tagBDSMSweet Surrender

Sweet Surrender


I enter the room where the girl is sitting in a chair, her arms bound behind her back, with her legs spread and tied to each leg of the chair. She is naked except for her thin sheer panties. I watch her for a moment, struggling against the ropes. A familiar tingle inside of me, as my own pussy starts to throb and ache just watching her. I approach her, her anger evident as she starts demanding that she be released from her restraints. I tell her that if she doesn't sit quietly, that I will rip her panties from her pussy and use them to gag her. She continues her struggle so I get down on my knees in front of her and roughly rip each side of her panties, pulling them from her. I run my finger along her clit, and she begs me to stop. I continue the path my finger is making and move my finger down to her slit, and slowly ease my finger into her. She is wet, and my discovery of this makes her even more angry, as she tries to push my finger out from her pussy. I withdraw my finger, bringing it up to her lips and smearing her juices along them.

"lick them" I demand of her.

She refuses so I slide my finger back inside her, twisting it, turning it, deeply thrusting it against her cervix. A little moan escapes her, and I quickly withdraw my finger as I pull her hair firmly, tugging her head back as I slide my finger into her mouth, forcing her to taste her own sweet juices. I then bring her panties up to her nose and force her to smell herself on them. I notice the very visible wet spot so, I shove her panties into her mouth. She whimpers against them, her eyes pleading with me to remove her from her uncomfortable situation.

I walk around her, looking at her. My own flesh aching for her. My nipples hard and straining against the fabric of my sheer blouse, my short skirt exposing my panties that are soaked with my juices. The sight of her so exciting, my whole being feels alive. She watches me, her eyes fixed on mine not knowing what I will do next. I look over to the corner of the room, to the chair You are sitting in. Watching me take this poor helpless girl. Your presence completely unknown to her. I think to myself what would You want me to do next? I stop in front of her, and firmly press her nipples against the palm of my hand. I pinch them with my thumb and finger, twisting them so hard tears form in her eyes. I hear a muffled scream against the panties gagging her, and I release the pressure slowly and repeat the torture on the other nipple.

I tug her nipple away from her flesh, and twist it to an uncomfortable level and then I release my fingers. Moving back to the other nipple. I repeat this over and over till tears run a steady stream down her cheeks. Then I move my mouth down to her breasts, and gently suck one then the other into my mouth, feeling the tension fade away from her flesh as she begins to relax. I continue sucking, licking, kissing her for quite sometime and then bite down firmly on her nipple. Feeling her body tense at the searing pain that consumes her flesh. I repeat this on her other nipple, and then gently suck once again at each feeling her body relax once again.

I run my tongue down her flat abdomen, down to the soft, sweet pussy that I am dying to taste. Her legs so beautifully spread, exposing her to me. I trace my tongue along the very soft small patch of hair on her small, full lips. I part her lips exposing her very pink, very soft wet inner lips. I study her for a moment, my hunger growing and I can no longer stand it, as I seal her sweet pussy lips with my lips. Tasting the sweet juices that I have so longed for since entering the room. She is so very wet, and I find myself lapping quickly at her pussy trying to take all of her juices into my mouth. I hear her moan, and see her head moving from side to side as her body begins to relax against my mouth. I thrust my tongue in deeper, and slide her ass forward into the chair, lifting her hips up so I can get full access to all of her.

I continue to fuck her with my tongue, rubbing my finger against her clit in the same pace. Just as her orgasm approaches I thrust 3 fingers into her, she is so tight, and a tiny scream escapes her. I then move my mouth up to her clit, and circle it with my tongue over and over, feeling how swollen it is. I continue pumping her pussy with my fingers, and I feel her hips fucking back with each deep forceful thrust. Her body begging for her final release. I draw her clit into my lips sucking on it hard, feeling her body releasing her sweet, warm juices all over my fingers. Her pussy throbbing around them, drawing them in deeper. I then bite down hard against her clit, and she releases a primal moan, scream against the panties. Her breath rapid and shallow, Her whole body spasming, and twitching with her climax. I let her down slowly, watching her body slump into the chair. Her body so peaceful and quiet. I remove the panties, and gently kiss her lips. I untie her and guide her over to the bed so she may lay down and let her body calm from her orgasm. I return to Your side.

You pull me to You, kiss my lips so deeply tasting her all over my mouth. I wait quietly for Your approval. You lift me into Your arms, holding me so close to You. I whisper

"i love You my Master...with all that i am." You say to me

"I love You angel."

A huge grin upon Your lips, pleased with what You have seen.

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