tagFetishSusan, the Cabin Screw

Susan, the Cabin Screw

byblack saphire©

Thirty-eight-year-old Susan Harmon lay soaking in the bathtub. Her long, brown hair lying around her toned shoulders, the tips of it soaked by the water. It was nearly ten o'clock, and she had just over an hour before she had to leave.

She wiggled her ass into the hot water, enjoying how the water swirled around her cunt. She moved her hand down to the sparsely covered mound and made a mental note to herself that it was time for a trim. She loved keeping her pussy trimmed. Every once in a while she would shave it clean but it was far more manageable keeping it trimmed. Susan lay in the water, her eyes closed as the warmth of the water relaxed her and rejuvenated her.

After a while in the tub, the water started to cool down and that was Susan's cue that it was time to start getting ready. She pulled the plug from the drain and got up, turning on the shower and washing the suds from her body. Her ample tits jiggled as she climbed out of the tub and then wrapped a towel around her. She padded into the hotel room and stood at the dresser to start her ritual of dressing.

First was a complete wipe down to the toes with the towel that was then thrown on to the bed. Next came the bra. A lovely lacy, black, bra with 36C on the label. The bra had to be clipped on to the right-most clasp and her breasts filled them nicely. What followed was a matching pair of panties. Black hi-cuts with lace trimming all the way at the side giving it the impression that it was pure lace.

Susan adjusted her underwear, admiring herself in the mirror as she did so. She then reached down to pull on a pair of smokey black stockings, with lace hold-ups. Standing five feet, six inches tall in her stockinged feet, Susan had always been an exceptionally beautiful woman. For as long as she could remember men had constantly been after her for sex. Her long, straight brown hair fell in gentle waves to her shoulders, framing a models face. But as pretty as her face was, Susan knew that the reason men wanted to fuck her so much was because of her body.

Susan had an almost perfectly sculptured frame. Her skin was soft and unblemished, with a natural tan from growing up in the west coast. Her legs were long and slender and perfectly proportioned. Her hips were full but not large while her ass was firm and taut and not at all flabby. Her body belied the fact that she was 38 and aside from some wrinkles around the eyes – that could easily be taken for laugh lines – she could pass off for a 30 year old.

A quick dash of deodorant under her armpits and then she slid on a mauve blouse followed by a knee length black skirt. A black jacket completed her outfit and she smoothened it out before she sat down to apply her makeup.

She had been trained in the art of applying makeup to accentuate all the features of her face and at the same time make it look like it was all natural. Years of practice meant that she completed this task quickly. A quick brush out of her hair and her look was complete.

Susan gathered up her makeup and placed them in her toiletry bag. She tossed this into the bag and looked around the room. Last nights bra and panties were still lying on the bed and she gathered these up too. She gave her panties a quick sniff and her nose wrinkled a little as the smell of stale pee hit her. Mixed among the pee though was the scent of her juices and she smiled a little as the pussy aroma filled her senses. She quickly scrunched up the undergarments and threw them into the bag before zipping up the luggage and locking it.

She wheeled her hand carry out the door. Down the elevator, straight through to Express Check-out and into the waiting bus outside the hotel. It wasn't long before she was standing at the check-in counter at the airport.

"Ah Ms Harmon." The ground stewardess smiled. "Flight's full today but First Class is almost empty. So you get an upgrade."

"Oh Lovely!" Susan smiled back. "I really hate being seated in Coach on long haul."

"Well, one of the privileges of being a Senior Stew." The ground stewardess smiled back at her. "Enjoy the flight. Must be nice to be paxing back instead of working."

"Yes, I came out as a Check Stew and now I'm paxing back." Susan explained, using the aviation term 'paxing' to mean a staff flying as a passenger. "Now you've made my day by giving me First Class as I can really enjoy myself. Staff or no staff!"

Both girls laughed as Susan picked up her boarding pass and made her way to the Departure Gate. She had been flying for almost 18 years and this was the first time she had been asked to do Check Stewardess duties. As a Check Stewardess, she flew as a passenger and audited the Cabin Crew and provided evaluations on their service. Her outbound flight had been on Economy Class and she much preferred working the aisles rather than sitting down for 8 hours.

Before long she was seated in the First Class cabin and she was glad that she didn't know any of the crew on duty. It was always difficult to really kick back and enjoy the flight when her colleagues were working. Either they would try and be too chummy or they would act as if they didn't know her and end up ignoring her. So it was good that no one knew her on this flight.

As the plane began to taxi and the Senior Chief Steward started his announcement, she listened out for the name of the pilot and flight crew. This time she smiled as she recognised the captain's name. There were far less flight crew than there were cabin crew and so the chances of her knowing someone on the flight deck was pretty good.

Her mind went back to her first flight

** *** ****

Captain Seles was the first captain she had flown with. Those were the days when she had first started out flying the small B737's on domestic routes. It had been her very first flight as an Air Stewardess and Susan had felt rather awkward and out of place as everyone else on that flight had been flying for at least two years. Not only was it her first flight, it was her first night stop as well. She had wondered why they had given her a night stop as her first flight but those were the days when she didn't ask questions. After landing, she was given the role of standing at the back of the aircraft to make sure all passengers disembarked and then to open the back utility door for the cleaning crew to come in. Then she had to wait for the Captain and Senior Chief Steward to allow them to disembark.

After breezing through the airport clearance counters, the whole crew boarded a bus for the hotel. She noticed that the Flight Crew had a different bus from the cabin crew and again, not many of the cabin crew talked to her, except for a few friendly smiles and nods from some of them.

Once they arrived at the hotel, she was pleased to note that she had a single room and wasn't required to twin share. She made her way up to her room and dumped her bag in the corner. Going into the bathroom, she turned on the bath taps and was just about to remove her skirt when the doorbell to her room rang.

Sighing, Susan went to answer it, peeping through the eye hole to see how it was. The face of the Senior Chief Steward stood outside, looking rather impatient. She opened the door quickly.

"Captain wants to see you." He said, in a matter of fact manner. "Room 2415"

"W-what's it about?" Susan queried.

"Who knows?" The Chief replied. "Who cares?" He walked away with a lecherous grin on his face.

Susan sighed again and closed the door behind her, making sure to take her room key. She walked down the corridor looking for room 15 and finally found it at the far end corner. Timidly she knocked on the door.

It opened rather quickly and Captain Seles stood standing in front of her. He stepped to the side and welcomed her in with a flourish of his hands. Susan stepped into the room and notice it was decidedly larger than hers.

"Get you a drink?" Captain Seles asked her.

"Umm, whatever you have, Sir."

Captain Seles poured out two glasses of Scotch and handed one to her. She took a sip, feeling the strong liquor burn her throat. She tried not to cough but instead swallowed hard.

"What was your name again?" Captain Seles asked her as his hand moved to rest on her thigh.

"Susan, Sir" She replied softly.

"Hmm. A lovely name indeed." Captain Seles remarked.

They chatted easily for a while and Susan found Captain Seles quite the charmer. Before she had realised it, she had finished quite a bit of Scotch and was feeling rather tipsy. She was giggly and lightheaded.

"You do know why you are here, don't you?" Captain Seles said, leeringly.

"Umm...for a drink? Sir??" Susan stuttered, then giggled

Captain Seles had started to remove his shirt and he looked at her quizzically before he too started laughing.

"On your first flight, the Captain is supposed to fuck you silly! Surely you know that.?"

"Oh, Captain, I – I didn't..." Susan's sentence was cut off by Captain Seles mouth on her lips. His tongue sneaked into her mouth to tease hers as his hand cupped her crotch.

Susan wasn't sure that she wanted this but at the same time she wasn't sure that she didn't want it. With almost deft ease, Captain Seles pushed her skirt up her thighs and then lowered her panties. His fingers caressed the valley between her thighs and then he broke the kiss.

Before Susan could say anything, his mouth was between her thighs, ravaging her slit. His mouth and tongue were very skilful and before long, Susan was already moaning and crying out in delight. Her legs wrapped around Captain Seles head as her body trembled.

Captain Seles then pushed her back on the bed and slipped his manhood into her. Susan grunted aloud at the invasion of cockmeat and she spread her legs wider. Captain Seles pounded hard into her as he fondled and kissed her breasts. He grunted as his nuts tightened and he sprayed his load of cum deep into her pussy, triggering another shuddering climax from Susan.

They both lay together breathing heavily until Susan felt the hard cock slip from within her. She could feel the rivulets of cum leaking out of her pussy and for a second she felt dirty. Used and dirty. Then Captain Seles kissed her softly and caressed her hair.

"I really enjoyed that Susan." He smiled sweetly at her. "I hope you did too."

And that was when Susan realised that she had really enjoyed it.

"I hope you don't mind if I keep your panties Susan." Captain Seles said as he picked up her used panties. "As a souvenir you know."

Susan was kind of shocked at the request but found it tantalisingly kinky at the same time. It was even better for her when Captain Seles placed her used panties on his face and started to sniff on it. He grunted in pleasure as the sweet aroma of pussy engulfed his nostrils.

"Mmmm... these smell really great."

Something came over Susan as she watched the pilot sniffing on her panties. She looked down and noticed that his cock was starting to get erect again. At that moment, she knew that she wanted to suck his cock while he sniffed on her panties.

Without asking, she knelt down and engulfed his manhood with her mouth. She sucked and tongued his shaft, working it back to full strength again. All the while she was sucking, Captain Seles sniffed and pressed her soiled panties on his face. He grunted and groaned and Susan was getting hotter and hotter.

She needed his cock in her pussy again and she rose up and lay back on the bed.

"Fuck me Captain." Susan pleaded. "Fuck me please."

Captain Seles didn't waste any time and slipped his cock into her. The panties were in his hand now and then suddenly he placed the panties over her face. She caught the smell of her own juices that only served to flame her passion even more. Captain Seles grinned at her, noticing how her pussy spasmed on his cock when he placed the panties on her face.

"Open your mouth!" He commanded.

Susan opened it and Captain Seles stuffed the panties into her mouth, making sure that the soiled gusset fell right on her tongue. Susan could not only smell herself but she could taste herself too. She started to suck on the panties like it was a cock, extracting all her own juices from the gusset. Her body heaved and thrashed as a gigantic orgasm washed over her. A few seconds later, Captain Seles stiffened and spilt his seed once again into her clasping cunt.

A he pulled out of her, he patted her behind.

"Better go get some rest Susan." He smiled fondly at her. "Early wake up tomorrow."

Captain Seles extracted the panties from her mouth and threw them into his overnight bag. Then he gave her breasts a quick squeeze before offering her his hand and pulling her up.

She gathered her clothes and pulled on her skirt and blouse. Before she left she gave Captain Seles a quick peck on the lips and then exited the room and walked quickly back to her room. His cum was leaking out of her as she walked and dribbling down her thighs.

** *** ****

Susan sipped her wine as she remembered her first flight and the screwing by Captain Seles. She shifted in her chair, squeezing her thighs together. The meal service had just started and she hungrily wolfed down her meal together with a few glasses of wine.

After the good meal, with lots of wine, she shut her eyes for a while and her thoughts went back to the next day of her first flight.

** *** ****

After the morning briefing, Captain Seles had come over to her and whispered into her ear.

"Stay back in the cabin after landing. I'm gonna nail you again."

Susan was a mess throughout the flight. She was taken aback by Captain Seles' brazen attitude but at the same time she was so flattered that he wanted her. She loved the thought of being taken, irrespective of whether she wanted it or not. The idea that she was there for the taking, to be used at the Captain's pleasure turned her on no end.

She was almost relieved when the plane started its descent and her heart started fluttering the moment the plane stopped taxiing and the seat belt sign went off. After all the passengers had dispersed, the Captain had given the all clear for disembarkation to the cabin crew. His eyes glanced over in her direction, reminding her that she was to stay back for a while so she had busied herself, pretending to clean up.

As soon as the last person had left the cabin, Captain Seles had grabbed her from behind, cupping her breasts with his hands. He kissed her neck softly and then hiked up her skirt. Bending her over in the galley, he pushed her panties aside and then entered her, causing her to gasp. She was slick with anticipation and his thick cock slipped into her easily. Captain Seles didn't waste any time with preliminaries and started fucking into her hard. He deftly unbuttoned her blouse and reached in to slip his hands under her bra and squeeze her breasts and nipples. Susan moaned softly as she thrust her hips back against the invading cock meat.

"Fuck me Captain," Susan moaned, "fill me with that big cock. Unnnhhh"

Captain Seles' lust was driven further with Susan's pleading. He grabbed her breasts harder and used them as leverage to pound into her wet, seething hole. He continued pounding hard into her, enjoying her gasps in response to his hard thrusts. Finally he squeezed her nipples hard and then thrust deep into her as he started to spurt his seed into her welcoming cunt.

"No, No! I need more!" Susan cried out as she felt his hot seed spray into her pussy. "Please... more!"

Captain Seles withdrew his softening cock and adjusted her panties around her gaping hole. He turned her mouth and kissed her hard before he walked out of the plane, not saying another word.

Susan, her breath coming in short rasps, held on to the galley counter. Her body was trembling as her cunt throbbed hotly, still not satiated. Taking a deep breath, she quickly readjusted her clothing and walked out of the plane as well. For the second time in 24 hours, she had Captain Seles cum inside of her. This time however, she had not cum.

After clearing airport security she was in the airline bus, her cheeks were flush and she felt like her body was hot and on fire. There were a number of other crew from other flights on the bus with her and she didn't make conversation. The bus reached her home in less than 20 minutes and she rushed in to her house, dropping her clothes as she reached the toilet

Susan peeled of her panties that were soiled with Captain Seles fluids and of course hers. Her pussy was sticky with cum and she lifted her panties to her mouth and slowly licked the goo on it. Her hands flew to her pussy and she rubbed it wildly as she licked her panties and took in the heady taste and aroma of male cum and pussy juice. She cried out as her body shook in orgasm, finally getting the release she craved. She sighed as her pussy spasmed together with her thighs. Slowly she stepped into the shower and turned it on...

** **** ****

Susan shook her head to clear her mind and took another sip of wine. She pressed her thighs together and she could feel her dampness seeping through her panties. A thin smile played on her face as she realised how long ago that first flight was.

She decided she needed to stretch her legs and she took a walk down past business class and into Economy class. She noticed that the flight wasn't full as the Check In ground stewardess had explained and she wondered how come she had been given a First Class upgrade.

She made her way back into the First Class cabin and as she seated herself again, one of the stewardesses came up to her.

"The captain has invited you up to the flight deck."

Susan smiled and followed the Stewardess up the stairs and toward the Flight Deck of the Boeing 747. Captain Seles was standing outside and smiled warmly at her.

"Thanks for bringing her up." He said sweetly to the stewardess. "We're old friends." He said as way of explanation.

The Stewardess smiled knowingly and left. Captain Seles smiled at Susan.

"I saw your name on the manifest and decided to upgrade you."

Susan smiled at the Captain who led her forward toward the Flight Deck and then opened the door to the crew bunks just behind the Flight Deck.

"Care for some fun?" He asked, with smiling eyes.

Susan stepped into the area where two bunks were located. The area wasn't big but it was large enough for two comfortable sized bunks. These were used on long haul flights for the Flight Crew to rest. She knew from experience, that more often than not, they were also used for a quick sex break.

Captain Seles put his arms around her and kissed Susan, his tongue snaking into her mouth. His hands moved under her skirt and her raised the skirt up, baring her stockings and panties. His hands cupped her ass and squeezed the tight ass cheeks, pulling her closer and into him.

Susan broke the kiss and knelt down before him. She unzipped his pants and pulled them down, allowing him to step out of them before she pulled his underpants down. His cock was already erect and she quickly engulfed it with her mouth, eliciting a groan from the Captain. She could smell the musky odour of his cock and she tasted the salty pre-cum already leaking out of his piss hole.

With expert ease, she teased his cock head and shaft before moving to his balls and gently sucking on them. She moved back to the cock head and covered it with her lips, slowly moving down the shaft and sucking slowly. After sucking his cock a while, she released it with a pop.

"Why Captain," She cooed. "I didn't know I had that effect on you." Susan teased him as she pulled her skirt higher and pulled her panties apart. "Why don't you stick that hard piece of meat into me?"

" I want to taste you first." Captain Seles said as he knelt down and pulled her panties down to her knees. He pushed her legs upward and placed his mouth at her pussy, inhaling deeply to take in her essence. He stuck his tongue out and licked up along the furrow. Susan groaned softly and moved her hands to her pussy to pull open her lips.

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