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Surprise Package


A collaboration between two Lit authors, duly inspired by each other.


Approximately 99.99% of the male Lit readers have no doubt fantasized over the opportunity to have the infamous Lucia's (a/k/a the aptly named Gimmie_your_load) luscious mouth wrapped around their cock.

As if her self-description as a "cock-obsessed fellatrix" weren't incentive enough, Lucia is a splendidly vivid and eloquent author, who also happens to be quite beautiful and amply endowed in the, uh, chest region.

But, let's face it, the "cock-obsessed fellatrix" part is the main attraction-grabber.

So, while that aforementioned 99.99% of the guy population satisfied their infatuation with Lucia with groveling, complimentary e-mails to her. Or, more commonly, the old-fashioned way, simple self-pleasure masturbatory sessions.

But Johnnie Blue was in that 00.01 percentile. You see, John, rather than take matters into his own hands, so to speak, decided that a trip to the Great North was a far better way to become intimately acquainted with the cock-hungry Lucia.

After all, John reasoned, he had enjoyed perhaps two hundred or so women who had performed their oral talents on him over the course of thirty years or so since he first became sexual active. John figured that no more than perhaps two or three of them possessed the skill, aptitude, and flat-out enthusiasm for cocksucking that Lucia displayed. Lucia was most certainly in that elite one percentile of cocksuckers, and that made a jaunt to Canada a mere drop in the bucket.

It is a small planet and a short life, John mused, so why not pursue excellence in cocksucking? Why not indeed?

John was different that way. Though he was very much a discerning and particular man when it came to women, he went after what he wanted and almost without exception, he got exactly that. And he wanted Lucia. Oh, he wanted Lucia bad. He and Lucia had quickly formed a mutual admiration society as fellow authors, but John decided that a literacy connection would be woefully insufficient. Some first-hand research would be warranted for this mission. Even though he was exactly twice Lucia's age, he knew instinctively that he had just what Lucia craved. Seven-and-half-inches of experienced steel, with the stamina of a desert-trained camel.

And so it was that Lucia was home early on a Saturday morning, as instructed by John, to receive the package that was delivered on her doorstep by special courier. Lucia opened the package with alacrity, goose-bumps on her smooth skin and her needy pussy already moist and humid in anticipation.

The package's contents were simple, yet pristine. A sundress that Lucia held up to her torso, which she estimated that would cover, if she were lucky, perhaps a half-inch above her tits and maybe, maybe, five inches below her twat. There was also the smallest, sheerest pink thong that Lucia had ever seen, two sizes too small, designed to ride up into her snatch to encourage clitoral stimulation from only the slightest of movement.

There was a card with a heart on the cover. Inside, scrawled in neat, orderly penmanship, was this note, also succinct.

"The Marriott downtown. Room 1217. One hour from the time you sign for the package. I have the electronic delivery receipt, so I'll know. And be ready to be controlled, beautiful slut."

"P.S. You're on your own for shoes, but some of those six-inch stilettos that you mentioned in your stories would be a nice touch."

He flew from another country to surprise me, Lucia thought, as she fondled the dress and wondered how she could ever be seen in public wearing this.

She dripped at the thought. Her cunt was on fire, because her mind was already captured.

******** Lucia felt her legs tremble as she climbed the stairs to her apartment door, still playing with the material the sun dress as she walked. The thought of appearing in public in such a small amount of fabric both frightened and excited her. No stranger to men's games, Lucia could guess what John had in mind when he picked it out.

Beyond the obvious of how much skin it would show, and how it would accentuate her curvaceous form, John knew that parading herself in public in such an outfit would leave her feeling vulnerable. When paired with the uncomfortably tight thong and stiletto heels she had in her closet for just such an occasion, Lucia knew she would be very aware of her sexuality at every moment, both in public and in his presence. By locking her mindset on her own sexuality, John was ensuring that she would be excited, both physically and mentally, by the time she reached him. And he wasn't wrong at all. Without even putting on the outfit, Lucia found herself already soaking wet.

Knowing she didn't have much time to get ready and then get across town to the hotel, Lucia rushed to prepare herself. Although she didn't have time for another shower, she quickly made certain her hair and makeup were up to snuff. Next, she took off all her clothes, and eyed the outfit he had sent.

Mentally preparing herself, Lucia's hand strayed to her clit briefly, lightly stroking it. "No time for that!" she announced, giggling to herself, and with a deep breath, she began to shimmy her way into the panties. Though they stretched to the limit to accommodate her ample hips, thighs, and butt, Lucia managed to get them on. After a moment of thought, she decided to forget putting on a bra, since John likely didn't intend for her to wear one, and it probably wouldn't have been hidden under the tiny dress anyway.

Feeling even more exposed than the dress would already leave her, Lucia slid it over her head braless and smoothed the material as she examined herself in the mirror. Turning around once, Lucia looked back over her shoulder to see that the short skirt of the dress just barely covered the bottoms of her ass cheeks. A stiff breeze, the sitting position, or the skirt riding up would expose her bum and thong to the world. Lucia blushed at the mere thought.

Realizing she was short on time, Lucia rushed to find her tall red stiletto heels, and slide her feet into them. She stole a final moment to put one last finishing touch on the outfit, a plain but complimentary necklace of white pearls. With only a cursory glance at herself in the hall mirror as she breezed out the door, Lucia was on her way to meet John. She felt her skirt ride up her thighs as she got behind the wheel of her car, and blushed again at the thought of getting pulled over with her pink thong visible to any police officer who stood at her window. At least she was sure she could talk her way out of the ticket, assuming the officer was a man. Clever John, she thought to herself, he really thought this outfit through. She felt herself soaking the fresh panties as she contemplated what he had in mind for her arrival.


There wasn't a man in the lobby of the luxurious hotel whose neck did not swivel as Lucia confidently and sexily swaggered towards the elevator. Her big, young tits bounced and jiggled beneath the dress, and her hemline swished with each click of her fuck-me heels on the tile floor. She pushed twelve and became acutely aware of the aching in her puffy areolas and the small pond of humidity that had formed between her legs. She fully anticipated that her mouth and cunt would soon be pummeled by her mature and well-endowed lover-to-be.

On the fourth floor, The doors swung open as a trio of German businessmen piled into the cab. Their conversation stopped in mid-sentence as they hungrily eyed Lucia, like a pack of cheetahs surrounding the cornered antelope. One man unconsciously licked his lips, the other brazenly rubbed his dick through his suit pants while leering at her, and the third merely pierced her own gaze with his crystal clear blue eyes. Lucia briefly pondered hitting the stop button, dropping to her knees, and feasting on a smorgasbord of Eastern European sausage. She would then greet John covered from forehead to tits in German goo.

But only John had traveled internationally just to present his surprise package, and Lucia realized that fair was fair. She would be John's slut today, willingly, unless of course he chose to share her. Besides, she was already practically salivating from the excitement of sucking the older man's cock, so she tabled that particular fantasy of a German cock trifecta for another day.

John was waiting for her, prepared, very prepared. As Lucia approached the door to Room 1217, she took a deep breath, smoothed the dress nervously over her chest, and raised her knuckles to knock. Just before her hand reached the door, it swung open quickly. Startled, Lucia peered inside, seeing no one. "Hello?" she called tentatively, taking a few hesitant steps through the threshold.

She then felt the hands on her, grabbing her around the hips from behind. She turned to her right, just as she was twirled in the opposite direction, spinning her one-hundred-and-eighty degrees and she suddenly saw only darkness. A blindfold, being pulled tightly around her temple, she realized.

She opened her mouth to shout, but a hand was placed over her mouth before any cry could escape. She next heard the voice, surprisingly soothing, calm, almost hypnotic. "Your mouth will be used only for expressions of pleasure and to consume my cock, Lucia. Understood"? She said nothing, her mouth agape in a strangely intoxicating combination of fear and arousal.

The hand pressed more deeply over her entire mouth, forcing her to breathe through her nostrils, and the knot tightened on her head. She felt the soft silk that encircled her from back of her skull to her eyes. It smelled of a man's cologne. "Understood?" he growled, much less soothingly this time, more insistent, leaving no room for duplicity. Oh, yes, Lucia understood. She understood perfectly. She nodded, and the hand was removed from her mouth, and he slid two thick fingers between her full lips.

Like a moth to a flame, she instinctively sucked on the digits as he took her softly by the hand and led her across the hotel room. She detected a faint glimmer of light through the material that all but obliterated her sight. The spaghetti straps were lowered off of her shoulders, around her heaving breasts, and past her curvaceous hips. She lifted her legs obediently, one-by-one, to allow the dress to cascade gently to the floor. She stood naked save for the thong, which was now essentially coated with nectar from the stream that had become her pussy.

"Canada is now enjoying your beauty, Lucia." The voice was again soft, restrained. Lucia stood exposed behind the plate glass window presenting a panoramic view of the city skyline.

In return, the city now also had a scenic view of Lucia.

She felt the kisses on her neck first, and they traversed slowly. leisurely, down her spine, stopping on her backbone, which he licked in small ovals with his long, warm tongue. Until this moment, Lucia never dreamed that the small of her back could be an erogenous zone, but her legs wobbled as his hands tugged on the strings of her thong.

"So sweet, so innocent," his voice barely a whisper now. "Ah, the best cocksuckers always are."

He paused to savor her condition, and his kisses continued, teasingly, rising again, up her back. She wondered if anyone could see this spectacle, and if so, how many. She thought she might cum any second, without being touched in any of the 'usual' places, when she felt his fingers on the clasp of her strand of pearls.

At the same exact time, one hand undid the tiny clip on her pearls while his other cupped over her crotch and pulled the thong from her sopping slit, violently ripping it to threads. Her mouth opened again in a gasp. Anticipating this, he closed his lips around her, and for the next few excruciating minutes, his mouth locked onto Lucia's in the deepest, most sensual series of kisses that Lucia had ever experienced. Her legs were jelly, her nipples jutted out from her tits , trickles of sweet pussy lubrication eased onto her inner thighs.

Then she felt it. Two of his fingers had entered her gash, but they were so hard, round. No, wait, it had to be something else, Lucia thought, instinctively clenching and unclenching her talented kegel muscles as she felt her clit being rubbed by the unknown objects.

It was only when her labia were fully spread apart and her pussy was being stuffed six inches deep did he tell her.

"Pearls, Lucia. Your cunt is now filled with the polished, soft tissues of shelled mollusks, turned into gems, an appropriate resting place for them within your lovely pussy." He admired his handiwork, as her slit pulsed, causing the shiny ovals to dangle from her sopping gash.

Only a few spheres were visible now, the remainder of the strand buried in the folds of her quivering tunnel. She held onto them with a vaginal death-grip. It was the most erotic thing Lucia could ever imagine. The hard nub of her engorged clit had swelled to twice its normal circumference, the hood peeling away with every convulsion within her.

She heard his zipper. Lucia didn't need the sense of sight to know that sound. A good cocksucker responds to the sound of a zipper being lowered with a similar unconditioned reflex as Pavlov's dog responding to his treat. Salivation.

His next words were succinct, music to her attentive ears. "Now, suck my cock, beautiful slut. Let Canada watch."

She got down on her knees, the pearls outside of her cunt scraping the carpet. She smiled.


Lucia felt her legs quiver with a mixture of lust and anticipation as she seated her butt back on her heels, kneeling on the floor in front of John and the window. She closed her eyes, since she couldn't see through the blindfold anyway, and leaned back, rubbing her own full breasts, one in each hand, kneading them more for John's viewing pleasure than her own. She smiled up in what she imagined was his direction and moaned lustily, tweaking her hardened nipples and biting her lower lip.

She felt the pearls shift inside of her, and redoubled the efforts of her internal muscles, squeezing the links and loving the small sensations they gave her as her hips moved ever so slightly back and forth, the trailing end dragging along the ground. She moaned again, this time more substance than show, as she felt herself rapidly approaching orgasm, without her clit even being stimulated yet.

Lost momentarily in her own little world of pleasure, Lucia jumped slightly when she felt John's cock being slapped onto her large bottom lip. She felt his heavy shaft and large cock head as he ran it slowly back and forth along the length of her lip. Smiling again, Lucia let her tongue dart out, wetting the underside of his head, and lubricating her own lips so they glistened in the flickering light from the city below.

As she felt his cock shudder, she repeated the action, using quick flickering licks to tease the sensitive underside of his mushroom head. Using her tongue quickly, she lashed his tip and briefly swirled around the entire head before returning to her teasing tempo. She was satisfied to hear him groan, and grinned mockingly at her power over his senses.

Big mistake...


With one lightning-quick pull of her hair, Lucia felt herself literally lifted in mid-air by John's surprisingly strong fist. Lucia's neck was snapped backwards in an awkward angle, and she yelped in fear.

But she was turned on even more. Nectars poured from her overheated pearl-stuffed cunt as if from a faucet.

"You are not here to amuse yourself, you little fucking slut," John sneered, releasing her mane an now beginning to tug on her erect nipples, which threatened to burst from her skin. "You are here to please us. And don't fucking whimper anymore, either, understood?"

"Us?" she thought to herself. "Who's 'us'?" she wondered. Maybe it was an American language idiosyncrasy.

Lucia nodded meekly in silent humiliation and began to sink to her knees to assume her accustomed cock sucking position. As she reclined, John again tugged on her hair roughly. "Stay right here." He growled. "It's time to lose some of your accessory items."

Lucia felt John's alluringly soft lips on her mouth once again, and sighed as she shuddered. She had never been kissed quite like this, tenderly, hungrily, John's mouth always in command of their tongue dance duo. The dichotomy between his gentle kisses and the firmness of his fist in her hair gave Lucia a sensation unlike any she had known. She knew she had completely yielded her will to this mature dominating man.

She felt the blindfold begin to ease off of the back of her skull and started to relax, submitting to his incredible mouth on hers, when she also felt his hand travel down her belly.

And then......

And then the strand of pearls, with one mighty yank of John's hand, were ripped from her saturated slit, and she quivered and gyrated as the ovals caressed her slit, one by one, in rapid succession. Lucia's young body exploded in the most violent orgasm she had ever experienced.

Through the flash of lights in front of her eyes, as the blindfold was extracted just as she trembled in ecstasy, Lucia thought for an instant that she must be hallucinating from some orgasm-induced mirage.

There, mere feet in front of her, were the three German businessmen whom she had encountered on the elevator. Each had their cocks out as their respective European tools dangled from the zippers of their tailored suits. Unbeknownst to Lucia, John had left the door cracked open slightly after he had blindfolded Lucia when she first entered.

Glancing over her shoulder, Lucia also saw John for the first time, with a sinister grin on his handsome face, as he wrapped the string of pearls, sticky and dripping with Lucia's fresh cum, back onto Lucia's neck.

"Lucia," he said in a matter-of-fact tone, almost as if he were making casual introductions at a backyard barbecue, "I believe you've met some international clients of mine. This is Freidrich, Petr, and Hans. I kept the door cracked so that they could witness your, uh, talents."

Lucia looked down and the Aryans, cock-by-cock. Friedrich's was long and thin, Petr's was somewhat thick but stubby, but Hans appeared to have a pale anaconda in his fist. Her gaze did not go unnoticed by John, as he saw Lucia's eyebrows shoot upwards.

"Yes," he chuckled. "I know. We call him Huge Hans. I met him in a sauna at Dusseldorf when some young slut was sucking him and chocking on his meat. Impressive, isn't it?"

John spun Lucia around, treating her like a rag doll now, which was appropriate because that was soon to be her fate, and Lucia knew it. She would be simply a sex toy for this quartet of cocks.

It was exactly what she wanted, more than she could hope for. One of her wildest fantasies come true. Quite a surprise package, indeed.

John licked her earlobe while whispering into her ear, in a tone so sweet it was as if he were going to read his daughter a bedtime story."I am going to fuck you roughly, savagely, while you suck my Aryan friends."

He pushed Lucia down onto a small circular table next to the plate glass window, so that her big tits were mashed against the wood while her face hung over the other edge.

John smacked her plump, delectable ass, covered in Lucia's juices, which still oozed from her slit. She felt just the mushroom tip of John's own sizeable dick begin to stretch her folds just as he heard him address the wanking Europeans.

"Gentlemen, let's teach our little whore some rudimentary German words. For instance, what is the German word for 'filthy cock-sucking tramp'?"

The men walked towards the captured young vixen, slapping their dicks on her face, as John's member rammed into Lucia's cunt with one prodigious thrust.

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