tagBDSMSwat on a Hot Teen Youth Ch. 07

Swat on a Hot Teen Youth Ch. 07


Chapter 7. Lingerie from London

Ashley, shifted restively in her seat in the orchestra section of the darkened opera house. On stage, the soprano playing Adina was behaving brattily to her admirer Nemorino, telling him her love was a fickle thing. The storyline was funny and she was enjoying the music, but Ashley was unaccustomed to the length of an opera, and so was having trouble keeping her attention focused on the goings on. Instead, she glanced around her and observed the well-dressed patrons seated all around her. Most of the men wore some form of dark suit, many wore tuxedos. The women were more colorfully dressed. Ironically, the young girl observed, the older the women were, the more garish the colors they seemed to choose. Whereas the dowager a few chairs from her wore a large turquoise brooch on a rainbow-hued blouse with a large Hermes scarf around her shoulders, Ashley's dress was a simple and severely elegant black and white.

She'd been shopping for it with her Uncle, who sat next to her attentive to the opera. The dress had was mostly black with a diagonal strip of white off one shoulder and across the bodice. The high rounded neckline was a slash of black, suspended from thin black straps gracing Ashley's shapely shoulders and slim arms, and dropping on her side almost precipitously to bare her back to well below her shoulder blades.

The dress was short, appropriately for a young woman with as perfect, sheer black, stockinged, legs as Ashley's. Her black and white Chanel high-heels matched her outfit as if they'd been made for it, and her ensemble was completed by a double choker of small pearls with a gold clasp. Ashley's entire wardrobe at home would not have cost as much as her shoes, or even of the expensive underwear which her Uncle had purchased for her.

She blushed as she recalled the previous day's visit to the lingerie store in the Kensington High Street, where her Uncle had selected the undergarments she was currently wearing as well as many additional items. The shopgirls had appeared unperturbed by her Uncle's demands that Ashley model each piece for him in a private dressing room, but she had caught amused glances passing between the girls who assisted them and attended the modeling.

She'd entered the store with a combination of embarrassment at being in so feminine an environment while accompanied by her Uncle, coupled with excitement at all the beautiful and delicate garments on display. Even the air had seemed perfumed in an intensely heady, feminine way. The shopgirls, both tall and elegant, one black and one redhead with a short bob haircut, had been solicitous. Her Uncle had explained that they were from out of town and needed to stock up on "foundation wear."

The girls had asked Ashley her measurements. Edward had explained that he considered it best to have Ashley's measures taken again, as she was a growing girl and hadn't been fitted properly before. He also asked for a private showing room. They had been led to an elegant small room, where pair of elaborate painted, curved wood, upholstered benches were placed before a small dais raised about 8 inches off the floor. Mirrors surrounded this on three sides. Ashley was made to stand on this, and asked to remove her dress. The female assistance had hung her dress for her, leaving Ashley in only her blue lace bra and matching panties. While still in her heels, she had stood on the dais as the girl had used a tape measure to capture the span between a wealth of different parts of her body, rotating her so she could easily reach around her bosom, or down the inseam of her legs. Her Uncle had observed the proceedings with detached interest.

Once her measurements had been taken, Ashley was given a silk robe, and she and her Uncle strolled through the store, selecting items. The assistants noted the items and after Ashley and Edward had returned to the fitting room, brought these in Ashley's size. Edward glanced through them, and handed Ashley a variety of items to try on.

First had come a selection of panty and bra sets, for which Ashley had gone behind a screen and stripped totally, before putting them on one by one and coming back to the dais where she walked and pirouetted for her Uncle. Edward had carefully examined his niece's appearance in each of the undergarments, how one or another panty exposed or covered parts of her girlish buttocks, or how the lower seam indented the ripe flesh on the lower curve of her ass cheek. He noted how the different cups supported her youthful breasts, preferring the less sturdy bras which allowed the curves of Ashley's breasts' natural upward tilting hang to be seen in profile thus complimenting the ripeness of her full globes.

While she was modeling one set of elaborate red lace bra and panties, Edward asked her to turn, and as she presented her rear to him, he fingered the leg hem of the panty experimentally, raising it slightly from her full ass cheek and fondling her exposed buttock. Ashley reacted to this sudden unexpected intimacy by pulling away with a quickly muffled squeal.

"Temper, young lady!" exclaimed her Uncle admonishingly. "Bend over, well over, I want to see how your pussy lips appear in this panty." Ashley froze, blushing and unable to meet the gaze of the shopgirls who tittered in the background. She felt the moment frozen in time, her cheek reddening, and all attention focus on her meagerly clad posterior.

Her Uncle stepped in front of the embarrassed girl. "You have forgotten how to obey, Ashley?" Her uncle took firm hold of her upper arm, and pulled her forward from the waist by it, causing Ashley's bottom to jut out. " You're embarrassed to do what you're told in front of these ladies? Perhaps we can arrange a better audience for you," he menaced, proprietarily giving her outthrust rear a casual but stinging smack.

Turning to the shop-girls, Edward dismissed them, "Thank you, ladies. I think we will need a moment here to ourselves, with perhaps the help of a more participatory audience? Perhaps you have a male employee who can assist my recalcitrant niece?"

The shopgirls exited the room slowly, giggling nervously at Ashley, who stared down at the floor in embarrassment, bent slightly at the waist and clad only in the skimpy underwear. Edward stepped outside the room. Ashley looked about frightened, but could see no escape. A moment later, Edward returned, accompanied by a young man dressed in a doorman's uniform. The man was tall and dark, and appeared to be of Slavic background. Edward addressed him and the girl, "James, this is my niece Ashley. She has shown herself to be reluctant to mind her manners in front of the ladies, so I think that a lesson is in order. She always seems less reluctant to do as she's told in front of men, isn't that right little one? Yes, she seems to require a dominating presence in order to bring out the best in her behavior."

"Ashley, dear please turn around and show James here what we're considering buying." The doorman grinned and watched the lingerie clad beauty hungrily, as she turned to him, her eyes timidly downcast. Her breathing became heavier, and the man could hear her panting in fright as he gazed at her full breasts in their lacy red cups, through which he made out the slight darkening of her nipples. His eyes slid down her flat belly down to the red panties gracing her hips.

"Turn, Ashley, and bend over," commanded her Uncle. The girl turned away from the two men, but was unable to bring herself to bend forward as commanded. The doorman took in the heavy hemispheres of her bottom, delicately covered with the red lacy panties. He delighted in the slight trembling motion that the girl's fear imparted to her soft posterior.

"I'm sorry, James," said Edward, "my niece often finds it difficult to obey while fully dressed. She seems to behave best only when her clothes start to come off. I don't know why, but we must work with her nature, don't you think? And it would seem that even standing in front of her a stranger in only underclothes isn't enough undress to motivate her.

"Perhaps you would be so kind as to just release her breasts from the cups of her brassiere? Being made to display her nude tits may make her less recalcitrant. Don't take the garment off her, for now, just pluck her breasts out and tuck the material below them."

Ashley gasped as the eager young man approached her. He grabbed her arm roughly, then, with a slow and deliberate movement, tucked his index finger into the bra cup on the side of one plump breast. Running his finger down into the cup, he used it to slowly drag the cloth of the cup down the globe of her breast, baring the creamy full flesh. As he did so, he let his palm brush over her plushy tit, grazing her hardened nipple. He varied his technique with the other breast, using all the fingertips of his hand to drag the cloth down the front of her other breast, letting his fingernails scrape her breast firmly, leaving parallel, thin reddened scratches on her now nude breast. His thumb and index finger plucked each of her nipples in turn, yanking on her tit and giving it a little shake, to free each breast totally of its covering

"What a bad girl," grinned the amused doorman, as he fondled Ashley's bared breasts. "Here your Uncle treats you to some nice clothes, and you don't even obey him. I do think that you deserve punishing for being so thankless."

Ashley tried to cringe and protect her breasts from the assault of his hands, but he grabbed each tit in a strong hand and held her up, "Stand up!," he commanded, "stick those naughty tits out." He fingers plucked at her engorged nipples, pinching her delicate fattened nubbins, stretching them upward and forcing the girl to stretch her chest and shoulders upwards.

To Ashley's surprise, the young man then grabbed both her wrists in one hand, and held them behind her back. He was strong and effortlessly tipped her backward slightly, making Ashley thrust out her nude chest at him. He dipped his head and brought his mouth to one breast to roughly flick his tongue over Ashley's nipple. She whimpered and writhed, but was unable to avoid the man's mouth as the doorman suckled and explored her soft breast delightedly. Again and again, he let his teeth nip at her turgid bud, and used his tongue to wash over the white softness of her plump tit. The girl wriggled to no avail, her wrists firmly caught in the man's grip, as her breast became shiny from his saliva. He concentrated on the one breast, clearly intending to cause as much irritation and discomfort to the girl as he could. He relished using the stubble of his cheeks to roughen up the fine white tender skin of Ashley's defenseless boob, which became pink and splotchy under his scraping and sucking.

As he abused her imprisoned tit, the doorman chastised Ashley, "Are you enjoying me sucking your fat boob, girl? Is that why your nipple is so hard? It wants more, doesn't it? That's right, stick that big nipple up so that I can scrape it with my cheek... it likes that? I can tell by the way your tit is bouncing around, not to mention how your arse is wiggling. Harder? Is that what you need? Lift that boob so I can bite and suck your teats, my little cow!"

Her Uncle beamed approvingly at his nieces' tormentor. After he was satisfied with the results of Ashley's breast punishment, he addressed the doorman, "James, please bring Ashley here to this chair." James used his grip on her hands to push Ashley over to the chair her Uncle indicated. "Kneel on the chair, Ashley, facing the chair back." James released the girl, who slowly clambered onto the chair, resting her front on the upholstery of the chair back. "Hold the chair cushion, Ashley, I don't want your hands leaving the chair."

Now the two men stood behind the girl, as she leaned forward and away from them on the chair. Her body shook charmingly as she softly cried, and the men watched her slumped shoulders shake and her soon to be punished bottom shiver.

"Ashley," said her Uncle, "Please assist James to remove his belt, I think I will require him to employ it in your correction!" The man leered at the girl, and, as tears crept down her face, she fumbled with the buckle detaching his wide black leather belt and then slowly drawing it from around his waist. "Now give me the belt, so I can get you acquainted with it, little love," sneered the doorman. Ashley handed the belt to him, and closed her eyes as he walked behind her.

He observed her outthrust, defenseless and ripe bottom. Ashley felt the man's hand pat her rump, testing the resilience of her buttock. "It would be a pity to damage such a fine undergarment, wouldn't you say Ashley? Perhaps you would be so kind as to pull it down off your bottom?"

Ashley reluctantly reached behind her, and slowly and hesitatingly drew her panties down over her tender bottom cheeks, baring them to the young man standing behind her. He gazed at the trembling twin white mounds as they were fully revealed to him, first one side, then, as Ashley used her other hand, the other bottom cheek. She let the panties hang between her leg, the sides of the underwear slightly indenting the outside of her upper thighs from where they were suspended. The men behind her enjoyed the view of her pale buttocks, framing the plump mound of her pudendum which peeked out between her thighs from behind the dangling panties.

"Stick out your bottom for your strapping, little slut!" said the doorman, doubling the belt in his hand so it formed a long loop. His palm explored her now naked buttocks roughly, jouncing the springy flesh and investigating the curves of her bottom as he judged the effect the leather strap would have on the different sections of her posterior. His fingers caressed and pinched her full nether cheeks, softly exploring its curves, then curving in with the lower part of her ass to flick across the rear bulge of her warm and almost hairless vulva.

The stranger's hand left her buttocks, and Ashley heard the sound of the belt whistling through the air moments before she felt it smack hotly across the widest section of her womanly backside, causing the plump buttock to flatten momentarily and vibrate hotly. She cried out and pitched forward, desperately thrusting her posterior downwards, away from the belt. The doorman petted her bottom again, feeling the warmth emanating from the wide pink mark left by the strap across her cheeks. Again, the loop came down on her tense backside, this time at a diagonal and across a single bottom cheek. As Ashley jumped from the blow, a twin smack brought the strap down on the other cheek.

She cried out. Her bottom twisted back and forth before the doorman, its cheeks bouncing from the effort. He smiled and shortened his grip on the belt, leaving a smaller, more controllable loop dangling from his hand. His other hand reached out and steadied Ashley's naked bottom by her hip, and he then used the short leather loop to strike a repeated tattoo across one quickly reddening cheek of the girl's defenseless backside. As the leather thwacked her tender globe repeatedly, Ashley whimpered, and the doorman smiled at the accompanying ripples and bouncing in the pale globes under his hand.

The doorman then released her hip and walked slowly around to her other side. From there, he reached out and let his hand glide over the lower curve of Ashley's breast, pushed up by the bra cup folded below the naked globe. His fingers found her tense nipple, and trapped it between a thumb and forefinger. The man squeezed the hardened bud, and pulled it tautly away from the girl's chest and down, forcing her to bend more and thrust out her bottom further.

"I know you want to have your bottom cheeks the same color, don't you little one?" smiled the doorman, "So I'll just redden this pale cheek for you..."

The belt struck her less punished bottom cheek strongly and Ashley tried to pull away, but the finger on her nipple imprisoned her, forcing her to remain still while the man used the belt to spank her bottom repeatedly, the pale flesh of her buttock quickly reddening to match its already well-spanked twin.

A flash of light from the direction of her Uncle's seat observing the proceedings caught the girl's attention for a moment, and she looked up to see her Uncle taking pictures of her humiliating ordeal with his ever present camera. The eager photographer came closer, and recorded the grimaces of his niece's expression as the belt smacked her ass, as well as capturing the instantaneous distortion of her bottom cheeks, as they embraced around the thrashing belt.

When the doorman was satisfied that Ashley's bottom cheeks showed similar degrees of redness, a process which involved him returning to the less recently punished half of her bottom for some "freshening" of its hue, he ordered the girl to stick her bottom out further toward him. She did so, and he reached out and pulled the lacy red panties, bunched at her thighs, down to her backs of her knees. A hand on Ashley's head pushed her down onto the back of the chair, her cheek pressing into the plush cloth of the oversized seatback. Her outthrust bottom, in this new bent position, allowed James to examine Ashley's vaginal pouch from where it rested, framed by her rear thighs, and the flushed hemispheres of her ass.

His full palm and fingers cupped her pussy from the rear, and Ashley moaned in shame and fear as she felt his coarse fingers push through her outer lips and test her moist core. The doorman stepped to her side, and Ashley felt him thrust up against her hip with the front of his pants. She felt him rubbing his erection against her flesh while his hands roved over her bottom cheeks, her thighs, and her pussy. He squeezed both buttocks firmly in his hands, then caressed down onto her vagina again, this time forcing a thumb into Ashley's pussy.

His finger still buried in Ashley's vagina, the doorman reached under the girl's hip and found the front of her genitals, where he grasped the hood of her clit, which he began rubbing up and down. Ashley's sensitive cunt was being ravaged from both sides, and her resistance to the strong stimulation held only briefly. The feeling was not pleasant, but the friction elicited lubrication from her vagina which coated the doorman's fingers, and which he worked into a froth strongly finger-fucking the girl, plying in and out the soft flesh of her pussy lips. As she moaned, his thumb left her vagina to apply a few sharp spanks to her buttocks, before forcing its way back into her moist vulva.

The frantic girl's bottom churned. Suddenly, the man released her, and she felt him walk behind her. One of his hands grasped each buttock firmly, as if they were pastry buns, his fingers sinking into her pillowy flesh. He spread her cheeks apart, forcing the plump morsels to separate and bare her asshole. One finger of his swiped through her moist lower lips, collecting the secretions he'd caused her to weep and wetting his finger. She felt his fingertip come to rest on her exposed asshole and push. As she whimpered, his finger separated the tense ring, and sank into her reluctantly yielding butthole.

The sound of his zipper coming down was closely followed by a tense pressure on Ashley's asshole. For a moment, while the girl grunted in pain, her bottom resisted this new indignity, but with a sudden parting, her anus yielded to the large phallus, affording his cock a grudging entry into her body. The man pushed hard and his cock slowly sank into the crying girl's bum, stretching her painfully. Her efforts at drawing away from her anal ravisher were countered by James' grabbing her hips and using this new purchase to force her bottom to swallow the entire length of his dick.

Nor, once all the way inside her, was he satisfied with his new position, but slowly drew his cock out, her bottom now resisting his movements in the reverse direction, her anus pulling at the cock until it released and relaxed mercifully, only to be assaulted anew, another entry forced into her bottom, with marginally easier access. Again and again, he violated her ass, each time drawing his cock all the way out in a teasing ever broken promise of relinquishing his position inside her.

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