tagNovels and NovellasSweet Salvation Ch. 2

Sweet Salvation Ch. 2


'Nothing like a good orgasm followed by a nice bout of hysteria,' Beth thought wryly as she stepped out of the emptying bathtub. Toweling herself off, she replayed the look on that deliveryman's face and had to grin. She moved over to the mirror above the sink and looked herself in the eye. "You are one sexy girl, Beth, but damn, you can be a mess." The reflection winked back at her.

Suddenly it hit her: the package! She'd totally forgotten about it in her urge to clean herself up. Wrapping the towel around her body and tucking the end in, she dashed across the living room to the couch where she'd tossed the box. She couldn't even remember what it was, and the return address didn't look familiar. Inside, amidst a snowfall of tissue paper, was a crimson silk corset with black lace and embroidery. Stunned, she didn't even recognize what it was for a moment, and then more memories lashed her.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

It was their two-year anniversary. Beth had delighted in making lavish plans to please him in every way. She had saved up her waitressing money until she could afford to take him to an exquisite restaurant, and afterwards she had let him make love to her all night. Their lovemaking always left her feeling slightly bittersweet. She was happy that she could bring him so much pleasure, yet afterwards he seemed more detached, rather than closer to her. She never let herself think about that.

At the restaurant, there had been a girl. Beth privately felt that she shouldn't have been allowed into the classy place dressed the way she was; her dress, although certainly expensive-looking, was skimpy and almost gauzy in its transparency. She sat at a table near Beth's, at an angle that permitted both of them to view her body in profile. As Beth ate, her eyes were constantly drawn to the girl, to her long exposed legs and her almost-visible body. She never thought to check if he were looking at the girl too.

The girl glanced over to Beth's table once, and a few seconds later casually crossed her legs. As she did, Beth was jolted by some primal, raw emotion. The leg-crossing had forced the frilly skirt of the dress over her thigh, revealing both her thigh-high lacy stockings and the garters attached. Beth had never owned lingerie, never even thought of it, and the sight of such private clothing articles in public had her pulse racing instantly. Her eyes locked onto the thigh, the sheer covering. Her breath sped up. It was too personal. She felt like an intruder, like she had been too intimate with the girl. She wanted to leave, wanted to get up and slap the girl, kiss her, rip the filmy clothes off her slender body and worship her. She never tasted a bite of the meal she'd saved all her money for.

As he took Beth back to their apartment and they undressed in silence, she imagined that she was the girl at the restaurant, that somehow he had taken her home instead, that he was now stroking the other girl's body, that he was penetrating the other girl and making her cry out. Afterwards, there was more silence.

She bought the corset the next day.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Pain hit her, sudden and harsh, like a ripped-off scab. The corset and his face were entwined in her mind. That day merged with the days they should be having, with the days she planned to have with him and this corset. She couldn't be confronted with such a blunt reminder of him, not this soon. It hurt too much to remember. Clutching the towel to her, she stumbled to her computer, intent on emailing the company a return notice for the corset. She'd make a defect herself, if that were the only way to send it back. Signing into her mailbox, she noticed that she had a message from a close friend, one who had made the most chilling proclamations of castration after Beth's breakup. The email was giddy and tasteless and charming; it advertised a new erotic story her friend had written and wanted lots of feedback on. Beth felt herself slowly relax from her near-panic attack. Hesitating between the link and the "delete" button, she finally clicked on the link. 'What the hell.'

The "story" was nothing but shameless sex; chuckling at her friend, Beth let go of her stress and prepared for a good read. As usual, the scene came to life in her mind; she was the heroine, which in this case meant the group slut. The men were William, a leanly muscled platinum blond; Alex, a cute, brown-haired, muscular man; and Dan, a redhead who looked more like a grunge band player than a porn star. The "plot" came and went in seconds, and suddenly the four were naked in a cheap motel room, Beth on her hands and knees at the foot of the bed. William, standing to the left side of the bed, slid his hand across Beth's face and tilted her chin up for a demanding kiss. On the bed behind her, Dan squeezed her ass roughly between his hands, molding and stretching the pliable flesh. She whimpered into William's mouth, feeling him laugh mockingly in response.

A warm, wet sensation dimly registered in her mind and she broke the kiss long enough to look down into Alex's impish eyes as he laved her nipples with his tongue. Somehow he'd slid underneath her and was lying with his feet at the headboard and his head buried between her breasts. "You like that, girl?"

"Yes, please, don't stop sucking!" she gasped, arching her back as he took her nipple into his mouth again, biting it with renewed vigor.

Impatiently, William ran his fingers through Beth's hair and pulled her head back to his, forcing even harder kisses upon her willing mouth. She trembled under the assault but her tongue had little trouble dueling back against his. He growled deep in the back of his throat, sending delicious chills down her spine. William stiffened his tongue and thrust it deep within her mouth. Beth blushed when she realized that he was "fucking" her mouth with his tongue, and blushed even more when she realized how hot she was getting at the thought. She swirled her tongue around his, sweetly caressing, promising him further pleasure. William pulled his tongue back almost too quickly in his sudden urgent need to be fucking that teasing mouth with his cock rather than his tongue. He fumbled with his turgid shaft for a second before sliding it into the steamy recesses of her mouth with a groan of pleasure.

That groan was seconded by Beth's own; Alex was suckling eagerly on one nipple while twisting and flicking the other, and at the same time Dan was alternating between rubbing and spanking her ass. Every spank elicited a squeal from her, which William felt to the core. Beth moved her head back and forth, tracing circles along the length of William's throbbing cock with her tongue, sucking hard and passionately. It was getting increasingly difficult for her to concentrate on the fellatio with all the attention the other two men were giving her. Alex continued to nibble and bite her sensitive nipples, moving his hands along her hips and thighs. Occasionally he would move his mouth to her neck and latch his teeth onto the delicate skin, marking her as his. Beth shivered and rotated her hips above his, feeling an increasing need grow between her thighs. Despite her obvious desire, Alex continued to play with every other part of her body but the one that wanted it the most.

Dan was now rubbing something cold and wet along the crack of her ass; she jumped nervously as the tip of his finger gently nudged the hole. He teased her with barely perceptible prods until she relaxed and let him penetrate her anus. Still, he chose to make her anticipate his moves, to back away and watch her writhe in suspense and longing. Soon she was pushing her ass back towards him, craving more of that taboo sensation. He laughed low and taunting. "You want it, don't you?"

She pulled her head away from William's groin, but her frantic nod wasn't sufficient. "Tell me, slut. Tell me what you want me to do. Then maybe I'll do it, and I know you want it." The finger traced the sensitive ring around the outside, almost a tickle, not quite a caress. "You need it, you little slut." She closed her eyes in humiliation and sudden fresh desire that sent a flood of moisture down her thighs.

"I want your finger in my ass," she whispered, face flaming, pussy burning.

Ever so slowly, he thrust his lubricated finger into her depths, relishing her moan of painful pleasure. Grinning at her glazed statement, he withdrew his finger, rotated it, and suddenly slammed it back in. She gasped in shock at the invasion, but the heat that spread throughout her lower body was indescribable. Groaning, she closed her eyes and just felt as Dan pistoned his finger in and out in a frenzy, sending her spiraling into a realm of pleasure she'd never experienced. He now added the tip of another finger, relentlessly pushing both deep within her ass. The pain, if anything, brought her to a higher level of ecstasy.

"Tell me what you feel, slut!" Dan commanded, punctuating his words with a hard slap to her ass.

"I-I feel your fingers in my a-ass," Beth whimpered, writhing as he abused her ass deliciously. Another spank made her shriek and clench around the intruding fingers.

Beth wasn't allowed to just sit there and absorb the sensation, however. William was tired of being neglected. He grabbed her head, shoving his cock into her mouth and down her throat. He groaned at the hot wet ecstasy of her mouth and forced himself to hold back, to make it last. Instead he relished Beth's frantic gestures and incoherent noises as she fought for some semblance of control. Leaning his head down to her ear, he taunted her, "Now, love, you just lie there and be a good little fucktoy. Let us use your hot little body until we come, because believe me, love, we will." Her lusty moan sent vibrations all the way through his cock.

Alex laughed scornfully. "She's dripping wet already, and I haven't even touched her cunt yet." Beth knew to her shame it was true. Her body was so stimulated that the lack of contact on her pussy didn't even matter. Except that it was begging for touch and for release. She turned pleading eyes on Alex, hoping he would end this sweet torture and let her come.

"What, pretty girl wanna come? You want me to rub your little cunt until you come for me, is that it?" His fingers strayed to the sweet spot on her inner thigh, collecting accumulated moisture, but he never quite touched her where she needed it most. Beth tried desperately to grind her pussy on Alex's erection, but another slap from Dan reminded her—as if she could forget!—that her pleasure was dependent upon all three men, not just Alex. She had to please all of them if she was to get her pleasure in return.

So she did. She began sucking at William's cock in earnest now, rolling her tongue against the underside. Every inch of her was devoted to pleasing these three men, from the moaning and tongue-stroking she gave to William's cock, to the writhing and eager acceptance she gave to whatever Alex and Dan chose to do to her. As she gave herself over to the group's lust, a silent signal passed from William to Dan. The pain in Beth's ass had faded into an aching pleasure by this time, but now Dan added yet another finger, stretching her ass even further and making her cry out. She focused on the pleasure she was giving William and the pleasure Alex was giving her, and soon this pain receded too. A dim part of Beth's mind noticed that Alex was only using one hand to pinch and stroke her body. She looked down to see him gathering up her juices and rubbing them over his throbbing shaft, getting it slick. He looked into her eyes, smiled, and before she made the connection he slammed his cock into her dripping cunt.

She screamed around her mouthful of cock and almost collapsed. Alex held her hips up easily, feeding her his cock in small thrusts now. The pleasure was unbelievable after the level of buildup she'd been subjected to, and all Beth could think about was more fucking. Therefore, it wasn't too surprising that Dan had half of his cock up her ass before she even noticed.

When she did notice, she squealed in pain and bucked back, trying to throw him. Unfortunately, this impaled her completely on Dan's cock, and she froze, body going into shock from the totally unexpected agony. William's cock lay forgotten next to her mouth as she sobbed. Slowly she realized that nobody was moving; everyone was waiting for her to make the nest move. That thought was so comforting that, little by little, her body relaxed, and she gave Alex a shaky smile. Encouraged, he resumed his gentle thrusting into her pussy, and then she realized something: she was incredibly full. Oh God was she full. Every movement of Alex's cock inside her cunt, pressed through a flimsy membrane to Dan's cock inside her ass, sent twice the shockwaves through her body. She felt so tight. It was almost unbearably intense, almost too much. Beth groaned, wanting more.

Dan leaned over her back, hands running over her quivering ass, and whispered, "You love that feeling, don't you? You love being used like our little slut?" Rocking his hips slowly back and forth, taunting her with the promise of fulfillment, he laughed. "Look at you. Fucked by three men, and loving it. You really are a slut, aren't you? You're going to come already, aren't you, slut?"

She was. Without William's cock in her mouth, her pants and groans of ecstasy were coming louder and totally uninhibited. "Oh, fuck, God yes. God, please, fuck my ass, fuck my cunt, just fuck me, harder, harder, oh please!" She continued to babble incoherently in her lust until William growled in annoyance and shoved his cock back into her mouth and down her throat. Watching the two men as they built up speed until they were pounding deep into Beth was too much, and soon William was slamming his cock in as fast as he could, totally unconcerned for her ability to breathe. He gripped her head in his hands, cursing and grunting and trying futilely to hold back.

Alex upped the pace even more, thrusting madly into the clenching, buttery depths of her cunt. As he withdrew, Dan rammed his cock into Beth's tender ass, spanking her hard and feeling the shockwaves himself. Beth tried to fuck back, to feel their cocks fucking her even harder, even faster. Her orgasm was building beyond the possible. She gasped for air, sucked the cock in her mouth, and shoved herself back on the penetrating shafts behind and beneath her, building, building…

With a roar of pleasure, William pulled out of Beth's mouth, moving his hand at lightning speed on his throbbing phallus, coming so hard he thought he'd broken something. Splashes of his semen landed in Beth's gasping mouth, but the majority hit her face, dripping from her lips and eyelashes. At the sight, Alex madly slammed into her, as hard as he could, for a few more thrusts, and began to come as well. Dan, too, drove deeply into her ass, groaned, and pulled out. More jets of semen began to cover her body from all three men. At the sensation of these bursts of seed hitting her flesh, Beth wailed and went over the edge, shaking and convulsing in wave after wave of mindblowing orgasm. The collective climax continued until all were totally drained and collapsed.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Beth gave a long sigh and unclenched her hands; they'd been in fists at her side to prevent them from straying. Unlike in the bath an hour or so ago—was it really so soon?—she hadn't played with herself, and her pussy was pulsing with lust. Her eyes kept playing over the last part, where the three men came all over the girl's body. The vision was at once repulsive and strangely compelling. To be bathed in semen, to be washed in it, to have all other men's imprints erased by this orgasmic baptism…Beth quickly gave her friend's story a "5," mentally promising feedback later, and got up from the computer. It was time for her to finally deal with the breakup. She would cleanse her body of his memory.

Beth held the corset against herself speculatively.

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