tagFetishSurprise Surprise Ch. 6

Surprise Surprise Ch. 6


Well we all remember Wendy. Wendy, Anna and I were living together. But things were weighting heavy on mind. Wendy had been here now, for about three months. Things at first was nice, bang ass and reaching around to wack Anna off, and still get to pound pussy. But I had gotten to the point that I remembered why I had a she-male not a real female. Wendy's period was always a big pain, and Anna and I tried to stay away from Wendy during that time. Then there was the fact that I hated using condom so did Anna, because Wendy could still get pregnant. Wendy was becoming a big pain in the ass.

Anna and I sat at the table drinking tea. We heard Wendy get up and start here her morning shower. After a few minutes I voiced my dislike of Wendy being around.

"Look Anna I didn't mind Wendy the first few weeks, but I sick of her."

Anna looked shocked.

"God Eric, I was thinking the same thing. I didn't want to say anything because I knew you and Wendy had a past."

I got up and walked over to Anna rubbing her face.

"Anna, Wendy and I had the past. But you and I have now and the future. Wendy's gotta go."

Anna stood and hugged me. As she did we kissed deeply enjoying each others asses.

"You can't just throw her Eric. You have to give her some time"

Anna was right. Wendy was a good girl when she wasn't on the rag. But I could handle much more. I needed to find a place for Wendy to stay. I told Anna I was going over to Tina and Rod's to think things over. Anna said she would try and drop some hints.

I drove over to Tina and Rod's. Rod was home Tina was not home right now but she should be home soon. Rod laughed as I explained my problems.

"Well I guess you wore out her pussy. Now she hitting the road. Me and Tine still been waiting for that hot night of sex."

I laughed, but asked Rod honestly.

"Come on. You know anybody at your job that's single?"

Rod shook his head.

"No most guys are married or worse then Tim."

I shook my head.

"No that's what got us into this to begin with."

Rod snapped his fingers.

"What about sending her to your Pop's house she could clean and take care of him."

I made a fucking motion.

"You mean 'take care of him'?"

Rod shook his head.

"No, but you said she cleaned up the house every day almost and almost always had dinners, and things ready. She'd have a place to stay, and still could have a life outside."

I shook my head.

"No Pop doesn't like people coming and going all hours of the night. But we could tell her she could come for weekend visits, Once in while of course."

Rod nodded.

"Sure Wendy can go a few days or weeks without sex, and I'm sure she loved a big fat viberator."

I rose to go and Rod motioned for me to set again.

"Tina will be home soon. Stay give her a good fucking before heading home."

I shook my head no.

"I gotta get home and call my Pop. This idea might have her outta my hair by this weekend."

I left and drove home where I found Wendy giving Anna a full body massage. I went past them in the living room and said I had to make a phone call. I went into the den shutting the door behind me. I called Pop it took him a while to get to the phone.

"Hey Pop. What's up?"

Pop was his normal grumpy self.

"Nothing! I had to walk across the room to get this what do you want?"

I cleared my voice.

"How would you like a maid? You someone to clean up, do your laundry, cook?"

Pop grunted.

"I can't afford a maid."

I answered.

"You can this one. Remember Wendy? She's staying right now, but needs a place to stay, so if you let her live there with you for free she can be a maid for you. I'll send her some money now and then for her stuff, but it won't cost a dime."

Pop hoe hummed it over.

"Wendy,…Hmmm. She the one with big knockers right?"

I laughed.


Pop asked about getting her up to his house and did she really want to come. In the end he agreed it would be best to have someone around just case. I told him I'd call him the next to find out when she would be coming. I hung up and exited the den.

Anna was done and was setting on the couch and Wendy on her knees was sucking Anna cock. Anna motioned for Wendy to go suck me. Wendy rose and removed my pants as I sat.

"Yeah Wendy. I got off the phone with Pop, Anna. He said he could hardly get around, thought about trying to get a maid."

Wendy almost swallowed my whole cock. As I kept talking.

"Yeah said he couldn't pay that much, but the maid could stay there for free."

Again Wendy swallowed almost sucking my whole cock off. She then stopped and asked.

"Would your Pop want someone with experience?"

I shrugged my shoulders.

"Don't know. But I'm sure I the girl would, you know give him a little release, he wouldn't care."

Wendy smiled. And stood up.

"Can you ask him for me Eric. Please! I need to get out and you make a living for myself. And I could give a hand job or two a week."

I smiled just as I had hoped.

"Well he might want more. You know maybe a blow, or you to set on his lap, you naked."

Wendy smiled and lifted her shirt showing her huge tits. And began to swing them from side to side.

"Think he'd like to suck on these?"

I laughed.

"So you wouldn't mind? How about sleeping with him of a night. Not sex, but you just sleeping there to make sure if he needs anything."

Wendy shook her.

"No problem at all."

I gave Wendy a stern look.

"Now remember Wendy, My Pop won't want you come and going all hours of the night. Once your there you won't be getting out a whole lot. We can of course get you a fat dildo, and you can come visit. Pop will wear a condom."

Wendy nodded.

"When can I go?"

I smiled and told her I'd call Pop tomorrow morning before he could call about a maid. Wendy was so happy, she went to the guest room she had taken to sleeping there a few days back where she had her clothes. And began to pack her suit cases we had given her. Anna smiled and moved over next to her.

"We'll have to send maybe $50.00 a month or so. Pop can't really afford it. If you don't want me to I can tell her Pop found someone already."

Anna whispered in my ear.

"Did he really say it or did you talk him into it?"

I whispered in her ear.

"I told him it was Wendy, he remembered her, and he said okay!"

Anna giggled like a school girl. I told her about what Rod had said about wanting to get together. I agreed maybe by tomorrow night if we wanted to make the drive up there.

Wendy came out and smiled as she sat in my recliner. She looked like someone had just told her she had won the lottery.

"I can't wait. I love sucking and teasing old men."

I shook my finger at her.

"Remember Wendy, don't kill him with a heart attack."

We all laughed and Wendy got up to start dinner, again asking if I'd call tonight. I told her I had hinted to Pop about her already, and he was thinking it over. Wendy jumped for joy sending her tits bouncing.

The next day I had called Pop who said bring her on. I had told him to expect some fun times. Anna, Wendy and I drove up and Wendy got settled in. Anna and I watched as Wendy sat on Pop's lap and tickled his chin.

"Oh! Pop!"

With that Pop told us.

"No offense Anna, but get lost. You Eric, just get lost."

He began to tickle her tits.

Anna and I left and the drive home brought us home around 10:00 pm. The first night in like three months Anna and I were alone. We were ripping each others clothes off as we got in the door. She hadn't had a lot of clothes to begin with. She and I went to the bed. She had used the viberator on my ass. And I thought tonight I would give in. I laid on the bed, and we began to rub each others asses. Our cocks rubbed against each other, I could feel precum leaking. I kissed her mouth and our tongues, lashed at each other. I reached down and began to rub her cock. I rolled over and lifted a cheek.

"Let me get the Vib."

I looked over my shoulder and shook my head. Anna got the idea, and laid back down sliding back up behind me. I could feel her head against my ass.


I jumped up on my all fours and wagged my ass at her. She got up behind me and slide in me she had gotten out the lube for my little virgin ass. She pushed slowly and the girth of her cock opened my asshole. I left odd, the Vib felt different and this was the real thing. I could feel the vein under her cock thick like a cable. I moaned with the odd feeling, and asked her.

"I feel like I gotta shit."

Anna laughed as she slowly pumped.

"Yeah you'll get use to it if you like to do this."

I nodded and she moved up the pace. I could feel Anna growing in pace and soon she reached around and began to stroke me. I felt the load bust in my ass as I shot all over the bed spread. Anna slowly pulled outta my ass I held her in me until she was limp feeling it shirk. Anna licked my ass clean as I stayed on my all fours, enjoy the licking and I gently pushed out more of her cum as she licked it up. We lay there and embraced, for a long time. May ass leaked what little of her cum was left.

Anna ran the bath water making a nice warm bath for us. I got in and Anna said she'd back in a second. She lowered the lights as she lit candles and the burned around the bathroom. Anna soon returned with a basket of strawberries and a few beers. I took one of the beers and Anna got in. We bathed for a good hour and soon we got out and went to bed. We laid in bed and soon coupled and slept. Life was once again back to normal.

The next Anna and I rose early the next morning. Anna made breakfast and we sat drinking tea, when Anna spoke up.

"You know why Tina and Rod are so antsy about us all getting together?"

I shook my head as I rose and too mine and Anna plates.

"Tina wants a baby. Rod can't have kids. I think they want you to knock her up."

Anna said as I almost dropped the plates. Anna laughed. And kept talking.

"Think about they know you got Wendy pregnant so they know you can do it. Rod, Tina, you and I are all good friends. So why not?"

I put the plates in the sink, and turned walking back to Anna.

"I just don't know Anna. I mean if I got Tina pregnant, things would change."

Anna looked at me and had a strange look.

"Eric, things wouldn't change. Tina and Rod would have baby, one we would be a part of it's life. But Tina and Rod would raise it as their own."

I looked at Anna, and then walked over and sat on the couch. Anna got up and followed setting next to me. She ran her fingers through my hair, and talked to me in a sweet baby voice.

"Eric, come on. We'll have a nice Bar B Q and invite Tina and Rod over. See how things go if they don't bring it up then we won't either. But if they do I want you to talk honestly and openly. Okay?"

I nodded and began to think about what I'd Bar B Q. Tri Tip Strips would be nice, I got up and went to the freezer out in the garage to see what we had. I got out a nice big Tri Tip. Anna already was cleaning the dishes, as I put the Tri Tip on a black plastic board we used for thawing. Anna finished washing dishes, and went to take a shower as I started to marinate the meat.

After a good hour Anna came out and dressed in a sweet little skirt. Anna called Tina and Rod. But they said they'd be over around 6:00 pm. I got things ready, and took my shower. I dressed in a causal slacks and a Hawaiian shirt, I knew Tina liked. Ann made some sweet potato salad, baked beans and corn on the cob. I started the meat around 4:00 I wanted it to slow cook, and it did.

Around 6:15 pm Tina and Rod came in. Tina and I kissed as Rod and Anna kissed. I didn't mind, but I didn't want Rod fucking Anna, but kissing was okay. Tina and Anna went into the kitchen and started putting stuff on the table s Rod and I went out to check the meat. Rod had brought beers and opened one for me and him. I looked at the meat and Rod turned on the hot tub.

"For later right Eric?"

I nodded and patted Rod on the back.

"So ready to have that ass fucked?"

I asked Rod. Rod licked his lips, and nodded.

"Oh, yeah I can't wait. And you never had Anna fuck you in the ass?"

I smiled and giggled a little.

"Well last night. Anna did for the first time. I can see why you like it."

Rod laughed and slapped his knee.

"So! You finally let her do it ay? So what did you think?"

I shrugged my shoulders, it felt different, but I think I understand what you see in it."

Rod nodded. As I pulled the meat off the grill. Rod opened the sliding door as I set walked in and sat the plate of meat in the middle of the table. I sat between Tina and Anna. Rod sat opposite me. We ate a big dinner, and sat around drink beer a for a while, while I and Rod cleared the table. We all went outside and it was getting pretty dark. We all stripped not shy in front of each other. Rod dick huge long like a huge fuckin' snake. Tina looked sweet and I think she had gotten darker, maybe she was tanning. Anna was only beginning to get hard, as was mine.

We got in the hot water. Anna and Rod sat next to each other. I could they were playing with each others dicks under the water, and I helped Tina to set on my lap. I didn't go in her yet, but I did feel her open her ass cheeks, to set on my dick letting it rest snug in between her cheeks. We talked for a long time.

"So Anna ready tp fuck Rod's ass?"

Tina asked then too a deep drink of beer, we were all a little drunk. Anna nodded and began in a slurred voice.

"Last I nailed Eric's ass, tonight I get to nail Rod! What more could I ask for."

Tina laughed. And turn to look at me her tits pressed against my chest as she spoke.

"So Baby, you got that ass fucked last night? Well tonight you'll be fucking pussy, right Anna?"

Anna nodded and I kissed Tina deeply, that when Rod spoke up.

"Eric you think you do us a favor?"

I looked at Tina eyes and they said she wanted something bad, I looked at Rod he had that same look.


Tina said in a sweet voice.

"Rod and I want a baby. And you know Rod can't have babies."

I looked at Rod and he continued where Tina left off.

"Eric we know your good for it. You got Wendy knocked up. So we know you can get a girl pregnant."

I looked at Anna, and she gave me the look. I spoke a little nervous.

"I know I could do it, but thing would be different you know?"

Tina, Rod, and Anna looked at me. I continued.

"I want us to all make a pact. If we all agree then I'll do it."

Everyone nodded and I stated the pact.

"First, the child can never ever know the truth. Second if and thing happens between you and Rod, I'm not paying child support. This will be your guys' baby."

Everyone agreed and I said we should go in and clean off. We all got out and we carried our clothes in. Tina and I head straight for the bedroom, as Rod and Anna followed. Rod and Anna showered while, Tina and I took a quick bath. We all exited the bathroom and stood around. Tina spoke first.

"Should we all fuck here in the same room. Or maybe in separate rooms?"

We looked at each other. Anna spanked Rod on the ass. And spoke.

"You watch Tina get that pussy pounded, if not we can go into the other room. I'll bring the camcorder in with us."

Rod nodded and smiled. Looking at me.

"As long as you don't fuck Anna in the ass it's cool."

Rod nodded as Tina climbed on the bed and spread wide open. Rod and Anna headed for the door and he turned just before I got on the bed with Tina.

"You mind if I suck Anna's cock Eric?"

I shook my head. Then he asked for something more.

"I don't want to fuck her as, but can she suck my dick? I mean if she wants?"

I looked at Anna, and did feel as bad about the thought. Rod would keep his word about not fucking Anna. I didn't mind as I motioned for them to go on as I nodded my okay.

I looked at Tina and she smiled huge. We kissed deeply our bodies laying next to each other. I could her thick bush rub against my cock. I don't think she had trimmed it since the mountain trip. I didn't care, her mouth was hot and I could fell her grabbing at my cock. I rubbed and squeezed her bubble ass. I slide my finger in between her cheeks, and tried to finger her ass hole. Tina gently pushed me away wanting me to lay flat on my back. I did and she crawled down and began to lick and suck my cock.

Tina and Anna both were great at cock sucking and if Anna sucked Rod off, I'd have to ask him what he thought. Tina engulfed my cock, sucking the whole thing down her throat, and her tongues lashed around my throbbing cock. I closed my eyes and thought about Rod sucking Anna's cock.

Soon I pulled Tina back up and laid her on her back. Telling her.

"I wanta eat your black pussy Tina! You want me to lick your twat?"

She nodded and her eyes grew wide as I spread her legs, and opened her thick outer lips. Open her hairy bush. I licked deeply and sucked hard on her lips.

"Ohhh, yeah baby lick my nasty pussy! Eat my twat you fucker!"

I licked hard and slower, as she began to quiver and I slowed and changed the motion. She shivered and soon a little river of juice began to leak outta her cunt. Tina didn't have a full on climax, so I looked up and asked her.

"You ready for dick baby girl?"

Tina nodded and as I climbed up between her legs she told me.

"Baby fuck me good. I plan to ride this cock every night 'til you knock me up!"

I slide in her wet twat, she was hot and as I pushed fully into her she moaned loudly. Tina squirmed and twisted as I slide in and out here pussy slow and deep. Tina's eyes shot open and grew huge as I slide fully into her. She moaned and kissed my face as I looked down into her eyes.

"YEAH, Baby fuck this black pussy. Nice and deep! Oh' Eric you know just how to give it to girl slow."

I smiled and kissed her lips. The moment was more then just sex, it was like making love not just sex. Anna and I had had sex sex this before, but I never had sex like this with any other women. Tina was unlike any other girl I had ever been with. Tina was the first black girl I had ever had, she never made comments about my size even though I knew I was nothing compared to Rod. Tina was a loving women, who never seemed, unhappy with what I did to her.

The moment came, and so did I. Tina quivered and let out a low rumbling moan, as she came too. After we had both relaxed and I laid down next to her we could not hear Rod and Anna but I guessed they were still going at it. Tina rose and straddled me again, I wasn't hard enough to go back in but she didn't seem interested in fucking again. She lay her body down upon mine, she was sweaty and hot still.

"I like it Eric."

Tina whispered as she lay her head on my chest. I rubbed her ass and back, kissing the top of her head.

"Me too Tina. Your not like any other girl I've ever been with."

Tina looked up at me and smiled.


I nodded and Tina rose a little closer to my face and we kissed.

"Rod just seems to enjoy fucking and that's it. He never wants to you know take it slow."

I smiled at the comment.

"Well Anna and I sometime just get into each other and hammer it out. Other times we lay for hours playing. You know licking, sucking, touching."

Tina nodded and looked so sad.

"Yeah Rod and I never did it like that. Even when we first, got together back in school. He just hammered and went on."

Tina looked down then back up again and whispered even lower.

"I think he only stayed with me because I never said anything about his liking you both men and women. In high school, you have to promise not to say a word?"

I nodded and Tina continued in her low tone.

"well in high school, he would check out all the guy in the locker room, and then make me wear jerseys with the guys he played with. Sometime he even made me wear his helmet."

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