tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSweet Little Danielle Ch. 06

Sweet Little Danielle Ch. 06


Brooke and I were returning from the airport on a Sunday evening. We'd just dropped my father off because he was traveling for business again. On the way home from the airport, Brooke suggested that we pick up Vicki and have her spend the night at our house. Vicki and I are both eighteen-years-old, and we were on summer break before our senior year of high school. Brooke is my stepmother, but she's only seven years older than me, which makes her more like just one of the girls than an authority figure. Since we didn't have to get up in the morning, Vicki's mom gave her permission to sleep over.

We were watching TV in the living room when Brooke emerged from the kitchen carrying a bottle of wine. Since Vicki and I are only eighteen-years-old, my dad would never approve of us drinking. However, Brooke knew that we weren't going anywhere and she also knew that she could watch over us so Brooke allowed Vicki and me to have a glass of wine. Soon one glass turned into many glasses and the wine bottle was nearly empty. We were feeling a little hungry so Brooke ordered a pizza and then she went up to take a shower.

While Brooke was in the shower, Vicki started the DVD player. She was shocked to see the video that my dad took of Brooke teasing the pizza delivery guy. The guy looked to be about nineteen, and he was very turned on by Brooke's antics.

After her shower, Brooke came down the steps with a small towel wrapped around her hair and another small towel wrapped around her body. Vicki and I were both pretty drunk from the wine and we'd just opened another bottle.

Vicki pointed to the TV and said, "Brooke, it looks like you're all dressed up for the pizza guy!"

Brooke was a little red-faced as she grabbed the remote, turned off the machine and said, "You shouldn't be watching that. It was just Danielle's dad and I having a little fun."

Vicki said, "I'm sure it was fun. I'd probably do it myself if I had the chance."

Brooke smirked, "You haven't got the nerve."

Vicki said, "Oh yeah? Try me!"

Brooke said, "Okay. Danielle, are you in, too?"

It was probably the wine talking, but I said, "Sure, why not."

Brooke set a laundry basket on the floor and hid the video camera inside the clothes.

Then she said, "You girls just do whatever I say, alright?"

I was getting a little nervous now and asked, "What are you gonna make us do?"

She said, "I'm going to play the role of the wicked stepmother! Just follow whatever lead I make."

Vicki and I were giggling and acting silly because of the effects of the wine as Brooke went up the steps.

As soon as she got upstairs, the doorbell rang and Brooke yelled down, "Answer it!"

Vicki excitedly whispered, "Show time!"

I answered the door, but it wasn't the delivery guy from the previous day. It was a handsome guy that was probably around thirty years old. He had long blonde hair pulled back in a pony-tail, and the sleeves on his pizza T-shirt were cut-off to accentuate his huge biceps and chest.

Vicki was braless in a very skimpy halter dress with a tiny pair of silky pink panties underneath. I was also braless and wearing a white tank top with a small pair of blue jean shorts. This guy was hot, and even though Vicki and I are only going to be high school seniors next fall, he still smiled at us as if he liked what he saw.

Then Brooke began walking down the steep staircase and the man quickly forgot all about Vicki and me. From his viewpoint looking up from the bottom of the steps, he could see right up Brooke's little towel and Brooke made no effort to block his view. Her neatly trimmed light brown bush was almost totally exposed to the guy.

I called out, "Be careful Brooke. The pizza guy can see right up your towel."

Brooke looked at the guy, blushed and said, "You'll have to excuse my appearance. I just got out of the shower and I didn't have time to get dressed."

He replied, "Don't apologize. You look great!"

Brooke's face was a little red from embarrassment, but she also had a big smile on her face. Apparently, she was as surprised as we were to have a good-looking body builder delivering our pizza instead of a shy nineteen-year-old guy.

Brooke wasted no time putting her plan into action as she walked right past the man and sternly said, "What are you girls doing?"

We looked at each other somewhat confused and then Brooke said, "I told you girls take a bath before the pizza got here. Now get going!"

We started walking up the steps and Brooke asked, "Where are you going?"

We giggled and said, "To take a bath, like you said."

Brooke sternly said, "No girls. First you need to take your clothes off."

Vicki fretfully asked, "Take our clothes off? You mean here, in the living room? Why?"

Brooke said, "Because the laundry basket is right here and I'm not going to wait around to start the wash so get those clothes off now."

Vicki timidly said, "But...but Brooke, the pizza guy is here."

Brooke said, "I don't care. If you would have listened to me earlier, this wouldn't be an issue, but now you've left me no choice. Besides, you girls had no problem pointing out to him that I'm naked under this towel. Turnabout is fair play!"

I said, "Brooke, I'm sure he has to get going. He doesn't have time to watch a couple of eighteen-year-old high school girls get undressed."

Brooke said to the man, "I'm sorry to make you wait, but if these girls don't get moving right now, their pizza will be cold by the time they're done bathing."

The pizza guy said, "This is my last run of the evening so I'm in no hurry. Besides, you should discipline them or they'll walk right over you. Don't let them disobey your commands."

I whispered to Vicki, "What a perv! He doesn't want us to disobey Brooke's commands because she's commanding us to get naked right in front of him."

Brooke said, "Come on girls. Quit talking and get those clothes off!"

Vicki blushed and said, "But he's a man and he'll see us naked!"

I said, "Yeah Brooke. He's staring at us!"

The man grinned at Brooke and Brooke smiled right back. She knew what was going through the pizza guy's mind. She also knew how enticing our bodies were to the man so she continued instigating her devious plan to strip Vicki and me in front of him.

Brooke said, "I don't care what he's staring at. I'm just interested in seeing that you girls get out of those clothes and into the bathtub, pronto."

Then Brooke winked at the man to let him know that he wasn't going to leave before watching two eighteen-year-old girls get naked in front of him. However, Vicki still hadn't started disrobing so Brooke smiled at the man and then she walked up right behind Vicki. Brooke knew that the only thing holding up Vicki's little halter dress was the straps tied around Vicki's neck. Brooke could tell that one pull on the bow behind Vicki's neck would send the halter dress plummeting to the floor.

The guy had a confident smile on his face as Brooke walked up behind Vicki and said, "I can't wait any longer!"

Then Brooke quickly reached up and untied the single bow holding up Vicki's halter dress. Vicki let out a squeal of embarrassment as the little dress quickly fell down and pooled around her ankles. My friend was left standing there topless and wearing only a skimpy pair of pink panties.

Vicki threw the dress into the laundry basket, which covered the camera. Brooke saw what had happened and quickly bent over to move the dress. However, when she bent over, the small towel Brooke was wearing rode up in back exposing her bare ass to the man.

Brooke's naked butt was enough of a diversion to keep the pizza guy from noticing that she was repositioning the camera. The delivery man was obviously very interested in Brooke's bare ass, but he was also excited to have Vicki's breasts staring him right in the face. I don't know if Vicki knew it, but her tiny undies were overly snug between her legs.

Without thinking I said, "Wow Vicki, your little panties sure are tight."

The man focused his eyes between Vicki's legs as I continued, "You know something Vicki? Since you shave your beaver, it's easy to see your pussy lips pressing against your silky pink panties!"

Vicki turned bright red and said, "Thanks Danielle. Thanks for pointing that out!"

Then Brooke stood up and said, "Get those panties off, too."

Vicki nervously said, "My panties? But...but the man is looking at me. What about the man?"

Brooke said, "Stop worryin' about him and start worryin' about me!"

Then Brooke said, "I guess I'll have to take matters into my own hands again" as she grabbed Vicki's panties and yanked them down her legs.

Vicki threw her hands up and said, "That's just great. Now I'm naked!"

Vicki turned and started to walk up the steps, but Brooke called out, "Where do you think you're going?"

Vicki said, "Upstairs to take a bath."

Brooke said, "No you're not. You have to wait for Danielle."

Vicki screamed, "Wait for Danielle! You mean I have to stand here naked until Danielle's good and ready to take her clothes off?"

Brooke said, "That's right!"

Then Brooke said to the man, "Unless you're in a hurry to leave?"

He said, "No. I'll wait as long as I have to. It's nice to see a good parent who cares enough to discipline her daughters properly."

I whispered to Vicki, "Good parent? She's stripping her daughters naked in front of a strange man."

Vicki whispered back, "I'm letting her do it to me and I'm not even her daughter."

The man was staring intensely at Vicki's young bare body and all she could do was stand there and blush.

Brooke smiled at the guy and said, "She's cute, isn't she?"

Without taking his eyes off Vicki, he replied, "She sure is!"

Then Brooke said, "It's time for Danielle to get naked."

Everyone was looking at me as Brooke pointed towards my clothes and said, "Get 'em off now!"

I unbuttoned my tight jean shorts and then I slowly pulled the zipper down. I quickly tried to push my tight shorts and underpants down at the same time, but as the shorts hit the floor I could feel that my panties were only halfway down my ass. Half of my butt crack was exposed to the man as I struggled to get my feet out of the shorts.

Brooke decided that I was stalling, so she hooked her finger inside the back of my underpants. Then she slowly pulled my panties down, dragging her finger against my butt crack in the process. Brooke dropped my panties on top of my shorts and I started to get nervous. I was now going to have to bend over and pick up my shorts and underwear to put them in the laundry basket. I looked over my shoulder and the man gave me a big smile as if he was patiently waiting for what was about to take place.

I boldly bent over with my knees straight and pointed my bare ass right at the guy. While still in the bent over position, I looked back again and saw that the pizza delivery guy was making no attempt to hide the fact that he was staring at my naked butt. He even smiled at me and gave me a "thumbs up" which made me feel totally humiliated.

Next it was time for me to turn around and remove my tank top. My top was so short that my dark bush was already showing. I grabbed the bottom of my skimpy tank top and slowly began to raise it up. First my belly-button and flat tummy came into view. Next the bottoms of my medium sized breasts were visible. Finally, my puffy pink nipples were on display for the pizza man to see. Then I dropped the shirt into the basket and stood next to Vicki.

With our naked bodies put on view for the man to observe, we asked Brooke, "Can we go up and take our baths now?"

Brooke said, "Yes you may."

Vicki and I started climbing the stairs with the pizza man gawking at our bare butts when I said, "Wait Vicki, we each need a towel."

Then the two of us ran down the steps and grabbed Brooke's towels. Vicki yanked the towel off her body and I took the one wrapped around her head.

Brooke shrieked, "Wait a second! What are you doing? You took my towels! Oh no, I'm naked!"

Vicki and I rushed up the steps as I yelled, "Sorry Brooke. We're in a hurry."

Vicki giggled and called out, "Yeah, we don't want our pizza to get cold."

After we were out of sight, we turned on the bath water and then we hid at the top of the stairs. We watched as Brooke held an arm across her chest and a hand between her legs in an attempt to hide her nakedness from the guy.

Brooke looked genuinely mortified as she said, "I'm so embarrassed! I don't know what to say."

He replied, "Don't say anything. Just take your pizzas."

Brooke said, "Take the pizzas? You just want me to move my hands and expose my titties and pussy, don't you!"

He said, "Unless you know of another way to carry the pizzas."

Brooke said, "I don't know if I can. I mean I don't want to move my hands."

The man just grinned and said, "I can wait. I've got all night."

Brooke reluctantly said, "Well, I guess I'll just have to get it over with."

First Brooke dropped her arm and her nice big natural breasts with pretty pink nipples were out in the open right in front of the man. Next, she raised her hand and her light brown pussy hair was put on view for the man to gaze at. After dropping her protection, the red-faced Brooke reached out and grabbed the pizzas.

The man's eyes were like saucers as he scanned Brooke's beautiful bare body. Brooke has full firm breasts with round rosy nipples and a pretty pussy trimmed to perfection. Plus, her soft skin was nice and tan, too. Brooke couldn't stand the humiliation of having the man stare at her naked body any longer so she quickly set the pizzas down on the coffee table and moved in front of the laundry basket.

Brooke said, "Maybe there's something in here I can throw on."

Brooke leaned over the laundry basket to sift through the clothes, but that left her beautiful bare ass pointed right at the man. He just stood there enjoying his view of Brooke's perfect butt.

Then Brooke said, "Well, I don't see anything in the basket so I'll have to run upstairs and get my robe."

Brooke stood and picked up the basket to hide her pussy from the man. As she walked up the steps with the basket in her hands, the pizza guy took the liberty of following her. His eyes were fixated on Brooke's smooth firm butt, which was just a foot or two in front of him. As they slowly climbed the steps, Vicki and I quickly jumped into the tub and started lathering ourselves up.

Brooke set the basket down in front of the open doorway and asked, "How are you girls doing?"

We said, "Fine. Just soaping up each other's body" as Vicki reached out and began caressing my bare breasts.

Brooke continued on into the bedroom. Vicki and I looked at the laundry basket and noticed that the camera was pointed right at us.

Vicki decided to ham it up as she stood, pointed behind her and said, "Danielle, be a doll and wash my butt for me, would you?"

I giggled and said, "Sure thing baby."

I took my soapy hand and started rubbing it all over Vicki's nice round ass. Then I started running my finger up and down her vulnerable butt crack.

I said, "You liked that, don't ya baby doll?"

She replied, "Mmm, sure do!"

Then Vicki turned around and said, "Now do my pussy."

Vicki stood over me and spread her legs apart. As I reached up to touch her shaved beaver, we both froze because we realized that we weren't just performing for the camera. We were also performing for the pizza guy. He was standing in the doorway watching Vicki and I take a bath!

Vicki continued to stand there as the soap suds slowly slid down her soft skin, cascading over her delicate pink nipples and continuing down over her hairless pussy. We didn't know what to do so Vicki and I sat down and pressed our bare bodies up against one another as we huddled together in the tub.

Finally, Brooke came out of the bedroom in a little white robe and said, "Better get going girls. The pizza's waiting."

Brooke's robe was so short that even when she was standing up straight, half of her bare ass was hanging out below the thin white material. Then Brooke put her entire butt on display when she bent over to pick up the laundry basket. Apparently, Brooke was feeling more comfortable around the man because the front of her robe got caught on the basket exposing her hairy triangle to the man and she didn't seem to mind at all. Brooke just left the robe attached to the basket, leaving her hairy pussy right out in the open for the man to see.

Brooke held the laundry basket up and headed down the steps. The pizza guy took one last look at us, smiled, and then he followed Brooke into the living room. Vicki and I quickly rinsed and dried off. Then, still naked, we positioned ourselves at the top of the stairs. We watched as Brooke set the basket on the floor and then she looked down to find that her robe was in disarray.

Brooke faced the man and teased, "Oh my, look what happened to my robe!"

The robe was still loosely tied in front, but it had separated to the point where her neatly trimmed light brown pussy hair and one breast were entirely exposed. Brooke just smiled at the man as she untied the robe. Then she completely opened it in front, exhibiting her totally bare body to the man's hungry eyes. Finally, she wrapped herself up, but she tied the belt so loosely that we all knew the robe was not going to stay together very long.

The man looked at Brooke and said, "You're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen in my life."

Brooke blushed and said, "Thank you. I'd better take these pizzas into the kitchen...and don't let me catch you staring at my butt while I'm walking away from you!"

He said, "No ma'am I won't" as she turned and headed towards the kitchen.

She was walking slowly, allowing the handsome pizza man to gaze at the lower portion of her firm round butt as she walked towards the kitchen.

Then, halfway to the kitchen, she stopped, looked back and said, "What did I tell you about staring at my ass?"

He chuckled, looked down and said, "Sorry."

Brooke just laughed and continued into the kitchen. It was almost as if her goal was to make sure the man was checking out her bare butt rather than stopping him from looking. Soon she returned from the kitchen with a checkbook in one hand and a pen in the other. As she walked, everyone could see that the belt on her robe was getting looser and looser. The delivery man watched intensely as the gap down the front of the robe slowly became wider with each step. Finally, the belt came apart and Brooke's robe opened up in front displaying her naked body to the pizza guy.

Brooke just chuckled and said, "There goes that robe again," but she made no attempt to cover herself up.

Much to the pizza man's delight, Brooke just left the robe hanging open and exposed everything that she had to offer.

Ignoring her nakedness, Brooke asked, "I don't have any cash. Will you take a check?"

He replied, "Sure."

I thought to myself, "There's plenty of cash in the kitchen. What's she up to?"

Since she was holding the checkbook in one hand and the pen in the other, she didn't have a free hand to cover herself up with so her bare boobs and light brown pussy hair were completely exposed to the man. The man boldly reached out and began massaging Brooke's breasts.

She let him rub them for a little while, and then she stepped back and said, "Now, now, we'll have none of that. I'm a married woman."

He put his hands up and said, "Okay."

Then Brooke looked around and said, "Now where can I write out this check."

He said, "How about the coffee table?"

She replied, "Oh I don't know. That table's so low. I'd really have to bend way over."

I said to Vicki, "So that's why she's writing a check!"

Then Brooke said, "Well, I guess I don't have a choice."

Brooke slowly bent over and spread her legs apart as wide as her shoulders. As she started to make out the check, the guy slipped his shirt off and then he started caressing Brooke's beautiful bare butt. She looked like she was enjoying the buff guy's hand on her ass until he started tickling her butt crack.

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