Surprise At The Drive In Ch. 5


“Oh, God! Yes! Bill! That feels so good. I need it harder and faster.” She begged.

Without remorse now I complied with her demands and thrust my fingers into her still harder. Soon she had opened wide enough that I was in to my last knuckles and my thumb hit against her valley of love, stopping any further penetration. With each thrust now I tried to quickly rub or hit her clit with my thumb. With each thrust she began to push up her pelvic to meet my assault.

“Yes, baby!” she moaned again. “That’s how I like it, sweetheart. Fuck your little whore with your fingers.”

I jabbed my fingers in again as far as they would go and this time stopped to let my thumb rub her clit a couple of times. Then I pulled and thrust again, stopping to rub her clit. Each time I got ready to thrust, her hips came up off the seat to meet the attack.

“Oh, God! That feels good.” She sighed. “I need you to eat me now, honey.”

And with that demand her hands reinforced her request by pushing my head down between her legs. I found her clit immediately and began to suck it between my lips. “That’s it, sweetie! Eat my pussy and make your hot little bitch cum again.”

I pulled my hand down from her breast and began looking for the dildo I had stashed earlier under the seat. Finding it I put it between my legs to warm it up. I figured it was going to be a big enough shock all by itself, she didn’t need the cold to go along with it. When I finally thought it was warm enough, I pulled my fingers from her twat.

“Oh, baby, don’t stop!” she complained. “Please fuck me with those fingers while you eat me.”

Without hesitation I brought up the wand and inserted it quickly, driving it in carefully until at least eight inches of it slid under my chin as I continued to suck on her hard clit.

Deb let out a gasp and in almost a yell, “What is that! What are you doing to me.” She cried as I pulled it out and slid it right back in again.

Lifting my head I answered, “It’s that dildo, we saw inside. I got it for you.”

“Not the two headed one. I don’t want anything up my butt.” She cried.

“No. no.” I tried to calm her down. “Just a nice big fat one. Now let me finish getting you off.”

As she eased back into the seat I returned my tongue to her clit and started slashing it back and forth in time with the thrusting of the big phallus deep in her snatch. In no time at all she was thrusting up into my face and pulling on the back of my head.

She encouraged me on with her moans and words. “Oh. Yes!… Give it to me!… Oh! Ahh! Ahh! Yes!… Eat me, Baby!… Eat and fuck me!… Harder…. Oh!… Ahh!… Oh!…Ahh! Yes!… Faster, faster!…

And with that encouragement I kept up a steady pace; sliding the dildo in and out faster and faster, while flicking my tongue across that ever hardening, protruding tip; quicker and quicker. Finally she thrust one last hard thrust into my mouth and let out a very deep long moan of bliss, slowly relaxed and then thrust just as hard into my face with another deep moan. Then she wrenched her leg over my head and forced me away. I tried to maneuver to get inside her, but there was no way.

She curled into the back of the seat, shuddering and sobbing uncontrollably. I curled up next to her as best I could with my knees still on the floor and pulled her into my arms. I began rocking her back and forth in my arms; kissing her cheeks, forehead, ears and neck.

After a short time she settle down, turned and kissed me softly and tenderly. When she broke away, she said, “That was great. Thank you baby.”

“But you didn’t let me finish you off. If you had allowed me to continue to eat you, you could have cum who knows how many more times.”

“Oh! No! No.” she protested, “It was too intense. It just got too sensitive down there to let you go on any longer.”

“And I couldn’t get in to give you that third of six climax’s you want.”

“No, that would have been the fourth of six fuckings, I need.”

“Okay, okay.” I relented, as we both sat up. I took the position next to the passenger’s door and she curled up into the arm of my left side. I reached over with my right hand and took her breast, fondling it gently. She had already reached down and was slowly stroking my still very hard and painful cock. But I was very happy and content. Bringing her over the top like that was emotionally very satisfying and I knew I had another three climaxes to take care of my physical needs.

We had no idea what was going on in the movie, other than the sounds from the speaker indicated more sex. In what looked like a resort bedroom overlooking a beach, the pilot laid crosswise on a bed. A big-breasted Hispanic lady with very long, straight black hair that must have hung down to at least her waist, kneeled between his legs. Her head bobbed up and down over his shaft as one fist followed her lips up and down as well. Every once in a while her lips came off as she furiously licked all around its gigantic red head, only to quickly return to her ever-quickening undulations.

At the same time the copilot rocked back and forth across his face, likewise at an ever-increasing pace. His hands reached up and grabbed at her large breasts roughly, occasionally pulling at her hard, swollen nipples.

“Which one would you like to be?” I asked softly.

“Obviously, the one riding his face. Although, I wouldn’t want my breasts treated so roughly. How about you?”

“The guy laying on his back, obviously.” I chuckled.

“No, silly.” And she slapped me across the chest for the umpteenth time. “You know what I meant. Which one would you like me to be?”

“Definitely, the girl between his legs. Although I wouldn’t mind you finding someone to help you out so both roles could be played out.”

I got another crack across the chest, but this time much harder and no comment.

After a little bit she said, “I guess I can take care of your first choice.” And she slid off the seat onto her knees and worked herself between my legs. With my shaft in one hand holding it like a microphone and smiling up at me, she commanded, “While I’m doing this…” she gave the tip on my cock a kiss. “…give me a running commentary on what the girl…” she licked a circle around its tip. “…between his legs is doing and I’ll try to do the same.”

With that her head dipped down and she began to lick the head of my cock as her hand started stroking up and down slowly.

“Ummm.” I moan in response. “That feels wonderful.”

She pulled off with a loud plop, saying, “What’s happening on the screen.” And quickly returned to her fantastic job on my cock.

“Well… she’s taking him all the way down. Deep throating.”

“I’m not sure I can do that without choking.” She exclaims quickly and returns.

“Just relax your throat, letting it in slowly.” I suggest.

“Penthouse… again?” She responded sarcastically, but follows my recommendation, slowly taking it in. A little at a time it slides down her throat until her nose is buried deep in my pubic hair. Once there she wiggles her head back and forth a couple of time and slowly allows it to withdraw pulling her head back. Once her lips returned to the ring below the crown she started down once again. Again her mouth and nose are buried into my pelvic. Returning to the top, she pulls off and says with a smile, “How was that?”

“Fantastic,” I moan softly. “But, don’t stop now and this time suck on it a few times when you have it all the way down.”

Smiling she winked, opened her mouth and engulfed the head of my cock once more. Her lips slid right down its sides quickly, again burying her nose. Tentatively she sucked and swallowed a little and then again a little harder.

“Oh, yes.” I moan. “That’s it…. Just a little harder and faster, honey.”

Again she sucked and swallowed. Harder this time, her tongue moving along that ridge on the face of my pole. And again she sucked, still harder.

“Oh, man!... You’ve got it, baby. Keep it up!” I said, beginning to thrust a little upwards and tangling my fingers into her hair.

The thrust made her gag slightly and she pulled back a little. I thought I saw her shoot a glare at me, but she quickly closed her eyes and buried her nose again. Sucking and swallowing in turn she was really getting into it. The muscles in her throat worked the nub of my cock with each swallow and the her tongue worked the ridge on the shaft as she sucked. All I could do was role my head back against the seat and moan my delight. It was the greatest feeling my cock had ever felt. And I was moving quickly towards an orgasm. I could feel my balls beginning to tighten and I knew it wouldn’t be long at all.

Just at the moment I thought I would pop, she pulled her mouth up and off, saying, “How was that?”

“Incredible.” was all I could manage. Then after a few seconds as she continued to stroke my shaft with her hand and smiling at me. “Perfect. You just stopped a bit too soon.”

“I thought so.” She grinned at me. “Didn’t want to end the fun too quickly…. What are they doing on the screen?”

“Pretty much the same. Except the girl that was sitting on his face apparently came and now they are kissing. And the girl that is sucking his cock is now stroking him real fast, while keeping her lips right on top of her hand. Her head is going up and down on him like a jack hammer.”

“Hummm, sounds hot.”

“Oh, yeah. I think he’s about to cum. He’s thrusting up into her mouth as fast as she is going down on him.” I continued.

“Well, that’s nice.” She said quietly in a matter of fact tone, then continued with, “But, I’ve got something else planned for you.”

“Oh.” I said with an obvious tone of disappointment I had not intended.

“Don’t worry.” She reassured. “I think you are going to like this.”

She leaned back, looking straight into my eyes and slowly pulled her unbuttoned blouse back off her shoulders and off. She tossed it up on the seat next to me. Although her breasts had been visible the whole time, having to thrust them up and out towards me to get the blouse off her shoulders was truly sensual. The act caused my cock to twitch with need as she took it in her hand again.

Totally naked from the waist up and only her mini skirt bunched up around her waist; she leaned forward, pulled my cock between her breasts and wrapped them around my flesh. As she began pulling her breasts up and down along the sides of cock, she purred, “Fuck my teaties, baby.”

I thrust up as she moved down and commented, “I thought you didn’t like that word.

“I don’t,” she quickly retorted, “but for some reason it seems appropriate and really sexy right now.” Holding each breast in her hands and pushing them tightly in and around my cock, she kept raising and lowering them in time with my thrusting.

“How does that feel?” she asked again, lowering her head and flicking the top of my cock as it pushed out through the flesh that enveloped it.

“Wonderful.” I responded and it did, but not nearly as good as her deep throat. I’d probably cum in time, but not like I was about to earlier. We continued like this for a few minutes as I moaned my gratitude and she would try to get a quick lick in every time my cock appeared.

“What’s happening on the screen now?” Deb asked, although she probably could have turned and stretched her head far enough to see for herself.

Looking up for the first time in a long while, the scene had changed completely. Another male had entered the room. The pilot was still laying on his back with the co-pilot on top. The new guy had slipped his cock into her pussy as well and was kissing the girl that had been sucking the pilot’s cock.

When I relayed this to her, Deb let go of her breasts, stretched and turned, saying, “I’ve got to see this.”

“You, like that, eh.” I commented.

“Umm, it looks pretty hot.” She moaned.

“Maybe,” I cautiously offered, “you would like to try that sometime.”

“Nooo…” she turned quickly looking at me. “… no. That would be unfaithful.”

“Not if I was the one on the bottom.” I argued.

“No… no…” she said slowly, “I just don’t think I could do that…” Turning back to the screen she added, “but, I bet it would sure feel good.”

“Well, anytime you want to try… just let me know.”

“No… I don’t think so.” She returned so low I could hardly hear her as she continued to watch.

The copilot was screaming as the two guys pounded into her. Her head rocked back on her shoulders every time the guy up her ass slammed into her. She held her upper torso up in the air with her outstretched arms. Her breasts swung provocatively above the pilots face, back and forth with every forceful plunge. He raised his head trying to capture a nipple every time one swung over his face.

“Which one would you want to be?” Deb asked.

“The one on the bottom. He’s got the best view.” I responded with a chuckle.

Deb looking around at me and slapped me on the chest again. “Your going to make me feel bad with this predilection for large breasts.”

“There you go using those big words again.” I chided.

“Obsession!” she glared.

Turning back to the screen we watched as the copilot rose to her knees so the pilot could work his way out from underneath her. He repositioned himself in front of her as the other guy continued to fuck her hard up the ass, her body shot forward about a foot with each attack. Voraciously, she grabbed the pilots cock and engulfed it with her mouth. The guy behind her leaned forward and reaching underneath her, he grabbed both breasts and seemed to be using them like handles to help him leverage himself even harder into her ass.

Continuing to watch, Deb reached around to find my cock and began slowly stroking it. The pilot held up his hand to stop the other guy. He grabbed the copilots head and while holding it still he started thrusting into her mouth. He signaled to the other guy to start again. Timing their thrusts so that they were both thrusting into her at the same time, they began to really slam into her.

“God! How can she take that?” Deb mused.

“Lots of practice?” I suggested

“Either that or they just don’t give a shit about her.” She stated, more than surmised. “I don’t think I want to watch anymore of this scene.”

Thinking she was turned off and that our little adventure was over, I was truly surprised when she quickly turned around and went down on me. And not just a little bit, she let go of me with her hand and took every inch of me down her throat. Then I remembered how she had reacted to the picture in the magazine that resembled what we had just seen on the screen. I put that away for future reference. I could only imagine what a turn on it would be to see her getting it like that.

With it deep inside her mouth she sucked and sucked the base of my cock for what seemed a very long time. Then she slowly pulled her lips up to the crown and dove back down again, her nose planting hard into my pelvic hair. Again she withdrew slowly until her lips just pulled over the ridge surrounding its head. Again she drove vigorously down its length and slowly withdrew. Immediately she plunged down its length and withdrew almost as fast. She continued this for quite awhile, building up speed. Faster and faster her head bobbed up and down the total length of my cock. It was an incredible feeling. She had never been so aggressive before.

I could feel myself growing harder and the jism deep in my balls beginning to boil. Pulling her lips up to the top of my cock, her hand returned to grab the base of my shaft. Her lips lowered until they came in contact with her clasped finger and thumb and in unison she began to pump again with both her hand and lips. Now those soft, sweet lips just rolled back and forth over that sensitive ridge that ran around the head of my cock, rapidly stimulating that very erogenous spot at the base of the crown. Combined with the stroking sensation of her fist, I was being rapidly brought to the point of no return.

Her head bobbed up and down almost in a blur, so fast that her hair was actually flying in the air. There was no holding back now. For a moment I thought about warning her I was about to cum. I had never actually cum in her mouth before, but decided not to take the chance that she might withdraw from the (w)horrific pace she assaulted me with.

My cock pumped once. Then a second time. And with a loud cry from me I shot a huge shot of cum into her mouth. She continued to pump greedily on my cock as I continued to pump gobs of cum into her unrelenting throat. At about the fourth shot on my part, her head flew off the end of my cock and she yelled with a even louder, “YUUUUCK!”

She sort of spit and spluttered and gagged. Cum and spittle landed all over my stomach and chest from her mouth and from my still ejaculating cock. She reached across me for the door latch. Pulling on it and shoving it wide open the interior light flashed on, blinding me as she roughly crawled her way across me and out the door. She scurried around the door, raced to the front of the car, bent over with the her palms on the hood of the car and began to heave. She wretched and wretched until nothing was coming up.

I raced after her, pulling my shorts up and slamming the door so the light would go out. I rubbed her shoulders trying to sooth her. When she finally got control of herself she wheeled away from my grasp and screamed, “You bastard! How could you do that to me!”

She stood before me, hands on her hips, naked except for her black mini skirt, dribble trailing down her chin, and just glared at me. I was speechless and the guy in the car next to us whistled a wolf’s call at her and honked his horn. I turned around and told him to, “Fuck off.” When I turned back, Deb had turned away and was limping across the stony roadway towards the concession stand bathrooms.

I ducted back in the car as other cat calls and horns began to honk. I grabbed her sandals and blouse and ran after her. Catching up with her I tried to help her on with her blouse, but she wasn’t having any part of it. She grabbed the sandals in one hand, twirled out of the blouse I had placed on her shoulders and grabbed it out of mid air, walking off still half naked.

I followed after her, trying to console her in feeble words. She just turned on me, screaming, “Just get away from me! Just - get - the - fuck - away from me!” She turned and continued her trek. I followed at a short distance, only now becoming aware of the pain as I walked across the gravel after her.

People coming out of the concession stand took second takes and stared after her. She walked with so much force that her breasts rose and fell very seductively as she progressed and the horns, cat calls continued.

I waited outside until she came out of the restroom, now dressed, but looking like she had been well fucked. Her hair was all a tumble, her face drawn and streaked with tears and her hard nipples were plainly visible through the blouse. I approached her tentatively and said, “I’m sorry.”

“Fuck you!” she shouted and began sobbing.

I reached out for her and she shrugged away and said, “Just take me home!” and walked off towards the car.

I followed her. The occupants in the cars either didn’t recognize us or were more interested in the movie or themselves, so we didn’t have to put up with anymore honking or cat calls until we got back to the car next to ours. I reached to open the door for her as the guy in the next car yelled, “Hey sweetie. You got a great set of teats there. How about showing them to us again?” and he laughed.

Deb slapped my hand away, not excepting any form of apology or gentlemanly conduct from me. Ignoring the other guy she quickly slid in the car, slammed the door shut, locked it and rolled up the window.

“To bad you pissed her off.” Came an additional comment from the car next door. “She looks like she would be one hell of a good fuck. I guess you won’t be getting any tonight.”

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