tagBDSMSweet November Ch. 11

Sweet November Ch. 11


Sunday, November 17th

I was lying in my bed sleeping soundly when I heard the clicking sound of my hotel room door being opened. My initial thought was that it must be maid service and that they did not realize I was still here. I rubbed my eyes as they began to focus and I realized it was still dark outside. It was very unlikely that the maids would be coming around this early.

"Hello?" I called out as I sat up on my bed and glanced down on the clock on the night stand. It was only 5:30, but someone was sneaking into my room.

"Good Morning, I wanted to surprise you," Jess said, as she continued to walk towards me while pulling her sweater off over her head.

I sat there a little confused as she approached and continued to strip. In no time at all she was completely naked and crawling on top of me. I did not know what to think, but I took her lead as she kissed up my chest and my neck to my lips. Our tongues began to dance as we kissed passionately and she reached down between my legs and began to stroke my already-growing member.

"I just had to have you before we started the day," Jess gasped, as I began to squeeze her tits and ass.

Suddenly she stopped kissing me, slid down my body and began to lick my cock and hairless balls. Although I was the slave, I found myself holding her down as her mouth engulfed my swollen member. Using all her expertise, she massaged my cock to the brink of explosion time and time again.

"Don't you dare come, yet," she puffed, as she continued to stroke me while she looked deeply into my eyes. "I want your spunk for my pussy." Then she began to suck on my cock once more.

Jess continued to take me to the very edge two or three more times before I finally pushed her over. Then I jumped over on top of her and slammed my rod into her soaking pussy. Again, we kissed passionately as though we had not seen each other in years. I grabbed her ass with both hands as I pounded away.

Jess began to scream out in ecstasy as her orgasm began to build. I could not wait any longer and I shot my load. Even though I was done I could tell her climax was still on its way up. I squeezed her ass even harder and continued to drive her to orgasm.

"Yes, Yes, Yes," she began to scream, as her body started to spasm.

I placed my hand over her mouth, not wanting to disturb my neighbors, and continued to pump away. Finally her orgasm subsided and I slid my cock out of her and rolled on to my back to take a few deep breaths.

Without missing a beat, Jess sat up and grabbed my cock once again, and licked it clean. Then she thanked me for the good time as she put her clothes back on and headed for the door.

I could not believe what had just happened and I looked at her in bewilderment. "I'll be back for you at eight," she said, and then disappeared out the door.

I looked at the clock once more and saw that it was now only five after six. I decided I might as well get one more hour of sleep before I have to get ready. I rolled over and went back to sleep.


My alarm went off right at seven, but I could not help but hit the snooze a couple times before I finally pulled myself out of bed. It was at this time I realized I had never actually looked in the closet to see what I would be wearing today. As I opened it up, I was surprised to find a traditional black tuxedo hanging there with patent leather shoes resting on the floor.

'Jess has managed to baffle me again,' I thought, as I turned on the shower and got in. I continued more normal morning rituals, all the while distracted by the tux in the closet. After brushing my hair and teeth I went to the closet to get my clothes for the day.

Upon opening the bag that hung with the tux, I not only discovered a bow tie, cufflinks and socks, but black boxer briefs like I had worn normally before this month began. I was all too delighted to put them on as soon as I found them. However they felt curiously strange when I put them on. I must have gotten use to the abnormal panties and chastity devices I had been wearing.

Over the next several minutes I finished getting dressed and found myself standing in front of the mirror admiring my look just as I heard a knock at the door. I opened it to find that the Asian princess was to be my chauffeur once again. She wore the same sexy black outfit as she had the day before except with pants in place of the skirt. Nevertheless she still turned many a head as we walked through the lobby to the place where the car was parked.

She opened the door for me to reveal that, once again, Jess was waiting inside. As expected, she looked stunning. She wore her hair up in the back like the night I took her to prom many years before. The earrings and necklace she wore were simple pearls, but they brought the perfect amount of attention to her sexy neck and ample cleavage. Her dress was a shimmering royal blue that was cut low in the front and the back. The bottom flowed nicely down her waist with a slit up the side that gave teasing glimpses of her leg to the tops of her thighs. She looked absolutely ravishing as she sat there while we rode to our destination.

I felt rather strange all dressed up so early in the morning on a Sunday, but I knew there must be a reason. This time we talked a little as we rode, but soon we arrived at the place we had been last night.

Once again there was a line of fancy cars leading to this building in the middle of nowhere. I had never really paid attention to where we had driven, but it was obvious it was secluded. I watched the people emerge from the cars ahead of us as I had the afternoon previous. As before, there were many more women than men, but this time, the few men that arrived were dressed in tuxes and suits just as I was, and the women all wore evening gowns like my wife.

Finally we pulled up to the door and exited the car. This time when we entered there was no registration. There was simply a hostess stand with a couple of young ladies waiting to lead us to our seats. When we got to the front of the line they asked our names.

Jess answered, "Mistress Jessica and slave." I was slightly confused by this answer, considering the setting, but I followed along as usual.

The hostess led us to our table near the stage. I held out the chair for Jess and then took my seat as well. I surveyed the room and was amazed by the transformation. A few hours ago it was an indoor carnival, but now it was a formal dining area. There were candles and flowers on all fifteen round tables. There were fancy glasses and cloth napkins on them as well. Each table seated ten, but it appeared they were seating only one man at each table. There was a woman in the corner playing a grand piano and wait staff offering water and wine. It was odd to see this going on so early in the day, but I found it all very interesting.

Over the next fifteen minutes the tables filled up and the waitresses pulled carts out to the tables. One by one they placed salads in front of each of the guests with the last one being placed in front of the lone male. No one seemed to mind that they were being served dinner so early. I ate my salad without saying a word.

As we ate, the women all talked, but the men remained silent. Some women knew each other, but most did not. Regardless, they were soon engrossed in conversation while they learned about what cities, states, or even countries each other came from. Even though I was not permitted to speak, I found it all quite entertaining.

After a while the staff took our salad plates and brought our main dish to the table. Apparently they were pre-ordered meals, since some had an exotic fish, others had some kind of seasoned chicken, and I along with some others had a juicy filet. Not only was my steak great but the vegetables on the side were delicious as well. I devoured it all without hesitation over the fact it was only late morning.

While the others finished up, I saw that Helen had taken the stage. She stood at the podium, center stage, as she addressed the crowd. She started off by thanking everyone for coming to the dinner and hoped they had a good time at the events that were held from Thursday on through to today. (The women clapped to signify their enjoyment.) Then she went on to thank all of the volunteers who helped out as well as the current year's committee. (All of this was foreign to me, but I listened intently nonetheless.) Finally, she reminded everyone that the events of the weekend would not be possible without the donations they received and the annual auction. (Once again the crowd clapped.) After that she went on to announce that next year's events would be posted on the website in the upcoming week, so they should watch for the information.

Then I watched as she stepped to the side and two young ladies moved the podium to the corner of the stage. From there she announced that the auction would begin in precisely twenty minutes.

I did not quite know what that meant, but the women were obviously excited. Soon the wait staff removed the remaining plates and gave the women instruction concerning the dessert table in the back. In addition, they handed pamphlets to each of them with the auction list on it as well as a small electronic device for each woman to place their bids anonymously with.

My curiosity was getting the best of me as I struggled to get a glimpse of the list the women were looking over so intently. I watched as the women whispered comments back and forth to each other until Jess finally decided to let me in on the secret. She handed me one of the pamphlets and then sat back to watch my expression.

I took the list from her hand and quickly looked it over. My jaw dropped as I saw that it was a slave auction. All fifteen slaves from the previous night were listed along with their portrait, height, weight, length, girth, and list of their specialties. As I looked it over I found myself at the bottom of the list as the featured slave. Since I had won the contest I was the one expected to fetch the largest amount of money.

I looked up from the sheet to see scores of eyes looking my way. I quickly returned my gaze to the list to find the terms of the auction:

•All bids should be placed using US dollars.

•All bidders must be approved by the committee and pass all drug and disease screening.

•Every winning bid you have secures you eight hours with that slave on the predetermined date.

•Each slave will have six available days for you to bid on (but don't wait too long or you will miss your chance...)

•You may use your slave however you want during your time so long as you inflict no enduring pain or injury. In addition you may not go outside the predetermined guidelines set by their mistress.

•All bidding will start at a $500 minimum except for the featured slave, who will start at $1500

I panicked a bit as I took it all in. I was beginning to realize why I was going to be on vacation next week. I was going to be the property of strangers and Jess knew all about it. It was one thing when she set me up with women I did not know, but I trusted that she knew what she was doing. Here I will be at the mercy of the highest bidder.

Once again I looked up from the list. Jess was smiling sheepishly at me as she knew I was already beginning to sweat. Just then two young ladies came to me and told me they were here to take me back stage. I shot Jess a look of desperation as I rose from my seat.

"Have fun," she said, as she blew me a kiss. "I will see you next week."

I was still in denial as they sat me in a room with the other men while we waited for our turns. One by one the men left and never returned until I was the only one remaining. By now I had been in there for a couple hours, but I could scarcely hear a thing. Occasionally the crowd would get real worked up and I could hear their screams, but I could not make out what they were yelling.

Finally the time came for me to take the stage. One of the ladies who had brought me to the room now led me to the stage. As we walked she told me that I should really work the audience because my mistress would get half the proceeds. I was not sure that I believed her, but at the same time I figured what did I have to lose. I was going home with someone different one way or another.

Helen announced me as the featured slave of today's auction and then proceeded to read my information to the crowd from off of the pamphlet. She then went on to add that I had a 'magic tongue' which any of the women who took part in the demonstration on Thursday could attest to. In addition she added that she had sampled my wares herself and gave me an 'A+ mark'.

She really knew how to flip my switches and I was soon strutting around on the stage in my tux winking and blowing kisses to the would-be bidders. Immediately her machine began to light up as the bids poured in for Monday. She continued to update the crowd as to where the bidding was until it finally closed at $4990.

Now that Monday was sewn up, she moved on to Tuesday bidding, then Wednesday and Thursday. By this time I was pretty turned on by the thousands of dollars women were willing to spend for me and I really got into it. As the bidding for Friday began, I removed everything but my pants and shorts. This succeeded in getting the bidding up over $10,000 at which point I took the pants off as well. Finally the bidding for Friday closed at $13,600 and I never knew who had made any of the winning bids as we moved to Saturday.

Knowing that this was the final day, I turned away from the women, pulled down my boxer/briefs and threw them into the crowd. "Nice ass!" I heard a couple women yell as the whistling ensued and the bidding began again.

When I finally faced the crowd with my erect cock in hand the bidding had already exceeded that of Friday's. I was beginning to sweat a bit more as I ran naked into the audience. Dozens of women reached for my erection and others grabbed my ass. Then I returned to the stage and the bidding soon ended.

Helen announced, "We have a new record! Saturday's slave owner purchased him for $42,250." The crowd went crazy.

"I have one more announcement to make," Helen said, "We will be auctioning him off for one more day.... Today."

The whole crowd gasped in excitement and then cheered. After a short pause the bidding machine lit up again. This time I did not fetch as much as I had for Saturday, but I think the heavy hitters may have already maxed out on me and the other slaves. Even so, I went for a respectable $22,200.

I sat naked on the stage as Helen addressed the women and told them how to collect their slaves over the coming days. Then things began to wind down and the women began to shuffle out. I started to pick up my clothes, which I had strewn about the stage, when I heard someone walk up behind me.

"You aren't going to be needing those," she said.

I turned around to see who it was. I had to catch myself from falling when I saw that the winning bidder for today was my ex-girlfriend from over five years ago. We had dated for a couple years and almost got married, but she decided she wanted to meet new people. I was heartbroken at the time, but eventually I met Jess and practically forgot about her. Jess would be pissed if she knew she were there. Lucky for both of us she had already left.

Heather was her name. She was definitely hot, but definitely not trustworthy. She was 5'7" and about 125 lbs. with curves in all the right places. She became a stripper after we broke up and I am sure she did well. She had dishwater blonde hair and nice C-cup breasts, but her best asset was obviously her perfect ass. It was practically hypnotizing to look at and blue jeans practically jumped off of the rack begging for her to where them.

I felt a bit awkward standing before her naked, since neither of us had seen each other that way in many summers, but she soon set me a little more at ease. "I was just kidding," she said, noticing my apparent discomfort. "You can go ahead and get dressed, if you want. My time doesn't technically start until two. That gives you about an hour and half of free time until then. I was hoping you would join me for lunch."

I began to pull on my shorts and pants, and then button my shirt as I responded. "You know, I just ate a couple hours ago, but all that dancing and running around has made me a bit hungry. Let's go." I figured if she was going to be in charge of me the following eight hours I best start things off on the right foot.

I followed her out to her car and she drove us to a nearby greasy spoon we used to frequent when we were dating. I could not help but wonder whether she wanted to relive "the good ole days" or if she just really liked to eat there. Regardless, I was hungry and she was buying, so I was not complaining.

"Your wife is so lucky to have you," Heather said, as we sat down. "I should have held onto you while I had the chance."

I did not know how to respond, so I didn't. I just took a long drink of my coke and waited for her to finish.

She went on to say how wonderful a boyfriend I had been, but she thought she wanted someone with more of an edge. Then she said that it was really her mom's fault, because she kept telling her how young she was, and that she needed to play the field more.

The conversation went on with that general theme for the next hour. No matter how hard I tried to change the subject, it always came back there. I was able to find out that she was still single and still stripping. A number of Sugar Daddies, which she kept interested by never actually allowing them a taste, kept her bank account full, as well as her garage. Unfortunately, despite never lacking funds, she felt her life was empty.

As our meal came to a conclusion she paid the bill and we went out to her car. As we drove she began to tell me what I was going to do for her over the next eight hours. She started out by revisiting the fact that it was her mom's fault that we were not together and that was something she has never been able to get over. Then she said that she wanted me to punish her mom for her.

I shot her a look of disbelief as we pulled into her mom's driveway.

"I've got it all planned out. Follow me," Heather said, as she grabbed a bag from her back seat and we went inside.

"My mom won't be home until after three. She always goes to see grandpa on Sunday afternoons and she never gets back before that," she said, as she pulled a strange bottle from her bag and threw it to me.

"What's this?" I asked as I looked over the bottle.

"The bouncers where I work use it to knock out unruly customers without hurting them or causing a scene. You are going to use it on my mom." She responded as she pulled several other items from her bag and explained the rest of her plan.

After Heather told me what she wanted to do, I offered this solution to her, "How about I tie you up to a chair in front of the door, so your mom sees you the second she walks in and is distracted while I come from behind and put the cloth over her face to knock her out. Then from there I will toy with both of you to make it look good."

"I love it," Heather said, obviously excited about my proposition.

I had Heather strip down to her bra and panties and then tied her arms behind her in the chair and her legs to the sides. Once she was secure, I messed up her hair and undid the front clasp of the bra. I really did this for my own sake, but I told her it would look more believable. She bought it.

A couple minutes later, I heard the garage door open as her mom returned home. I took my place just around the corner so that I could grab her the second she saw her beautiful daughter all tied up.

A moment later, she walked in with her head down messing with something in her purse. "Heather, are you here?" she called out, without looking up.

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