tagFirst TimeSweet Sensations

Sweet Sensations


She was sleeping to the sound of the thunder and the rain. The doors to the balcony were open. She loved the night air breeze that swept in the the combination of the storm and the thick forest. The breeze felt amazing against her flesh. She loved sleeping in the nude with a breeze like this.

While laying on her stomach she could feel the bed shake unnaturally. Sleep still fuzzing her mind and eyes. She rolled over and looked around. There was a slight glow from outside casting a light onto the bed. There laying almost right beside her was a guy that she had been flirting with at college. His name was Kyle. He had been new and it was up to her to show him around.

While doing so she was casually flirting with him. He is about five ten, short brown hair, wide set shoulders, that came with what looked like a nice toned torso, and the most amazing blue green eyes that can capture you if you looked into them.

He was laying on her bed, with the sheets covering him down the waist to his knees, all that she could see was in complete light and his skin looked so creamy yet tanned, His stomach was done in a nicely formed six pack, and had the lines at the hips. (she goes crazy for those and call them the v) Registering what was happening. She shook the sleep from her head,

"Kyle what are you doing in here?"

"I couldn't sleep, and well figuring how you flirting I figured its innocent for me to come in. Plus your doors wide open, that's an invitation to me."

Trying to keep her head straight, and not pay acute attention to the way his skin looked, and the curve of his hip smoothly play into the lines of the v, ravishing in the pure adulterated thoughts. She quickly looked back at him and could not help but loosen the grip of the sheet covering her breast.

Believing it was an invitation. Kyle slide over,

"Jennifer, ever since I saw the way your eyes looked at me and the smooth stride you walk, I could not focus on my studies. All I could think was how it would feel to fuck you senseless."

"Mmmm, So sweet but in the end plain raw need." Jennifer said not taking her eyes off the movement Kyle made as he slid over to her.

She couldn't help her self. Her hand slid over his chest and felt the soft flesh and the hardness of the toned man laying in her bed. As she was consumed with the sensation of his chest, his hand snaked under the soft sheet and cupped her thigh in his strong hand. Biting her lip. she traced the v and then back up and cupped his jaw.

Pulling him close to her she parted her lips and softly pushed her lips against his. With a sudden burst of lust she grabbed the back of his neck and pulled him closer and kissed harder. His tongue greets her closed lips, and lightly licks asking for entrance. Denying entrance, doing so she felt excited. Quickly she flicked her tongue out and and closed her lips again just as he was going to explore her mouth.

Since she resisted he bit seductively at her lower lip and she quickly grant him his pleasure. Their tongues intertwined and slide around getting to know each other feel. Kyle kept trying to dominate Jennifer but she remove her mouth and found another interest.

She lowered her head to his neck and started nibbling away at his neck. He grunt as she bit into the tender flesh. Excited he slid his hand lower and cupped her ass. He squeezed it and started to pull her lower body to him. In complete ecstasy, she pulled the sheet away and let the night air mingle with their bodies.

Kyle lifted his head making Jennifer go lower and start to suck at his chest. He gazed down at her body.

( What amazing body. ) He thought.

With his other hand he slowly used his fingertips to rubbed on her side up and cupped her firm but soft breast. Now in complete advantage, Kyle had both his hands on her and was position in such a way that he was above her but still on the bed.

As he started to go back down and up with his fingertips with the occasional grope of her breast. It brought her to let out a soft moan.

"Jennifer. Look at me." Kyle said in a husky manly voice.

She looked at him in complete fascination. As he looked at her all he could see in her eyes was the need and the attention of a genuine man. And he could give that to her.

He lowered himself and it was the first time his erection made itself known. He slowly lowered his hard erection into the crack of her thighs. Breathing hard she grabbed his jaw and chin and pulled herself up and kissed him with no innocence. He pushed a little bit more and Jennifer parted her legs. As she did so his hand that was on her ass started rubbing down her thigh up to her knee and then to the calf, he then lifted and wrapped it onto his back.

In complete ecstasy Jennifer pushed her hips up and finally meet with the head of his cock. It pushed at her lips and as she lowered her hips he followed. Still kissing, Jennifer started to lightly scratch at his back as one of his hands on her thigh and the other cupping the side of her right breast. She couldn't help the urge of biting him, and so she playfully bit on his tongue and then lip. She sucked in his lip for a bit and then started to nibble on it, she did the same to his tongue.

Moving his head he lowered it to her neck and start to nibble on her.

In a muffled voice he said against her neck, "I Love the way sweet sensation of your body under me."

In a lustful reply Jennifer whispered. "Let me feel you in me."

To oblige her wishes he lowered his ten inch hard on in to her soft velvety hole. She gasped at the width of him and that he slowly pushed all of him self in.

"MMMM I feel so full."

She withered under him as he pulled out, with the head barely still in. Teasing her wet folds she started gasping. The next thing she new he was slamming his whole dick in her. He then pulled slowly out and then thrust in with her pushing her hips up to meet him.

As her toes curled, her teeth sink into his neck, and her fingernails digging into his back. He could feel the walls of her wrap around his hardness and squeeze. He grunted at the strength of them and with such force started to pound into her wanting her to cum so badly.


Was all he could her coming from her gasping mouth. Her eyes squeezed shut and felt her body convulse into waves of pleasure.

"I want you to cum sooo good."

"Yes Yess Yes!" She said again.

He got on his knees while still in her, lifted her up making her wrapping her arms around his neck, and slowly slid his hands down her sides and grabbed her thighs and got them to wrap around his waist and then forcefully grabbed her hips and thrust fast and hard into her making a loud slapping noise. With in seconds she was moaning endless as wave after wave of extreme pleasure shock her.

Almost spent Kyle did one last thrust and pushed deep inside Jennifer while she was shaking from her mind-shattering orgasm, he then basically growled and released his warm load deep in her. She moaned at the sweet sensation.

Laying her down on her back. And lay beside her with his arms around her, he said softly but aggressively.

"Your mine now."

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