tagIncest/TabooSurprise Honey The Sequel Ch. 06

Surprise Honey The Sequel Ch. 06


The next morning we both showered together. May was in a playful mood as we soaped each other down. Before I knew it, I had her bent over, her hands grasping the shower bar as I rammed my hard cock in and out of her very wet and hot pussy. We both came in a short while then finished up our shower.

As we got dressed, we kissed and touched each other. I was so in love at that moment I couldn't stand to not be touching May. After dressing we went up to the main cabin and I called my financial advisor and arranged for the money to be wired for the property.

My advisor was concerned about how much and the short time involved, but I was firm and he relented after just a little argument.

"Are you definitely sure about this Bill? It's a lot of money for a chunk of land in a remote place like that."

"Trust me John. It's worth it. Besides, it's where I'm going to be spending a lot of time with my wife."


"Yeah. I'm getting married."

"Uh...kind of a quick engagement isn't it Bill?"

"Yeah. But I'm in love and intend on getting married."

"Maybe you should wait until we get some kind of pre-nuptial agreement done first. You have a lot of reasons to need one."

"Nope. I'm getting married to the best woman in the universe, and besides, just as it was with my late wife, what's mine is hers. That is the way it is with me John."


"No arguments John. I'd gladly give her half of all I have, and she has and will earn it too. She is to be my partner in life, and we will share everything."

"Bill, I wish you would reconsider. I'm trying to protect your interests here you know."

"Okay John. Protect BOTH of our interests then. We are to be one. Equal in all things."

"Whatever you say Bill. It's your money and property. I'd like to make a note that I warned you to get the pre-nuptial agreement though."

"Do what you have to do John. I'm sharing it all with May and that's final."

"MAY?! Your yacht Captain? That May?"

"Yes. Do you have a problem with that?"

"You hardly know her first of all, Bill. Secondly, you should try to find someone with a bit more...um...well, you know, financial backing. More of...well, your, um, level if you know what I mean."

"I can't believe you just said that John. May is to be my wife. She will be my equal, in all things. Period. Accept it or resign."

He was silent for a moment, probably stewing at my brashness in finding and marrying someone like this. I know he was trying to protect me as he should have been, and he had never let me down before either. This time though, I was setting the bar and he was going to have to catch up or get left behind.

"I think that you are being very foolish Bill, but I will stand by your decision. I will see to it that May is to be your equal in everything. I hope you know what you're doing."

"Thank you John. I'd invite you to the wedding but it is to be held tomorrow. If you can make it to Juneau, come on up. I'll pick up the airfare and everything."

"Uh...I don't think I could get a reservation that fast this time of year. I'll have to pass I guess."

"Hey, get the jet. It should be available. Unless it's on one of those helper runs."

My personal jet was usually not used too much and the pilot had mentioned a charity thing that involved corporate jets. Flying people who needed a ride from where they were to a hospital and doctors and back again. I had embraced it fully, and now the jet flew more for them than it did for me. It cost a bit, but in the end I felt it was a wise and good use of my money.

"Okay. I'll check into it. If it is free I'll be there in the morning. Are you sure about this Bill? I mean, really sure?"

"Yes John. As sure as I've been in a long, long time."

After he hung up I stewed a bit then relaxed. I knew that John was doing what he felt his job was. At times he would raise hell over how I spent my money as if it were his instead. I liked that though since I knew that he was doing the best he could for me.

Walking back inside, as I had stepped out for the talk with John, I found May near the dining room area. She looked pensive. I wondered if she had overheard my talk with John and if that was the reason for her being so quiet.

"May, everything all right?"

"Yes. I just can't believe that...I mean I can't get over how...Oh Bill, I love you so much and everything has happened so fast. Now here we are about to be married and I just realized that you are so rich...and I have nothing. I'm afraid that one day you'll think that I married you for your money."

"You heard?"

Blushing May turned away from me. I could see that she was uncomfortable and embarrassed too.


Softly, so softly I almost missed it. I was upset that she had heard John trying to talk me into a pre-nuptial and into not marrying her too. I wondered how much she had heard.

"I love you May. What John says...I mean, he will do as I wish. He is trying to protect my interests and part of that protection may seem a bit...well...hard, but I'm sure he felt it necessary. You will get half of all I own. That is the way I want it."

"No Bill. I'll sign a pre-nuptial and you make it however you want. I don't want your money. I just want you. Your love. That's all. I don't want money coming between us. I have some set aside and it will be all right. I insist."

"No May. You take me...that means all of me. Money, property, everything. I insist. It is how it should be. My second wife had it all too. It is the way things should be. I'm gambling that we will be happy forever and never split. I love you and my love does not come cheap nor lightly."

"It's just that I don't want anyone being able to say I married you for your money or wealth Bill. Can't you see that people will talk like that? I know, I've Captained lots of yachts for the rich and famous. It's the nature of the beast to think that the poorer one in the relationship married for the money. I'd rather sign a pre-nuptial saying I got nothing than get married and have to put up with that kind of behind the back talk."

I was disturbed that May was the one to be pushing for a pre-nuptial along with John. I could understand her thinking, but I still wanted to share all I had with her. It was how I had been raised and I believed it to be the correct path in a marriage. Share and share alike.

We argued about it for an hour or so more before May finally agreed to forget about a pre-nuptial. In the end it was a battle hard fought on my part and yet I still felt like the loser, even though I had won. Was I being too narrow-minded in my wanting to share all I had with her? Why would someone not want to share it all with me? Now I was the pensive one.

Carl and Jan came up and we began to talk about the wedding plans. May grabbed Jan and they made a run into town to check on the dresses and things they had ordered up. Carl I and were left to do some work on the yacht. Little things always seem to be needing attention constantly on a boat, and my yacht was no exception.

The phone in the main cabin began to ring, so I ran downstairs to answer it. May had taken my cell with her in case she needed to call me while they were out and about getting the wedding things. Answering the phone, I found myself talking to John.

"Bill, look, I've got the money on the way to the local Well's Fargo Bank there. It should be there by five this afternoon. Oh, and I'm working on that pre-nuptial too."

"I thought I told you I wanted no pre-nuptial John."

"Then you better talk to your soon to be wife. May called me a bit ago and insisted I write up a pre-nuptial that protected you. She also said she wanted nothing. I questioned her about that...she was firm. She must love you for you Bill. Besides being good looking, she's honest too."


"I know you Bill. That 'fine' isn't you thinking it's fine. It's your 'I'm pissed and so be it' fine. What's up?"

"You know my feelings on the pre-nuptial John. But if May insists, then I guess we will have a pre-nuptial. I want you to make sure that she gets half of everything. Period. Either that or don't do one at all. That's the choices you have to work with."

"Bill, I wish you'd listen to reason here. May told me her reasons for wanting the pre-nuptials and I have to agree with her. Later, if you want to so damn bad, give her half of what you have outright as a gift or something. That would be over and above the pre-nuptial agreement and she would be able to say that the pre-nuptials made sure she got nothing. The gift you gave her would be something else not covered and let you off the hook, and her off the hook too."


"That's better Bill. Trust me on this Bill, May is going to be better off than you may think. Others will not be able to say that she's a gold-digger and you can gift her whatever you choose later on. Nobody would or will have to know about that."

"Okay then. Do the pre-nuptial agreement as she wants it. I still disagree, but she is to be my wife and I do love her. I don't need to start a huge fight over this right now. If I have to, I'll give away everything I have and start over again. Then she could hang in there with me and help me earn it back the hard way."

"Bill, don't get that way either. It is your money to do with as you see fit, but you need to see how May, and other people too, will see you and May getting married. A strong pre-nuptial will circumvent anyone being able to say that she married you for your money. Let it go. This one you lose on Bill. In the end it won't be a loss either, as May will feel better about it all and that will go a long ways to showing her that you do care about what she thinks."

"Damn John, I just hate this. Sometimes having all the money I do really fucks things up you know?"

John was wisely silent. I'm sure he figured that someone with the kind of money I had should be thankful I had it still. Many had lost it all in the big stock crash just a few short years ago. I had managed to get in at the right time and then to get out before it went bad too. Luck...sheer luck on my part.

Julie and Anne showed up about nine o'clock. Jake was to be coming over in an hour or so having had some things to attend to first. Julie looked a bit tired and Anne looked even more so.

"So, have fun with Jake, girls?"

"Oh you have no idea."

Anne was smiling as she answered me. Julie just looked at me and grinned.

"Oh really? So, how worn out does Jake look anyway? Should I be worried at all?"

"Dad, you don't have to worry about that man. He wore us out. Honestly. He was ready to go again before we left to come back here. He's an amazing man. Something else too, he's real good at oral sex. Very good."

I found my inner self in turmoil. I was jealous of this old guy. The girls seemed to be happy and it was obvious that they had really had a good time. How was he able to keep up with these young women, and with both of them at the same time? I had to find out his secret for sure.

"Now don't you worry at all dad. We won't be comparing you to him, nor will we be dumping you for him. He's a special old man, but he's too 'on' all the time for us. I swear he was hard and wanting to go all night long.'

"All night long?"

"Yeah. Amazing. He claimed that it was all natural and how he ate and lived. Anne and I talked about it on the way over and we think he may have had some viagra or something like it. He was just too damn hard all the time. Never went soft until sometime early this morning. It was nice for a while, but then it got a bit...well, tiring for me."

"Me too. Julie and I got fucked so many times last night, it has to be that he took some viagra. Has to be."

"Well, as long as he was happy when you left him, and as long as he still wants to sell me the place, I won't mind. Of course, I don't want you two to get sore either."

"That didn't happen. Luckily the two of us were able to pace him a bit and it kept us fresh. Although by this morning I was getting a tad bit sore."

Julie was grimacing as she said that and I could tell she was walking a little funny too. Anne was smiling then she giggled.

"Julie, if you hadn't been so damned selfish with his piece of meat you wouldn't be so sore now. I warned you. Too much large cock can make one sore and loose too."

"I didn't see you jumping in to spare me this morning."

"That's because I was stopping before I got sore. You got greedy and now you're paying for it."

"Well, I didn't want to forget him either."

"I'm sure you won't Julie. I'm sure you won't. Bill, can we go shower and take a nap? I know I'm a bit tired right now."

"Oh, yeah. Go ahead. I'm just waiting for Jake to show up and we'll go finalize the land deal."

Jake showed up about an hour later and together we went to the bank and I transferred the money over to him. We then went to the title agency and did the title transfer. He was happy and so was I. I took him to a local hangout for a drink to celebrate afterwards.

As we sat drinking, he warmed up to me a bit more. Soon we were laughing and joking around. Then, I had to know...so I asked him outright.

"Jake, I have to know. How did you manage to keep up with those two young ladies last night anyway?"

"Well, I have some secrets you know. Can't tell ya all of them, but one I will tell you about ...that little blue pill."

"Blue pill? You mean viagra?"

"Shhhh, not so loud. Can't give away my secrets. Damn man. Have a little respect. Of course, I took a couple of them little things last night. One at dinner, and one around two o'clock in the morning. Had to in order to keep up with them little minx's."

"TWO of them? Isn't that pushing it just a bit Jake? I mean, what about your heart and all?"

"My heart is fine. It was pounding just a little bit last night for a bit, but it calmed down. I'm in pretty damn good shape for an old man by the way."

"I guess."

We drank some more then Jake left to go take care of his new found wealth. I was surprised at him in many ways, but being able to keep up with Julie and Anne last night amazed me more than anything he had said or done so far. Even if he did have to have some 'help'.

I went back to the yacht and it was still early afternoon. Walking onboard I found the women all huddled together over something. When I stepped inside they turned and acted all funny. They were hiding something and didn't want me to see it.

Julie broke away and grabbed my hand. Tugging on me, she led me down to the master bedroom.

"Come on dad. I have something for you to take care of."

"Oh really? And what would that be?"

"An itch."

As we entered the room, she shoved me over to the bed and began to undress me. Soon I was naked and she was on her knees sucking on my cock. I sat down and lay back just feeling the moment. Her mouth and tongue were working me over expertly.

Julie stripped off her clothes as she kept the lip lock around my shaft. Once she was naked, she really began to work me over. As she would hit bottom, her lips around the base of my shaft, she would suck in hard and let her tongue caress me as she pulled off. Once, she broke away and tongued my balls and then dipped down lower with the tip of her tongue and played with my asshole a bit.

I almost came as she did that; the feeling was so delicious and nasty. She pulled away, and went back to sucking on my shaft. I could tell she was getting worked up, as I could see wetness on her inner thighs. I knew she had to be sore and I wondered just what they had to hide so bad that she would do this to keep me away?

I didn't care mind you, as the alternative to knowing what they were doing up there was to be down her having some great sex. I was okay with it all. Julie kept working on my shaft, and finally I had to have more. I pulled on her, and she climbed up over my body. I felt her grasp my shaft and align it with her.

As she lowered down, I realized that I was entering her ass not her pussy. She smiled at me as she watched that knowledge hit me.

"Oh dad. I'm just too sore in my pussy to have fun there right now. But Jake, for whatever reason, didn't touch our ass's last night. Maybe he isn't an ass man. I don't care. I want my ass reamed and reamed hard right now. You're the man to do it too."

She pressed her lips to mine and let my shaft fill her ass. We fucked that way for a bit, then I rolled her over under me, and pushed her legs up to her shoulders. This gave me a little better alignment and a deeper stroke too. Julie had her eyes closed as I began to drive in and out of her tight tender hole. Her nipples were hard and sticking way out yet, so I knew she was enjoying it too.

I hunched my back and got my lips around one of her nipples and sucked it in hard. She moaned and held my head in tight to her chest. My cock wasn't getting quite as deep as it was and I slowed down just a bit due to the position I was in, but I kept stroking in and out of her.

Suddenly she pulled on my hair, and drug my head up to her face. Just before she kissed me hard she gasped out loudly.

"Oh...fuck me. FUCK my ass. Hard. Harder. Come on dad...fuck my ass. I've been a bad, bad girl. You need to fuck my ass harder. Oh...yessss...harder. Yessss."

I was ramming into her as hard as I could. She was crying out 'yessss' constantly as I drove in and out. I could feel my cum boiling up and I knew she was cumming as well. I fucked into her ass a few more strokes and then my orgasm washed over me and caused me to collapse on top of her heaving body. I laid there, moving my hips slowly, letting my cock slip in and out of her asshole gently now.

Julie was shuddering and kept cumming for what seemed like a few minutes. I know it was probably only about ten or fifteen seconds, but it could have been longer too. I know she came for a long time though. When she finally let her breath out and took another big one, I started to pull out.

"No, don't pull out yet. I'm having little orgasms each time you push into me dad. Keep going if you can. I'm loving it."

"Okay, but I'm beginning to bet soft now too."

"Ohhh...noooooo. Just a bit more. Please dad? Just a bit more."

"I'm trying Julie. Maybe I need to get some of that stuff that gets Jake all..."

"Oh no. You better not. You'll wear all us women out. You fucker. Oh...yesss...mmmmm. Just a little bit more...ohhhhh...yesss."

I was amazed at myself at the moment. I was staying fairly hard yet for some reason. I kept up the gentle in and out strokes, and I could feel Julie shudder every once in a while as she would cum again. I finally had to quit so I pulled out. Laying on my back, after rolling off her hot body, she turned to me and we kissed.

"Thank you dad. You were...wonderful. I love the way you do me back there too."

As I held her, she slipped down and softly took my cock into her mouth and began to lick and suck me clean. I just laid there and let her have her way with me. As she kept sucking me, I began to get hard once again.

"Mmmm...I'd better get May or Anne. They'll want a piece of this now."

She got up and walked away. As she did, I could see cum leaking out of her ass and running down the backs of her inner thighs. Her taut ass cheeks were defined with muscle and that perfect tone of a body in good shape. I found it hard to believe that she was my daughter.

It now seemed like so long ago that my second wife had died. I realized that for the last couple of weeks I hadn't thought of her as much nor with near the pain that I had felt before. In some way this whole trip had acted far better in clearing my mind and heart than anything I had tried up until now.

While I was sure that fucking my daughter would have shocked and even upset my late wife, the other things I had learned and done would not have. I had much to be thankful for and most of it went to a young girl who wanted to 'get even' with the father who she felt had abandoned her so long ago. Our circle was closing and becoming complete.

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