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Suzy's Show & Tell


I've been married to Suzy for 5 years, but the way I see things now, our sex life only really began a couple of months ago. Of course we had sex before then, and I wouldn't say we were unadventurous. We did it in every conceivable position, we dressed up, played games, used sex toys. There was always something new to try, and I'm fairly sure that, if asked, we'd have both said we were very happy with our sex lives. This summer something happened, quite a small incident really, but it was to have a profound effect on the way we saw each other from then on.

On the morning of the day in question, we were woken up by the alarm at 7:30 am. Suzy berated me for not turning the alarm off, as she had been hoping to have a lie in. We had both booked a couple of days off work, and were planning on a shopping trip to the West End later in the day. Suzy turned her back on me and tried to go back to sleep, so I thought I'd do the same. I can usually fall asleep at the drop of a hat, but the sun was shining so brightly through the sides of the curtain that the whole room was lit up. After a few minutes I gave up trying to sleep any more and got out of bed. I pulled the curtain to one side and looked out through the window. The view was beautiful, clear blue skies without a cloud in sight.

"Hey, Suzy," I called her softly. "Suzy, wake up."

"Unhhh," she moaned, and not with pleasure. "Sleepy."

I walked over to her side of the bed, leaned over and brushed her long black hair to one side, then gently kissed her shoulder. I pulled the bed sheet down and began to plant kisses down her naked back, until I reached her panties. This was her habitual night-time attire, except on nights when we had sex, after which she would always sleep in the nude. I pulled her underwear down over her ankles and looked at her sexy ass. As my hands lightly caressed her inner thighs, she moaned again, this time in a more favourable way. I reached over with my other hand and rubbed it against the side of one of her breasts. After a few seconds she turned on to her back, still with her eyes closed, and I gazed at her lovely, firm tits as her nipples hardened with my touch.

"I wanted to sleep," she pouted, putting on a little girl voice. "You just want to wake me up so you can do naughty things to me."

"Actually, no. I've got an idea. Let's go down to the coast."

"What?" Suzy asked, blinking as she opened her eyes for the first time. "We're going shopping later."

"No, look," I said, bounding up to the window and pulling the curtain wide open. "We don't get many days like this. We can go shopping tomorrow."

I looked over at Suzy propped up on the bed, stark naked. She had lifted her arms to cover her eyes, and this made her breasts look even fuller than before. My cock was fully erect now, and I pushed out of my mind the idea of persuading her to come to the beach. I was more interested in giving her a good hard shafting. I pulled down my shorts and pointed my erection towards her, as I strode purposefully to the bed. Suzy lowered her hands from her face and grinned at me.

"You're right," she said. "The beach is a great idea. I'll just take a shower and we can leave right away."

"Wait!" I called out, but she had already made a run for the door, and by the time I had made my way around the bed she had locked herself in the bathroom. I knocked on the door, screaming, "Let me in," but she just laughed.

Ten minutes later she came back in to the bedroom, wrapped in a large bath towel. I stood naked in front of her, my erection long since subsided.

"Where's that big thing I saw earlier gone to?" she asked, smiling sweetly at me. I gave her my best wounded look and she laughed. "You should know, there's always a price to pay when you deprive me of my beauty sleep."

"Don't you want to go down to the coast then?"

"Yes, baby. I think it's a great idea. C'mon. You've got to get ready too. Go and take a shower."

"Okay," I said. "But remember, you owe me one."

"Yes, sir," she raised her hand to her temple in mock salute, then pressed it to her chest. "I do solemnly swear to become your ever willing sex slave cometh this evening. Now move your ass mister, for I have a body which aches to be kissed by the sun on a sandy beach."

When I came back into the bedroom after my shower, Suzy was already dressed. She wore a pale yellow sundress, and had her long hair tied back in a ponytail. I have always liked her hair, through many different styles, but I especially loved it when it was tied back, because whenever I see her neck I have an irresistible urge to kiss it. I planted my lips there now, then turned her face towards me.

"I love you, baby."

"I love you too, Jim."

"And you're going to be my sex slave tonight. Woo-hoo," I began whooping and hollering and generally making a fool of myself until she told me to hold my horses until the sun went down.

While I was getting changed, Suzy called a cab, and by nine o'clock we were on the train to Brighton from Victoria Station. When we reached our destination, I was pleased to discover that the beach wasn't overly crowded. Normally the only chance we would have had to go would be at the weekend, when it's busier than Oxford Street on Christmas Eve.

We found a nice spot in a sandy area, and Suzy lay down a large beach towel. She pulled off her dress to reveal a white two-piece swimsuit. It wasn't exactly what you'd call a daring outfit, but to me she looked very sexy indeed, and I felt a stirring in my loins once again. I took off my jeans and shirt and sat down next to her. Suzy lay on her belly as I undid the strap of her bikini top and eased the sun tan lotion into her back, and her legs. Then I lay at her side and tried to rub the lotion into my own back.

"Here, let me do it for you," she said, kneeling beside me, keeping her arms at her side to stop her bikini bra from slipping down.

As she applied the lotion I looked in front of me, to see a boy aged about fourteen or fifteen, laying down twenty feet away, staring in our direction. It appeared that he was with his family, although he had taken care to position his towel as far away from them as he could. I don't suppose he could tell I was looking at him as I was wearing sunglasses. It was pretty obvious that he was ogling my wife, perhaps hoping that her top would fall down as she leaned over me.

Ever since I began going out with Suzy, she has always turned men's heads. I've never felt any jealousy about this, and have always trusted her implicitly. The only thing that annoys me is when they start chatting her up while I'm there with her. Again, this isn't jealousy. I just find it disrespectful. It's even worse when they don't talk to her, instead telling me in her presence how lovely she is, and how lucky I am. Sometimes I wonder if they think it unbelievable that we're married, as she is so beautiful, and I am, by any reckoning, a pretty average looking fellow. All in all then, I do prefer men to simply look at my wife and enjoy the sight and hopefully say nothing to either of us.

As the kid in front of me continued to watch, I began to remember what I had been like as a teenager. I loved going down to the coast in the summer to look at the women in their bikinis. Once, when I was fourteen years old, I went with my family to Bournemouth, where several women went topless on the beach, something I had rarely seen before. I remember walking along the sand, taking in the sights, while holding my T-shirt in my hands to cover the constant bulge in my swimming trunks.

On a sudden impulse I decided to give the kid a treat, and I turned my head back towards Suzy who had just finished applying the lotion on my back.

"Hey, I think there's a spider in your hair," I said looking just above her forehead.

Immediately she screamed, raising her hands to her hair and swatting wildly at her head, as her bikini top fell at my hip. Her gorgeous tits looked delightful as they bounced and jiggled while she moved her arms around her head. I quickly turned to the lad in front of me, who was goggle-eyed, one of his hands hidden down the front of his shorts, where he must have been rubbing himself.

When I turned around again, Suzy had covered her tits with the bra once more, and asked me if I could still see the spider. I told her that I couldn't and that I had probably only been seeing things. She lay back down on her belly beside me and closed her eyes. I saw the boy stand up awkwardly, say something to his mother and walk away from the beach. I assumed he was going somewhere to wank off at the sight of my wife's tits jiggling about. I know I would have done at that age.

I was surprised to find that this little prank had excited me more than I thought it would, and that my cock was very hard. Part of me felt guilty about what I had done. It seemed almost like telling someone something another person has told you in confidence. On the other hand, it was a real turn on. As I stretched out beneath the hot sun, I wondered whether to tell Suzy what had happened. I needn't tell her that I had engineered it deliberately. It would be interesting to know how it made her feel, knowing that some lad had seen her tits and was probably going to replay the image in his mind countless times when he masturbated. After contemplating this for a while, I decided not to. If the chance came along I might want to contrive a similar situation, and if she knew what had occurred this time she would probably realise my involvement if it happened again.

We both lay there sunbathing for a few hours, during which time we ate some sandwiches we had bought at the train station. When Suzy lay on her back I wondered if she would go topless, but unfortunately she kept her bikini bra on. At one point, late in the afternoon, I suggested we go in to the sea for a swim. I noticed the teenage boy was back in his place, and as we walked past him, his eyes were trained on my wife's ass. When we had waded up to our necks in the water I put my arms around Suzy and began touching her body. Instantly I got an erection, which came as no surprise, as I'd been feeling horny all day long. I considered taking my cock out right there and trying to fuck her standing up as the waves crashed around us, but I think she read my mind.

"Hey, big boy," she said, when she felt by hardness against her thigh. "I'm not your sex slave until the sun goes down, remember?"

She suddenly broke away from me and swam further out. We continued to swim and play around in the water for an hour or so, and then went back to the beach where we had left our things. After drying ourselves off, Suzy proposed that we go for a meal and a few drinks before we got the train home, and I heartily agreed. I covered myself with a towel and pulled off my wet shorts, dried my loins, then put on a new pair I had brought with me.

"Jim. What have you done with my underwear? I had a clean bra and a pair of panties in this bag."

"I don't know," I replied. "Did you check everywhere?"

"Of course I did. They're gone. Someone's nicked my underwear. Shit."

I looked over to where the teenage boy had been. He was gone now, and I wondered whether he had decided to take a memento with him, to accompany the visual memories he would have of my wife.

"Maybe you just forgot to bring them."

"No, I don't think so. Shit."

"Well you can't wear that bikini. It's all wet. Just take it off and put on your dress. Nobody will notice."

"In this thing?" she said, holding the flimsy yellow dress in her hands. "I'd be practically naked."

"Relax. We'll go to some darkly lit restaurant, and by the time we get the train the bikini will be dry and you can put it on again."

Suzy reluctantly agreed. She put the dress on over her wet bikini. She reached up and pulled down the bikini bottoms and then undid the strap of the bra and threaded it through the arms of her dress, until she had both pieces of the swimsuit in her hand. I put them in separate plastic bags to make them dry quicker, and after I had dressed myself we went in search of a restaurant. In putting on her dress before taking off the bikini she may have covered her modesty, but I don't think she realised it meant that there were damp patches on her dress where the bikini had been. It made her dress cling to her chest, giving a sharp definition to her firm jutting breasts. Her nipples were clearly visible, and her pubic hair was so dark that it showed through the yellow dress quite distinctly. Suzy was right. She was practically naked. Only this was a lot more sexy.

We walked into the first restaurant we found, and asked for a table near the back, away from the windows. I noticed the waiter looking lustfully at my wife, paying particular attention to her tits. One or two of the male patrons were looking our way also. As I've already mentioned, Suzy gets a lot of attention from other men, and I imagine she brushes it off, hardly noticing the effect she has. Usually, however, it is her beautiful face they stare at. Now it was her body.

During and after the meal we both had a lot of wine to drink. I kept telling her how gorgeous she was, and how sexy she looked in her dress. She had never been out in public without wearing underwear before, and she told me it had made her feel a bit uncomfortable at first.

"Why?" I asked.

"Well. Did you see the way the waiter stared at my tits? I looked down and I'm sure he had a hard-on."

"Did he?"


"Does that bother you?"

"Does it bother you?" Suzy asked me, lifting her wine glass to her lips and taking a large gulp.

"I can't blame him. You've made my dick all hard too. Feel it," I said, pulling her hand underneath the table and pressing it to my lap. She smiled and began rubbing it, feeling the hardness.

For the next hour or so, we continued to play with each other under the table, while I told her in full detail all the dirty things I was going to do to her when we got home. I soon lost track of time, and it was only when the waiter asked us if we would like another bottle of wine that I realised we would have to leave straight away to get the last train back to London.

We made it just in time, and settled ourselves in, cuddling up to each other, as we sat in the train. A man sat opposite us, looking at my wife's sexy legs, as I brushed my hand up and down her thighs. When we were half way home I remembered something and leaned over towards her.

"Hey," I whispered in her ear. "You didn't put the bikini back on."

Suzy looked me in the eye, gave me a wicked grin and said, "Well, pass me the bag. I'll take off my dress right here and put it back on, shall I?"

"You wouldn't need to take your dress off, would you?"

"It's easy enough taking a bra off while you're wearing clothes, but putting one on, that's a different story."

"Go on then. Take it off. I dare you. Look, it's dark now. You're my sex slave, remember? You must do whatever I say"

We were both pretty drunk, and for a second I thought she was actually going to go through with it. There were four or five men sat in our vicinity, and she looked them over before telling me that she would do it, but not with so many of them there. She would wait until a few had left. This was fine by me. I wasn't going to push it. She had never done anything like this before anyway.

When the train pulled in at the next station, I watched in disbelief as every single other passenger in our carriage got up and walked through the doors on to the platform. I thought at first that the train must be terminating here, but after a short while the doors closed and the train moved off once more. Suzy looked around at the empty carriage, clapped her hands and laughed triumphantly.

"Well, I think I'm ready to take you up on your dare now," she said, grinning at me.

She asked me to take the bikini out of the bag, as she stood up and faced me. I threw the swimsuit on to the seat opposite us and watched as Suzy unzipped her dress at the back. She took her time about it, teasing me, as she slowly let the dress slide down her body, until her tits were completely uncovered. There may have been no one else to see, but I was really turned on, watching her strip off like this in a public place. I don't think I'd ever seen her naked outside of our house before. Suzy's tits looked very pale compared to the rest of her tanned body, and this made them seem even sexier. A few seconds later, she let the dress fall to her ankles. She leaned forward, her lovely tits almost in my face, as she picked up the dress and put it on the seat beside me.

As she leant over me I suddenly noticed over her shoulder a man walking towards us. He must have come in from the adjoining carriage. He was a scruffy middle-aged man, and he appeared to be very drunk, judging by the way he was weaving about. Suzy was now standing directly in front of me, stark naked, her hands on her hips. I knew I should have told her that someone was coming towards us, but he looked harmless enough. In fact he looked so drunk I thought it possible that he might walk straight past us and not even notice her nakedness. I took care not to look towards him as he approached, keeping my eyes on Suzy, as she ran her hands over her body.

"So, what do you think of my tan, then?" she asked me.

I didn't answer. I looked over her shoulder to see the man was standing there, right behind her, looking straight at her sexy ass. I don't know if it was the noise of his heavy breathing, or the fact that I was staring in that direction, but Suzy turned sharply around and looked directly into the eyes of this dirty, dishevelled old man. Her mouth opened wide as if to scream, but she did nothing, just looked at him, eyes wide open with the shock realisation that she was completely naked in front of this man.

Suddenly he reached out and placed both his hands on her tits. I hadn't expected this. Allowing a man to ogle my wife naked was one thing, but I hadn't planned on letting anyone touch her. I watched, completely stunned, my heart racing a mile a minute, as his rough hands squeezed her tits. Suzy turned her face towards me, a faraway look in her eyes. She made no move to stop him. It was as if she had completely lost control of her body. My hands were shaking with the shock and excitement of what I was seeing, but I quickly pulled myself together, and pushed him away from her. He didn't say a word. He simply ambled towards the end of the carriage and walked through the door into the next compartment.

I looked at Suzy, her eyes were shining brightly, her mouth still wide open in shocked silence. The train slowed down as we approached the next station, and she quickly put her dress back on, just before a group of people entered our carriage. I put her bikini back in the bag and sat down beside her. The train arrived at Victoria Station half an hour later. We hadn't said a word to each other since it happened. I wondered if she was angry with me for allowing this dirty old man to grope her. It was only a few seconds before I stopped him, but as I replayed the scene in my head, it seemed to last for ages.

We hailed a taxi outside the station, and as soon as we sat down in the back of the cab, Suzy grabbed my hand and put it up her dress, against her naked pussy. She was sopping wet, wetter than I had ever felt her before. My thumb rubbed against her clitoris, and within seconds her body froze, then she shuddered and collapsed back against the seat, a relaxed smile on her face. I looked at the cab driver who hadn't seem to have noticed what had just happened. I was frankly amazed. She had never come this quickly before. We carried on sitting in silence and it wasn't until we were safely at home that she spoke to me for the first time since it happened.

She shut the door behind us, then pushed me against the wall, and kissed me deeply, passionately, her tongue flicking all over my mouth with wild abandon.

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