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byAnal Slave©

It all started out so simple my wife and I have been friends with Bob and Eva for about 2 years. Eva is a good-looking woman that loves to wear sexy clothes and show off her body. One night we were sitting around playing cards and drinking when the subject of the conversation turned to sex.

Come to find out Bob and Eva was swingers and had been for a long time not only was Eva, Bob’s wife she was his Mistress also. Eva told my wife to watch this, Bob will do anything I tell him too, she then told Bob to take his clothes off and show my wife his big cock and balls. Bob stood up and dropped his pants and out popped a huge cock all hard and ready for action.

My wife gasped when she saw the size of Bob’s cock. She looked over at me and licked her lips and ask me to come into the other room. When we got in the other room she said remember all the times we fantasized about having sex with other people. I said; yes I remember she said could we have sex with Bob and Eva. I said yes; Eva said would you do what ever I tell you to?

Just like Bob does for Eva! I said yes honey I will be your sex slave and I will out do Bob anytime. My wife said would you even suck his cock if I wanted you to? I started stuttering and it must have been the alcohol talking but I agreed with everything. She then said that her and Eva had been having sex for over 3 months and that she loved to suck Eva’s pussy and if I acted right tonight that me and Bob might get to see them perform sex acts on each other.

I told her I would love to see that. We then walked back into the room where Bob and Eva was Bob had his cock in his hand and was masturbating for Eva he never missed a stroke as we entered the room. My wife looked over at Eva and shook her head up and down Eva spoke up and ask me to pull my clothes off and join Bob. I stripped my clothes off and my cock was rock hard I sat down beside Bob and my wife, ask me to start jacking off.

I grabbed my cock and started pumping it up and down. Eva then told my wife to get on her knees and suck her pussy. My wife was down on her knee’s in a heart beat and was sucking Eva’s cunt and licking her asshole I couldn’t believe my eyes my sweet little wife sucking on a pussy, my wife stopped for a minute and looked at me and said; Eva is my Mistress too I will do anything she asks and if your smart you will too.

I liked these games so I agreed with every thing. Eva then stopped my wife from sucking her cunt and said play with your cock boys. I want you to keep them hard until we return . . . and no cumming. Bob show him what he needs to know while we are gone but don’t make him cum or you will be punished. Bob reached over and took my cock in his hand pre-cum leaked out of the head of it so he brought it up to his mouth and licked the pre-cum off of his hand and told me to calm down or we would be in trouble.

When the girls left the room Bob got down on his knees and told me to watch him as he sucked on my cock. He started off with just the head of it in his mouth and slowly started sucking more and more of my cock down his throat I felt like I was going to cum so I made him stop, he got up and got something out of a dresser drawer and returned he wrapped it around my balls and cock and said; with that cock and ball ring on you will be unable to cum until the girls get back.

He then sucked my cock harder and harder I felt like I was going to explode but I didn’t after he sucked me for 10 minutes he started licking and rolling my balls around in his mouth he would stop every once in a while and ask me if I had any questions. I just lay there with a smile on my face. Every now and then I would feel his tongue lick across my asshole and that would send shivers up and down my spine.

After my cock and balls were saturated with saliva Bob quit sucking me and got up and lay down beside me. He looked over at me and said; get down there and suck my cock and balls just like I did to you. I want the girls to be satisfied with your sucking ability when they get home. I got down between his legs and started licking his massive prick and it was jumping around and spilling pre-cum all over the place.

I licked up and down the hard shaft just like licking a popcycle. I couldn’t believe I was fixing to suck my first cock. The veins in his massive cock were bulging out and I could feel them in my mouth as I slipped my mouth over his huge cock. Bob started fucking my mouth and I could taste cum leaking out of his cock, all of a sudden he jerked his cock out of my mouth and grabbed it real hard with his hand and squeezed the head of it hard.

He said; damn I almost cum in your mouth look at the cum that leaked out on my hand. I grabbed his hand and brought it up to my mouth and licked the cum off of it. Bob wiped the rest of the cum off of his hand with his tongue. About that time Eva and my wife came back into the house Eva said; WOW what good boys we are. So nice and hard just look at there beautiful hard cocks. Eva told me to get up off of the floor and lay down beside Bob on the bed.

Both women came up and started kissing us Eva had her tongue down my throat while my wife was doing the same thing to Bob All of a sudden Eva pulled her tongue out of my mouth and yelled; you made Bob cum in your mouth….didn’t you… I taste Bobs cum in your mouth. About that time my wife pulled Bob’s cock out of her mouth and said; I taste cum in Bobs mouth too, but it don’t taste like my husband’s.

Eva looked at Bob and said; Bob what in the hell is going on around here? I told you boys not to cum while we were out. Bob said; it is all my fought he was sucking my cock and I got carried away and spilled some of my cum in his mouth. Eva said; you mean you CUM in his MOUTH. Yes Mistress he is a natural cocksucker he said he never sucked a cock before but I find that hard to believe. Eva said; how did you get cum in your mouth? Bob said; that some of it was on his hand so he didn’t want to waste it so he licked it up. Eva said I’m glad you boys fucked up, because we knew something like this was going to happen so now we must punish both of you, she looked over at my wife and said; tell these Cum Eaters where we went when we left. We went next door and the collage boy and his friends fucked are cunts and filled them full of young cum. We both have three loads of cum in are pussy and Eva has one load in her asshole. Eva then told my wife that she was going to fuck me and she wanted my wife to fuck Bob.

They both crawled up and sat down on are hard pricks and stuck them all the way up their wet pussy’s they started pumping their pussy’s up and down are hard cocks and I could feel cum leaking all over my balls and pubic hair Eva was a fine fuck and she knew how to work the muscles in her pussy. I looked over at Bob and he had his cock so far up my wife’s pussy her eyeballs were bulging out.

I didn’t last to long I shot a huge amount of sperm up Eva’s pussy but she kept fucking me till I was hard again and about that time Bob shot a load of cream up my wife’s cunt. When I saw that I cum again and Eva looked over at my wife and said; lets see if these cocksucker’s will eat each others cum out of are pussy’s along with the three other loads Eva got up and sat down on Bob’s face cum was leaking out every where and my wife came over and sat down on my face and fed me her cum slick pussy, it wasn’t as bad of a taste as I thought it would be.

I ate every drop of cum out of my wife when I had cleaned her pussy real good she placed her asshole over my lips and made me stick my tongue up her ass as she rocked back and forth on my tongue. Eva looked over at my wife and said; that I was going to be a good sex slave. When we sucked and licked up all of the cum Eva said she wanted me and Bob to suck each other’s cock and to clean all the cum out of are pubic hair.

Me and Bob laid down together and started sucking each others cocks while the ladies were laid back masturbating each others cunts. We was sucking real hard when both of us cum at the same time I swallowed all I could but Bob flooded my mouth with cum. when we was done my wife and Eva said that was the sexist thing they had ever seen and wanted to know if we would fuck each other’s asshole sometime. That’s another story!

Email me some kink I get horny too.

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by Anonymous11/29/17

Spelling and grammer distracted the effect of this story.

Spelling and grammer distracted the effect of this story. Exciting subject. Just needs corrected.

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