tagBDSMSweet November Ch. 05

Sweet November Ch. 05


Saturday, November 9th................

I woke up Saturday morning in bed, as opposed to the floor I had gotten somewhat used to. I quickly realized Jess was still asleep and still had her arm draped over me. I climbed out of bed as cautiously as possible trying not to wake her. I paused just another moment admiring her sexy naked body before covering her up and jumping in the shower. I had barely been in the shower when the curtain was pulled back and Jess got in with me.

"Last night was amazing," She said, "but I want you to know that as soon as you get out of this shower you go right back to being my slave, ok?"

I nodded in understanding and then she dropped to her knees as she looked seductively in my eyes. Then she took my semi-hard cock in her mouth and brought it to full attention. After that she stood to kiss me and we embraced as our tongues began to dance. Finally she turned around and rested her hands against the wall of the shower as I entered her from behind.

Normally I would have had a hard time doing this in the shower, but somehow I found a sense of balance an agility that overcame anything and I thrust in and out of her pussy with total abandonment. As I neared climax I reached forward and pinched her nipples taking her over the edge simultaneously. After I shot my come deep into her she turned around, kissed me passionately, and left me in the shower to finish up.

Sure enough, when I came out of the bathroom I found my bright red 'Saturday' panties waiting for me along with my cuffs and collar. After I finished getting ready and made our breakfast, Jess gave me a relatively short list of things that needed to be done. Then she told me she had to work at the lingerie shop today, so she would be gone until 5:30. She also told me to make sure I had everything done and had eaten because she would eat before she got home. Then she left.

I went about my assigned tasks without a whole lot of issues to be concerned about. Basically my list consisted of cleaning, vacuuming, and dusting the living room, kitchen, bedroom, spare bedroom, and basement. I finished everything except the basement when I stopped briefly for lunch.

No sooner had I put my dishes away then the doorbell rang. I waited for a few seconds hoping they would leave and I would not have to answer the door dressed this way. Then it rang again. I figured I had better answer it since it was probably one of Jess's tests.

When I opened the door there stood a petite Asian girl in a school girl uniform. She was about 5'2" with a very small frame. She could not have weighed more than 95 pounds. Her breasts were small, but she was definitely cute. She was dressed in a white button-down blouse, red and blue plaid, pleated, mini skirt, white knee high socks, and saddle shoes. She was obviously in her early twenties, but with her pig tails, first glance definitely made you think she might actually be a school girl.

It was obvious to me that it was a test when she hardly flinched as I opened the door. She handed me a note as she stepped inside and closed the door.

The note said: Drop your pants.

I looked up at the girl to see her smiling and nodding. Then I pulled down my panties to release my already rising cock. That must have been her cue.

She reached out and grabbed my hand and led me to a chair in the living room where she sat me down. Then she got down on her knees and took me in her lips and began to go to work. I have to say I have never felt anything like it. She used her lips, tongue, hands, and entire mouth to take me to the height of ecstasy over and over again without ever letting me go over the edge. It was like a roller coaster ride. Every time I felt like I was going to blow she would slow down just enough to bring me back down. Then she would wind me up all over again.

At one point I looked up at the clock and saw that she had been going at this for 45 minutes. She continued to take me to the very edge and back down again for another ten minutes before she suddenly picked up the pace. I could feel it all welling up inside of me as my balls rose and my toes curled. Then suddenly she stood up, threw another note in my lap, and ran out the door without ever saying a word.

I was in total shock. My cock was about to explode and she just left me here. "Obviously something was wrong. What did that note say?" I thought as I clambered for the small 3 by 5 card.

The note read: Don't forget rule #6

My mind raced for a minute, "what was rule #6?" That is when it hit me. Rule #6: No self gratification without permission.

I could not believe it. I had just received the most mind blowing blowjob of my life and was left here with pre-come dripping from the tip, and there was nothing I could do about it. I pulled up my panties in frustration and headed to the basement to clean up.

I always forget how big the basement really is until I have to clean it. It took me a few hours to get it to the level where I knew Jess would accept it, but I got it done. Then I headed back up stairs to grab another bite to eat before she got home.

As I cleaned up from eating, the thought passed through my mind that I could jerk off real quick and she would never know, but somehow I knew she would find out. Just then the phone rang. It was Jess.

She confirmed with me that the house was all clean. Then she told me that she would be home soon. She told me that I should change into the outfit in the box under the bed and be kneeling by the door when she got there.

As soon as she hung up, I retrieved the box. I opened it to find a bottle of baby lotion, two pair of hand cuffs, a red ribbon, and a note on a similar 3 by 5 card as the ones the Asian girl gave me.

The note said: Rub baby lotion all over your body until you are soft and smooth but not slippery or greasy. Then tie the ribbon around the end of your erection to make a bow. Finally put the cuffs on ankles and kneel at the door with your hands cuffed behind your back.

I followed the instructions and waited for her arrival. Thankfully I did not have to wait long as I soon heard the garage door opening and her car pulling in. Moments later she walked in carrying a couple bags. Laura, Kate, and Amber followed, each carrying a couple bags themselves. They all walked right past me.

After Jess set one bag on the coffee table with a clunk and the other on the floor with other ladies', she came back to me. "Slave, tonight you are going to have a night you will never forget." She whispered as she ran the nail over her index finger up and down the underside of my newly decorated cock. "But first you need to pay tribute to the divas. Now go kiss their feet."

I shuffled as best I could with my ankles and wrists bound over to where Amber stood and kissed the toe of her shoe. (As a friendly reminder, Amber is a striking redhead with perky tits and a body that won't quit. She is 23 with milky-white skin and piercing green eyes. She sells sex toys to the shop Jess works at.)

Then I shuffled over to Laura and kissed the toe of her boot as she popped the top of a whine cooler she had just gotten from the bag Jess had set on the coffee table. (Laura is in her late 40's, but demands the attention of every man when she enters a room. She is a 5'2" blond with 34DD tits to go with her well-maintained body. She owns the lingerie store.)

Finally I made my way over to Kate and kissed her shoe as she took a drink from her wine cooler and cooed about how fun this was going to be. (Kate just turned forty. She has short brown hair and beautiful dark eyes. Her body is spectacular and she has a nice _mocha tan. She runs the salon and tanning area attached to the back of the lingerie store.)

As soon as I had kissed Kate's feet, Jess commanded me to stand. Then she pulled me by my erection over to a chair she had taken from the dining room and placed in the corner of the room. She released my ankle cuffs and tied them to the legs of the chair leaving my legs spread wide. Then she released my handcuffs briefly and then refastened them once she threaded it through the chair. Now my hands were held in place firmly behind my back and behind the chair. She adjusted them slightly to make them more comfortable, but I was still held firmly in place.

Once she was satisfied with my bondage she leaned over and kissed me passionately as she stroked my eager member. When she finally stopped a drop of pre-come had just come to the surface.

Jess looked at my cock and smiled. "Perfect".

Then she walked away and sat down with the girls and drank their wine coolers.

I watched as they giggled and whispered. Occasionally one of them would look over at me with a devilish grin and then return to the conversation. After twenty plus minutes had passed. Kate looked over and smiled. "That's our cue girls," she said as she nudged Laura.

They both looked across the room at my now soft member. The ribbon that had been wrapped around the tip had come loose and fallen off as I went soft. I could not help but wonder what they were up to. I did not have to wait long to find out.

As if they had all just heard a starting pistol they jumped up, grabbed their bags and disappeared into my bedroom. Several minutes passed before the first one emerged. Curiosity overwhelmed me.

Finally Jess came out wearing a robe. "We are going to put on a little fashion show for you. I hope you like it." Then she returned to the bedroom and closed the door.

Seconds later Laura came out in a nurse's costume—a slutty nurse's costume. The white vinyl top could barely contain her large breasts and the skirt barely covered her ass. It did not take long for my cock to stand up and notice either. She strutted around the room for a little while letting me take it all in.

Occasionally she would ask me some health related questions and pretend to check my heart rate or blood pressure. She even dropped her stethoscope on floor once and had to bend over to get it. She grinned as she looked back over her shoulder at me as I licked my lips eyeing her exposed pussy. Then she picked it up and returned to the bedroom.

Then came Jess. She was wearing an outfit I would have expected at a strip club and she worked it well. It was simply a tiny pair of silver panties with matching tassels that seemed to be pasted on each nipple. I was impressed at how fast she could make them spin and mesmerized as I watched her breasts move together. Then she turned and left.

Kate entered wearing a skimpy red and white cheerleader's uniform. She even had matching pom-poms to go with it. When she ran into the room she was jumping and shouting just like a cheerleader would. Her top was a white v-neck sweater with a red 'A' on it and red sleeves. It scarcely held her ample breasts as she jumped up and down and her molded abs were exposed as well.

As she began to cheer I realized she was supposed to be an Alabama cheerleader to poke fun at the bet I lost. I might have cared had I not been enjoying the show so much. Her tan body looked delicious as she jumped up and down, and I was thoroughly enjoying the peek of her snatch every time her red and white pleated skirt came up. As she finished her cheer, she ran off giving me a quick flash of her fine ass.

Watching this was driving me mad. My cock was at full attention and my balls were starting to ache. Unfortunately there was no relief in sight.

Then to add to my delightful misery, Amber came out. She was wearing the exact same school girl outfit the Asian girl was wearing earlier in the day. The only differences were Amber wore her red hair in pigtails and filled out her top much better. She came in licking an orange popsicle and sat Indian-style on the floor in front of me. She sat there rocking back and forth giggling as she licked away until it dripped onto her nice white shirt. She wanted to take her shirt off but did not know where to put her popsicle, so she shoved it in my mouth while she removed her top.

It had been less than a week since I had seen them, but her nipples still seemed to be calling out to me. Then she took her popsicle back and began to lick it some more. That was when she realized a little had dripped on my thigh and she leaned over and licked it off slowly. I could hardly stand it and she knew it. That was when things really got interesting.

Amber started tracing her nipples with the popsicle and they became harder and harder and the juice began to run down her chest. Then she lay back and pulled her skirt up to reveal her naked pussy. She took the last two thirds over her popsicle and slid it right in as I watched. She moaned with satisfaction as she thrust it in and out.

"Young lady, what are you doing?" I heard Laura yell as she came out of the bedroom once more. She had her hair pulled back in a bun on the top of her head and stern-looking glasses on her nose as she walked in carrying an 18" ruler. She looked the part of a teacher perfectly in dress and heels as she barked out at Amber. "Pull that out, right now."

Amber reached down and pulled the popsicle stick from her pussy. The ice had completely melted and a little could be seen dripping from her. I could only imagine how that must taste as I tugged helplessly at my bonds.

"Where is your shirt?" Laura demanded, looking sexy as ever.

Amber stuttered nothingness in response, as I am sure any school girl would.

"You must be punished," the teacher chided, as she turned Amber toward the coffee table.

Amber bent over and put her palms down on the table as Laura pulled her skirt up to reveal her lovely ass to me. Then she gave Amber 8 swats with the ruler. Watching her tits jiggle as she leaned over and took each one made my cock twitch even more.

When Laura was done she turned to me, "What are you smiling about? You are going to clean this up." Then she uncuffed my hands and untied my legs and pushed me to the floor, face-first into Amber's waiting pussy.

I was more than happy to take this kind of punishment and lapped away anxiously. The mixture of her pussy and that popsicle was like something out of a story book; I could have drunk from that well forever. Unfortunately that was not to be. After sufficiently 'cleaning her up' Laura pulled me away and Amber scampered back into the room. Then she cuffed my hands behind me once more and pushed me to the floor and rolled me onto my back.

She stroked my throbbing cock a few times and then slapped it as she said, "You know we're not going to let you come, don't you?"

"My fear had become reality," I thought. "Or was this just a trick to torture me?"

Then Jess walked up behind her in her robe and threw a cup of cold water on me. They both laughed tauntingly as they left me there on the floor.

After thirty minutes had passed and my hardness was completely gone, the ladies returned once more. This time they were all completely naked. It was quite a sight to behold they were each very sexy in very different ways.

They told me they were going to give me a chance to come after I satisfied each of them orally. Then we were going to have a wrestling match and if I could pin all four of them in a row I could have any one of them for twenty minutes. They knew as bad as I wanted it I would not need more time than that.

I knew it was going to be difficult, but I was horny and motivated so I was ready to go. Laura released my hands and one by one I brought Laura, Amber, Jess, and Kate to climax. I had hoped that if I did a good enough job they would be a little worn out when the wrestling started, but they had enough time to rest by the time I finished.

The second I pulled my mouth from Kate's pussy Laura grabbed and threw me to the ground trying to pin me. She definitely caught me by surprise, but I still had a lot of fuel in my tank and reversed the roles in no time. I had one arm around her waist and one on her shoulder as I positioned to take her down. I knew I had her, so I took an extra couple seconds to grope her ass and tits before I flipped her over and pinned her.

As I counted and reached three Amber grabbed me as Laura crawled away. She was younger and faster than Laura, so I didn't want to play around much with her. All this flesh on flesh contact was really driving me wild. I was really finding it hard to concentrate. The other ladies made it harder by yelling encouragement at Amber the whole time. This was definitely going to be harder, but I finally pinned her as well.

As I pushed myself up I squeezed one of Amber's tits just as Jess tackled me.

Jess and I had wrestled many times before for fun, but this time I was more tired and she was not playing fair. A couple times as I was about to flip her over she grabbed my cock and pulled. It did not hurt, but it was definitely distracting. Eventually it paid off and she got me on my back. Fortunately I reversed it and pinned her before she got the three count on me.

By now I was getting pretty tired, but that was not going to slow Kate down. She pulled some moves on me I had never seen before. That was when it hit me. I was in big trouble. Kate's daughter was on the high school girl's wrestling team and Kate helped coach from time to time. I was able to hold my own for 10-15 minutes, but eventually exhaustion kicked in and she rested her knees on my shoulders for the final 1..2..3.

Kate decided since she won she should get a little something extra, and since she was already there she lowered her pussy down on my face and commanded me to lick. It took me while to catch my breath and really satisfy her, but eventually I got it done and brought her to a screaming orgasm.

The other ladies all congratulated Kate on her victory as she rose to stand over me. High fives were exchanged and several taunting comments were flung my way as I lied there breathing heavily.

Finally Jess came and leaned over me and slapped my still rather stiff cock. "I guess you are just going to have to deal with this a little longer," she taunted. "Now, stand up."

I did as I was told and once again I was bound to the same chair with my legs spread and my arms behind my back. Then they picked up the coffee table and carried it out of the room leaving a large open space on the floor in front of me.

I watched as each of the still-nude girls took a small piece of paper, wrote something on it and then placed it in a bowl. Then Amber turned to me and explained, "We are going to play a little game, and you get to watch."

First she rolled a pair of dice. "Seven," she called out and Jess took and egg timer and set it for seven minutes. Then she turned and pulled a piece of paper from the bowl and unfolded it. "Laura" she called out, obviously reading the paper. Laura immediately got up from the couch and lied down on the floor

"Go!" Jess shouted and Amber jumped down to the floor with Laura and they both began kissing, groping, pinching, and teasing each other all over. It was truly a sight to behold. They moved around fondling and arousing each other in many different ways until the timer went off and they both stopped. They sat there for a moment with huge smiles on their faces.

I sat there restrained with an equally large smile and an engorged cock. I was going crazy. They had barely even touched my cock today, but it was ready to go off at any time.

Next it was Laura's turn to roll the dice since she was the one whose name had been drawn last. She rolled a pair of threes. Jess set the timer for six minutes and Laura pulled two names from the bowl. "Jess and Laura," she read. Then she reached into one of the bags they had brought into the room earlier and pulled out a vibrator. (I later realized that doubles allowed you to pull two names, and that if you pull your own name you get to select a toy from the bag.)

Kate took the egg timer from Jess. The second Kate started the timer Jess was all over Laura. Jess began to lick and suck Laura's pussy like the world was ending. At the same time Laura spun around underneath Jess into a 69 position and pushed the vibrator into Jess's hot pussy as she began to flick Jess's clit with her tongue. Jess gasped and moaned as she dove deeper between Laura's legs with her tongue.

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