Suzy Learns To Fuck


Slowly, slowly he started stroking in and out of her hungry cunt. His strokes were long and determined, each time getting that little bit deeper inside her. Her hands grabbed hold of his shoulders, her nails digging into his flesh. Each thrust he’d grind against her clit, making her shiver with pleasure. She was being fucked. She was being fucked by the best guy in the country. She couldn’t imagine any other man being able to give this much satisfaction with his fuckmeat. She started moving along with him. She matched his rhythm and met his every thrust with a rising of her hips. Her cunt hungrily sucked him in, devouring his cock, desperately not wanting it to go.

Then it happened. With the squeak of the bed and the wet splashes of fucking being the only sounds in the room Suzy suddenly screamed out. Her body convulsed under his and her cunt gripped his cock tight. He had plenty of willpower but this was more than he could withstand. With a loud roar he let go and let her cunt milk him of all his cum. He shot load after load up her womb and their joint orgasm felt like it lasted hours. Then he collapsed on top of her. They were both panting like athletes who’d just run a marathon.

It was a good five minutes before Mr Barnes mustered the energy to slide off his no longer virgin. He held her in his arms and kissed her passionately.

“You were so good, Suzy. Your tight little cunt was the most wonderful pussy I’ve had.”

Suzy beamed at him. She had no comparison, but she couldn’t imagine it could get any better than this. She told him so and he chuckled in reply.

“Oh, it will get better alright. Just wait and see. We’ve got a long night ahead of us.”

With those words he got out of bed and walked to the bathroom. She could feel the sound of the tub being filled and stretched out on the bed. She didn’t feel as self conscious about her naked body anymore. How could what they’d just done be wrong? It was the most wonderful experience she’d ever had.

He called her name from the bathroom and she got up and walked towards the door. There was blood on the sheet where she’d just been lying and she could feel his cum running down her thighs. As she walked into the bathroom she could see him in the bath that was more than big enough for two. He held out his arms.

“Come to me, my sweet,” he said and helped her step into the water and moved her to straddle his thighs so that her tits were at a perfect height for him to kiss and suck. “Mmmmm… Your tits are so delicious.”

He kissed, sucked and kneaded them for several minutes and Suzy could feel herself getting horny again. She rubbed her cunt against his shaft and he was hard again.

“Do you want to ride me?” he said with a smile.

Suzy didn’t know what riding meant, but she nodded eagerly. His hand temporarily left the tit it was playing with and he moved it down between her legs and guided his cock inside her pussy. Suzy immediately instinctively knew what to do. She started moving her hips up and down to feel him sliding in and out. He bit her nipples, tugged her tits hard and it only made her ride him faster. Her breathing got louder. The hot water in the tub felt cool against her burning skin. Mr Barnes’ hands massaged her ass. The pleasure and passion was consuming her body. Lightning bolts were travelling at the speed of light between her tits and her clit. There was a passionate stir in the pit of her stomach. She knew what this meant.

“I’m cumming, Mr Barnes!” she shouted out.

“Oh yes! Cum for me baby. Milk my fuckmeat!”

She couldn’t hold back any longer and she cried out in ecstacy as her cunt once again gripped his cock tight. But Mr Barnes didn’t cum. Instead he made her get on her knees on the seat that he’d just been on and rest her hands on the side of the bath. He stood behind her and slipped his cock back inside her hot snatch. It didn’t take many seconds for her to be all wet and horny again and she begged him to go deeper and faster. He buried his cock all the way, grinding his balls against her sensitised clit. He grabbed hold of her nipples and pulled her up against him by her firm tits.

“Oh yeah, baby,” he murmured in her ear. “You’re such a fantastic fuck, baby.”

The water was splashing all around them and they were panting hard. His cock slid out and was pounded back where it belonged. Suzy instinctively moved her hand down and started massaging her clit. She could hardly breathe anymore. Then Mr Barnes stopped pumping and parked himself deep inside her hungry cunt. This action sent Suzy over the edge and she climaxed around his engorged shaft. With a hard squeeze of her tits he started shooting another load inside her. When he was done he pulled his cock out and rested it on her buttcrack and whispered in her ear.

“Have a nice long soak in the bath, baby. I’ve got some things to take care of. There’s a cotton bathrobe for you to put on when you get out of here.”

Suzy sank back into the water, feeling happy and satiated. She slowly washed herself and enjoyed the relaxation. She was sure she was going to need more energy later. When she came out of the bathroom the bed had been made and she blushed at the thought of the bloodstained sheets that she’d left behind. In the living room dinner had been served. Mr Barnes poured the wine and sat down next to her. He was wearing an identical robe and was smiling a satisfied smile. The dinner was enjoyable and every now and then Mr Barnes would run his hand up her naked thigh and feel her cunt, only to lick his finger clean again. He undid her robe slightly so that his eyes could feast on her tits. Suzy was longing for when they could fuck again.

Someone knocked on the door. Mr Barnes got up to open it and Suzy felt panic spreading in her body. He greeted a man at the door and Suzy recognised him as the other Mr Barnes, her Mr Barnes’ brother.

“She’s beautiful, Mike,” said the brother. “Have you taken her cherry already?”

“You bet, Dave. That treasure was mine, and what a treasure she is.” He smiled at her. “Come here, Suzy. This is my brother Dave whom you recognise from church. He’s come to help me teach you how to fuck.”

“But we’ve already done it…” Suzy protested.

“Oh, you haven’t tried anything yet,” Mr Barnes took off her robe so that his brother could see her.

“You weren’t lying,” said the second Mr Barnes. “Those are a fine set of tits. Shame about the pussy thought.”

“Oh, believe me, her cunt is the tightest I’ve ever felt.”

“Yeah, but you know that I don’t like them hairy.”

“Suzy, honey,” Mr Barnes turned to Suzy. “Go back to the bathroom and get the purple toilet bag for me.”

Suzy did as she was told and when she came back both brothers were naked and by the look of the second Mr Barnes’ budding erection he was at least as big as his brother. She could feel her tits bouncing as she walked and she knew that both men’s eyes were firmly glued to them. She gave the purple bag to Mr Barnes and he pulled out a razor and shaving foam.

“Come here Suzy,” he said and smiled. “Sit down on the couch and spread your legs wide. Pull your knees up to your sides.”

She did as she was told and the second Mr Barnes smiled as her wet cunt was opened up for him.

Mr Barnes then rubbed shaving foam all over her pussy and started shaving. He was very careful and was soon finished, wiping off her naked pussy with a damp cloth.

“That’s much better,” said the second Mr Barnes and walked up to Suzy, his erection now full and hard. “Let’s move to the bed, honey. It’s more comfortable.”

All three made their way to the bedroom and the first Mr Barnes sat down, resting his back against the head of the bed.

“Come here, my sweet,” he said and took Suzy in his arms and kissed her deeply. “My cock is hungry for your sweet little mouth again.”

Suzy got down on her hands and knees and started sucking that delicious cock. Before she knew it Mr Barnes’ brother had positioned his head between her thighs and grabbed a firm hold of her ass and started lapping up her sweet juices. Having already orgasmed so many times tonight she managed to hold on longer, but her shaved pussy was even more sensitive than before and she soon came all over the second Mr Barnes’ face. With Suzy still on her hands and knees the brothers kneeled at one end each. The first Mr Barnes shoved his cock that was now wet with Suzy’s saliva into her ready cunt and the second Mr Barnes got his first taste of her sweet mouth. They pumped into her in unison, deep-throating and deep-shafting at the same time. She soon felt a finger stimulating her clit so that when Mr Barnes was ready to shoot yet another load inside her she also came and increased his pleasure with her throbbing cunt.

Mr Barnes pulled out of her and sat down in a recliner and watched the action on the bed. His brother was now lying on his back, with a firm grip of Suzy’s tits and she was about to start riding him.

“Oh what a wonderfully tight cunt!” he cried out as she slowly let him fill her cum-filled hole.

Not long ago she’d been a virgin without a clue about sex and now she was fucking her second cock. It was wonderful. Her body was on fire and she bounced up and down, grinding his meat inside her. She held back her orgasm as long as she could but then they came together. She first and then he released his spunk where his brother had cum before. It was already 3 a.m. when she collapsed from the fuck. She was slowly drifting off to sleep when she heard Mr Barnes say goodbye to his brother and come back to bed to sleep with her.


When they woke up the sun was already shining. Mr Barnes hugged Suzy tight and kissed her. She soon felt his erection against her hips and reached down for it.

“Didn’t you get enough last night?” he chuckled. “Well, if we’re going to make it to church we better make this quick.”

With those words he pinned Suzy underneath him and rested her legs across his shoulders. He slid into her cunt with ease and started pumping her. Slowly at first, with long deliberate strokes, then faster, while sucking her bruised tits. Suzy had come to love the deliciously wet fuck sounds and she moaned with pleasure every time he pounded into her. Her clit was on fire again. All too soon she came and Mr Barnes got out of bed, picked her up and guided her back onto his shaft as he walked into the shower. He continued fucking her against the cold tiles in the shower until they came together, with Mr Barnes teeth digging into Suzy’s breast.

They got dressed in silence and then Mr Barnes drove her home. An hour later she was in church with her mom and dad and saw Mr Barnes and Emily. Emily waved at her and she waved back, but her smile went to Mr Barnes. The service seemed so long and afterwards she didn’t dare go near Mr Barnes or his brother for that matter. She was playing with some of her day-care children while Mr Barnes chatted with her father.

“I hear you deflowered some virgin at the hotel last night,” her dad said admiringly. “No wonder you needed Suzy to look after Emily over night.”

Mr Barnes chuckled in reply. “Speaking of that. Would you mind if Suzy becomes Emily’s regular night sitter? She can pick up Emily from day-care and sit with her until I come home, or all night if I need to be away.”

Her dad laughed with Mr Barnes. “I’m sure she won’t mind. Suzy! Mr Barnes wants to hire your services.”

She didn’t wait for him to say more. “He can have them.”

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