tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSuzie From Across the Street

Suzie From Across the Street


"I can see you, you know?"

"See what?"

"When you carry your coffee into your living room without a stitch on."

I felt my Adam's apple rise and fall as I gulped for air. Suzie across the street was a voluptuous young women - maybe thirty, which was young to me, at sixty. She had bought the house a couple of years ago, replacing a young couple with two loud brats. Sure, the Mom had a great rack, but she always looked too exhausted for sex to be a possibility. Of course that had not prevented my ancient aching cock from getting stiff if she wore tight shorts or a threadbare torn T-shirt.

Suzie was single, just spreading her wings from living with her parents. Many a Friday night, she and her gal pals gathered for a glass of wine or three before piling into a cab to go clubbing. Saturday morning I enjoyed seeing the survivors straggling back to their cars.

Since I also lived alone, I figured as long as I avoided flashing Suzie's neighbour, who walked his dog around 6:00 a.m., no one cared if I deposited my half consumed morning cup of coffee in the living room naked, before I headed to the shower after the 6:00 news - if the world hadn't ended overnight, I might as well get freshened up, I often thought.

"I'm sorry," I sputtered finally.

"No, you aren't really. You're clearly an exhibitionist and I guess I'm a voyeur because I like standing in the dark, wondering if you are hoping to see me equally naked, flab and all," Suzie giggled. "You also have a very nice sized cock. I especially enjoy when it starts to swell up as you stand in front of the window, proud and brave. Sometimes when that happens, after you go shower, I lay back on my couch and masturbate myself to climax, thinking about how great your cock would feel between my fat tits, or stuffed inside my greedy wet cunt. I often wonder how it would feel sliding between my buttocks, and whether you do anal."

"Lucky couch."

I meant to think the words, but they slipped out of my lips.

"Do you wish it was your face instead of the upholstery that I was flooding?"

"I bet she tastes great."

Again, the thought escaped aloud. I really need to have that filter between my brain and mouth checked out.

"Would you like to see the couch?" Suzie asked. I had never been inside her house. Her intent was obvious, confirmed by the way her nipples were poking through her sweater. They were a nice match for the tent in my pants.

"Check it for stains?"

"It's dark leather, and I clean it regularly," Suzie laughed, "but I suppose if you want to lick it before you lick me, you can compare the taste."

I realized that I was walking across the road without even realizing it.

Suzie handed me a shopping bag out of her car, filled her own arms, hip checked the car door shut and led me up the stairs. Her ass jiggled in her pants like two succulent hams. The door had not even closed behind me when Suzie casually dropped her bags to the floor, hoisting her sweater over head while collapsing onto the couch. I stood frozen, except maybe for a bit of drool, as I observed her matching camisole and industrial strength bra. Despite the engineering required to corral her mammoth mounds, the bra was sexy, trimmed in rosettes of lace. As she removed the camisole, I again noted how exited her nipples were.

"You're over dressed," Suzie giggled, her palms hefty her boobs."I thought you like flashing."

I dropped the bag I had while at the same time I used my other hand to undo my pants, which puddled to the floor. My erection was already straining my briefs. Suzie never took her eyes off of me as she wriggled out of her pants.

"Still over dressed," she was now panting a bit. "I've never seen your cock in undies before though."

I was enjoying how my sexy neighbour giggled. Her dirty mind more than made up for the fact she was overweight. They don't call them Big BEAUTIFUL Women for nothing.

My underwear fell to the hardwood as I stepped toward Suzie, my eyes feasting on the thong panties which matched the bra, but were drawn up so tight between her engorged labia that they were more of a tease than a reality. I noted that she was totally shaven. Her glistening wet cunt definitely looked like a tasty treat.

"Your cock looks even bigger close up," Suzie licked her lips. "And it is already dripping precum."

Her smile lit up the universe. I dropped to my knees and leaned forward, my head sliding between her generous thighs. I glanced upward, seeing her tits were fully out of the bra now. I marvelled at how her areolae were as big as saucers, her nipples swollen as big as thumbs. I wanted to suckle them, but first, there was a sweet smelling target for my tongue.

My fingers slid the scrap of fabric aside with ease. I dipped my face between her legs, nosing her slit, luxuriating in the aroma and the juiciness. I proceed to tease Suzie by running my tongue along her swollen outer labia, starting with a sloppy wet kiss on each of the fleshy folds and then slowly and sensuously sucking it in between my lips and then my teeth, nipping gently.

Suzie was panting hard, and she began to beg me.

"Please eat my greedy cunt, it hasn't had a good tonguing in so long. I invited you in expecting just to suck that gorgeous cock, but now I need this even more. Don't be gentle. I want your teeth on my clit when I come," she giggled. "At least for the first orgasm. I'm so greedy I want a load of your gism in that cunt also. I hope you have the stamina to do that plus one down my throat."

I was licking carpet before the last words were spoken. Suzie grasped my hair, holding my head tight to her gash. My hands were free to massage her inner thighs. Suzie gasped for breath as my probing tongue found the base of her clit and gave it a flick. As it bobbled, I closed my mouth around it, slowly sucking it into my cheek, just gently grazing it with the edges of my teeth. It released with a loud "plop" as I licked down her slit, bringing a thumb up to bobble the pearl while I explored the rim of her sensuous canyon.

I began to slide my tongue up and down that slippery crack, gently at first, but with gradually increasing intensity, likely responding to the way Suzie's fingers tightened in my hair, urging me to pleasure her. My saliva mixed with her own increasing rich flow.

The thrill of cunt munching never failed to stiffen my cock. Since it was already hard, it started to throb, so my free hand just sort of naturally gravitated there, slowly stroking myself, not wanting to waste the precious seed that Suzie craved, but loving the sensation of my familiar silky sheath sliding across the inner muscle and blood engorged veins.

For about ten minutes, I focussed on pleasing my new found partner, occasionally switching to a different technique, adjusting the way I was working my tongue, and then exploring different angles or new locations in or around Suzie's vast wet cunt.

Suzie seemed especially to enjoy it when I stiffened my tongue and then drove it the depths of her sodden gasping cunt using quick deep thrusts. After a few thrusts, I would then switch my attention back to her clit, flicking it swiftly from side to side before plunging into her depths again. After a few repeats of this action, Suzie's muscles responded in such a way that after what I originally thought was full penetration, my tongue was able to go still quite a bit further in, like some kind of a second push! I used the next minute to perfect this technique, fucking her like I was using my cock.

Suzie's moans gradually switched to groans. Her body relaxed in response but then started to display waves where her muscles started tensing and then releasing. I recognized this as a pre-orgasmic response to my efforts.

"Oh, there's sure something to be said for experience combined with enthusiasm," Suzie cooed. "I've had so many young men, guys my age, who go at it with gusto, but not your skills. I definitely will need this more than once."

I gave Suzie's cunt one long slow lick with the broad flat of my tongue, starting at her taint and proceeding all the way up to her clit, which I was still stimulating with my thumb. I moved my hand away, nibbling the folds around the target before drawing it once again between my lips. I stiffened two fingers and penetrated Suzie's cunt for the first time with something stiffer than my tongue. I quickly realized that she needed more girth so I added a third and fourth finger. My thumb somehow just naturally joined in and soon I was fisting my neighbour as her hips were bouncing up against my face. Throughout I somehow managed to keep her clit in between my lips, but I had to be cautious not to close my teeth too much, lest I rip the bud loose.

I felt Suzie's passions grow towards their peak as the passion tightened her belly. Her warmth seemed to glow in a fiery knot around my fist and inside my mouth. Suddenly, Suzie's body stiffened. Her thighs clamped around my body. I continued to bobble the throbbing clit in my mouth and closed the teeth a bit harder, making Suzie gasp. I paused but she said," no, more harder."

I obeyed until suddenly, Suzie's body started to quake, her ass bouncing up off the couch completely out of control. All I could do was keep my mouth to her sex, lapping up the climactic gush to avoid drowning.

Suzie's screams might have disturbed the neighbours, but I was beyond caring. Anyway, it was all I could do to keep my mouth in contact with her gash, hungrily swallowing her creamy offerings until gradually Suzie's shaking subsided.

Finally, she spoke. "I've been eaten by lots of guys - and even a few really talented women - but I don't remember ever having such an intense orgasm in my life. And we haven't even fucked yet. But first I need to taste that beautiful cock that you've been teasing with so many mornings."

Suzie's fingers were still intertwined with hunks of my hair, so she easily dragged me up from my knees, my body sliding smoothly on her wet thighs. My cock naturally honed in on the usual target, the dripping tip brushing the engorged labia, which opened like flower petals thirsty for some rain after a season of drought.

"No, no, no, not there, not now," Suzie barked, levering herself to an upright seated position, thus shifting her hips and ass back on the couch, withdrawing her loins from risk of penetration.

This also required Suzie to finally release my hair, allowing me to stand upright in front of her, my cock conveniently at the level of her mouth.

She did not swallow me immediately though, nor did her tongue bathe my helmet, shaft or balls, although that tongue did wet her pendulous lower lip as her jaw went slack, the joint slipping into position to permit deep throating.

Suzie began by using her hands, with her mouth close enough to my groin that her warm breath bathed first my balls and then my shaft as she rubbed my legs, concentrating on my inner thighs, where the sensitive nerve ends tingled with anticipation. I instinctively widened my stance, at which pint Suzie finally stroked my aching balls, gently.

"Don't want to make you explode until I get maximum pleasure out of this," Suzie explained.

I knew a lot of women who gave blow jobs joylessly, begrudgingly even, so the idea that my neighbour was excited about the idea made every nerve ending throb harder - even that left baby toe that at my age I seldom felt.

Suzie was rolling my balls in their sack, lifting them, hefting them, massaging them, blowing on them to warm my flesh. She knew just the right touch to tug on my scrotum without mashing my balls or hurting the plumbing inside. This caused me to lean forward, my shaft extending even more, more angry purple plum swelling.

Finally her tongue teased the tip, flicking out and up to capture a huge drop of precum that threatened to obey gravity. Still she did not swallow me. Instead she looked up, her eyes ablaze, looking into my soul, seeing my desire. Then she ran her tongue once around the rim where head met shaft, moving her hand to close her fist around my thickness.

My fingers reached out and I caressed Suzie's left nipple, amazed at how responsive it seemed in spite of its enormity.

"Don't be shy," Suzie instructed. I obeyed, tugging the nubbin away from the supporting flesh, hearing her sigh, stopping only when she gasped.

"Next time we do this, you can bucketful me and come on my chest, but I need you in my mouth today."

"Perfect. I want you to suck my big hard cock..." I responded. "And after I come in your mouth, I want to fuck your hungry cunt."

With her fingers barely touching the shaft, Suzie started stroking my cock very slowly, working from the root up to the top, stopping just short of the rim, and then down in a hard thrust before stroking slowly up again. She carefully avoided even touching the head until she rubbed me that way for two or three minutes. Only then did she go for the head, starting by tweaking the frenulum, that flap of skin under the head, teasing it with a fingernail, giggling evily, seeing how it made me twitch.

I was glad I had jerked off that morning, or I would likely have exploded right then. As it was, I was dripping precum like a leaky faucet. Suzie captured a bit on her fingertips, and then brought that hand to her mouth, licking it clean. Her lips shone with the residue.

She once again paused and looked up into my eyes as she ran her wet tongue across her lips.

"You want my mouth on your cock, don't you - sucking you, making you ache until I decide when it is time to allow you to shoot your gift down my throat?"

All I could do was nod in response as Suzie calmly toyed with the thick hair on my belly, ignoring my aching cock for the moment.

"I can use my fingers as a fleshy cock ring and totally control when you get to come," Suzie explained, and then demonstrated, encircling the base of my shaft tightly. Her dirty laugh just made my toes curl more.

Suzie shifted, sitting up higher, bringing her tits to the level of my cock. She darted her tongue quickly into my navel, running the tip around the circle exactly once before beginning to rub her nipples across the slit in the top of my cock, resulting in a huge drop of fluid dangling from each tip. My balls were so heavy I thought they would rupture, and she had not even really started the blowjob.

"I love a big cock like yours," Suzie moaned, "I have a big mouth so you'll fill me up nicely."

Then she shifted again, her hot tongue catching the next drop to fall, and rewarding me by licking all around the spongy head. Suzie followed that up by kissing the underside of my shaft all the way to the scrotum and then taking one of my balls into her mouth, and then the other. Somehow, she fit both into her lips at the same time. Suzie timed it perfectly, stopping just as my balls began tensing up as if to spew seed. She clamped her fingers around the base of my cock like she had demonstrated earlier, and then she ran her flattened tongue up the underside to my steel hard member.

Suzie started to kiss my cock, her lips bathing both head and shaft thoroughly. After blowing warm air across the slit, she licked the head, around and around starting with a circular motion to cover all the surface, and then, slipping her tongue across the slit, being tender as she paid particular attention to the very sensitive flesh right below the opening.

Finally, Suzie opened her mouth to take my head inside. She slid her lips slowly until she had half my shaft inside her mouth. I could feel her tongue toying with the underside of the shaft. Now it was my turn to grasp Suzie's hair in MY fingers as I began to slowly fuck her face. With each stroke, I shoved a bit deeper into her mouth, and pushed forward harder and faster. Her free hand ran up the back of my thighs, grasping my ass, urging me to be even more forceful. This continued for a few minutes, her descent uneven, sometimes taking more of me into her mouth, other times less, prolonging the pleasure.

My cock starting throbbing in protest against her fingers preventing my climax even before I was fully buried in her throat. When that moment was reached, I felt her nose tickle my pubes. I knew there was about a quarter inch left for her to swallow - the width of her fingers.

"Take it all," I instructed, urging her face forward, hard against my groin. Her fingers relaxed and dropped away, her lips sliding to cover the gap just as my balls churned. I screamed in pleasure as my anxious seed surged out of my testes into the shaft, and without pause burst into Suzie's throat. After the first blast entered her, she moved back a bit, holding my head on her tongue, no doubt to make sure she tasted my cream before it went down her gullet. Her tongue and cheeks milked great gobs of goo out of me until strings of semen dribbled down her chin, some even coating the tops of her tits, fulfilling the earlier image she had used in describing a potential future bucketful. My tongue wet my lips in anticipation.

As the pace slowed, I looked to my right and realized that anybody on the street could look in Suzie's window and see our sexcapades. I decided that she must be right - I must be an exhibitionist, and she must be not only a voyeur, but an exhibitionist as well.

Suzie was licking my tip, making sure that she got every drop of semen, but being gentle, obviously experienced enough to know that after climax, I was tender.

At last, Suzie nudged my ass and steered me to her lap, sitting facing away from her. She held my cock as it softened. Her tongue licked from the base of my throat up to my ear, where she nibbled the lobe. We sat like that for a while, idly grazing and exploring each other's flesh, neither ashamed of our battle-tested bodies. I wasn't really clear at that point on the passing of time

"How long til you'll be ready to go again?" she breathed into my ear.

"That depends," said I, twisting on her knees, half facing her. Without another word, I slid once again to the floor, but this time I stayed up on her body, my tongue searching across her chest, feasting on my taste of my own seed.

Suzie's fist was still loosely around my shaft, which was already throbbing fatter. She began to stroke me. I craned my neck and twisted my body just enough to allow my tongue to dart out and reach the pearls of semen adorning her chest. I felt her hips rotating as I flicked my oral organ out like a lizard, spearing each deposit one at a time, swallowing one before hunting for the next. All the while, Suzie pumped my piston, urging it back to erection.

I sucked up the final bit of my earlier eruption, and Suzie quickly spoke up.

"Don't swallow that one," she said, so I did the opposite - I pushed a bubble of seed out onto my lower lip, dropping my jaw to show Suzie that it was attached by a creamy white wet string to a dollop that still sat on my tongue.

I figured she might lick the bubble off my lip, so was more than a tad shocked when she used her free hand to guide my mouth to meet hers and gave me a wide open mouthed kiss, her tongue swirling around mine, slurping up that last strand of semen.

"I want to ride you," Suzie said as she released my lips, "I think you're hard enough for that."

"Facing me so that I can motorboat those luscious tits of yours."

"I love your dirty mind."

Suzie spun me off of her thighs, depositing me next to her on the couch where she had spent so many mornings masturbating after seeing me parade through my darkened living room with my cock on display. She flipped one leg over me, positioning herself on her knees on the leather seat, never releasing my cock, which though not fully erect had a pleasant tumescence growing as it throbbed in her skilled warm hand. She started corkscrewing her fist around my shaft.

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