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Sweet Fruit


Elaine and I got back from shopping a little late, and I have to say I was pretty aggravated. I hated spending my weekend in a shopping mall. I shoved the groceries across the kitchen counter and plopped down in front of the TV, not intending to move until the late late movie had ended. Elaine made dinner, but we didn't talk at all. After we finished eating she left me alone to watch some crappy movie when I saw a bunch of purple grapes hanging down next to my face, between me and the screen.

I snapped my head around. Elaine was wearing black lingerie I'd never seen before. "Finally she spent some time shopping for something useful," I thought. There was a black garter belt holding up long sheer black stockings with complicated lacy tops. And over her breasts there was a satin camisole top that just dangled over her belly button. Very inviting. But what was with the grapes?

"Taste that very bottom one," she said, still holding them in front of my face. I reached out to grab it and she pulled the whole bunch away. "Uh-uh!" she said. "No hands." I put my hands down and tilted my head back to get into position. "That's it," she whispered, running her fingers over her panties, which were also black lace, the kind I liked, no elastic, just frilly and hanging over her thighs.

I sucked the bottom grape off the bunch and rolled it around in my mouth. It didn't taste like a grape, it tasted like Elaine! I was stunned.

"How's that, baby?" she said. I didn't say anything, just climbed over the back of the couch, hungry for some serious sex. Elaine laughed and giggled as she ran away. "You're going to have to eat some more grapes first." I turned to pick up the bunch she had discarded on the couch. "No, not those," she said.

Elaine ran right upstairs to the bedroom, and I chased after her, following her playful screams. When she got there, she jumped on the bed. I whipped off my clothes and lay beside her, my hard-on driving me nuts. I kissed her lips, then pulled the camisole up and over her head, tossing it on the floor. Then I sucked on her nipples in turn while I snaked my hand down her belly and under the waistband of those panties. I just got to feel her thick muff when she pulled away from me.

"Think you can pick another grape with just your mouth?" My cock twinged. I knelt between her legs and peeled the delicate panties down. Then Elaine put her hands behind her knees and spread her pussy wide open for me. Right between her pouting lips I could see a tiny spot of purple. It was another grape! I licked my lips and leaned down to her pussy.

First I ran my tongue slowly up and down her slit to savor the musky scent of her aroused cunt. Then I gave a quick twirl right around her long hard clit. Sh pressed her legs together against my head for just a moment, then pulled them far back again as my tongue licked the exposed surface of the grape. I circled the tip of my tongue right around it, trying to free it up. I looked up, saw the look of passion on her face, and smiled.

Then I pressed my lips firmly against her and sucked, really sucked, on her pussy, like I was sucking on a straw. Sure enough, the grape popped out and into my mouth. I kept it there and reared back to savor the view of her pussy. Damn, there was still a purple spot that looked exactly as it had before. What now?

Well, my face dove back down on her and I repeated my sucking act. Another grape popped out, but I suspected that wasn't the end. It wasn't. Another grape. Another. Finally I had about ten grapes in my mouth, and there didn't seem to be any more.

I used my tongue and teeth to crush them all. Then I crawled upward from her cunt and took her whole right breast into my mouth. Thick, pulpy grape juice trickled out and down her soft skin as her nipple grew long and hard from all the sucking I was giving it. Then I switched, and there were two streams of juice working their way down her chest.

I stopped and looked at what I had done, and Elaine's nipples were bright red and standing straight up -- and her navel was full of grape juice. I kissed my way down there and drank from the tiny cup, and then got myself ready to fuck the hell out of her.

I got her legs open again and was all ready to shove my cock between her sopping wet folds when I saw another spot, much bigger this time, maybe the size of a dime. It was yellow-orange.

I spread Elaine's lips open, and the spot just got bigger. If this was a grape, something was way wrong. I ran the tip of my finger over the surface, and it wasn't smooth but just a little fuzzy. Elaine had jammed a whole fucking peach into her cunt. No wonder we had spent so much time at the mall!

I opened her inner lips as far as I could and could see the roundness of the peach. It wasn't so big as peaches go, but it was still pretty big to be crammed up there.

"Think you can get that little guy out of the way?" Elaine said in a teasing If the only way I could get my cock insider her was to get that peach out -- and it was -- then I would definitely find a way to do it. "No hands now," she said, waving her pointer finger at me like a teacher. So I planted my lips tightly against the surface of the peach with her pussy lips firmly against them.

I sucked hard, and the peach moved all right, but it sure didn't come out. I looked up through Elaine's pussy hairs to see the look of ecstasy on her face, and then I rocked my head back and forth slightly. The peach bulged out and spread her lips open with each pull. Then I would ease my lips into her until they were slightly inside of her. This was nothing like anything I had ever done before, and the squeals that were coming from her mouth were completely new to me as well.

Elaine reached down with one hand and added to her spasms by fingering her clit as I sucked and sucked on that peach. As it rocked in and out of her, there were squishing and sucking noises from the peach itself as it tried to escape the grip of her pussy. Finally I sucked it out enough that I could get my teeth into it without taking a risk of hurting her. I bit off part of the peach and swallowed it, and then I was able to suck the rest out with no problem. It still came out with with an enormous "whomp" sound that was just barely drowned out by Elaine's own scream.

Then I was back by Elaine's face with the remains of the peach still clutched in my teeth. I held it up to her mouth, and she took a bite out of it and so did I. Pretty soon the peach was gone and we were kissing like crazy, swapping peach juice and pulp as we pushed our tongues in and out of our mouths together.

Finally Elaine broke the kiss and gave me a devilish smile. I looked down at her pussy, ready to finally fuck her, and there was another peach! No wonder she had been making so much noise. Every time I had rocked the first peach in and out, the second peach had been pushed up her, rocking her world. I thought, "The hell with this" and just jammed two fingers into the second peach and pulled it out all at once. I crushed it in my hand and squeezed all the juice over her tits and belly and pubic mound, grinding the pulp firmly on her clit area.

Finally there was nothing in Elaine's crotch except Elaine. Instantly my cock was up her, reaming her, and I grabbed her legs and arranged them over my shoulders so I could go deep. I kneaded her peach-sticky breasts and pounded her pudding until I was just ready to come, and then she was driving her nails into my butt. I unloaded all my cream into her sweet fruit basket, gave her a quick kiss, and rolled off her, panting.

While I was recovering, Elaine got up and left the room for a bit. She came back with the big bunch of grapes we had left on the couch. I watched her sexy walk, my eyes drawn in by the peach flesh mixed in with her pubic hair. Then she was lying down beside me, sucking the grapes off their stems one by one.

"You're not done yet," she said. She rolled me over on my stomach, with help from me of course, and spanked my ass with a grape in her hand, converting it into instant juice. Then she did it again with another grape, and then again. I saw that the whole sheet was covered with splatters of purple juice. It was an old one, and I knew this whole thing had been planned for some time.

"We'll need to get you hard again," Elaine told me. She pried open my butt cheeks, and rolled a grape down the crack of my ass until it was balanced right at the entrance to my asshole. Then she pressed down on the grape with the tip of her finger, causing it to pop, trickling its juice over my balls. I flinched, but she paid no attention, pressing another one against me. How many damn grapes were there, anyhow? When she decided she had enough juice, she pressed her finger itself on my asshole to get it opened up. I took the finger easily, and then another finger and then another. Then her fingers were gone and she pushed a grape up my ass instead.

I thought it would pop right away, but it didn't. I could feel it squirming around in there, and the sensation caused me to raise my ass up in a doggy position. My cock was also starting to grow, but it was still only half hard.

"Now do you think I can get that one out of your ass?" I had no idea, but I sure wanted her to try. I buried my face in the pillow and yanked my own cheeks open with both hands, causing a serious stretching feeling around the rim of my asshole. Elaine planted her tongue right against my rosebud and I felt the tip of her tongue dart past my dilated sphincter.

The grape just went deeper into me as Elaine moved her tongue around. It felt fucking amazing, even if it wasn't getting the grape out. I could feel her lips pressed right up against my star. Then she pulled back and sighed.

"Nope, nothing doing. I need to widen you some more if I'm ever going to get that grape out," she said. Elaine climbed out of the bed again and went to a drawer, where she took out another black thing I'd never seen before. This was a dildo, a long thin one with a switch on the base. I didn't like the look of that, but then again I did.

She switched it on and used the buzzing tip directly on my sphincter. If her tongue had felt good, that thing felt sensational. My whole body shuddered and shook, and I felt like I was going to come just from that alone. I rocked my hips to intensify my pleasure and help her get the angle just right.

Then she started spanking me again, and I stopped caring whether she got the fucking grape out or not because it all felt so good. Another grape slipped inside me and then more, more, more. Finally there didn't seem to be any more grapes on the bunch and I knew what I needed.

"Fuck me, Elaine, fuck me with that cock of yours, I need it so much," I moaned. She didn't need any further invitation. The dildo was in me, popping grapes as it went in. Ahhhh, it was so wonderful. Elaine wrapped her fist firmly around the base of the thing and fucked me until I could feel the edge of her hand pounding against my butt.

"Harder, faster!" I howled. My cock was rock hard again and rubbing against the sheets, but they were so smooth it wasn't quite enough friction to get my off. The original grape must be so far up my ass by now she'd never get it out no matter what. I couldn't wait any longer.

I wrestled the dildo away from Elaine, who wasn't expecting it, and pulled it out of my ass. Then I flipped myself over, showing her that my cock was every bit as hard as she had asked for. I dropped the dildo on the bed as Elaine climbed on me. I gave her an angry kiss and she grabbed my cock and pressed it against her pussy. Then I was in her again.

But I had something else in mind. Elaine's small, so I was able to spin her around my pole until she was facing my feet. She ground down on me until her cheeks were pressed flat on my lower belly. I pushed hard on the small of her back, and she got the idea -- soon her tits were crushed against my knees and she was sucking my big toe like it was a cock.

That sent chills and fevers through me, and I knew I'd come too soon if I didn't give Elaine some distraction. So I grabbed the dildo back up and rubbed it against the pile of peach and grape remnants on the sheet to get it good and slick. Then I prodded and twisted it up her ass. Elaine's asshole is super-tight and it's real work to get anything up there, but once it was in her, I thumbed the switch to "high".

I fucked Elaine's pussy with my cock and her ass with the dildo, first in sync, then out of sync, then back in sync again. I could feel the vibrations right on my own cock through the thin wall between her cunt and her asshole. She rocked up and down on me faster and faster, and her groans turned to whimpers. She reached up and pinched her own nipples the way she always does when she's about to come. I used one hand to grab her whole hair and pull her head back until her tits were standing up off her chest. Then the big O hit her and her body was convulsing inside.

Her pulsing cunt and the buzzing dildo set off my own orgasm. My stomach tightened like someone had run over it with a car, and I pumped my load into Elaine, who was screaming and writhing. I shoved the dildo in until nothing showed but the switch, and she jerked forward, tearing free my grip on her hands and stuffing all the toes of my foot back into her sucking mouth.

We lay there, not moving, for about half an hour as my cock shrank back to normal. The remains of our fruity encounter, including my come and her pussy juices, were all over the sheet. Finally we got up and took a shower together.

Now I don't mind it if Elaine spends extra time shopping on the weekends. I know she's searching for more ideas for our sexual feasts.

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