tagBDSMSuzanna's Darlings Ch. 01

Suzanna's Darlings Ch. 01


Welcome reader! Before you begin, a couple things of note:

This is the eighth chapter in my longest-running saga. The saga has three different storyarcs which go in the following order:

Ariadne's Dreams (Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4)

Barry's Sluts (Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3)

Suzanna's Darlings

I recommend reading the previous chapters first, but this story does stand on its own. Regardless of what you choose, I hope you enjoy yourself and please leave a comment.



"I'll be there soon. Just hang on!" the text said again. Same as the one a half-hour ago. And the half-hour before that. And the one before that. And—

If she was crying, Suzie Mendez couldn't tell from the cold rain splashing against her cheeks. If she were angry, she wouldn't know it from the cold wind which chilled her to the bone. Three hours of bombardment from cruel nature had made her body numb, and three hours of humiliation from cruel people had made her heart the same.

I trusted him, her thoughts growled inside her head. I told him I loved him, and I trusted him!

Peter Munroe. The boy she'd pined two years for. The only boy who bothered to speak to her or even acknowledge that she existed. He'd kissed her earlier that day, told her about the feelings he held for her, said he wanted her to be his. He had asked her to wait exactly at this spot until drove by to pick her up and take her to dinner. Suzanna was walking on air the rest of the day. Her life had become a dream. She broke her word to her parents and snuck away just to obey his wishes.

And now what did she have to show for it? Soggy clothes, goosebumped skin, and possibly pneumonia.

But still, he waited another half hour. Hoping against hope. Two hundred and ten minutes after she'd arrived, she received another message.

"I'll be there soon. Just hang on!"

She tossed her phone to the curb and watched it shatter into a dozen pieces. Then, a morose and gloomy teenager began a long trek back to the parents who were certain to feel that this humiliation was not punishment enough for her disobedience.


The laughter that burst all around her as she entered the classroom didn't surprise Suzie in the least. In truth, she'd expected it. She'd spent half the night dreading it, and had soaked an extra thirty minutes in the shower trying to prepare for it. The whole class shared a hearty guffaw while their eyes were trained on her, their stares and crowing never ceasing, never pausing, as she stepped slowly toward her desk. She told herself not to look at them, to avoid their gazes as much as possible, but she couldn't help herself. She kept finding her eyes surfacing, meeting dozens upon dozens of laughing faces.

Then, she sneezed . . . another cruel result of yesterday . . . and dropped all of her books in the process.

As impossible as it seemed, somehow the laughter's volume increased, and it did so again when a faceless foot came to kick and scatter her books out of her reach.

Suzie tried to ignore it, tried not to care. But she couldn't help it. She wept, and her wet, blurry eyes only made her things that much harder to collect.

"Hey, hold up a sec," a voice said. "I'll help you over there."

She recognized that voice. It was him.

"I'll be there soon. Just hang on!"

The laughter started all over again and Suzie just sat there and took it as best she could before the teachers arrived to see what the commotion was. By the time they entered, every child had their ass in a seat and were somehow miraculously transformed into a class of angels. Suzanna merely took what small favors she could and eventually found her seat . . . just as the girl behind her chuckled and whispered:

"You're such a loser, Suzie."



Trena entered the Master's office, noting that Suzanna and Chandra were both already there. The blonde and redhead were laying on the bed beside each other, with the heavily-pregnant Suzanna lightly running her fingers across the equally-pregnant Chandra's gorgeous round belly. A shimmering silver chain linked the horny women together. One end was hooked to Chandra's collar and the other to Suzanna's with barely enough room for the two to move. Their bodies were, effectively chained together, forcing them to remain intimately close to one-another, bound like cattle.

They didn't seem to mind. In fact, both glanced at Trena the way wolves glance at a lost lamb, beckoning her to join them and attach herself to the loose end of the chain. Her pussy began to trickle.

But first things first.

"You summoned me, Master?"

A nude Barry Garrett glanced up from the papers on his desk and took lewd notice of her slutty leather corset. Trena had picked it out herself just yesterday, choosing it specifically because the cups and crotch could be unzipped, allowing her to parade around the mansion with her naughtiest bits on display at all times. Besides Ariadne and Imani, Trena possessed the biggest rack of all of the Sluts, though in her case it was artificially enhanced. Still, her master seemed to like seeing her tits on display, so she wore this specifically to highlight them for his viewing pleasure. To entice him to fuck her each time he saw her.

Times like right now.

Barry nodded, and she stepped inside, spinning on her six inch heels to close the door behind her. She then walked to the center of the room, bringing her lean feminine body in full view of the Master and her two Slut sisters, proudly whoring herself for their viewing delight.

Like all of his slaves, Trena had been pierced and tattooed. In her case, her piercing was a tongue barbell, designed to provide him with maximum pleasure whenever he fed his thick, ten-inch cock to her mouth: one of Trena's favorite sexual activities. Almost nothing else got her off more than throating a cock and then swallowing the juice afterward. This was, in fact, the basis for her Slut Name: 'Cock Guzzler', which remained tattooed in obvious letters upon her neck.

The other girls were also branded and pierced elsewhere. Chandra had been pierced with studs on the hood of her pussy, with multiple rings adorning both sides of her inner labia and one final cluster right under her anus. Dangling from her pussy lips was a tiny pendant in the shape of a bucket, and the words "Cum Bucket" were tattooed right on her pubic area, where the Master had ordered her to remain freshly shaved. This reminded Chandra and everyone else of her one and only purpose.

Suzanna, aka "Baby Farm", was pierced mostly around her belly and navel, with six studs circling her belly button and a large 3 carat diamond directly in the center. The rest of her belly was pierced in several spots, with gold chains dangling across her ever-expanding womb. Thanks to her beautiful, stretched, pregnant belly, the rock glittered magnificently and the chains became tauter with every passing week that she grew. It always made the other Sluts a bit jealous, as it reminded them that she was the 'Favorite'. Like all the other women, Suzanna had been pierced and tattooed at the body part where the Master most valued them, which was why "Baby Farm's" pregnant belly was her most decorated place.

After soaking up as much of the horny Chinese Slut as his eyes could take, Barry stood from the desk, revealing a stiff and ready cock. His eyes fell to the floor once, and Trena was on her knees a second afterward, her mouth open with eagerness. He placed one hand atop her head and thrust his hips forward, taking the head of his cock straight to her throat. Her muffled cries vibrated across his length as she came immediately.

"Cock Guzzler, I've decided that I'm going to breed you," he told her after waiting for her to simmer down.

Trena's attention perked up, and she glanced at the two pregnant girls to her left. They smiled at her approvingly before turning to wrestle each-others' tongues in their mouths, keeping a lustful gaze on her spectacular throat-fucking, in awe of what Trena did best.

It was her greatest source of pride. No one sucked cock like Trena Lin.

"You are easily one of my favorite Sluts," Barry told her as he kept up his pace, "and you've been immensely loyal to me from the very beginning. You, more than most, chose to serve me eagerly and devotedly, and it hasn't gone unnoticed. As a reward, I'm ending your contract with Stallion Productions prematurely. You will stop filming pornography and your job will be to accompany me at all times. I want your pussy available to me whenever I want it, and I want to flaunt your pregnant belly while it carries my child."

Trena moaned, her pussy growing wetter and wetter by her Master's words. He wanted her to carry his children? It was no secret to anyone now that he had fathered sixteen already, with both Suzanna and Chandra sporting two pregnant bellies in her very presence, but he had never asked Trena herself to do so before.

But now, here he was . . . telling her that she was going to bear his offspring. Not asking her, not pitching the idea—but saying in no uncertain terms that this was to happen. The authority in his voice was absolute. There was no mistake: she would be bred. The commanding tone made her lip quiver and her body ten times hotter.

"I'm looking very forward to breeding my favorite Chinese Slut." He paused for a moment as his rolled his eyes back. A moment afterward, his warm, silky cum exploded into her mouth, and she leaned back just a tad so that it wouldn't go directly down her throat. She let him cum in her mouth and tongue eagerly waiting for every last drop to escape. When she was certain there was nothing left, she swished her master's cum in her mouth like mouthwash, thoroughly enjoying the taste.

Her sister Sluts couldn't help themselves and crawled from the bed, still chained so that they needed to move in unison. All three women pressed their mouths and tongues together as they shared the Master's milky seed between them. Whenever even a drop escaped, the other girls would help by licking it from her sister's face. They refused to waste a drop of his precious juice.

"A baby with our combinations is going to look absolutely gorgeous. Don't you agree, Cum Guzzler?"

Trena smiled and nodded as she and Suzanna kissed. "Yes, Master."

His head tilted as he considered her response. "if you have any other thoughts about it, I'm willing to listen."

Trena leaned back and gazed up at her Master from the floor. She found it hard to keep eye contact, as his cock was still sturdy as steel, and the rest of her wholes still felt dry and empty. Her cravings were starting, and she wasn't sure how long she could fight them.

"I can't question your decision, Master," she told him. "But . . . I'm going to miss my work. Regardless, as you've commanded, my holes will be for you alone from now on, and I will keep my . . . urges in check."

He chuckled as if she'd said something childish. "As if I'd even ask you to do that . . .!"

She was confused. "But . . . but Master, if you want to breed me, then your cock will be the only one I—"

Barry turned to the other girls and nodded. The two of them both reached underneath the bed and produced two items. At first, Trena couldn't see what they were, but as the girls stood and slipped on their equipment, she understood. They were two long, ten-inch dildos, molded precisely to the specifications of the Master's cock.

"Yes," Barry told her. "My cock will be the only one you experience from this day on. I have zero intention of sharing you with any other men now . . . but, that doesn't mean I'm inconsiderate of any of my Sluts' needs . . ."

The two girls surrounded Trena and began touching her everyplace they could reach. Suzanna's hand immediately cupped her pussy and stimulated her moist folds and Chandra kissed and sucked on Trena's mouth while fondling her sister Slut's breasts. In the meantime, they steadily led her toward the bed, where Barry laid down with his cock towering in wait.

Not needing any instruction, Trena mounted him and immediately slipped his cock inside her, sinking her entire body until her ass rested upon his balls. A pair of hands pushed her forward, and the Chinese slut felt her asshole being invaded by the thick artificial shaft. But it was amazingly real! She could almost believe that her Master had split his cock in two and was fucking her from both angles now. The feeling was indescribable!

Chandra came to the side and then plugged Trena's mouth with the third cock, and Trena sucked on it as eagerly and enthusiastically as she would her Master's real meat. With everyone then in place, the bed started to wiggle.

Barry held her Trena's hips and fucked her pussy while Suzanna leaned her tits against her back and scooped her D-cups. Chandra's hands gently massaged Suzanna's back while the blond fucked Trena's asshole. Trena screamed with the excitement she always got from having each of her holes filled. After drinking cum, this was her second-favorite activity, easily. This was the only thing that could ever truly satisfy her cravings—to have her body used to its massive effect, and made completely airtight.

The rhythmic dance continued for well over forty minutes until Barry finally came close to cumming. Trena made sure to buck harder against him, and that made Suzanna's cock slide into her deeper and harder as well. Trena slid her mouth from Chandra's shaft for a moment, forced to do so in order to speak.

"Breed me, Master," she told him. "I wasn't scheduled to work for another week, so I haven't taken my pills in some time. I'm as fertile as I can be, my Master . . . fertile and waiting to hold your baby in my slutty womb."

Barry groaned harder, and she smiled. "That's right, Master. I'm going to bear a half-Chinese, half-Irish baby for you. I've never thought about being mommy before, but that's okay. My body exists to serve you."

Barry began fucking her in earnest, and she could feel his cock stiffen fully. She gasped and bucked as hard as she could.

"Us Asian girl make great babymama, don't you know?" she said in a stereotypically Asian accent. "Especially for strong white stud like you. Me love you, Mastah. Me love you long time."

"Oh you racist little Slut," Barry growled. She was sending him over the edge with that. Barry thrust up as hard as he could and punched to the hilt before emptying his balls into Trena's warm and fertile cunt, thoughts only of breeding her tight Asian pussy on his mind.

At the same time, Chandra pushed her artificial cock back into Trena's mouth and pressed deep. She squeezed the strap-on's ballsack and a flood of cum squirted out into Trena's mouth. Meanwhile, Suzanna must have done the same behind her, because her ass was filled with thick cream just at the exact moment her pussy and throat had been. A startled Trena screamed in ecstasy immediately, savoring the feeling of having each of her holes filled at the same time.

Barry petted her and smiled. "I know how much you love being filled simultaneously, Slut, so I ordered a set of ejaculating dildos for each of my girls. Whenever I have the chance, I'll fill them and keep them until it's time for use. I'll never waste a drop of my cum again. It will all go to my most loyal Sluts, like you."

Trena collapsed on his chest, breathing heavily even as streams of his seed oozed from her lips. "I -- I love you, Master," she said between gasps. "I've loved you for a long time."

"Ah-Ah," Barry tisked, cupping his hand under chin and bringing her lips closer. "You're wasting it."

He then kissed her deeply, savoring both the taste of his own cum in his slave's mouth and the feel of the gold barbell which made her his and his alone.



Graduation day soon came. The good news was that the months pass by far more quickly after you stop giving a shit about anything. The bad news was that a school year of hell is the same no matter how quickly it passes. At the end, she was just phoning in the last few weeks, once valedictorian status was a lock. She could get some measure of pleasure watching the rest of the hapless idiots sweating their final tests, term papers and projects.

She made sure they saw her laughing about it whenever possible.

The way her parents had planned it, she would waste no time and enrolled for college courses immediately for the summer. She had even taken extra initiative and managed to secure a modest little apartment somewhere close to the school, where's she'd officially start living on her own mere days after her graduation. Her parents applauded her "gumption" and gave her several thousand as a graduation gift. Dad even helped her move her things in. With the biggest smile on her face, she watched his car peel away as she waved from the archway of her building.

Then she ducked into her Honda and executed the final phase of her plan.

She was her own woman now. High school was finished, she had her own apartment, and she'd specifically chosen this University because no one else in her class would be attending. No one knew her here. She was just another face. After four years of festering, rotting and suffocating in that hellhole, she was free and could do anything she damn well pleased.

And that meant it was time for "Suzie Mendez" to die.

Fourteen hours. That's how long it takes to kill yourself. To take everything you were for eighteen years and flush it down life's crapper.

Seven hours at the salon, getting a full manicure, pedicure, facial, and the sluttiest hairstyle and makeup you can manage.

Three hours picking out the most whorish ensemble you could find—an outfit that almost makes any man you meet think you're advertising your own rape.

Two hours finding the skankiest heels that ever slipped onto store shelves, guaranteed to make you walk like a prostitute.

Forty-five minutes sitting at a bar, waiting for the first guy with the balls to buy you a drink.

And last, but certainly not least, an hour and fifteen minutes popping your cherry, having the raunchiest sex you can in every orifice and giving away your own body as meat.

That was what it took to finally kill Suzie Mendez, a weak, pitiful little wretch who had no control over anything that happened around her. A girl who thought so little of herself that she sacrificed her own pride for a man who barely counted as above average at best. But now, she'd proven that she could have any man that she wanted. Hell, judging from the admiring eyes, she probably could have taken any woman she wanted as well. The power was rich and intoxicating.

Suzie Mendez couldn't die fast enough.

All hail the new Queen Bitch: Suzanna.



Eight weeks ago, Barry Garrett purchased the property now known "Stallion Ranch": a 3000-acre estate located in Los Angeles County. This area, which contained geography such as a crystal blue lake, lush woodlands, and many divine, majestic mesas, would be the new home for Master Garrett and all twenty-one of his collared submissives. The twenty-seven year-old entrepreneur had begun to recognize that he was spreading himself far too thin as of late, and being so far from his "kin" was starting to become a problem. By moving all of his submissives, their children, and limited extended family into the Ranch, he'd be pulled in far less directions and able to address these issues as they came up.

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