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Swap Meat & Morning Jo


Swap Meat

I got to the swap meet first thing in the morning, and it had paid off for once. There was a time when I made good money buying vintage video games on the cheap, and then reselling them for a handsome profit online. Unfortunately, a lot of other people had started doing the same thing. That meant the games were harder to come by, more expensive, and went for less in the end.

That day, I'd happened across a new seller with a large stack of NES games who had no idea what she had. Though they weren't sealed, I managed to snag five carts with boxes, manuals, and most of the other paraphernalia. The real gem was a copy of Little Samson, which could easily fetch a grand or more.

I'd paid twenty bucks each for them.

Riding on cloud nine, and eager to put that Little Samson cart up for auction, I was heading for home after barely thirty minutes when something caught my eye. Another seller was still setting up, and I saw her hanging something that I knew my father would love. He had a theatrical poster, the standee, and pop-up display in his man-cave, but Spaceballs: The Mobile from the video store release had so far eluded him.

She did know what she had. I managed to negotiate a reasonable price, though I would have passed if I was hoping to resell it. Since it was a gift, and I already had a tidy profit awaiting me, I bought it and checked off my dad's birthday present from a mental list.

Once again, I headed for my car, and once again, something caught my eye. It wasn't merchandise. It was a redheaded woman, probably about my parents' age, browsing the booths, and she was hot as hell. I saw her just as she bent over to pick up something on the far side of the table at the booth, giving me a great view of her ass in tight jeans. She had big tits, and she was showing them off with a low-cut top. A large gold necklace further attracted attention to her well-displayed cleavage.

I got a little too wrapped up in staring, and got caught. Just as I looked away, her irritated expression changed to one of wide-eyed surprise. As I walked out into the parking lot, I heard her call out, "Excuse me. Hello. Excuse me."

I turned around and saw her walking toward me. She pointed at the mobile and asked, "I don't suppose there was another one of those where you bought that one?"

I shook my head. "No, this was the only one she had."

She continued her approach, and I had to fight to keep my eyes away from her tits. Damn, they looked good.

"Is there any chance I could buy it from you?" she asked when she stopped a couple of feet away.

"Well, it's a birthday present for my dad," I responded. "He really loves this movie."

"So does my brother," she said. "His birthday is coming up, too."

"I didn't exactly get it cheap, and my dad has been looking for one for a while," I said. I honestly needed the brownie points, because he was mad I'd missed a softball game that they ended up losing.

She offered me a crooked smile. "What's the I don't want to sell it price?"

"I really don't want to sell it."

"Oh, come on. Everybody has their price."

I thought for a moment, and tossed her a price I was sure she'd refuse. It was easily double what it was worth, and more than double what I'd paid for it. "Hundred bucks."

"That's a little steep," she said.

"Well, like I said, I don't want to sell it."

She pursed her lips for a moment. "Hmm... What about sixty?"

I shook my head. "Sorry, that's barely more than I paid for it. Honestly, I don't know that I'd take the hundred. I really need to get home."

She reached out and grabbed my arm. "Wait." Her voice then quieted, and she asked, "What about sixty and I'll show you my boobs?"

That caught me off-guard. "Are you serious?" I asked.

She gave me a one shoulder shrug. "Sure. You were staring at them, so I assume you like them." She punctuated that by cupping one of her breasts and lifting it.

I regained my composure and said, "Forty is pretty steep just to look at some tits — even if they are nice."

"And a naked handjob?" she suggested.

I shook my head.


My pants were quickly growing uncomfortably tight. I did still have two months to find a birthday present for my dad. Her willingness to suggest it only made her even hotter.

"I swallow," she said in a suggestive voice. "My apartment is only a minute or two walk away."

By that point, I was already sold, but I pushed for a small thing that no girl had let me do yet. "Suck me on your knees, and let me come all over you?"

"If that's what you want," she said without any hesitation. Her hand slid down to my wrist. She looked around to make sure nobody was watching, and then lifted my hand to her left tit. "Deal?"

"Yeah," I answered while giving her breast a squeeze. It felt as good as it looked.

She smiled and said, "Let's go."

I followed as she led me through the parking lot. She looked back just as I pushed my raging hardon into a more comfortable position, and her smile widened. "Only a couple of blocks."

From the way she smiled every time she looked at me, and the sexy sway of her ass, I'd say she was looking forward to our little transaction as much as I was. Since I'd be seeing it all soon enough, I wasn't coy about checking out her jiggling tits and tight ass, either. She didn't seem to mind at all.

Her place was one half of a duplex, in a line of nearly identical apartment buildings that covered three blocks. She unlocked the door, let me inside, and then put her purse down on the kitchen bar, which was next to the door.

She had nice furniture and the place was decorated well. I saw several pictures of her with a boy and a girl at various ages, including some graduation pictures.

Genuine Milf, I thought.

She opened her purse, pulled out a wallet from inside, and then laid three twenties on the bar. "There's the sixty," she said.

I sat the mobile and my bag of games down, and only had the briefest of second thoughts as I did so. Even if any such thoughts had endured, they would have vanished a moment later. She tugged at the tail of her shirt and lifted it over her head, revealing a beige bra holding in those big tits of hers. For a woman who had two kids, she didn't have many stretch marks at all.

"Right here?" I asked as she reached behind her to unhook the clasp of her bra.

She glanced down and said, "Tile floors. I'd rather mop up cum than clean it out of the carpet."

"Works for me," I said as I lifted a foot to untie my shoes.

She went about removing her bra in a practiced series of movements, quickly freeing her breasts. They were pale, and spotted with light brown freckles. She had big nipples, and I had little doubt that they were hard, from the way they were standing out. The pink circles surrounding them were only a little more than double the circumference of the erect points.

We both were removing our shoes at the same time, and when she bent her leg, her jeans lifted enough to reveal that she was wearing cute little ankle socks.

"Why don't you leave those socks on?" I asked as I dropped my shoe to the floor.

"Like them?" she asked, giving her toes a wiggle.

"Oh yeah."


I took a moment to admire her other dainty, sock-clad foot before taking off my other shoe. Even though she had a head start on me, I caught up by yanking off my socks, and whipping my shirt over my head while she was struggling to push down those painted-on jeans. Her white panties slipped down with them, leaving her pussy barely covered. She was shaved — or more likely waxed — bare.

I won the undeclared race by pushing down my pants and underwear while she was still kicking her jeans off to the side. Her eyes widened and she let out a sharp moan when my erection sprang free.

Her voice deep, and sensual, she said, "That is going to be a job." She pushed down her panties and kicked them away as I walked around the counter to her. I reached for a handful of those big tits as soon as they were in reach, confirming that her nipples were indeed pebble-hard.

She moaned and shivered from my touch, but before I could move in for a suck, she put on a hand on my chest, and gazed into my eyes with a mischievous twinkle in hers. She turned, and carefully pushed everything away from the end of the bar. Naturally, I squeezed her taut ass, and she let out another moan.

She turned and hopped up on the bar in one seamless, fluid motion. I was at just the right distance for her to stretch out her socked feet, and trap my cock between them.

Her feet stroked up and down my shaft, and the soft material felt incredible against my skin. Then, she split them apart, and used the toes of her left foot to tickle my balls, while the toes of her right foot caressed the head.

I groaned and said, "You've done this before."

"Mmm hmm," she moaned while playing with one of her breasts. "Thought you might like it. You can always change your mind to a footjob, if you want."

As good as it felt, I was ready to have those lips wrapped around me. I shook my head.

"Blowjob it is, then," she said. She let her feet drop down, and then slipped off the counter. She glanced away from me for a moment, snatched up a dish towel hanging from a nearby rack, and folded it before sinking to her knees.

She didn't waste any time, and wrangled my bobbing cock in her hand as soon as her knees settled on the towel. A moment later, her tongue was sliding up the underside of my shaft.

"Ah, fuck yeah," I groaned while watching her tongue me. I reached out with my right hand and laid it on her shoulder.

She licked me up and down, wetting the shaft, and then kissed the tip. Another long lap brought her tongue to my balls, and she turned her head sideways to lick them with broad-tongued swipes. She looked up into my eyes as her tongue glided up my shaft to the head, kissed it once more, and then parted her lips.

I growled as her hot mouth engulfed me. She took me halfway in that first suck, her lips sealed tightly around me. She pulled back slowly, looked up into my eyes when her lips reached the rim of my cockhead, and then took me in again — even deeper.

Damn, but she was a hell of a cocksucker. It was easily one of my top three blowjobs ever, and she was just getting started. She let go of my cock, and put her hand to work caressing my tightening balls. Her lips slid up and down my cock, nearly reaching the root on every suck. My hand moved from her shoulder to the back of her head, and my fingers entwined in her hair.

Much to my delight, her other hand found its way between her legs. I could just see her playing with her pussy around her big tits. I could hear a faint jangling from the necklace around her neck and a matching bracelet on the wrist of the hand working her clit.

A couple of sucks later, my cock vanished entirely in her hot mouth.

I gasped at the same time as her cheeks puffed out, and a blast of air rushed up my saliva-coated erection. In only a fraction of a second, she had her lips tight around me, and sucked back to the tip at a torturously slow pace. She let me escape with a wet slurp, and then started licking again.

"Good?" she asked between licks.

"Oh yeah," I answered. "Making you wet?"

"So wet." She tongued the head of my cock, gave it a quick suck, and then added, "Making my poor pussy ache."

"Play with it all you want, so long as you keep sucking."

She let out a sad sounding moan while tonguing the head of my cock. "I need more than my fingers. You can still come all over me if you want, but I need this cock inside me." She kissed my cock. "Please." Another kiss. "Please." Yet another kiss. "Oh, please fuck me."

I didn't really need that much convincing. I moved my hand under her arm and lifted. She stood up instantly.

"Hurry," she implored as she turned around and bent over the bar, with her tits resting on it.

She wasn't kidding about being wet. The moment the head of my cock brushed her pussy lips, I could feel it. I gave my cock a couple of wiggles, coating the tip in her wetness, and pushed inside her.

"Oh god yes!" she cried.

"Fuck yeah. That pussy feels good," I said as I pumped my hips.

I felt her fingers brush against my shaft when they slipped between her legs to her clit. "Give it to me. Fuck me. Oh, so full."

The angle was a little awkward, but when I edged forward slightly, and got a good grip on her hips, I was able to drive my cock home hard. She yelped when my balls slapped against her, and then gasped when I buried my cock in her again.

I pounded her tight Milf pussy, sending ripples through her ass and making her cry out with every thrust. I could feel her fingers thrumming over her clit. Her juices were soon meandering through a crease in my balls. Loud smacks echoed back from the walls every time our bodies collided.

"Like that. Don't stop. Right there," she yelped.

I let out a loud, deep-chest growl. "Come for me."

"Yes! So close! So close! So close!"

"Do it."

"Oh, fuck me! Fuck meee!"

The last, squealed word vanished in a desperate gasp. Her muscles clenched, defining them in her arched back. Her pussy clamped down on my cock. Then she screamed as she exploded in orgasm.

The screams just kept coming, jumping in volume and pitch every time I buried my cock in her climaxing pussy. The tight squeeze pushed me quickly toward an eruption of my own. I held on as long as I could, but it only took a few more thrusts into her clinging canal to push me past the point of no return.

"Gonna come," I grunted as I yanked my cock out of her.

She was panting for breath when she lurched up from the counter and turned on unsteady legs. She dropped to her knees — missing the towel with one of them — and I took aim. A roar surged up from my chest, and my cum blasted out with it.

The first thick rope of cum decorated her cheek, chin, and her fiery hair. The second almost missed her entirely, leaving a glob in her eyelash at the corner of her left eye. She pushed her tits together, capturing what was dribbling off her face. The rest spattered on the cabinet doors behind her. I pushed my cock down, and the next ejaculation shot onto her chin and neck. Several more followed, leaving thick pools and spatters all over her chest and tits. I closed my eyes and groaned as I began to dribble onto her tits.

I could still hear her panting for breath. Then she moaned, and I opened my eyes to see her smiling up at me with a half-wink, caused by her cum-blasted eye. She licked her lips and moaned — though the sound turned high-pitched at the end when an aftershock of her orgasm ripped through her. I had to slap an arm on the bar to steady my wobbly knees. Soon enough, I was resting my head on it as well.

Eventually — after she'd wiped the cum-glaze off her — we ended up on the couch. She sat on one end, facing me, her socked feet resting on my legs. She had her legs parted and her fingers glided up and down the parting of her pussy lips. The sight made me grunt when it caused my sensitive cock to protest.

"You're young. I bet you can get hard again in no time," she said.

"Deal's already done," I teased. "What have you got to offer?"

"Besides a wet pussy to fill full of cum? I might have an idea you'll like."

Truthfully, I was already sold on the wet pussy.


When the huge bubble mailer arrived at my apartment four days later, I had no idea what it was at first. I'd tied one on the night before, and I had a miserable hangover. Her name was on the address label, but that didn't do me any good, since I'd never gotten around to asking it.

It all came back to me when I opened the envelope and saw the mobile inside. Her brother made replicas of his memorabilia, and displayed those, while keeping the originals carefully conserved. Her offer for that second fuck was to have him make one for me to give to my dad.

It was impressive work. Even up close, I could barely tell it wasn't an original. He'd even matched the cord and hook it hung from. I knew Dad was going to love it.

That's when I noticed something else inside. I pulled out the sheet of paper, and my head pounded when what I saw set me to laughing.

There was a phone number at the top, and a printed picture of her wearing a Dark Helmet mask, with the huge tie dangling between her bare breasts. Black panties and black ankle socks completed the ensemble.

At the bottom, in beautiful handwritten script, it said, "Want to come play with your doll again?"

The Schwartz was definitely with me.

* = * = * = *

Morning Jo

Josephine was so glad to be home. She had never cared for staying in hotels, but that was the only disadvantage of her promotion. This time, a client had asked to meet a day early due to a scheduling conflict, allowing her to return home a day earlier as well.

After a welcome night in her own bed, she showered, toweled dry, and slipped into her luxurious pink bathrobe. Dressing could wait until later. Coffee was the first order of business.

She nearly jumped out of her skin when she stepped into the kitchen to find someone there, running a pod through the coffee maker. He started from the sound of her gasp, and spun on his heel to face her.

Jo swallowed hard at the sight of her son's friend Brett. He was dressed in nothing but a pair of boxer shorts, revealing vast expanses of lean young muscle to her widened eyes. Though he was a fixture in the house — and had been for years — he had only started working out upon entering college. The sudden change when he returned that summer coupled with the phenomenal results had not gone unnoticed.

To her shame, she'd given in to temptation that first night, and brought herself to a thundering orgasm with thoughts of his new body dancing through her head. Seeing him in nothing but his underwear was like a moment of that fantasy come to life in front of her.

Brett said, "Hey. Sorry, Miss V. Didn't mean to scare you. Trace said you were out of town. We stayed up late, so I crashed here last night."

In order to cover her embarrassing stare, she offered a dismissive wave and continued into the kitchen. "I got home late last night, and went straight to bed. I wasn't expecting anyone, because I knew Trace was supposed to go fishing with his father this morning."

It was only after she committed that she remembered she was stark naked beneath her bathrobe, and her ears burned even hotter.

Brett hiked a thumb toward the coffee maker, and said, "You can have the first cup. It's your house."

That trapped her in her own rule of coffee never leaving the kitchen. Once again, she tried to pretend nothing was out of the ordinary when she bantered, "As if you don't practically live here."

He chuckled while retrieving another mug from the cupboard. She picked up her cup and doctored it with a splash of creamer. Then, she sat down at the kitchen table, as that at least somewhat hid her legs, which were revealed to four inches above the knee. A quick peek ensured that there were no gaps in the part of her robe, revealing the bare skin beneath.

She sipped her coffee, trying not to think about the gorgeous, mostly naked young man behind her. It wasn't easy. It was as if the image of him was burned into the back of her eyes. He didn't make it easier a minute later when he sat down opposite her with his own cup of coffee.

The table did nothing to hide his bare, sculpted chest.

"So, good trip?" he asked before taking a sip.

She shrugged. "The meetings went well, and I made it home a day early, so I suppose."

"I never did congratulate you on the promotion."

"Thank you," she said. "I'm not fond of all the flying and staying in hotels, but the money makes it worth it. At least I don't have to worry about paying Trace's tuition now."

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