Surprised by Her Daughter


"I'd love to." I replied taking the soapy sponge from her and gently soaping up her body. When her front was all soapy she pulled herself to me, pulling my semi-hard dick up so it was between us, allowing me to soap her back while she wiggled her slick body against mine. I had to admit it was a very erotic feeling, her firm tits and hard nipples sliding around on me, my growing dick slowly working up between her firm tits. She began to ride up and down my body, sliding her soapy tits down around my dick while she stroked and squeezed my ass.

"Would you like to cum again?" she asked sweetly.

"If you keep doing that I defiantly will." I grunted as she pressed her tits around me again.

"Oh.. In that case." She said pulling away from me. She reached for the bottle of soap and squirted a considerable amount around her tits before moving back to me. She squatted down and squeezed her tits around my dick.

"If you found me naked in the woods, what would you do to me?" she asked as she stroked up and down my shaft.

"Hmmm... Naked in the woods? Standing or laying down?"

"Standing up taking off my clothes."

"I walk over to you and kneel in front of you and suck your luscious tits while I stroke your pussy. When I had you really good and wet I would move farther down and lick your pussy and taste your sweet juices."

"Hmmm that sounds nice... what else?"

"I'd slip a finger into you and make you cum so hard you'd think there was an earth quake."

"Oooooo I like that. But by then you'd be awful horny too, wouldn't you?"

"Very. I'd strip my clothes off and back you up against a tree and push my hard dick into you and screw you until you came again."

"Oh god... I'm so damn horny again." She said as she released my dick. "Show me how you'd fuck me in the woods!"

"Easy." I said as I pushed her against the wall of the shower. I lifted one of her legs and stepped between them. Crouching down I aimed my soapy dick for her pussy and slid easily into her. "Ohhhh like this." I groaned as I started to pump up into her.

"Oh god yes... I want you to fuck me in the woods. I want you to take me out in the sun and make me scream into the trees when I cum." She panted.

My mind told me exactly what I needed to do. I pulled from her pussy and shut the shower off. I easily lifted her up, stepping out of the shower.

"Where are we going?"

"To the back yard!" I said as I walked quickly down the hall. I had to set her down to open the back door, and then I pulled her out onto the deck. I lifted her up and set her ass on the railing, pushing her legs apart. It only took me a second to aim my hard dick at her and slide back in, our soapy bodies cooling in the light breeze.

"Oh yes!" she said loudly as I stared pumping in and out of her pussy, her legs held high and my thighs slapping her firm ass. "That's it! Fuck me! Make me cum on your fat dick!" she cried loudly as she wrapped her hands around my neck for support.

"Oh yeah!" I grunted as my dick grew fatter with each passing minute. I had cum enough times that I should have been a long time getting off, but the newness of having her, the setting and her dirty talk were having a significant effect. It helped that I was able to move my hands to her soap slickened tits and squeeze and play with them.

"That's it! Fuck my pussy! God yes! I love feeling your fat dick fuck me!" she squealed as I drove her closer to climax, each stroke of my dick slamming into her clit.

"OH god!" I groaned as my body jerked, spurting a shot of hot cum into her. I tried to keep stroking, spurting a shot of cum into her with each stroke.

"YES!" she squealed as her body shook, her climax finally washing over her. "AHHHHHH" she shouted into the trees of the yard as my body continued to jerk and shudder.

Finally wasted, I pulled her close with one arm, gently playing with one of her tits with my other.

"You just can't get enough of them can you?" she giggled.

"Not really." I admitted.

"We'll just have to find a way for you to get more sometime. But for now we need to get the soap off before it dries."

"Ok." I answered as I pulled my shriveling dick from her. "I don't think there's another left in him anyway."

"Maybe not, but the three you gave me were well worth it." She said as I lifted her off the railing. She led me back to the shower where we turned on the water and stepped in, rinsing each other off and gently caressing each part of each other's bodies. "If you found me naked in the woods would you really do all those things?"

"In a hot second."

"Good." She answered simply. "But for now I think I need to go."

"Ok." I said with some disappointment. "I really hope I do get another look or two."

"Oh don't worry." She said as she turned the water off. "I'll make sure you do."

We dried each other off and then walked to the family room where I watched her dress. She gave me a soft wet kiss before disappearing out the door without another word.

I quickly sat down and spent the next several hours writing a new story. This one was so much better than the fantasy I had thought up with her mother.

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by Anonymous

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by lwilton03/26/18

Yum, nice!

But with a slight twist on the last couple paragraphs there could have been a Chapter 2 here. Who wandered in and found the porn movie and laptop (and her clothes on the floor) while they were having funmore...

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