tagIncest/TabooSurprise Sleepover With Brother

Surprise Sleepover With Brother


I, Chelsea, was looking forward to the sleepover tonight with my best friends in the whole senior class, Jessie and Lisa. Even though we were friends, I found myself sexually attracted to them at all times, so much so that we have even "fooled around" from time to time. Jessie is 5'1", has size 36A breasts, and has an absolutely incredible body. I love Jessie's nipples, they make up for her small tits. They are the biggest, plumpest nipples I have ever seen and they stick out a mile when they get hard. All the boys know where to look when it's cold because Jessie's shirts are always so revealing. Lisa, on the other hand, is 5'3", has size 38C tits, and also has a tight body. Lisa is the most sexually experienced of the three of us, and she often tells us stories about how she turns boys on and the things she's done. Her tits are absolutely amazing, I love to look at them after PE class in the showers. My pussy starts dripping just at the thought of them. I am about 5'2", have bigger tits than Jessie, but not as big as Lisa, and work out all the time to make sure my body is in great shape. Jessie and Lisa tease me about my big ass but they both wish they had an ass like mine. I was looking forward to tonight because my parents were out of town and we would have the house to ourselves. We didn't have to worry about my 23 year-old brother because he was away at college.

We had all just gotten settled into our PJ's at my house and were getting ready to watch a movie. Because we were all so comfortable and loved to look at each other's bodies, we never wore all of our clothes. Lisa was wearing a sheer bra through which you could see her pink nipples poking out, and a thong that was practically nothing. It was a piece of string around her waist and up her ass, and a small triangle that barely covered her whole pussy. It didn't even cover the small triangle of hair she kept above her snatch, she said that was how the boys liked it. Jessie was wearing a bra that pushed up her tits because she hated how small they were, but she wasn't wearing any panties. I always loved that about Jessie, she hates to wear them. That's why she always wears mini-skirts. Just the other day in Spanish class I caught her opening her legs and revealing her pussy to the entire other half of the class. All the boys were drooling on their desks while she pretended not to notice. She has a clean-shaven snatch that is absolutely adorable. I was relaxing without a bra on, wearing a tiny white thong that Lisa had given me for my birthday.

"I'm gonna make some popcorn!" Lisa stated as she jumped up and walked to the kitchen. My eyes were focused on her bare ass which was practically being raped by her skimpy thong. One of her pussy lips had fallen out the side and I was watching it and thinking about my fingers deep inside.

"Pour me a drink while you're in there," Jessie said as she turned around and leaned over the couch to talk to Lisa. Her entire pussy and puckered asshole were in full view. I could feel my juices start to flow as I thought about the different things we could do tonight. I looked down and noticed how wet my thong was, it made my pussy show right through the fabric.

Suddenly the front door opened, "Hey sis, I came home for the weekend! How bout you and me go..." my brother's voice trailed off as he found Lisa in the kitchen. I jumped up and ran in there. How embarrassing! My own brother finding me and my girlfriends half naked together. I skidded into the kitchen and saw why my brother's voice had cut off. Lisa was bending over directly in front of my brother, Colin, in order to pick up the popcorn bag she "accidentally dropped." Both of her pussy lips had now engulfed the small triangle covering her snatch, you could almost see everything.

"Hey Colin, nice to see you big boy," Lisa coyly said as she stood up slowly to let my brother savor the view. Even with my brother standing right there, I couldn't help but get turned on by the sight. My eyes moved to my brother's crotch and I noticed it was bulging. I had never seen a cock before, Lisa had told me plenty of stories about her encounters with them, but I always wanted to see one myself. I couldn't help but think about what my brother's cock look liked underneath his shorts. I suddenly realized what I was doing and gave a small yelp. My brother's eyes flashed from Lisa's ass to me. His eyes quickly moved up and down my body and I swear his cock twitched when they moved over my sopping crotch. I couldn't believe my brother was staring at my tits and practically soaking pussy. I quickly covered myself and sat down at the bar stool so my pussy was hidden from view.

"Looks like I came at a bad time?" My brother said quickly.

"No, it's no problem," I squeaked out, "We were just getting ready to watch a movie."

Both of our eyes moved to Lisa as she conveniently readjusted her bra. Both nipples came into clear view as she pulled it back up into place. My brother was staring like a deer in headlights.

"You guys don't mind if I join do you?" He asked, still focused on Lisa's incredible body. She turned around and bent over once again to throw the plastic wrapper away, making sure to take it slow.

"Oh Colin, we would love that!" Lisa said quickly, before I had a chance to convince him otherwise. I was so focused on Lisa and Jessie and what we might do tonight I wasn't quick enough. "But only under one condition," she said seductively, "If we're in our undies, you have to be in yours too!"

"No problem," my brother said, "I'm gonna jump in the shower and I'll see you in five!" As my brother turned his whole cock was sticking straight out, just begging to get out of his shorts. I felt a tingle run up my legs and through my pussy.

Lisa ran back to the living room to tell Jessie what was going to happen. I heard Jessie scream excitedly and then they talked back and forth hurriedly. I was still a little embarrassed about what had happened, but it obviously didn't embarrass my brother so why should I worry about it. By the look of his penis he had enjoyed what he saw, especially when he scanned over my tits and practically dripping thong. My mind swirled about what could possibly happen tonight, I knew Lisa and Jessie wouldn't hold back at all, but would they make me do anything to my own brother? I got up from the stool and noticed the puddle of pussy juice that had formed where I was sitting. Did looking at my brother's cock do that to me? I quickly walked into the living room.

"Could you really see his cock sticking out?" Jessie was asking Lisa, "Did it look big?"

"It looked huge!" Lisa was stating, "Mmm, I would love to feel it inside my pussy, it looked way bigger than any of the freshman boys cocks!"

"Damn, I would love to stick it in my mouth," Jessie said, "I wonder what cum tastes like, especially a college boy's cum!?!"

"Mmm, it tastes so good," Lisa said rolling her eyes, "Just imagine sucking Colin's cock until he cums all over you... We are gonna get lucky tonight!"

I sat down between them on the couch. I noticed Jessie's pussy was creating a pool of juices on the couch, but no different than Lisa's. Her thong was drenched just like mine. I looked down at my own crotch and found my pussy was swimming in my own juices. I could feel it run down my crack and over my asshole. The feeling made me shudder. I couldn't believe that thoughts about my best friends and my brother were doing this to me.

"Did you know your brother's cock was so big?" Lisa was asking me as she daydreamed about what she was going to do with my brother.

"I had no idea," I stated slowly, "I wonder if he liked what he saw in the..."

"Good evening ladies," my brother smoothly said as he strolled into the living room. He was wearing nothing but his boxers, and even though his cock wasn't hard, it made a bulge in his tiny shorts.

Jessie's eyes grew wide at the sight and she quickly went into action.

"I was just getting ready to put a movie in," she sexily said as she got up and walked over to the TV. She got down on all fours and stuck her ass high into the air. Her pussy and asshole were completely uncovered and she was exposed to all of us.

"Hmmm, what should we watch?" she said as she moved her ass back and forth. I could see her cunt juices running down the insides of her thighs as she moved.

"Here let me help," Lisa said, "That VCR is so tight, it's really hard to stick it in sometimes..." she swayed her hips as she walked over to Jessie and got down on all fours right beside her. I saw them smile at each other and Lisa raised her ass as high as she could. The fabric from the thong was squeezing her pussy so hard that one of her lips popped out of the side again. It was raping her ass as she stuck it up in the air. Her cunt juices started flowing out down the inside of her thigh also. I was so engrossed in the scene I didn't have time to think about my brother. I suddenly realized he was standing right next to me and turned to look.

He was oblivious to me being there also because he was mesmerized by my two friends. His cock had grown so much it had escaped through the hole in the front of his boxers. It was so hard that it was sticking out at an upward angle. I felt a tingle go through my pussy and it felt so good. It felt like Lisa or Jessie was licking my pussy because I was so wet down there. I looked closer at my brother's swollen head and saw some pre-cum form at the tip. It was about to fall to the ground when he noticed what I was doing. He quickly swung around to try to hide his hard cock from my view, but as he did the drop of cum flew over the arm of the couch and landed on my cheek. It was small enough that my brother didn't notice. As the drop hit my face, my body became overwhelmed by what had just happened. I felt a sensation run through my body and I knew I was going to cum right there. I panicked.

"Here let me help too!" I quickly said as I sprung over to Lisa and Jessie. I got down on all fours beside Lisa as the first shocks of the orgasm started going through my body. I felt so exposed as my brother watched my pussy juices start flowing down my legs. I knew he could see everything and it only made my orgasm more intense.

"Thanks babe," Lisa said, as she winked at me. Then she noticed the cum on my cheek, which had now run down to my chin. She wiped it off and smelled it, then she knew exactly what it was.

"Chelsea! You had your own brother's cum on your face, what have you been doing you little slut?!?" Lisa liked to tease me and call me a slut even though I had never seen a penis before. But as her words hit me, I thought they would turn me off, but they only sent a final shock through my body as my orgasm subsided.

"Umm, I think I'm gonna get going now," my brother said, obviously embarrassed about what had happened. He stood up and his hard cock poked out through the fabric once more. I could tell this was what Lisa and Jessie both wanted to see.

They both turned around with pouting lips. "Come on big boy, aren't you enjoying the view from back there?" Lisa stated as she grabbed one of her tits and squeezed lightly. "Yeah, I thought big boys like yourself would like a little playtime..." Jessie added as she moved her hand down to her pussy. I could hear how wet she was when she touched herself.

"Don't you want to taste Colin's cum?" Lisa asked Jessie. "Fuck yes..." Jessie answered as Lisa brought her finger to Jessie's mouth and watched her lick it clean. I could tell this had an affect on my brother.

"Come on big boy, stay and play a while..." Jessie said as she turned to make out with Lisa.

"Well... only if you guys stop teasing and take off your clothes..." my brother said quickly. I couldn't believe he had just asked his own sister and two friends to get completely naked in front of him, but I must admit the words made my pussy tingle again. Lisa and Jessie slowly helped each other out of their bras and Lisa's thong. They were both sopping wet and every time they moved you could hear their pussies. They turned to me, with their asses towards my brother.

"What's wrong you little slut, afraid to show your brother how well you take care of yourself down there?" Lisa said sexily. "Come on big college boy, don't you want to see your sister's pussy?" she asked my brother.

I saw my brother's cock twitch again at Lisa's words. The reassurance that my brother thought I looked sexy helped ease my nerves.

This was obviously all the girls needed as the got on either side of me and pulled my arms away from covering my tits. My brother was looking at my entire body now, up and down as the girls held my arms to my sides. They lowered me to the ground so I was laying directly in front of my brother. I had no idea what they were going to do but I knew I was all theirs. They got on either side of me and with one arm they each lifted up my legs so they were together, and straight up in the air.

"What do ya say sexy man," Lisa seductively said, "Don't you want to see your sister's pussy?"

I was laying back with my head on the ground, but the feeling of being exposed to my brother was starting to get to me. I felt another sensation running through my entire body. I knew I was going to cum soon.

"I think she is the sexiest girl I've ever seen, and with an ass like that, she could get any boy at my college that she wanted," my brother said without hesitation. I loved the reassurance from my brother that I had a sexy body, I knew what he wanted to see and I was loving it. With their other arms holding my legs straight up, they slowly peeled my soaked thong from my dripping ass crack and up my thighs to my ankles. Lisa took the sopping thong and tied it tight around my ankles so I couldn't move them. I was completely exposed to my brother now. My pussy lips squeezed tight together between my legs, dripping juices down my ass crack. I felt safe in the hands of my best friends, holding me captive as a sex slave in front of my own brother. It was then that I gave in to everything they wanted. I couldn't hold back as my second orgasm ran through my entire pussy. The juices flowed even more as I realized what Colin must be seeing. Two of his sister's friends, completely naked before him. Lifting his sister's legs in the air for him to watch her cum.

"That's right slut, cum for your brother," Lisa said slowly and sexily. "Look at what you're doing to your sister Colin. I think you should show her what it's like to be fucked by a college boy."

Both my brother and I were captive to the seductions of my two best friends. They were egging us both on and for some reason we listened to everything they said.

"Let's get you warmed up first before you stick your cock deep in your sister's pussy," Jessie said seductively. I couldn't see his cock because my legs were hiding the view, but my brother got on his knees in front of me. With their other hands, I could see my friends both stroking his cock at the same time, I knew there must have been a large amount of pre-cum forming on my brother's cock from the situation.

"Don't you want to taste his cum again?" Lisa asked Jessie. All I heard was an 'mmmm' in reply as I heard Jessie's mouth engulf my brother's cock. I heard her slurping up his pre-cum as my brother fucked my best friends mouth. Lisa put her hand on Jessie's head and helped her as she mouth-fucked him.

"It's time big boy, show us how a real college boy fucks a pussy," Lisa said to my brother. She then had to pull Jessie's head off my brother's cock to get her to stop. I couldn't see what was happening but I saw both Lisa and Jessie grab hold of my brother's cock and lower it towards my waiting pussy. I felt his head probe the outside of my pussy walls. My legs were still tied together and held captive by my friends. As his head probed a little deeper into my pussy, my friends took their hands off his cock and reached around to grab my brother's ass. They slowly pushed my brother's cock deeper inside of me, helping him to fuck me. I never had felt anything like it before, his huge cock was opening my pussy wider than it had ever been. The way my lips were squeezed together, I could feel his whole cock as he pushed it inside all the way to his balls.

"That's right big boy, fuck your sister like a real man," I heard Lisa say in his ear. She then let go of his ass and stood up directly over my face.

"As long as your getting your pussy fucked, you're gonna fuck my pussy with your mouth." She then straddled my face and shoved her cunt in my mouth. I fucked her with my tongue like the sex-crazed slave I was. I could hear Jessie making out with my brother as he pumped his cock deeper and deeper inside me. Lisa then leaned over so I could lick her asshole as she grabbed my legs and pulled them down towards my chest. She slowly pushed my brother so his cock popped out of my pussy. I moaned as it left, wishing I could stay in that position forever, wondering what Lisa was doing. But I couldn't say anything as she shoved her ass into my face.

"Alright big boy, it's time to show your sister what it feels like to have her ass fucked..." Lisa said seductively. "I want you to fuck her ass like you fuck your girlfriend's pussy..."

"Yeah, fuck her ass as hard as you fucked my mouth," Jessie added sexily.

My brother was subject to anything they wanted, and as Lisa shoved her ass in my face I felt her push my legs down against my chest even harder, exposing my puckered asshole to all of them. Jessie ran her hands over my pussy and gathered the juices to lube up my ass. I could feel Jessie's hand guide my brother's cock towards my asshole. I couldn't imagine what my brother was thinking right now. My two best friends were making his sister a sex slave in front of him for anything he wanted. I was all theirs and I was loving it.

"That's right you little slut, you're gonna stick your tongue up my ass and fuck it like your brother is gonna fuck your ass..." Lisa said to me.

Jessie's hand guided his head into my waiting asshole. I could feel his slippery cock start to open my tight ass. Jessie then reached around and grabbed my brother's ass and shoved it hard. My brother's cock lunged into my asshole and he was already balls deep in a matter of seconds. The feeling was incredible. My brother's cock filled up my entire ass and I couldn't do anything about it.

"Fuck your sister's ass until you cum..." Lisa said to my brother as she watched him start to pump harder and harder. "That's right sexy, I want you to cum for me" Lisa squeezed her tits together in my brother's face and I heard him sucking her nipples. Jessie got behind my brother and put one hand under his legs to massage his balls and the other on his ass to help shove him deeper inside of me. My body was uncontrollable and I felt sensations I had never felt before. I came harder than I had ever cum in my whole life, and I felt the juices from my cunt flow down my ass crack and all over my brother's cock.

"I'm going to fucking cum!" I heard my brother shout... Jessie jumped from behind him and said, "Cum in my mouth!" As she bent over in front of my ass.

"No! He needs to cum inside his sister's ass. Make her feel like the fucking slut that she is!" Lisa shouted. That was all the words my brother needed as he pushed his cock deep inside of me. I moaned as I felt the first surge of cum shoot up my ass. Surge after surge I felt his cum fill up my entire ass. I had never felt anything like it before. His hot cum was never-ending as he came over and over. He moaned as my friends massaged his balls to get all of his cum out.

"That's right big boy, empty yourself inside your sister." I heard Lisa say. He moaned as he slowly pulled his dripping cock out of my ass. As he did, I could feel his cum start to dribble out of my asshole. Jessie quickly shoved my brother aside and started to suck and lick his cum as it leaked out my ass. Lisa bent over and helped her as they licked my asshole. It was a great feeling as I laid back and let my friend's lick me clean.

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