Supersize Me Ch. 04


Brad suggested we have a break and suggested something else. He asked me to bend over the kitchen bench and slowly manipulated my pussy with his right hand. Tim decided to lend a hand or rather a mouth and was sucking on my tits knowing that this always brought me close to climaxing.

Brad finally eased his huge cock into my pussy and slowly started to pump into me. I found this much easier and soon I had some 10inches or rock hard cock in me. Brad was doing a great job but I knew the last three inches would be the hardest.

"That's it baby fuck me with that huge cock, I need it all baby keep going fuck me with your massive manhood," I pleaded.

"We're nearly there babe just a couple of more inches and the prize is yours," panted Brad who was now holding my cheeks wide apart and thrusting in as hard as dared.

"Oh fuck Brad I don't think I can take any more, your splitting, your huge cock is ripping me apart. FUCKKK!!" I screamed now close to passing out.

"Nearly there babe, we're nearly there," replied Brad now screaming himself.

"Holy shit Cathy you should see this. You have 13inches up your twat. It's like he's fucking you with a baseball bat. This is outrageous!! Keep going one more inch and its all the way in," added Tim who was beating his own cock at the sight.

"Please come baby, please come and finish me off I don't know how much more of this I can take. For god sake just slam it in and finish me off," I gasped.

"Here it comes babe, I'm going to explode!" yelled Brad as he hammered the last inch of his mighty cock into Cathy before blowing a huge load.

"Oh fuck I'm cumming!" I yelled my body wracked in convulsions still skewed by Brad's massive cock.

I slowly eased myself off Brad his cock only slightly deflated by the fucking he had just given me. I looked at Tim who as smiling like a Cheshire cat with the camera in one hand and his cock in the other.

"That was totally fucking awesome," said Tim putting the camera down.

"Would you mind helping me out with this now that you've finished with Brad?" asked Tim.

I reached over and took Tim's cock in my mouth knowing that only one thing would make him happy and that was shoving his cock between my tits and tit-fucking my massive juggs. I wrapped them around his cock and proceeded to wank it with my tits just the way he liked it. Soon I could tell Tim was getting close to letting his cock unload like a volcano so I took it my hands and continued to wank it while directing it at my face.

"Here it comes baby, you had better be ready its going to be huge," yelled Tim.

"Do it babe, do it for me, did watching me take that 13 inch cock get you all worked up did it? Does Timmy need to cum does he? Tell me Timmy do you want blow all over Cathy's titties, do you?" I teased.

"Oh fuck yeah and here it comes," screamed Tim furiously jerking his huge cock.

Soon his cock literally exploded. Cum flew through the air smacking into my face drenching it in hot sticky cum and still it continued to flow. Tim redirected it to my tits which I held up for him and soon they to were dripping hot cum. Fuck I liked this and glancing over at Brad I could he did to as he stroked his monster cock back to its full impressive length. This was out-fucking-rageous!!

We fucked again and this the second time taking 13 inches is a little bit easier than the first. I sent the photos to Jo the next morning and the day later she conceded that she had lost the competition and whilst the competition was over there was still the matter of the winner collecting her prize and I couldn't wait to fuck Brad in front of Jo knowing that she would just have sit there and watch, boy was this going to be fun!!

Note: Well that's how I met my husband. I hope you enjoyed it, please tell me if you did I'd love to hear from you.

The final chapter will be about me collecting my prize and having Jo watch Brad fuck me in front of her very eyes.

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