tagMatureSurprising Summer Job Ch. 01

Surprising Summer Job Ch. 01


A fictitious series of stories which will be based in some way on various ladies I know.


Back in the early 90s I had found myself nearing the end of my first year of studies and not far off turning 20, very aware that summer was looming and I was going to need some money to see me through the lengthy break and into my next year. I had visions of a job in a local supermarket or fast food outlet but managed to stumble across ads for summer jobs in hotels up north for their busy season. It sounded good. Pay could have been a bit better but it was a little above minimum wage and I got free accommodation at the hotel. I applied and happily was given a role and a starting date. My hope was that there would be some similarly aged female colleagues for me to try my luck with.

On arrival it seemed my hopes around any girls my age were for the most part dashed as there were only a few younger employees and they seemed distinctly uninterested in me. I settled into the split shift working pattern - e.g. I was working a few hours in the morning, had a few hours off (usually sleeping!) then was back at work again late afternoon until late at night. My jobs were varied from waiting tables, working at reception when it got busy, to bartending. Being the young guy around the place, whenever there was any heavy lifting or baggage to be moved that generally fell to me too. The phrase "That's a job for Alan" became a well known saying amongst the generally older workforce. Work was long but it was varied but I got into the swing of it.

It instantly became apparent that the hotel was set up to accommodate coach loads of seniors - almost all women, which I wasn't at all pleased about as my experience of that age group was me and my buddies being harassed by them at every opportunity for playing football and generally hanging about. It came as a pleasant surprise to find that in holiday mode they were actually quite good fun. Sure, there were a few complainers but for the most part they were there to do their coach tour during the day and eat, drink and be merry in the evening, even breaking into some dancing in the makeshift dance floor in the bar as the evenings wore on.

After a few drinks some of them could be quite boisterous, especially the ones in larger groups - and these were also the ones that could get quite suggestive and flirtatious. Much to my surprise I actually enjoyed this, especially as I seemed to be the focus of it all.

Most of these seniors ranged from their sixties to some in their eighties in age, with the majority somewhere around the 70 mark. There were a few men tagging along but seemed to spend their evening sitting at the bar, getting a break from their wives.

One pair that did stay over for 3 nights a couple of weeks after I had started was a woman in her 70s and a more middle aged lady of about 50 - which was pretty young compared to the usual guests. On their first night they done the normal routine - had dinner which I and other wait staff served and then later on, came to the bar where, again myself and others were serving. You'd always make a point of chatting to the guests - we were instructed to - so you'd begin to get to know them by the end of the evening. Before long, many of the guests were dancing away to the corny songs they'd put on the jukebox. As had became the norm, when I'd venture out from behind the bar to collect glasses, I'd be dragged over for a dance, much in the way an elderly relative does to youngsters at a wedding. At least I had the excuse of needing to get back to work - especially if they got just a little too friendly, so after a few minutes I'd escape back behind the bar.

On the next occasion I dared venture out from behind the bar the 50ish year old woman I'd seen arrive was there - I'd earlier found out while serving dinner her name was Sue and she was here with her mother - it was a chance to spend time with her mother and also a break from home life. Sue was quite petite - maybe about 5ft 2 and of slim build. Really not all that noticeable apart from being younger than the average guest.

As I collected the empty glasses from the table Sue and her mother were sitting at, she asked me, laughing, "Are you enjoying being the focus of all the tipsy old dears attention?"

"Yes, it helps the evening pass." I replied.

Sue remarked that she'd need to help me pass some of the time later then, to which I smiled and told her, "I'll be waiting then!"

A while later I looked over from behind the bar to where they had been sitting and they'd gone. I was a little surprised but thought no more of it and got back to work.

Some time afterwards, Sue reappeared and took a seat at the bar. "Where's your mum?" I asked.

"She's turned in for the night - I had to make sure that she was settled in bed ok. She's tired and ready for bed before I am."

"So, that's you let out to play then?" I laughed.

"Something like that," she said with a grin. The two other bar staff, both older local guys looked at me with some raised eyebrows. So, as expected when I left the bar to collect glasses she followed me over and pulled me onto the dance floor and pulled me in close. Close enough for others in the bar to notice and to make me blush a little. Sue told me about her home life and how it was good to get away from the boring old man - the kind of clichéd stuff I'd been expecting her to say and I was quite enjoying hearing it. Once done, I made my way back to behind the bar and she'd took her seat again and continued the conversation. This repeated a couple of times, with Sue's hands - and mine - getting a little more adventurous each time I left the bar.

It was nearing closing time and the bar was becoming empty as all the guests drifted off to bed. Sue was getting pretty tipsy by now. I cleared up what I needed to and let Sue know it was time to close up. "See you soon," she chirped, as I left her and went into the back and locked up.

Thinking this was something that would continue into tomorrow I headed off to my room laughing to myself at what the evening had been like and the teasing I was going to get from colleagues tomorrow. I knew I was going to be the subject of all conversations at breakfast amongst staff.

Not long after I had got back to my room, there was a knock at my door and I knew who it had to be. I opened the door and as expected, there was Sue standing there. "How did you know where my room was?" I asked.

"One of your colleagues behind the bar seemed keen to let me know and you know, you can't leave a lady hanging like that at the end of the night." With that she pushed her way into the room, placing her arms around my shoulders and planting a passionate kiss on me, kicking the door closed behind her. Given the amount she'd been pawing at me earlier, I really didn't need any encouragement to reciprocate and could already feel my cock starting to grow.

Sue was breathlessly kissing me and I could feel a stockinged thigh beginning to push up the outside of my leg. I put both arms around her and placed my hands on her arse, gently lifting her as she wrapped her legs around me. I carried her over to my bed where I placed her down on her back, her legs still around me. Rolling off of her I unbuttoned her blouse slowly and deliberately and took it off revealing a lacy bra. Meanwhile as I done this, she pulled off the top that formed part of my uniform and groped me through my black trousers. "Keep doing that," I said, "and I'll not last very long."

Sue laughed and replied, "I'd better take care of that first then." and pulled off my trousers and underwear. Without any hesitation she pushed me onto my back and took my cock in her mouth. If I wasn't rock hard already I was by the time Sue had done this. Her head bobbed up and down slowly on me with the occasional lick around the head. She then started to caress my balls at which point I felt as if I was nearing an explosion.

"Sue, I'm going to come." I said through gritted teeth, wondering what she was going to do with it when my impending orgasm hit me. I was really hoping she was going to swallow it but just when the moment came she took her mouth off and let my streams of spunk hit her on the chest, looking a little surprised at the ferocity of my orgasm and the volume of jizz.

"Wow!" she said, "I forgot about how much you youngsters come, but I do remember how quickly you recover. For the meantime, you've got to return the favour - so help me off with the rest of my clothes."

To my delight when I took her skirt off she was wearing stockings and lacy knickers to match her bra. As if I needed much encouragement to get hard again, this really did it for me. "Go down on me," said Sue - and I did as I was told after removing her underwear.

When my eager tongue touched her pussy she took a sharp intake of breath and arched her back. "Take it easy," she gasped, "do it gently."

I apologised saying I hadn't had much experience of this and she replied, "There hasn't been anyone down there in quite a while so slowly and gently is the way to go." I gently lapped my tongue up and down her lips and circled it around her clit, which made Sue tense up. This went on for some time and I was enjoying her scent when she began to breathe more heavily.

Sue told me, "Just keep doing what you are doing, I'm almost there." shortly after which she tensed up completely and let out a series of grunts and sighs. The feeling of Sue coming like that was such a turn on. My cock was rock solid again and ready to return to action.

After taking a minute or two to relax after her climax, Sue looked at me and said, "Thanks. I needed that. It's been a long while since I've got off other than on my own." It did surprise me to hear this middle aged lady say that and I found it hard to image her masturbating but It was a thought I did enjoy and wondered what it would be like to watch Sue or any other woman do so.

Sue added, "Hopefully it won't be long 'till my next orgam - think you can help me with that?"

I don't think I'd ever been more ready. Sue lay on her back on the bed and spread and lifted her legs. Lying back with those stockings on, I don't think I'd ever seen anything sexier. I moved on top of her and she guided me in, then moved her hands onto my buttocks and set the slow rhythm as I pushed in and out of her as she let out gentle sighs. I very slowly picked up pace a little, but not too fast. Sue again wrapped her legs around me as I pushed in and out of her as the sighs turned into sharp breaths, which was making me want to thrust faster but I managed to keep control as I wouldn't have lasted much longer.

After some time Sue told me, "Take me from behind - that is a sure fire way to make me orgasm." I moved off of her and she placed herself on all fours in the middle of the bed and allowed me to enter from behind. Holding her by her hips I trusted on, with Sue rasping, "Yes, yes!" each time I did so. It didn't take long for her to climax and flop into a heap in front of me, breathing heavily.

I leaned over her and planted some kisses around her neck and ears. With Sue lying on her side I thought it was time for me to take the initiative and lifted one leg and placed it against my shoulder and once again pushed my hard cock into her, pushing it all the way in her. Sue adjusted herself to let me in fully and I began long slow strokes into her.

So far Sue had been showing the way and I was enjoying taking the lead and had to be conscious of not over cooking things as my second orgasm couldn't be far away.

After a short while like this Sue pulled away and pushed me onto my back. I think she'd let me have my little moment but soon took back control by climbing on top of me and riding me hard, pushing her tongue into my mouth as I could feel her nearing her second climax. I was getting close myself and had to try and hold off until she was ready, which I just managed. Sue began her orgasm and I took this as a signal to pull my cock out and let my second stream of the night spurt into the air and over Sue's back and the bedding. I was quite pleased at myself for managing to get my older partner to orgasm 3 times as we both lay there breathless.

A little to my surprise Sue got up and gathered up her clothes from beside the bed, putting them back on. "Thanks for that." she said, "but I'd better get back to my room and Mother - if she's awake she'll wondering where I've got to." The irony of my older lover having to hurriedly leave like a teenager with a curfew amused me a little.

"Don't worry though I've got another night here - we can take up where we left off - but only if you want to." she said with a knowing smile.

"You'll know where to find me and tomorrow can't come quickly enough!" I added. With that, Sue slipped out of the door leaving me in my room amazed at what had just happened. I was left to drift off to sleep wondering what tomorrow would bring.

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by Anonymous10/09/17
by Anonymous10/08/17

Proofread much?

orgam? "in and out..." what exactly is going in and out?"
come on dude be more descriptive. i know you were trying to finish the story quickly so you could rub one out...but if your second chapter doesmore...

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by Anonymous10/06/17

Surprising summer job

Had a similar exoerience at 19 only the woman was in her 60's

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by alancampbell10/04/17

Surprising summer job

Yes, that's what the plan is for each chapter. Thanks. :)

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by Anonymous10/03/17

surprising summer job

Good, as far as it goes. This should not have ended here. Seriously, each women should be her own chapter

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