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Sweet Submissive


So this is my first time writing actual sex so please be gentle in your ratings and comments and tell me how I can improve, too. Hope you guys enjoy :). This is a short story so like maybe 4 chapters unlike my other longer stories.


Sweet Submission: The Claiming

The sweet smell of blood caught Nolan by surprise. Not that he was surprised by the blood, it was the full moon after all, but the fact that he found the smell to be sweet. As a half wolf shifter and incubus, he had sampled more than his fair share of it but never had it smelled like this. Sweet yet seductive. His wet, wolf's nose was practically quivering as it tried to hone in to the source.

A streak of black fur lurched past him. Apparently his brother Dietrich had caught onto the smell, too. Growling, Nolan went after the bigger wolf, determined to capture his prize first. The black wolf bared his teeth in a feral grin when it noticed that he was being followed in his pursuit. Nolan gave him a warning nip, but continued running towards the source of the smell. While his brother might be bigger, being a half wolf and dragon shifter, they were pretty much evenly matched. Nolan's leaner body allowed for more dexterity and faster movements while Dietrich's muscle heavy body could barrel through any challenge.

Nolan burst into a small, moon light glen followed closely by his brother. At first, they almost missed the small, pure white wolf hiding behind the dead carcass of a boar. Dietrich first spied the wolf as it whimpered and tried to back away from the two very aggressive wolves.

Nolan sniffed even as he stalked his little prey. It looked like the little she-wolf had taken the big boar down all by herself but not without injury. There was a small cut near her rib and dried blood on one of her hind legs. But being a shifter, she was already healing. He growled, wanting more than just a taste of her blood. Nolan could feel both his wolf and demon clamoring for the she-wolf in tandem. Weird, his wolf and demon had never particularly gotten along and he had always struggled to keep them under control. Now it seemed that those instincts were working together to overpower Nolan's control to get to the little wolf.

His brother, too, was having troubling keeping his beast leashed as they both stalked the little wolf. His dragon was fighting to take over. Nolan noticed a dark stream of smoke filtering out of Dietrich's clenched teeth.

The white wolf was backing away but her movements seemed sluggish, almost as if she had to force herself to back away from them. Nolan noticed that her eyes, a stunning violet, were glazed as they darted from one brother to the other. She stopped altogether when she reached the edge of the glen, a low whine escaping her snout. She looked behind her desperately, but she made no further movements. The wolf dropped to her hunches and after a few moment's hesitation, rolled over to expose her belly.

Nolan stopped in his tracks. The last thing he expected his prey to do was show her submission. His brother on the other hand howled in satisfaction.

Suddenly the white wolf barked at them both, telling them to stop. Nolan barked back in a very affirmative no. Dietrich howled his agreement. The wolf rolled over and Nolan growled. He liked her better when she was being submissive. Nolan changed his mind when a second later a naked woman kneeled in front of them with her head down.

The woman had silver hair down to almost her waist, but he couldn't have cared less if she was shaved bald. The moon gleamed off her lithe body, illuminated the slight curves of her breast and hips and throwing shadows over her pelvis. A small crescent shaped burn scar marred her right hip. She most certainly was part of the Crescent Moon Pack, but Nolan had never seen her in the pack gatherings.

Dietrich shifted next to him mid stride and continued to stalk towards her. He kneeled in front of her and tipped her face up to his. Nolan wanted to shove his brother away from the smaller wolf, the sight of Dietrich's swarthy hand next to her pale skin enraging him. His breath came in heavy and labored as he watched his brother's large hand trail down the smooth column of her throat. Nolan didn't even realize he had shifted until he felt the wet head of his cock slap against his stomach. He kneeled next to his brother and faced the object of his sudden desire.

Her violet eyes fluttered back and forth between the two brothers. Her hands remained at her sides, staying perfectly still in Dietrich's gentle hold. She didn't seem to fear the bigger wolf's hold on her neck; in fact she was subtly leaning forward into the touch. Slowly, Dietrich tightened his grip and pushed her backwards onto her back.

"What's your name, little wolf?" Nolan asked in a guttural growl, surprised that he could even get a word out when he had this succulent morsel all laid out bare for him

A tiny, pink tongue darted out and wet her plump lips. Nolan wanted to suck that pink little tongue inside his mouth. Then he wanted that tongue to lick something else, something very hard and throbbing.

"Enaera." The whispered word made both brothers shiver as her sultry voice slipped over their hot skin like molten honey.

Dietrich was the first to recover. "Do you want to run from us, Enaera?" he asked his voice rough.

Enaera nodded her head in jerky moves since Dietrich's hand allowed limited mobility, and then shook it. Then she nodded again but seemed to think it over before she shook it again.

Nolan grinned. Her mind might be confused but her body was screaming out an emphatic yes. The pink tips of her pouty nipples begged for a touch; his touch. Her legs were subtly scissoring against each other, her thighs clenched tight in need. If he inhaled deep enough, he could just catch the musky smell of her desire.

"Do you need help deciding?" Nolan didn't give her a chance to answer as he leaned over her with his hands on either side of head and kissed her. She gasped at the first touch of his lips, unwittingly allowing him the entry he wanted. His tongue plunged into the hot cavern of her mouth, sliding in a tempestuous dance against her timid little digit. The delicious little whimpers and moans vibrated through him and only edged his desire to a boil.

Dietrich had long since released his hold on the wolf's neck, his hands now roaming the rest of her beautiful body. His view of her was mostly blocked by his younger brother's frame blanketing her body, but he didn't let that deter him. Dietrich and Nolan had shared women before, but they had never made a habit of it before. Being hybrids from two species that normally didn't mix had made the brothers infamous before they were even out of their mother's womb and many had sought them out for that matter alone. Dietrich had had no compunctions about taking advantage of his checkered heritage to get him some tail. Both he and his brothers had fucked everything from sirens to rusalkas to vampires and even the occasional human females.

But for some reason, this little wolf with hair like moon dust made him want to more than just fuck her. He wanted to utterly possess her. Dietrich both hated and loved seeing his brother kissing her, a part of him wanting to keep her all for himself while another darker park reveled in her enjoyment of her debauchery. He'd seen the desire slightly veiled by her fear for both of the brothers. And right now, with his cock aching to be inside her hot little pussy, he'd share her if he had to.

His searching fingers caught on the pouty tip of her nipple and he felt her chest jerk just a bit. Smirking, he teased the tip until it was as hard as a diamond. He pushed his brother's body until he revealed part of Enaera's body. His lips closed on the nipple he had been teasing while his other fingers latched on to the other. His teeth scraped against the sensitive flesh and then he bit down just enough to bring her a touch of pleasure-pain. Enaera's hands jerked to his, clutching at his hair in a desperate grip.

"I think this lovely wolf has decided to stay," Nolan said to his brother with a chuckle, but he was still looking at Enaera. She had her eyes clamped shut, her head thrown back and her neck bare. Nolan bent down again to lick at the base of her neck where a faint, blue vein beat franticly with the pumping of her blood. One of her hands moved up to Nolan's shoulder but Dietrich was pleased that she still kept her other hand on him. His hands slid down her smooth torso to her thighs, griping them and jerking them apart.

Enaera gasped and jerked up to a sitting position, dislodging Nolan. She tried to close her thighs but Dietrich's hold was too strong. Nolan scowled at her and jerked her towards him with a rough grip in her hair. He kissed her again and she instantly relaxed against their hands and lips. Her distraction allowed Dietrich to insinuate himself between her splayed thighs. While Nolan lowered her back o ground without breaking their kiss, Dietrich pushed her legs apart to almost a split.

The glistening, pink slit of her pussy begged for his touch, his kiss. The mound was completely devoid of any hair, all smooth and slick from her juices. Leaning down, he inhaled the same scent that had drawn her to him, only stronger. He ran his fingers down the smooth skin, his finger finding the honeyed sweetness of her pussy. Her legs tensed again as if to close, but he was in the way. He thrust his finger into her core, her soft and velvety tissues clamping down on his invading digit. Her hips jerked then began moving in rhythm with his thrusts, seeking more. He licked his way up her thighs, rubbing his nose alone the crease when her thigh and pelvis met.

He could feel her racing closer to her orgasm but he wasn't inclined to give it to her, not yet. He bit the inside of thigh, that pain staving off her climax. Dietrich moved his hand down to his own cock, his fingers shining with Enaera's wetness. Using that as a lubricant, he pumped his hand over his shaft. It was a poor substitute to the pleasure he wanted with her. Impatient, he reared up and pulled her hips to him.

"Nolan, move. I need her now," Dietrich bit out. Thankfully, his brother complied. Enaera's flushed face looked up at him, then darted to his brother.

"It's okay, love. We'll take care of you," Nolan whispered to her as he kissed her hand. Enaera nodded and gulped, before looking back to him. With her other hand she reached out to chest and placed it right over where his heart was beating. He took it and moved it to his face. For the first time he had seen her, she smiled. It was soft and sweet just like her and Dietrich vowed he's do anything to see that expression on her again. He shook his head, wondering where the hell that thought came from. This was just a one-time fuck and he and his brother would be leaving after the full moon. The thought of never seeing her again made him want to howl.

Realizing he hadn't kissed her yet, he bore down on her careful to keep his weight off her slender body and kissed her. The head of his cock kissed the pink lips of her opening, stretching her labia tightly around his engorged head. He moved his cock in shallow trusts, trying to get her accustomed to his girth. Using both her hands, she clutched at his shoulders. Simultaneously, he plunged into her mouth as he plunged into her tight pussy. Her scream of pain was muffled against his mouth, her hands fisting against his chest.

Dietrich ripped his mouth from hers and looked down at her in astonishment.

A virgin.

Tear filled violet eyes looked up at him but there was no accusation in then. The emotion he saw there made him both want to run and plunge deeper into her body and stay there forever. It was something dangerously close to devotion and ... love? Not wanting to delve deeper into that particular barrel of worms, he kissed her again and told himself over and over again that this was just a fuck. But it was quickly turning out to be the best fuck in his life, no matter her inexperience. Hell, her inexperience was turning him on. No other man had taken her innocence and absurdly, he felt like beating his chest and howling in satisfaction that he was her first lover.

Enaera's hips began to move in slight increments, her untried body naturally undulating to create friction. Grunting, Dietrich pulled out almost to the head of his cock before shoving back in. Nolan gathered her hands in his and pulled them up over her head and trapping them there. The restrains gave her something to pull against, to use as leverage as she thrust back against Dietrich. He left enough space between them that Nolan was able to insinuate his head and take a nipple in his mouth.

Thrusting, Dietrich took the other breast and bit down around the edge of her aureole. Her legs twined around him in a death grip, her heels resting on the small of his back. He was probably being too rough, especially seeing as how innocent she was but he had absolutely no control over his body. The only thing he could think about was the hot fist of her pussy gripping him to heaven. His pounding thrust soon brought her to a screaming climax, her pussy squeezing down on his cock as the velvety walls convulsed. Enaera screamed out, pulling against Nolan's hand and almost bucking Dietrich off. Gritting his teeth, he kept pumping into her and found his release a few strokes later. Keeping in with breaking another of his rules concerning women, he sprayed his come inside her tight grip for the first time in his life. Gasping, he felt part of his cock expanded in a knot as his come spurted deep into her womb. Helpless to stop himself, he moved in small jerky movements and rubbed his knot along her walls. That seemed to make her go wild as her thrashing grew so violent that Nolan had to use both hands to hold her down.

Finally the knot receded and allowed his cock to slip free of hot depths. A stream of his come slipped out of her reddened and raw pussy lips, marking her for all to see as his. He had little time to revel in the beautiful sight as Nolan pushed him away impatiently and took his place between her thighs.

Licking his fingers, Nolan trailed them down her mound to her quivering clit. He tapped it once, making her squirm. Since the saliva of an incubus had healing powers, he quickly moved them down to her vagina and entered her more gently than his brother had done. His slicked fingers soothed her abused tissues.

Dietrich look Nolan abandoned position and kissed Enaera. Nolan could take no more; he had to have her now. Guiding his heavy cock to her pussy, he slowly entered her until his balls slapped against her ass. His brother's come and her own juices slicked the way. Wanting to make it last, he moved slowly with gentle powerful measured thrusts. But Enaera wasn't happy with that. He felt her velvety walls rhythmically squeeze his and Nolan groaned. The little witch was edging him on. He threw his head back and howled even as he came. He let her have his weight as he rested his forehead against her shoulder. Blissfully sated, he licked around her collarbone. He hated that he hadn't made her come.

But then a knot formed around his cock, something that had never happened to him. Trying to pull out was impossibly, but Eanara gasped as the motion rubbed a particular bundle of tissues inside her. He thrust into her as much as the knot would allow.

Enaera's breath began to grow shorter in length and he could feel her walls tighten further around his length. Felling and overwhelming urge to taste her blood, he didn't think as his canines lengthened and he struck. Dietrich did the same as he too bit her on the other side of her neck. Enaera squeaked, her voice hoarse from her earlier screams of pleasure. She came again for the second time that night. Both men drank from her until they were sated then fell down beside her. Cuddling her, both wrapped an arm around and she contently curled around her two lovers. Their scents mingled with each other until they no longer owned their individual scents. Their combined scent now indicated the mated trio.


"Holy fuck, they mated her!" Seth Crescent, the beta of the Crescent Moon pack gaped as he took in the sight of their omega entwined between the two visiting hybrids. Nolan Black and Dietrich Talon where the offspring of the werewolf ambassador Julian Black. He had fathered Dietrich with a dragon shifter, creating one of the first dragon and werewolf shifter hybrids. Julian's incubus mate had given birth to Nolan. Neither brother had joined a pack. This was the first time they had come to their pack to change and hunt during one of the full moons. Their paternal grandmother was part of the pack and Seth knew she had influenced them to come to get closer to their roots. Never in a million years would Seth have guessed the two alpha males would have mated the Crescent pack's sweet and submissive omega.

Enaera had a few finger shaped bruises marring her hips and wrists and Seth feared she might have been forced. The small smile gracing her lips said that she pretty damn happy right where she was in the middle of the two brothers. Seth noted with disgust that both of the brother's penises had traces of blood, and Enaera's thighs were stained by her virgin blood. While he was furious that Enaera had been taken advantage of, he and his packmates had to tread carefully here. The two hybrids were an anomaly in their world and their powers were as of yet unknown. And the fact that they were mated meant that only the two hybrids had any say concerning Enaera.

His brother Andrew, the Alpha-to-be, grunted and kicked at Dietrich's leg. The hybrid's eyes snapped open as he lunged at Andrew. Seth stepped back to avoid any flying punches. He had a pretty face to protect after all. With interest, he noticed Nolan had woken up and placed his naked body between Enaera and The fighting duo.

Dietrich pinned Andrew to the ground as he pummeled him. Seth winced when one of Dietrich's large fist met in a particularly sickening blow to Andrew's jaw. Smoke filtered through his nose, warning everyone that the hybrid was about to change into his dragon form. Seth motioned for Jaden, the pack enforcer to intervene. Ben, the second beta went to help Andrew up. Andrew hawked up the blood and spit in his mouth and spat at the ground a few inches from Dietrich. Dietrich was about to lunge again when his brother called a stop to the fight.

"Dietrich, stop." The other hybrid's almost inhuman voice startled the small group and stopped Dietrich in his tracks. If Seth didn't know better, that was just an Alpha's voice he heard. But that couldn't be possible. Andrew was going to be the next Alpha and going by the two mating marks on either side of Enaera's neck, the two hybrid brothers were now pack. The pack couldn't have two alphas.

"What the hell is going on?" Dietrich broke the stunned silence as he took his place in front of the two lovers still on the ground. Seth was a little surprised Enaera was still sleeping through this entire ruckus but then she had been screwed by two hybrids the night before. He had to guess that was a bit tiring.

Seth held up hand to Andrew and stepped forward towards the taller hybrid.

"We can ask you the same thing. This morning, we found our omega missing. Thinking the worst-I mean, I thought she'd been abducted by some satyrs, but turns out its even worst. She's mated not one, but two hybrids."

Finally tuning into all the tension, Enaera pushed to the sitting position and tried to cover herself with her long hair. Being shifters, the word modesty was a foreign concept to them but Seth could well understand how a lone omega would feel being surrounded by a bunch of shifters that were clothed. He shrugged out of t-shirt and carefully toed around Dietrich, who growled the closer he came to the little omega.

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