through the surrounding jumble of scrub, trees and rocky outcrops.

After climbing steadily for some time the growth between the trees began to thin out, making their progress easier and as they continued upwards Brenda noticed that in spite of them getting even higher, there was a strange, almost oppressive warmth in the air around them. At the same time she also realised that apart from the noise they were making themselves there was an odd, almost expectant silence. Even the sounds that she normally associated with the bush, the background hum and buzz of insects, and the occasional alarm call from a bird, were missing.

Even though she'd had no specific goal in mind when they started out, and there were neither paths nor even signs that anyone had been that way before, she confidently headed upwards. Drawn on by some vague certainty that ahead and above there was something worth reaching. Yet she was still also aware that if they had been in this place a few months before, before Martin's apparent diminishing interest in sex, it wouldn't be the surrounding bush he would be looking at, but the sway of her hips and the roll of her buttocks.

'I'd say this is about as far as we'll be able to go darling.' She suddenly heard him say, and looking up through the quickly thinning trees ahead of them she saw what had triggered his remark. No more than fifty or so metres ahead of them was what looked like a sheer wall of rock. And as they drew nearer they saw that it both reared high above them and effectively barred their way by stretching, apparently unbroken in either direction for as far as they could see. But in spite of the fact that it appeared impassable, Brenda continued on, whatever it was that had brought them this far seemed to continue to draw her towards it.

In actual fact it was Martin who found the opening, though at first he'd thought it was merely a shallow recess, but on closer inspection he found a cave, angling in from behind a protruding slab of rock, and when the match he struck flickered in a faint breeze he knew it must lead somewhere.

'Let's see where this goes.' He called back to her. 'It's quite dry but stay close to me.'

Bending low they went in and after moving forward only a short way found the cave suddenly heightened enough for them to stand upright, and as they did so they felt an even stronger movement of the air. A narrow opening led them forwards, twisting and turning capriciously, but after several more matches and a few minutes of stumbling progress they saw daylight reflecting off the rock walls ahead of them. They moved towards it and suddenly found the cave suddenly becoming wider, and ahead of them, streaming in through a massive rock arch, was the sunlight. And another couple of dozen paces brought them into something that simply took their breath away. The space was so large they could only compare it with the nave of an open ended cathedral nave, and enhancing that first impression were the many massive pillars of rock that divided the area beneath the curving rock walls into a series of galleries.

Brenda found the first painting, on the back of one of the rock pillars. Stick-like figures, in pairs. Then they found some more, then more and more of them. Nearly every one had just the two figures, only a very few contained more than that, and those were much smaller.

Martin spotted the strangest thing about the paintings, although it was clear from the representation of sexual indicators, a penis on one, breasts and vulva on the other, that each pair contained one of each, some were different to others. 'Look at the differences Brenda, a few have much larger penises than others.'

'Well that's still true.' She replied with a giggle.

'OK, but wherever there's one of those the accompanying figures has very small breasts, and unlike the other figures, there's no vulva!'

Brenda followed his finger as he pointed at painting after painting and saw exactly what he meant. Neither of them could of course explain those differences, nor had any idea what the pairs of figures represented. Why they had been painted where they were was just as much of a mystery, but the one idea they did have was that the relatively few, much smaller figures might represent children.

All the paintings were on the pillars and walls closest to the way they had come in, but then there were no more, the pillars closest to the archway were all bare, as though whoever had made the work didn't want to risk it being exposed to the daylight.

But even so, the sense of purpose that Brenda had felt on the way up through the bush was still strong, she somehow knew there would be more paintings, and felt herself being drawn to explore even more thoroughly.

Then far down at one end of the area, where the roof of the cave curved dramatically down to meet the floor, she thought she spotted one. 'Bring the matches over here Martin, I think I've found some more!' She called out excitedly.

'I was right!' She said when he struck the first match. 'And wow, these are definitely male and female! But there are no little ones, the ones we thought were the children.'

There was no doubting the sex of the figures in that painting, in every case the females' sexual parts, their breasts, buttocks, and even their vulvas, had been almost grotesquely exaggerated. Although the inclusion of penises made the male figures obvious, and though some of those figures had also been given a larger set of genitals, in most they had been far less well endowed than the females' were.

'I wonder why the females are painted the way they are, but not the males? Martin said as he continued staring at the powerfully erotic rock art.

'I've no idea, but let's continue looking around, I'm sure there'll be more of them.'

She was right, they each found several more similar paintings, all of them treating the difference between the sexes in the same way. But it was Martin who found the final painting, the one that they both felt sure demonstrated that the sexual distortion hadn't been without purpose.

What they saw was like a two dimensional Kama Sutra, a positive orgy. Couples everywhere, all obviously fucking enthusiastically, in every position imaginable.

'Wow! The carvings on those Indian temples have got nothing on these. Look at what these two are up to!' Martin exclaimed, pointing to a particularly athletic couple in an upper corner.

'They're different.' Brenda said more thoughtfully. 'Look at them carefully and remember how differently they were painted in the others. In this one they are all painted the same way, I mean they all have equally exaggerated sex organs.' Then, as her thoughts suddenly took shape. 'It's a sequence!' Something has happened to them, something has changed them.' Adding excitedly as she grabbed his hand and pointed to where the sunlight streamed in through the archway. 'Let's go and see what's out there.'

They gasped, then stood silently as they found themselves staring around a large, obviously natural amphitheatre. The surrounding rocks formed an almost vertical wall that was topped with occasional bushes and trees, and other than the way they had come in, it appeared to be broken only at the far end, where a small gap provided a clear view across a wide valley to the far horizon.

But the floor of the area, in sharp contrast to the surrounding country, was covered with a thick growth of grass, grass that was studded here and there with a variety of multi-coloured wild flowers.

Brenda slipped off her shoes and moved almost hesitantly forward, feeling the grass giving beneath her weight, small blades finding the spaces between her toes as she slowly walked forwards towards the centre.

Martin hurried past her, saying, as he headed for the gap at the far end. 'I'll see what's out there.'

She watched him go, feeling an odd, inexplicable sense of anticipation, and at the same time suddenly noticing that his shirt had become quite damp with sweat. Then, as she found herself staring at the way it clung to his back, she felt the sense of anticipation growing stronger, had the feeling that she in turn was being watched, and by the time Martin had reached the far wall of rock, felt herself trembling

Suddenly the grass beneath her feet gave way to rock, a smooth, almost polished slab, its surface set flush into the surrounding growth. As she moved slowly across it she was surprised to find that in spite of the sun beating down on it the rock felt cool. She took a few more steps, then stopped when she reached the centre, finally turning slowly to look all around. There was nothing to see but the flower studded grass, then the tree topped wall of rock, but as the strange sensations continued to grow even stronger, she got the distinct sense of somehow being at the focus of something.

She also noticed that although she couldn't see any, the background buzz of insects that she had missed during their climb up through the bush was then quite strong, and in fact seemed to be getting louder. Then, that the soles of her feet had begun to tingle. And when she looked down, looked at the rock beneath them, she saw that what she had previously thought was a smooth surface was in fact covered with a faint pattern. There were lines etched into it, lines that curved and crossed in a meaningless jumble, but which all seemed to meet, in a wriggling mass, just where she was standing.

She looked up to see where Martin was, and saw him just starting to scramble up the lowest part of the rocky wall, and although he was then quite far away, she found she could still somehow sense the power in his body as he worked his way higher.

As she watched him climb, saw how his arms pulled and his legs pushed him strongly upwards, she sensed the muscular strength and power of his body. She continued watching him, that sense of his physical, masculinity growing steadily stronger, and triggering what seemed totally inappropriate thoughts and feelings. A minute or two later she realised her clothes had started to feel uncomfortably tight, felt they were somehow binding her. And, then, as though in some drug induced haze, and without a moment's hesitation, she began stripping them off, roughly bundling and then tossing them down on to the grass.

As each item came off she felt the strength of the sun's life-giving heat pouring down on her, energising her body, and as though something had been waiting for that additional surge of energy, she heard the buzzing sound getting even louder, felt the tingling sensation in her feet spreading upwards, through her legs, then deep into the very core of her being.

She felt totally alive, felt her skin, and flesh, her blood, even her bones and the deeper organs, all pulsing with life.

Martin's loud 'coo-eee' startled her, and she looked up to see him standing, waving to her from the top of the gap in the encircling rocks. Again, but that time far more strongly, she found that even from that distance she was keenly aware of his body, his maleness, of the forces, the power that lay deep within it. And with that awareness she felt the tingling pulsations within her own growing stronger, felt her body responding to it.

Her breasts seemed to have suddenly become very tight, heavily full, her nipples stiff and jutting tautly. The sheets of muscle across her belly had become tensed, and she could feel her pussy getting wet.

She found herself imagining him naked, his body responding as powerfully as hers, his balls swelling, his penis engorging, rising, its head becoming dark and glossy.

She touched herself, one hand closing around her breast, her fingers squeezing the sensitive nipple, the other slipping up between her thighs, teasing the already swollen ridge of flesh, sliding up between the puffy lips, probing deeply.

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